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Lived in Florida for most of my life. I admit to being a geek. Wanted an outlet to try writing, as it seems to clear my thoughts.


This story is a sequel to Advanced Lessons

Twilight has no idea how she's supposed to go about dating. It always seemed so mundane and unworthy of her precious brainpower. Now she's trying to romance Prince Blueblood, and has no idea what to do.

Fortunately, Chrysalis has some free time.

The Changeling Queen. Evil Mastermind, willing prisoner of Equestria, and Princess Celestia's significant other. That Chrysalis, was going to be offering her a bit of romantic advice.

There was no way, that Twilight could see that going well.

-A brief two-shot sequel to my story "Advanced Lessons" purely made for a bit of fun, at Twilight's expense.

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It amused and I'm pretty sure that's all it set out to do.

I did like the part where Twilight was able to draw character parallels between the two of them, in addition to the humor.

Nuu only 2 shots? Its way to good to make it that short :D

5651806 Pretty much. This little outing is only here for a bit of fun.

Chrysalis-Stop being such a bitch! Bitch... XD


5652623 Heh, I like to think Twilight can be granted the opportunity to be a bit bitchy, when it comes to Chrysalis. Chrysalis does go out of her way to press her buttons, and is actually kind of encouraging Twilight to be a bit more accepting of her own negative side.

5653071 I think Chrysalis sees this as a game. Its a way to entertain herself not willing to let go of that attitude.

LOL-Twilight in love with Blueblood. :pinkiehappy:

The young princess' eyes steadily widened, as she was struck by a shocking revelation “Starswirl's beard...She's been trying to- Princess Celestia wants me to-...That's been going on for years!”

Oh, Twilight. :twilightblush::rainbowlaugh:

“...Book-fort sieges.” Twilight eventually admitted.
“Are you being serious?” The Changeling Queen asked.

Twilight is always serious when it comes to books.

There's no way this could possibly end poorly.

Wait, a real Bluelight ship? Er, not my style. I won't dislike the story though. The writing is alright and you should keep going.

5656393 I respect that, and thanks for not down-voting the story over it. :pinkiesmile:

It's a continuation from my previous stories, and this is the weird sort of direction things took during the writing process. And with that being said, I do want to keep the romance natural seeming, with the possibility of either Twilight or Blueblood moving on to a different relationship. I've always been skeptical of the notion of a character just sticking with their 'first love' as if that was as good as they were ever going to get.

So, maybe check in on my future stories, if you like the writing. Maybe the shipping will go in a direction more your speed down-the-line.:raritywink:

“Circumstances?” Twilight asked, not understanding what the changeling meant.

“Yes, making sure that those Celestia cares about find love and happiness and eventually bless the world with little children to carry on their memory...or something like that.” Chrysalis elaborated, in a casual tone.

Aaaaand things suddenly take on a much more bittersweet note.

Heh. Well, it puts a lot in perspective, doesn't it? But I honestly really like this approach to Celestia. She's explicitly not the gloomy sister, that's more Luna's shtick. Celestia prefers optimism. A sunny optimism, if you will.

5669641 Yeah, I aim to keep the generally optimistic feel of the show while also trying to bring in issues that characters might realistically encounter. For example, while I won't be showing warfare in MLP:FiM's world as being anywhere near as brutal as it can get in reality, they won't exactly be fighting each other with pies either.

And being immortal is a big deal, that would have a glut of psychological implications to go with it. Implications that Chrysalis is familiar with.

Spoiler time !

Season premiere have ponies! uuuuuuuu

Redeemed Chrysalis is so much fun. I love how Celestia's relationship with her is basically the Equestrian Trollympics.

5833939 Being really backhanded (Backhooved?), snarky, and trolly with one another let's Chrysalis have the distance to feel comfortable to show that she cares when in front of others. That Celestia is intelligent and perceptive enough to see through to what Chrysalis really wants to say, let's Chrysalis say that she cares without looking weak. When they're alone together, Chrysalis can let herself be a lot more openly affectionate, even when she finds it embarrassing. It's an odd relationship when viewed from the outside, but I've put a lot of thought into it.

Plus, it let's me create a lot of amusing interactions between them. :raritywink:

I'm glad you've enjoyed them so much. :twilightsmile:

And it does bear mentioning, that I personally wouldn't say that Chrysalis has worked her way into redeemed territory just yet, but she's steadily being dragged in that direction.

Maybe not redeemed, but well past the turning point, unlikely to relapse as long as she isn't antagonized too badly, and still very embarrassed and annoyed by how much she's enjoying it. It's a thing of beauty.

5836002 She does want to do the right thing, and always has wanted to do so. She just has to resolve some conflicting values to figure out what the right thing really is, which she'll have plenty of time to do in my future stories.

And, if you want to get an idea of what Chrysalis and Celestia are like alone, you can check out the first half of the third chapter of my other story "A Very Merry Chrysalis".

Ha! I have the comic in which that picture comes from!:rainbowlaugh:

Oh man... All the back and forth between every single character, interlocking and flowing organically and thoughts and feelings change...

I'm supremely impressed.

And equally jealous.

6052900 Thank you.:twilightsmile:

It's always a challenge getting these characters to interact with one another in an organic fashion that still feels in line with their characters. If you enjoyed this story, I'll be posting up a new one-shot that you might enjoy. It involves Celestia dragging along Chrysalis and Luna into humoring DIscord's attempt at starting up a support group from reformed villains.

I like it when Twilight is put out

5669910 That's how I like it, preserving the show's optimism while adding more logic.

You can just tell that Chryssie is warming up to Twilight as well, but she's preserving her snarky persona. I can relate, I tend to snark a lot at people I like too.

I love how Twilight found some parallels between them. Plus I imagine being cut off from her subject is probably harder on Chryssie than she's showing. I just hope Cadance will eventually forgive her enough to let her visit them.

I simply adore your version of Chryssie, she's still stubborn, snarky and likes to make jabs at others, but she's also slowly changing under the influence of others. And he relationship with Celestia is simply fascinating, especially if you think just how long it's been developing and how long it'll most likely keep going.

6901046 Yeah, Chryssie is loathe to let on just how much she enjoys Twilight's company. Admittedly, part of it is that Chrysalis is a bored over not having anything to do; she's used to constantly having to manage and interact with hundreds of changelings. Normally she never lacks for things to keep her busy. That along with being generally unwilling to be upfront about her feelings makes things awkward at times, which is intentional.

I like seeing how characters influence one another over time and I like to drop hints in their interactions that show how Celestia and Chrysalis have already influenced one another. Meanwhile, you also get to see Twilight and Chrysalis having an impact on each other. It's a steady subtle thing, that eventually results in huge changes.

In any event, I'm glad to hear that you've been enjoying my stories. I was on a bit of a hiatus by the end of the last year, but I'm looking to keep getting more and more updates out.:twilightsmile:

6901209 Ooooh, that's great, I was hoping for intermediate lessons to continue.

Celestia should let her help with some royal duties before she starts walking on walls (which in case of changelings is quite literal).

I've read everything you wrote with Chryssie in it w good few months ago, but back then I was just starting to delve intro mlp fanfics and weren't leaving any comments. Now I'm reading them again and this time commenting on them.

Eh, I'm more of a FlashLight shipper myself, but this can work.

Chrysalis' behavior in this kind of reminds me of how Discord would act.

7459318 Something I plan on exploring a bit later is just how bored Chrysalis is, after having essentially stepped down as leader of her changelings. And two of the only individuals she actually enjoys interacting with are Celestia and Twilight, to the point she actually looks forward to seeing either, though she'd be hard pressed to actually admit to that. So she takes any chance she can to tease and troll Twilight, to alleviate her own ennui, while occasionally looking to provide genuine advice...Admittedly the advice Chrysalis would offer isn't what Twilight would normally expect, as she doesn't care for softening the blow on most topics.

That cover art.

That is some of the finest cover art I've ever seen.

The story's excellent, den outta den, but that cover art man.

It prefectly captures that moment of "I dun goofed, I dun goofed so hard, I'M SO BUCKED!"

this is a vary good little story it is a vary fun read with lots of play back and forth between Twilight and Chrysalis it works super good.

Good story, but sorely in need of sequel/follow up.

And yes, I know there is already a sequel, but its incomplete and the writer has disappeared.

That game! You've got me thinking of either Double Cranko, or perhaps a scene or twelve from A Practical Guide To Evil.

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