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In a reality that Humanity has always existed on the same planet as Ponies and all the other creatures who inhabit that planet, this story follows Centurion Lucius Vor. The Roman Empire has expanded her reaches and sends her Legions to break all those who disagrees. Equestria being one Nation that prefers peace over all was just another nation on Rome's list. That was until the fatefully day of the VII Legion: Invictus fall from power along with many other Legions.

Lucius, even war stricken, tries to find the clear path but is only forced to bring memories back to light by a persistent Mare. Dark forces move against an entire Planet and threatens everything that all the Native species hold dear.

Chapters (19)
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Comments ( 46 )

This was actually enjoyable! Though, to be fair, it was never the Senate as a whole which conquered, but individuals like Julius Caesar. Their corruption was rampant and those who sought to gain power through war were the early years of the Empire. Civil war would eventually lead to the downfall...Celestia simply made the collapse a bit more bearable, methinks.

Nice job of leaving an opening for a sequel.

along with both the barrier and ghost Army.

It's a trap!

Well written, you communicated both sides' emotions very well, including Celestia's reluctance to fire up the Orbital Friendship Cannon. With a power like that, it's a wonder Rome dared challenge her at all; likely they knew not of it. Few will probably dare in the future.

liked it very much funny thing is i am part of a roman army reenactment group lol but yea Centurions never ever backed down and legions were raised in one area so they all knew each other and were like brothers

How did the leaking magic from Celestia free him after only 200 years? Discord was trapped in stone for at minimum 1000 years, and was plainly a tourist attraction so he got lots of people passing by. Was this version of the petrification spell a weaker one than what held Discord?

5519534 Could be. Remember when Discord was imprisoned it was both of the sisters. With the legions, it was just Celestia.

5519671 Even so, that wouldn't make it that much weaker. Discord's kinda on a totally different level than a human.


Maybe some Alicorn told a little white lie about how much Magic was "accidentally" leaked...

Celly has a cruuuuuuuuuuush! :rainbowkiss:

Lol this thing is now worthy of the romance label!:rainbowlaugh:
Makes me smile.

Can I just say how much I'm enjoying this?
Also, Celestia is a complete coward for using the fehkin elements to win a losing battle.

5520543 plus, discord was one target, in this case, it was two legions

Quo Usque Pro Roma Ibis Lucius?


Google Translate: How you go for Rome, Lucius?

Aka: how far will you go for Rome, Lucius?

To that, you'll have to find out. It will be in blood as all Empires are founded on. Hope your enjoying the read thus far. :pinkiehappy:

And THAT is why I have this story in my favorites! :twilightsmile:

Oh... I bet the assassin was that green mare from the training match... :trixieshiftright:

I just think that the idea of continuing the story was SO AWESOME! :rainbowkiss:

I'ma just leave this here.

Someone tried to kill Lucius?
Well, they must'a gotten a pleasant surprise in the form of a pissed off Roman centurion.

Please if you see this comment continue writing this story I beg of you save Roma

I really badly want more of this

Yay! New chapter and a mysterious enemy. Nice to see this story again.

Yay! New chapter and a mysterious enemy. It's great to see this story again.

the last Centurion was seen leaving by train this morning

Doctor who references anyone?orig00.deviantart.net/c168/f/2012/186/b/6/the_last_centurion_by_tsuzukicream-d565cxi.jpg

I had unfavorited this because I thought it was dead and to see it in the update box nearly broke my mind! Glad to see this once again.

Wow it is becoming nice to see this many updates coming so quickly after a hiatus. I hope you are not going to burn out with the amount of volume you have been producing.

Also good to see our man getting into a bigger relationship.


How do you keep turning out chapters at this pace?


But in all seriousness, their is a big lull in my work schedule. Trying to keep busy.


remember the face of thy father)
yes! one of the precious few good roman fics lives!

Glad to see this is back!


i feel like im supposed to understand the last part but i dont

probably some Papa Nurgle pretender)


Looking up the definition of Morbus, the best I can find is that it's a term for disease or disorder. Perhaps a plague entity?

well, snafu has successfully transformed into fubar
at least that which does not kill you has made a tactical error

that doesnt make any sense what made it crash


Sabotage! We have an intruder!

Sabotage! Called it!

Why must you make cliffhangers! :raritycry:

yea right either mars will bring him back or another god will and he'll have new powers


I understand your point of view on that. It has happened in so many fanfics that to not expect it is almost foolish. However, I promised myself to keep Lucius as reasonably 'Human' as possible. I appreciate you reading this so far and voicing your honest opinions. To have people still reading and commenting makes my heart jump over the moon. Keep being awesome.

I'll admit, this has me hooked! You should go back through your story and edit as there are a few errors (Nothing too bad, just random capitalization and the like), but otherwise, I'm liking the look of this!

First of all, sweet username. For the Emperor.
Second, it's been a thing I planned on doing after I get this arc done. As you can see, this has been a project that has taken years. There is major clean up and the like that will take me a while but something that needs to be done before the next arc I have planned. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.

I will not cry, I will not cry...:raritycry:

Cliffhanger! Why?! :raritycry:

On another note, how is he supposed to get back to the mortal realm? I doubt there is a door on the other side of the river styx.

maybe he has to fiend 7evrol gods to grant him power and then he can go back ???

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