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That's one mean pussy.

"Yes... Yes! We could blame it on Princess Luna! Make it seem like she is becoming Nightmare Moon again! Then Celestia will never suspect me!"

:duck: "I can even pretend to be her. Ponies have always told me that my voice sounds like Princess Luna's."

Great job Rarity! Just break out the L-word.
No, not that. The other L-word!

Making the rounds in the Popular section.

Looks like Rarity can't cook very well. I mean, she burnt a Pie and four Cakes...


I'm sure Rarity will be okay... she's just catatonic.


Sugar Cube Corned

More like "roasted" at this point.

And an extra quote mark here:

"Psycho?" It wasn't my idea! Opal told me to do it!"

Excellent story. I'd love to see a longer, more serious take on this but, as it stands, it's superb work

Don't know what dafuq I just read... but I lolled :rainbowlaugh:

... :rainbowlaugh: That ending, though...

Faved for laughs!

Never trust a cat who used to be a US president.

Really?! MY cat was the pure incarnation of satan!

She disappeared, though... I think back to the depths of hell.

Is this mature because of gore, sexual themes or swearing?

8614922 Because at the time, the story approver said so. I don't know what for.

Oh, OK then...maybe the just don't like the thought of an evil cat! XD

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