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Alright, I'll give this a go, while I wait for my red eye stone in demons souls TO GET SUMMONED! (why couldn't I have my NA version back?)

I love it! :pinkiecrazy: (Does this make me an awful person?)

Alright, good writing, but I'm mot a sadist, so I'm just gunna leave the like/dislike meter alone.

. . . . . . Is it wrong that I'm laughing?

Because I'm laughing. And I shouldn't be. But I am.

I'm the only person here to- wait, no. Plenty others are open about this I'm just the first down here to say it.

i love how half the fuckers downvote it but don't even read it:rainbowlaugh:

oh well, what does it take to be loved? nothing?

good enough for me:pinkiecrazy:

Damn XD. I just posted this and got sent here!:pinkiecrazy:

Julia #7 · Apr 5th, 2015 · · 1 ·

featured 2015:trollestia:

i wish:raritydespair:

Which side will win? Red or green? Find out next time on DRAGON BALL Z!:yay:

5824680 I just want to be LOVED! But I watch to much hentai and ponies, so I'm inside all day and don't have time for love. So, yeah.

meh, sorry about that.

it would have been done earlier if i hadn't kept getting distracted.

Also, apparently some well known user's fic which is similar to this one was launched RIGHT after this one came out...
i wouldn't be surprised if that one got featured and this one ended up as another one of those stories i write to break my balance and the balance of the public. But hey, Golden Apples for everyone, am I right?

today has been such a race for me:twilightblush:

8 up votes and 8 downvotes.....

Comment posted by Mlp_BladeDancer deleted Apr 5th, 2015

i know, right?

today turned into such a race with all of these ships, these headcanons, and these fics being scattered all throughout the web like microspores! Hell, i even checked /mlp/ and the chaos was raging there like a bull!

i've never been so exhausted in my life:ajsleepy:

future vision?:trollestia:


aria feelin' it?

How messed up Aria?! What does it take to think this up?!

5824784 by the way this site has a tag for Starlight Glimmer now might want to add it now

That was...trippy.

Wow! What a lovely story!:pinkiehappy:

ERIS this is why I love you


Softcore, but meh.

Why the fuck did I read this, I will never know.

I knew this would happen. And it's amazing. :raritystarry:

That...was a trip


I hate stories that portray Fluttershy as a weak willed nothing like this

Julia #30 · Apr 5th, 2015 · · 5 ·

the episode which this was based upon did just that

Personally, I dislike this story, for the sole reason that Starlight Glimmer did things even more horrible that I'd thought her capable of.
However, looking at this from a completely objective and opinionated viewpoint, I cannot deny that this is a well-written one-shot that compelled me to read onward, even if it was completely disturbing. Have a like and a fav.

Julia #32 · Apr 5th, 2015 · · 1 ·

that's a different comment if i've ever seen one:rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh:

Because I gave my personal opinion, then gave a completely objective, unbiased comment on the story.


Sure is Discordia in here :rainbowderp:

Why u make a fic about this? I love the fuck out of it~:heart:

5824795 :rainbowderp::rainbowderp::rainbowderp: THATS ENOUGH FANFICTION FOR TODAY :D

Well that was a first for me
never again...

I wanna do a second chapter that shows what happens to Twilight and the others:pinkiecrazy:

:pinkiegasp: Well then...

YOU DO NOT HURT MY FLUTTERSHY!!*starts killing starlight*

Celestia will find out about this eventually, and then Fluttershy will pay for allowing this to happen to her friends.

Before anyone says it I do feel very sorry for Shy, I'm not saying I don't and as for the six i'm sure they had a plan in sending only Fluttershy, they probably figured if they all went then somepony would notice.

Fluttershy is the most silent and they wouldn't have expected her to confront Starlight.

Plus Twilight's sadness and misery at what happened to her is clear that she didn't mean for this to happen.

What I do know is that eventually Celestia will find out what's happened and she'll find out Fluttershy let it happen. And then there will be concenquences.

And may Glimmer burn for what she's done.

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