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The Panzer-Lehr-Division, after successfully trained and re-equipped after recruitment or absorbing elements from both Italian fronts or the dreaded Eastern front, are now heading towards the Western front to help repel the suspected Allied landing. Along the way they find themselves in an almost disturbing reality where they will take an unknowing side against a tyrant and her species.

The story will take place from multiple views from multiple men as they struggle with both internal and external situations that will push them to their limit.


As since this a historic piece I am sure some will have opinions and piece of information to help better myself for the story. To that, I welcome constructive criticism because while I try to study for this story I am sure to miss things. I will touch in the inner political struggle and ideological differences especially when the two species meet. All in all, I am sure the history buffs among us will want to grip my neck with annoyance and to that I will wheeze out an apology than proceed to study up on my mistake.

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Can't wait for panzergranadiers as l am panzergranadier my self. Well finnish version of it but still.

This is interesting, can't wait for more! :rainbowkiss:

Cool. I have an idea what the humanoid things are, but I'm curious to find out what the giant thing is. Well, was.

You had my interest and now you have my attention.

just gonna drop this here.

This is an interesting and a reasonable scenario.

Why do I have a feeling the big thing is similar to a Xenomorph Crusher....

(For Reference) http://avp.wikia.com/wiki/Crusher

This is pretty cool! can't wait to see where you take this. :twilightsmile:

Really? Awesome! I'm looking forward to your input than although to be fair, the Panzergrenadiers didn't have much in actual mechanized means (In numbers I mean). I will have the half tracks though just not in great numbers as some may assume they may have.

Thank you for the support, guys/gals! I appreciate the comments and I hope I continue to entertain your whimsy as we continue along with Panzer-Lehr-Div.

I don't want to completely just divulge exactly this and that but the Xeno Crusher almost seems to have the same behavior.

I appreciate this comment. It's a simple comment like this that helps me keep on track especially when combining two vastly different worlds with conflicting ideologies and political allegiances. Make sure to remain honest if you decide to stick around!

Meh gawd...

Its beautiful!

Most World war 2 topics that depict the German forces utterly fail to do so, even the best seem to struggle, mainly because the characters don’t FEEL German... they feel like their B-movie actors playing as Germans.

B-but this? I-it’s perfect... too perfect...


You must be a ghost! Or a spirit? Either way...
I’m onto you... -.-

Shhhh... if they find out I'm missing from Valhalla.

All jokes aside, I thank you for the input. Realism(I strain that word for MLP sake) is what I'm aiming for to the best of my ability.

Well buddy, your sure as hell accomplishing it!

And ‘Valhalla’? Pssst I go to Sovengard like all real men!

Actually, scratch my last. I did some more digging and it seems that the Lehr Division had an abnormal amount of Sd.kfz 251s! Looks like I can do some actually Mechanized goodness.

That's what I was pointing out, the MG seemed to do nothing because it was a rifle caliber, but tank shells blew it apart.

And just like you said it has very similar behavior, and also while nearly immune to infantry weapons (or similar), it couldn't withstand much larger, and therefore powerful, weapons.

We used Mt-lb apc vehicles, my job was machine gunners assistant ( even thou l wanted that pkm dang it) sou l carried boxes of ammo and at mines.
Reminds me of my army days when we dismounted on side of the roads and did sou called jäger march what was 50km march with side missions like first aid and tent building. with our motto been
"We have the command sharply risk death. With the power of armored fist bruise your opponent. We do not get scared, we do not mourn - hit and crush!

Yeah, the problem writing these kind of stories is getting an enemy worthy of the technology or perhaps surpassing that of the intended protagonists. I ran into this problem with my starcraft story because their just isn't that much in military strength withing Equestria. Now with that said, I made this story have an enemy that will actually have a equal force of strength in their own unique way that will test the Earth based conventional means of warfare. You will see more of our initial tree smashing friend along with the rest of his extended family.

Awesome! With what you said there, you will see some similarities. I did some time in a reserve regiment of Light Infantry so it will be fun to dip my toes in the mechanized element. If you see anything out of place in your experience, lemme know but I'm sure training regimes have changed over the years.

>helping ponies
>ANTHRO ponies
>generic changeling threat
>ponies with I assume guns
and i'm out

Hmm they panzers IV’s, any Panzer V’s or Tiger I’s

There is both Tigers and Panthers in the Division just not in that particular company.

Well Thanks for at least giving it a chance, I appreciate it. Happy trails.

all of them

this is a 1944 panzer divison

Sweet hopefully they have some stug III’s and Jagdpanthers too

I would definitely love a glossary, especially for the ranks. I am somewhat familiar with WW2 German military hierarchy but it would definitely help for easier reading as well as for those who have no idea which rank is what.

Ooh, can't wait for the next chapter. I think a glossary would be a helpful thing. I know German tanks, tank destroyers, and artillery units, but I don't know anything about trucks or ranking. Thank you World of Tanks for this knowledge. :derpytongue2:

Very good chapter, Thou it is kinda weird that such peace full society has machine guns. Their guard has spears but of course thous could be only for ceremonial use only, like in swiss guard.

The group consisted of mostly Panzer IV and their command variant which suited him just fine. Tigers and the fabled Konig Tiger were the armoured monsters. If he wanted to paint a giant target on his back then he would gladly suggest himself.

It's actually written "Königstiger"

Fixed! :ajsmug:
Thanks for reading thus far! I hope to keep your interest in the future!

You will be happy to know that there is indeed those in the Panzer-Lehr-Division!

Glossary is added and a great link for rank is embedded for ya!

I really appreciate it all! Thank you for the support!

That is a very good example of the Royal Guard in my head canon for this. They are trained through military service but also do ceremonial guard duty for tradition sakes.

hmmm, MG 34 or 42 what about the Panzerfaust or Panzershrek and what about their sidearms no P08 walther p38 or ppk?

Yup, I will definitely be adding those plus trucks and such.

And more commonly known as a King Tiger for those of us who are not fluent in German

I'm sure you will keep me interested.
I love this fic too much already :)

Please good sir! I beg of you, more please :)


I'm very much enjoying. Cant wait for more

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