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I enjoy writing an array of topics such as horror and more. Enjoy your stay for whatever the reason!

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No, I'm not sorry.

I can't look at Flim and Flam anymore without thinking of that bit from one of the Ponies the Anthology videos. You know, the bit where someone did a VO of the Game Grumps?

Hum, from the description, sounds like it can either be the generic r63 swap, or it could do something with the concept :P

This concept of r63 flimflam and Trixie is a pretty good concept for a longer story (with or without sex mind you). I would be interested in something more than just clop and hope someone writes a story on this topic.

This Looks Freaking Hot!

What would hoofed fingers even look like?

5752273 FUCK, I saw this 10 hours but I still can't believe how funny it is. U r a natural comedian

Comment posted by The Slending Angel deleted Apr 3rd, 2015

Aha, glad you asked! Let's give you a visual representation!
Hoofed Fingers


That is, indeed, a horrifying amalgamation of numbers and letters good sir.

5754433 Goddammit... I hate it when that happens...

while her hoofed finger tapped her cheek in thought.

Does show have hooves on each of her fingers?

That was great. Sequel/continuation is needed.

Your use of boobs pleases the dong immensely.

Seconding this, if there's any chance for it at all, a sequel would be awesome.

I'll certainly consider it!

I probably don;t have to tell you this, but guess who's at the #2 spot in the feature box?
I say I shouldn't have to tell you, because I'm sure every story you write gets on that list

Well, look at that! First story to make it there!

5754948 Onto the feature list, or that high on the list?

Onto it at all, much less, that high.

5754999 Okay... I thought, since your stories usually do so well, and blend just enough plot with a good amount of plot, you would've made the feature box before, at least one of the bottom three consolation spots

I have but one regret: I wish I would have read this when I first noticed it an hour after it was posted. I have failed.


That looks more like a file than a URL...

Now that was a pretty awesome selling method :rainbowlaugh:

You've caught my attention!
Let's see how this story turns out.

Try top of the fucking feature box.

Wow! Look at that!

I gotta hand it to you, that was a pretty awesome fic. Generally, I hate the Flim Flam Brothers with a burning passion, R63'd or not. But the way you did this story and portrayed the "Shim Sham Sisters" was better than I thought it would be. I'll be honest, I was extremely skeptical at first, but I'm glad I read this.

Luna! I found good shit!
Luna: ... I... BATHROOM!!!
Use the mat this time!

Well, asides from the weird idea of them having hooves on the tips of their fingers (don't wanna think about how that feels in the tender bits) but yeah, great clop.

I want more of this...

*reads story* *scratches head* *looks at author*

huh. is it weird that i could tell that it was written by you halfway through the story, even though i just picked this at random from the new updates and never paid attention to who wrote this at all?

Heh, maybe not? I could just have a certain style or theme you recognize, but thank you all the same!:heart:

I never thought one could pull off such a feat. Yet I seem to be wrong!
You mixed the plot and clop well, and even without use scenes as a story I think it would have held up. You have a talent for this, and I enjoy every moment! I'd you ever get a picture of the two sisters and trixie on stage, I'd love to see it~
Lol anyways, amazing job, no wonder it's featured!

The cover image was done specifically for this story. BubbleberrySanders is amazing and they liked the story that much. Go check out their work on derpibooru or their tumblr!

I've been meaning to ask: would you consider the ponies in your stories Level 3 or 4 Anthro, according to this chart?


Not bad, but not particularly good either. The writing was quite a bit too dry. And I cringed every time I saw the words 'Hoofed fingers'. what does that even mean?

5758762 The Mirror Pool Pinkie that makes herself fingers.

I was really hoping to see the crowd reaction. Public debauchery is always fun to watch. I would love to see more on these three. Perhaps a few new toys and tonics to work with?

I could always try to come up with a sequel of sorts. Might have to give it some thought on exactly what would happen, though. Still, it's possible!

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