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Gimme dat uncropped cover art. Pm me it, plz.

Well, that was sexy. Really liked the fear/hope of Celestia catching her.

Looking forward to reading when I have a chance. Would love to see that whole cover art as well, please.

(Haven't read the story yet, just looked at the thumbnail and read the description)

Hate to double-post, but I wouldn't mind seeing that uncropped imaged either. If you could please send it to me via PM, I'd be happy enough not to bug you about it.

Her friends will probably be at least accepting of this, don't know about wanting to have sex with her though. However they might not like the idea that she (almost?) fantasized about them while jerking off.

5601376 this needs sequels for each of her friends. pronto.

I think you'll like that one has been done. Just have a tiny bit of patience. I'm mostly eager to start working on one of her and Pinkie after I finish up a few other stories I'm working on.

MORE! I really want to see more chapters on this.

hoofed fingers

Wait, how does that even work? Are there keratin deposits covering the tips of her fingers completely, thus reducing tactile stimulation? Of course, fingertips armored like this would be useful in someways. Please explain.

Just fingers that have hoofed tips. I figured it would work better than nails, and it's not like it has to be 100% keratin. Could be a bit softer to help them grasp objects.

I absolutely loved this story, though one quick thing... there was a minor typo toward the start of the story.

I took a few minutes but she arrived fast enough.

Either this is an unintentional slip into first person, or you missed a letter there. Either way, it's only a minor thing and in no way lessened the experience of this story.

I rate this :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:.5/10

Eeyup, that was hot. Can't wait for the sequels.

Thank you. Corrected.

Pretty good, although there were many moments where the story could have been more polished.

Any chance there's a sequel?

There is, yes. Haven't uploaded it yet. Waiting on something first.

This was pretty damn hot. Good job, Lorelove, good job indeed. Glad to hear that there be a sequel in the works, can't wait.

5618531 I hope its where twilight laern the upside of having one becasue now when see need to go use the restroom for number one she can go any where she like

Policy against linking nsfw material as source so, I can't do that. The artist is in the author's notes, though. Easy to find on derpibooru.

5738507 can u send me the link of the full pic?

5618531 you post the sequel yet?

Hoofed fingers...


This is what I was referring to. I've been changing how to say it if I write more anthro later.

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