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When Vinyl Scratch splits up with her long time partner, Green Star, can anything or anypony make her happy again? She is told by her friend to return to ponyville to get some rest, so she does, but somepony has their heart set on her. (rated teen for older content in later chapters)

P.S. I made the cover image my self so love and tolerate :P

Chapters (13)
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Hi guys and girls,
Just to let you all know I'm going to try and update this story every evening at 9:00pm GMT
Thanks for the support,

vinyl stupidity 14

vinyl smarts 0

You know, I think that this was the first time I ever saw Vinyl getting nervous about being in a lesbian relationship instead of Octavia. Props for originality.

When did Vinyl turn into a drama queen? Rarity would be proud.

^ That image will be my background until i finish this damn story :pinkiecrazy:
the only problem is i'm a wee bit stuck on chpt 8 :twilightangry2:
but i WILL finish don't worry

btw i've given up on trying to update every night :P
now it's just as often as i can so be patient XD

Lol these ponies getting it on like donkey kong

umadsam? umad?javascript:smilie(':derpyderp1:');

This is getting interesting.
MOAR :flutterrage: please


great story and all
but really
GET ON WITH IT!:flutterrage:
please note i don't mean to sound mean, just really wanna see the storyline move forward.


So, how, exactly, do you think the story should go? Who knows I might write in some ideas...

1643200 i'm sorry just seems like your kinda extending the time at fluttershys house, it feels kinda like anime filler at this point. you probably have something planned and i'm jumping the gun but thats what it feels like.


I completely understand what you mean, and just keep this between you and me...


-.- such a good author, but yeah i'll move it to a new location in the next chapter.

'Anime Filler'

Chapter 10:

Meanwhile, 5 new OCs have adventures with no particular relevance to the story for 1 chapter.

We will be the judges of that, and when it does come out I'll have to reread everything so I can figure out what story this is:twilightblush:. Only thing I do know is it can't be half bad if it's still on my favorites.

I remember the story and I can't wait for the update.

That wasn't bad silly author you it was cute fluffy and kinda funny.
When flutters started going in to details.
Any way im looking forward for the next chapter keep it up! :heart:

Is it over? Please tell me no...

Is it over?


So far it ends on a semi-positive, and is left to the readers imagination, a reasonable ending-ish.

Chances are I will do a final chapter or maybe two, depends how productive I'm feeling, I don't wanna leave it hanging for you but, IT WILL TAKE A WHILE, I'm a bad person who should write more often XD

So my answer to "Is it over"....

90% no, as long as i can find the initiative XD.

oh you motherfucker

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