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After three weeks of preparation, the plan was now set to begin. It was the last piece of the puzzle. All he had to do was show them, and hope that they would be willing to help. Otherwise, all was in vain, and everything they had been planning and fighting for would be over.

This is Official Canon of the story Changeling Doll. If you haven't read any of the Changeling Doll, I highly recommend that you read until at least chapter 9.

This story follows the changeling known as White Lie and his experience with the Princess of Love and the Captain of the Royal Guard. This is the serious side of the story, as least for the first little bit. Not meant to be comedic (yet). Sorry.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 137 )

Wasn't there a second chapter?

It was goof. Wasn't supposed to be published yet.

Well, that started off with a bang. *Is not sorry in the slightest.:pinkiehappy:

Can't wait to see what happens when White Lie wakes up.

Well, that's certainly one hell of a way to start the story.

So, just to make sure I'm understanding the timing on all of this right, this is happening after Quick and Poker have been with the other princesses for a while, but before Poker is revealed as a real changeling and Quick is found by Celestia?

I liked this chapter right up until that very last bit. Torture seems wildly out of character for Cadance.

Though now I'm curious about who Cloak is. And even more curious about what the changelings are trying to prevent.

Well that completes what Quick Wit was saying about ordering Doll to preform Self-Dismemberment or throwing the other infiltrators in jail.

Hyuck hyuck hyuck.

D48 #12 · Dec 15th, 2015 · · 2 · Trust ·

Hm, I'm not sold on Cadence's behavior, but then again she is probably grumpy from not being able to sleep and could easily be pulling the old good cop/bad cop routine so I'll have to wait to pass judgement.

6733339 6733199
I didn't want to spoiler anything just in case I was right, but I was afraid that was going to be your answer. Time to see if White Lie deserves that crown of his...

What describes this chapter? Shock. :rainbowderp:


...Well, shit. He's totally going to get blamed for this, isn't he?

Huh, okay. Well, here's hoping that wasn't just a fatality.

Surprise~! You're gonna have it as rough as Stupid!

Oh good, White proved that he does deserve his crown.

But now here's my question: why was Damascus there alone? If he was on duty, he shouldn't have been alone, and if he was there for personal reasons, there should have still been guards close enough to hear White screaming while Chrysalis was shocking him.

Fuck you Chrysalis

Interesting. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas!

6762180 unlikely.... though, Cadence will probably TRY to find an excuse, but he was thoroughly restrained. No idiot would believe that he did this.


6770567 That's just what the tricky changeling wants you to think. :facehoof:

6762174 That is possibly the most perfect word ever used to describe something ever.

Damascus nooooooooo!

Sometimes the lie detector was green sometimes blue, but it seemed to always mean truth?

In the Changeling Doll, Celestia explained it.
Green = True
Red = False
Blue = True, but not disclosing everything

No pulse? Maybe he's just very calm.

6788015 Blue means partial truth.

This chapter had me laughing all the way through. "Damascus. Damascus Steel. But the ladies call me Daaaaam." :rainbowlaugh:

Until that last bit...
Please be okay... :fluttershysad:
(I'm almost crying for real right now, I *yay* you not.)

:applecry::fluttercry::raritydespair::raritycry: Please be okay.

an update? YES! I've been waiting for an update for some time.
and it' is a good update, looking forward to more.

That chapter title had me a bit nervous, but yay! Damascus lives!

Hah, well played, White Lie. Well played. He managed to completely skip over that question about why she was there for him without Shining noticing.

.........so good.........but so short..........

Interesting, short, and yay, Damascus lives! Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

6788015 Blue actually means Truth, but with not everything revealed. Like me telling you I live in America in answer to the question of "Where do you live?" It's true, but I'm not actually telling you where I live. That would cause the detector to turn blue.

Edit: Oops already been answered fully.

I likey. A nice counter to the quick and messy comedy of the other Two 'Lings

You've got my attention.

At this point Id say SomeBug needs Stomping.

She lost the Right to be called Someling.:trollestia:

Ah, good. Everything seems to be going smoothly for the moment. So how long until the other shoe drops? Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

AJ so happy to see an update. I literally looked at this story last night and thought it had been a while since it had an update and I hope it does soon.

My hope was answered and I am very happy with it as it was a great chapter and I like how the ending worked well and offset the rather dark contents of the chapter.

Good work sir. I look forward to.more

Heeeeeey! Nicely done!

You do a lot with your small chapters. The story continues to move quickly and smoothly.

I'm confused about what is happening at the very beginning of the chapter. The empire recovering from some sort of attack with lots of casualties? White having some sort of vision? Some combination of the two?

Angel Touch x Stately Writ, I ship it in spite of the conflicting issues.

"No," Shining stated, "that would raise suspicion as to why you're still here. We both thought it would be best to keep your identity a secret for now. So until you leave, your stuck as our assistant."

Stately smiled at that.

"Plus, you did a pretty good job while you were-... well, before we knew you were a changeling. We'll just say that you're carrying classified information so the guards don't question why they have to follow you everywhere-"

Good plan.

Damascus is alive, is conscious, and he has enough memory to want to punch White! :yay:

>White having some sort of vision?
All things will be explained soon, dear child.

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