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Celestia and Luna. The Princesses of Equestria. Both kind, intelligent, and loving. They grew, they suffered, they fought, and they lost. But perhaps worst of all, they lost each other.

Nightmare moon wasn't what most of Equestria thought she was, nor is their beloved princess, for their pasts have been lost to a thousand years of history.

"Change is a difficult thing, and requires no small amount of courage."
-King Cosmus

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Comment posted by Jarkes deleted Jul 28th, 2014

Okay, so maybe my initial comment was a little too hasty and harsh, given that it was entirely based off the summary (which you seem to have edited to be worded a bit better, so props to you there). But you didn't have to delete it. ...Though I must admit I was planning on deleting it myself anyway BECAUSE I had been too hasty...

All right, so I was wrong. This isn't a "Tyrantlestia" fanfic. Quite the opposite; she's KNOWS she's doing wrong, but while she admits it and regrets it, she's afraid to face it.

I'm sorry I was rude earlier, and I'd like you to know that I'll be following this one.

Thank you. I look up to people who aren't afraid to fix their mistakes. So know that you have my greatest respect. :)

I hope you enjoy the story. It's been a while in the making, so I hope it's good.

As a gift, have a small (not very spoilery) spoiler: The next chapter begins over 1000 years before this does. Not with the princesses, but with a king.

Wow, this one...the feels. :pinkiesad2: There are so many of them.
While there are a couple of issues with tense consistency in the beginning (is vs. was), they improve and the way you write Twilight's and Celestia's emotions is somewhat dark yet in character. Very impressive.

Thank you.

Tense is an issue with me. I want so much for it to be correct, but some present tenses are much more effective in certain parts (at least in my mind). I still haven't decide whether I will "correct" them or not.

I probably will eventually, but I went with what felt best at the time.

Thank for the note though. It helps a lot :)

Gotta get that Flawlestia.
More like FLAWLESStia, ohhhhhhh Tia rules Luna drools-the premise is pretty cool. I personally hope this turns into a "We can help you to become a better person." More than a "Repent you jackass." Of course either one is fine. A healthy mix of both is probably best.

Get that plot.
According to this fanon Alicorns die around 2500-2700 years old. Assuming Cosmos didn't get murdered. Meaning at their best Tia and Luna are about halfway there and at worst...well, Twilight probably was ascended for a reason.

Twilight was ascended for a reason, but in this story, it wasn't because Celestia was dying... you'll see. :twilightsmile:

...I'm confused. What does this have to do with the prologue? It seems like it's the start of a completely unrelated story.

The prologue is the lead into the entire story, not just the first chapter. Not only that, but the first chapter takes place over a thousand years before the prologue does.

Spoiler connection questions: Who do you think the king is going to find at the school? Who do you think he's going to choose?

When Celestia said: "I still lust for the praise that he always gave you.", who is he?

The next chapter is going to bring things a lot more into connection, and there will be the intermittent chapter from the time the Celestia is raising a teaching Twilight to show the parallels and cause and effect of the events that will be portrayed.

I'm a little slow at writing, yes, and this is kinda big, but when it's done, I assure you it'll make sense. :twilightsmile:

It's the mentor that's unfaithful.

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