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A clop fic ? This early ?
I mean, come on, not even a day have passed !
Still enjoyed it though. And it's cool to see that the community is still 'ready' and that the show is still a 'hot' topic...
OK I stop with the puns...

Well, that didn't take long...

Someone pick up the phone, bc i fucking called it!

Knew the first clopfic would be rape. So many rapeface moments.

I knew this was coming...yet I was not quite prepared for this :twilightoops:

Fuck yeah equality!

You're pretty quick on the draw Gypsy :moustache:

Oh, man, that was amazing.

Wait, so are they mares and stallions with the..."additional equipment" or are they hermaphrodites?

I was really hoping that Twilight would find a way to put Starlight and her minions in their place.

As soon as I saw the episode and how it went I knew that someone, somewhere, was thinking of doing something like this.

I was really hoping to see some dicks forming on our heroes.


Holy shit, i thought you were dead.

Alive and kicking, ready for action. I simply had myself an extended break.


glad to hear that!

Honestly.... I did not like the story, the BEST you could come up with was changing the entire make up and ADDING a big ol horse cock to Starlight? It doesn't seem like that took a lot of serious thought into the story

That was definitely my fetish. Nice one.:raritywink:

5 minutes later, Princess Celestia breaks Starlight Glimmer's door down and burns her to death. The end.

6337846 Yes, that should happen, not just to Starlight but to the rest of the ponies, other then Twilight and the rest of the mane 6, in that town.

And on this day the true nature of the social justice warrior was revealed to the world.

6337846 Yeah, sounds about right.

Needs a rape warning.

Misleading, Twilight and friends stay as mares despite the fact that Starlight said those don’t exist in this town. I’m disappointed

Son!? Have you been writing stories about ponies being raped recently!? Unacceptable.



NO. She fed her shit and she died the end

"Because I'm better than you, and because I can. Welcome to the village, and enjoy your stay."

It's free real estate

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