• Published 24th Dec 2014
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Fallout: Equestria - Infinite Potential - Borsuq

Follow the adventures of Angel, a doctor from the paradise of Stable Eight, as she's set upon discovering the Truth within the world of endless possibilities

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Oh my God. I even began to think that this is a dead story. How glad I am that I was wrong.
It's definitely a well written and well thought out story of the Raider Queen. I have probably re-read the whole story 3 times and then a new chapter comes out, it’s like jumping into an ice hole after a bath, it’s very refreshing and happy.
It's good that the continuation came out, it's very inspiring.

Oh don't worry my friend, Borsuq just has the annoying habit of having a thousand ongoing stories AND they're rather long as well.... :facehoof:
We're still working on them, slowly but surely... I like to joke about how we're all gonna be 80 years old when this particular story is finally over so you can probably guesstimate that it's gonna take a while to get there but it will, eventually :pinkiecrazy:

I really loved this chapter and the story of the Mustangs. Well done!:rainbowdetermined2:

I have no words and have to say that I'm in love with this story, and the type of writing that Borsuq does. Absolute banger of a chapter!

Love this update! Appreciate you hard work. :twilightsmile:

wow! I am amazed of how you have weaved F1, F2 and FE lore all together here :twilightsmile:

A quick Question, what do her Stats actually do?
I mean, low Strength I understand, but does her Intelligence actually do something?
She's Inteligent sure, but hardly 10/10 Inteligence, It seems like her Charisma has more Influence in how her Story goes than anything else.
So does 10/10 Inteligence mean she has just more Mana than your usual Pony like many Games use the Level of Inteligence for, or does she just learn faster?
It would be nice if you could give an Answer, if there is any, and it isn't just Flavour.

That was quite the tale. Very creative what you thought up for the raider queen.

I was going over the original Fallout: Equestria for references in my own story and am now quite interested as to how things will work out for Apple Core given Little Pip found this note in a terminal when she went to sort out Appleloosa.

Entry Six:
The last week has been beyond words. Stern was playing it close to her chest with that “special representative” business. I never had any idea! Let’s just say I was shaking in my shodding when our new boss heard about some of the stuff I’d been saying back when we didn’t know her. But I guess it’s easy to be understanding when you’re connected to the divine! Besides, we still have what’s left of the old boss as a reminder that the new boss’s hooves ain’t soft.

The new acquisition is going to do wonders for keeping the slaves up. Good thing too, since the new boss don’t cotton to the Buck and Dash trick. Fortunately, I was able to convince her that was Apple Core’s idea. Poor Apple Core. Never saw it coming.

All hail the living Goddess!

Given that we have no mention of Apple Core beyond a name I'd say she's out of the picture at this point in Little Pip's adventure, so as I say, it's going to be interesting what you do with that.

Well. This Griffon is all caught up and ready for more chapters!

Not to disrupt the artistic process but damn two years without a new chapter.

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