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I lack context, but I'm sure you have a point.

5969302 You have all the context you need.


You're the best sultry romance writer.

I like when authors write the same story from different perspectives.

So I take it you are not a fan of this particular fic, then.

5970823 What would make you think that?

You said it yourself:

You have all the context you need.

...and that context in this case was an image of John Jonah Jameson, the king dick of Dickland, maliciously laughing in Peter Parker's face. It kind of points to you not enjoying this fic, if not outright trolling. If I am taking this macro the wrong way, than please, correct me

5970941 You don't know the inner workings of my relationship with Loyal.

:eeyup: Eenope, that I do not. I am merely an outsider, with only what I see in front of me to work with. While the Author had all the context he needed, sadly I did not. I am glad to see that this was simply an injoke between friends, and will "butt out" of this conversation now. :applejackunsure:

My jaw has unhinged and I love it!!!! Appletavia is one of my new underfed ships. You have also managed to pull a jazz bar into the world of ponies amazingly well along with Octavia acting...well not how most people write her.... And I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT!!! I eagerly await for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

5970964 S'all good. Loyals been a close friend for a long time now and I've been fucking around in his comment sections for about as long. Keep reading his work and I'm sure you'll get to know me as well as his other loyal fans.

I would like to point out that Octavia's last name is Melody and not Philharmonica.

I'll stick with creative license for now. Plus it sounds better in my opinion.

I do love your tendency to do unusual ships in different ways, always keeps things fresh!

Really liking the emphasis on AJ's internal struggle between who she is and who she (perhaps) wants to be.

I'm loving the internal conflict that AJ is having over this, and the whole "angel and devil" but with the mirror was quite excellent. can't wait to see where this goes.

5991813 Indeed. I'm anticipating a very slow burn for this one... and that's definitely a good thing! :)

well, this should be interesting. we have a duel-personality slut farm pony, and an angry judgmental symphony member who likes the slut farm pony's alter ego, bu not the original. yeah, this is gonna be good.

Huh, Aj is so interesting in this fic. She even reads diffrent as honeysuckle.

I like this pacing. How long can the element of honesty lie to herself?


i wonder when luna does catch her in her dreams ...

yeah i can't wait for the moment Octavia wakes up next to Apple Jack instead of Honeysuckle, just because AJ picked the wrong pony to be honest to.

Huh, this is... interesting. AJ is one of my favorite ponies (in the top two actually) but this is so far removed from what her character is and what she normally reads as.... but I like it actually. Going from so prim and proper and traditional to someone who imbibes in the dalliances of the drink and of the flesh, I would never have thought that in a million years. The drink, the bed to bed, the internal conflict. But it feels so... right. Everyone has that yin and yang, the Doc Jekyl and Mr Hyde inside of them, yet here it's lived out. It's refreshing and liberating.... I really love this actually.

so is this still being worked on or is it pretty much dead

check my recent blog posts; I'm working on an independent story. All my work's on hiatus while I produce that.

What can I expect in Chapter 5?

Nothing. There won't be a chapter 5.

7161150 Why not? You lacking ideas?

Ideas, inspiration, determination.

Basically, I am a fat sack of worthless shit who can accomplish nothing good.

7162278 Then how do you explain the green bar on the Intimate Details stories?

You mean the ones I wrote 2/3 years ago? The ones I haven't been able to replicate despite my best effort?

7163090 And look at how good THIS story is so far.

A story I haven't written a chapter for in almost a year.

7164288 You and LightningSword both.

Is LightningSword a fat, useless sack of shit? I don't know, I can't speak for others.

7164604 That's not how I see him. Haven't you read his stories?

Can't say I have. I don't read often. Probably because I'm a useless fat sack of shit.

7165484 That's not how I see you OR LightningSword.

Call it a wake-up call, then. I'm not going to post some huge long, drawn-out dramatic blog post and leave the site... best I just fade from memory.

7166387 Try reading MY stories.

I'd rather not, thanks.

And a useless, fat sack of shit, as we have established already.

7168081 You can be someone else. Someone more.

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