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Wow, this is looking fantastic, Arowid. I will have to keep my eye on this one. I saw the cover art for this before you put the story up. Thought that it'd be interesting, and, sure enough, it is. Candy's narration style is very colourful and keeps you listening. And your first chapter... it's twice as long as the ones that I'm used to. I wish you the best of luck in writing more of this story. There aren't many mistakes that I've noticed, the ones that I did not being of great importance. When do you think you can release the next chapter? I'll definitely stay tuned.

Thanks for the feedback! I love to hear what people are thinking!

My editor and I are currently working on getting chapter three out, but chapter two is already done and will be up shortly. I just need to go through and clean up the converted file when I upload it from Gdocs. But you can probably expect it by the end of the day. More likely it will be up within an hour or two.

I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far!


Chapter two out already? You have a lot written down on Gdocs, huh? Anyway, I'll have to spend my night reading this and tLS. Whew.

Wow, this is something. Usually FoE fics from here aren't really worth reading but this is on a whole other level. the length might scare a few because over 40k words in 3 chapters is a lot. Other than that I really like this, its well written, no spelling or grammar errors, and a good start to the story. My only question is geography, I may be wrong but I thought Dise was to the north of the majority of Equestria. Well done, hope there's more to come.

3989895 Thank you! I'm glad you're liking the story so far! Chapter three is nearing completion, and should be up soon(ish). Both Wr3nch and myself find ourselves quite busy rather often, but we're getting close!

I'll admit that I am a little worried about scaring people off with the length of each chapter, but hopefully we won't scare away too many people! I've always enjoyed reading larger chapters myself, and I suppose that translated over into my own writing.

Why hasn't this gathered more attention? Hmm. Time for some promotion!

Arowid, that character development was executed brilliantly. Not many stories that I've read in this setting had the morality issue of killing implemented properly. I believe you've done this very well in this chapter.

The chapters are getting very long. A month a chapter, each being 20 000 ~ 30 000 words, is making me think this'll be a very long story, as you've just set up the beginning with 76 000 words. The beginning of it all.

And I haven't done this before: thank you, Wr3nch, for being the editor.

I cannot express all the like I have for this story here, that'd take too long. And just letting you know, I'm keeping an eye on this one. Well, I think that--

Wait! The battle scenes were a blast, full of mistakes and injuries that would actually be received. Highlights like the burning books, grenade splash, and pacing made it highly enjoyable! However, I thought the action tapered down when the Pyro showed up, until she was taken down with chemical fumes. Use the environment to your advantage, people! And whenever you search up how to kill someone with a length of barbed wire and a tomato, you must constantly remind yourself: I am a writer. I am a writer. Not a murderer.

This is one of my favourites, buddy. Definitely something to look out for every month or so. Good luck with the next chapter!

Well it might just be me but a lot of the things that happen in this chapter are very well done but could kinda be seen coming. The wanted posters foreshadowing the almost "Boss-fights" and the destruction of their home to give them a reason to chase a goal or purpose they otherwise wouldn't have. Other than that this chapter is once again very well done, and if the chapter lengths stay consistent then this could be one of the longest stories on this site.

4052135 Thank you! This kind of feedback is really helpful! It lets me know what folks are enjoying about the story. And you wouldn't believe how hard figuring out some of the zany ways to use non-conventional means to "eliminate" an opponent can be. Nearly all of my research into mixing bleach and ammonia resulted in a simple "Don't do it!" Ha! I already knew that! Just tell me what it does! :pinkiecrazy:

As far as promotion goes... I figure that If I can manage to write something good, then people will hear about it in time. This is a marathon, not a sprint. And if I can put something together that's worth reading, then folks will eventually come to know about it... hopefully. :twilightsmile:

And I'll be sure to pass that "Thanks" along to Wr3nch! I'm sure he'd like to hear that his efforts are appreciated by someone other than myself!

4054048 Ahh, yes. Striking the right balance between "foreshadowing" and "giving it away" is something I'm still working on. Hopefully I'll be able to get it right in future chapters. There are quite a few doozies planned for later, and I wouldn't want to spoil my dear readers before the time is right! :raritywink:

I am working on cutting the chapter length down a bit, but I have no idea if that endeavor will be successful or not. My original intent was to have every chapter be around the 20k mark, but with all of the emotional development and introspection inherent in a first-person-narrative it's insanely easy for chapters to go beyond that point.

One way or another, I'm just hoping to write something that entertains people. If I can do that, and maybe write something that isn't complete garbage along the way, then I'll be ecstatic.:heart:


Oh, yeah. Forgot a few points.

The Luna Temple in the Stable sounds like the creation of some twisted guidance and oh, great. Things are gonna get awkward with the truth and the discovery and yep. Oops.

Is the orb from the statute a memory orb? Or did I misread that? Hmm.

Nohta + Dash... she took it twice. Twice! I don't want her to be a Dash addict. There'll be some hard talks, I bet.

I found myself caught up in my meandering, philosophical quandaries.  But the only thing that I seemed to know for certain was that I wanted to help.  And from what I could tell, this world needed plenty of help.  Help with things like raiders, and slavers, and griffin mercenaries.  This world, I realized, is a sick and twisted place.But then… I am a doctor, aren’t I?   I can deal with sick.  I can deal with sick just fine.I let out a long, tired sigh, clearing my thoughts.  Nohta was waiting patiently for my answer.  She was right about so many things… She really wasn’t my baby sister anymore, was she?  No matter, though.  I loved her.  I’d still do everything in my power to keep her safe, whether she wanted my aid or not.  That’s what family does for family.  My gaze drifted from Nohta to the moon, and I gave my answer to them both.  “You’re right, sister.”  I stared into that beautiful orb, even as my mind was wracked with worry for our future,  “Sometimes the only way to cure a sickness is to cut it out.”

That chilled me. That is some great character development. I expect more of this to follow.

This is very good I love your two main protagonist dynamic :pinkiesmile:


Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying the story! Next chapter is shaping up nicely, and I'm thinking we might have an update within a couple of weeks.

I never left you a comment? Aw dammit all, I got some catching up to do.

First off, Nohta and Candy are a really interesting pair. I like how you introduced their strengths, between the sparring with Dust and helping out Flannel during the first Mareon visit. Candy makes for a unique narrator, especially with her intellectual manner of speaking. You manage to keep the story sounding like her voice without overdoing it and making her thoughts and speech stiff. I especially like how she even talks like that after falling into the sinkhole, and how she babbles when embarrassed. It was a little jarring for the prologue, but that was just because I wasn't expecting it. And Candy's spell is really cool, though the prospect of using it on a dying patient is horrifying. I like that you gave that sufficient weight in the first chapter, as much as the action-heavy scene of the caravan attack allowed.

I would have liked to see a bit more of their normal interactions on an ordinary day, establishing a baseline so that the later scene where they barely speak for the return trip to Mareon is all the more disquieting. And there's a few spots here and there that felt like they could have been cut for the sake of brevity, nothing major. But that's really the only significant critique I have for you.

The cover story that the caravan uses for their trip is a good idea, and I'm glad to see the Stable ponies were savvy enough to hide that they were from a Stable. It didn't help them, sure, but it was a good plan! And their worship of Luna, and exclusively Luna, is intriguing. Right now, I'm figuring it has something to do with Stable 76's experiment. Designing Stables is fun.

I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry, but I am too involved in 40k to read Psyker as anything but its grimdark, 41st millennium equivalent. Especially if this unicorn seems to have messed with another pony's head. It is a cool raider name, but it'll take me a bit to separate the two ideas.

Lastly, I was going to make a note here about not particularly liking the fanservice in the porn magazine, but then it turned out to be a Sparkle Cola ad. Well played, sir. Well played.

An excellent third chapter for this story, and it looks like I was on the money about Stable 76's experiment. You did an excellent job weaving the Stable's lore as part of finding the desecrated temple. My curiosity is itching to find out what that memory orb has in it. What would Stable-Tec have planted in there such that 76 would have to destroy its statue of Luna to get at it? Oh, and Selenism is a fantastic name for the religion, even though the chapter quote, "There can only be one Princess in Equestria," is ten kinds of fucking ominous

When I realized Nohta and Candy were going to get to the Stable without any issues, I had that looming sense of dread, that this wasn't going to go well. The action scenes in the Stable were tense and exciting, and the sheer horror that you depicted was effective as well. I only have minor critiques for you, nitpicks at best.

Your use of medical jargon thus far works, since from my limited knowledge on the subject, that was all accurate. But. As someone in the profession of computers and the maintenance thereof, I gave a stern glare at the line "...get to the GB driver through the open source TCP program..." And dammit, you're using storage on the PipBuck, not memory! Some of the words used by the raiders felt a bit too intelligent for... well, raiders to use. "Cowering," for instance. And while this didn't stick out to me initially, upon reflection the line, "I need a Mint-al!" wasn't necessary. We could have had all the information we needed from the description of the tin opening and then the chewing. Heck, coulda even had the empty tin of Mint-als on the floor. I have to stress again that these are, at best, nitpicks in an otherwise fantastic chapter.

I really want to know where Candy and Nohta go from here, and I'm afraid that, with the context of this being told by Candy to someone, they end up in a very dark place. It doesn't help things that the whole analogy of killing as "cutting out the infection" is usually reserved for a villainous monologue. It really, really doesn't help. I liked this line especially from when Candy was sorting out how to answer Nohta:

The logical part of my mind was racing, desperately trying to make itself heard over the torrential downpour of my emotions. Eventually, it only found my ear when it began to rationalize what I wanted to hear anyway.

Like I said before, great chapter, and I'm looking forward to more.

4455980 Glad you're liking the story, Doctor!

I believe you're developing a bit of a reputation for leaving really great commentary on people's works. I'll have to try and return the favor when I get a chance. I've just been a bit busy with Chapter 4 lately.

Your critiques are spot on. I can easily recognize a couple of things I would certainly do differently were I to rewrite the first few chapters now, like giving Candy and Nohta more dialogue early on. I am learning as I go though, and hoping to improve along the way.

I have had to do a fair bit of research into certain subjects for this story. Like the medical jargon you noted. I try to be really careful about how I write things but I do screw up sometimes, like the storage vs memory bit you mentioned. But on the other hand, occasionally I like to go ahead and let my silly side out and do it intentionally. That line about the GB driver was actually taken from a tech jargon generator specifically so it would sound like the sort of horrendous lines you'd get in action movies. Ha! Have fun with that link!

A wonderful beginning. Great how the initial lack of concern drives the Protagonist to tell her tale.:twilightsmile:

3945272 A great chapter. Good character motivation and conflict--both internal and external.

Sorry to see Spicy perish just as he confessed his feelings to Candy, but I'm sure that won't traumatize her at all, right?....right?....:unsuresweetie:

Good lord that was a monster of a chapter! But I have finished now, and overall I did like it.

I think I particularly appreciate that Candy doesn't know what to do. It would have been easy to fall into a trap of immediately deciding on a motivation, and I'm glad to see that's not the case here. Sure they're going about a few immediate tasks, killing raiders and earning the respect of Mareon, but those are more immediate goals. It's refreshing to see a character, new to the Wasteland, be completely unsure of what she's going to do with the rest of her life.

I will say that there was probably some stuff in this chapter that could have been cut. Little snippets here and there, or points where a chapter break could have taken place. But to be honest, that might just be my own bias towards shorter chapters coming through. To give an example, I liked that the Pyro's backstory was included (and I absolutely like Candy's reaction, that whole denial of a switch flipping to turn someone into a raider), but I do think that maybe it was a bit too detailed. Also what happened to that creature that burst out from behind the bookcase and ran away? Did the PipBuck device drive it off completely?

In other news, huzzah for racial tension, and huzzah for creepy recordings left behind for Candy and Nohta! Who the hell made that recording anyway? And did she burn the bridge, literally? Hrm. Anyway despite how much it could have resulted in getting her head blown clean off, I liked Candy rushing over to String Cheese the second she realized he was sick, and damn the consequences.

For a second there I thought it was gonna turn out that Cheddar and the family were actually Rangers, when they were talking about their scouts and such. The attitude of these Rangers was great too, just ignoring Candy and Nohta as if they were lab specimens. I loved the Dragon's Breath potion, too. For a bit there, I was worried this would turn out horribly, like one of the instructions would go completely wrong or something. But then the fire-breathing started, and the meaning of the specific instructions became very clear, hehe.

The story is still very interesting, and it was good to give the characters a bit of down time after the Stable. Looks like things are picking back up again, with these Rangers, and I look forward to more!

holy shit that was a pretty fucked up rollercoaster of a story
Bright Eyes is actually a pretty cool character- what a creative concept she has! :ajsmug:

seemed like part of the Walking Dead Game (actually yeah because of all the ghouls/zombies but i mean) with all those decisions: Candy briefly deciding between Nohta and her escaping or going back to help the Rangers and Holly and whether or not to save the last healing potion. even though the latter choice wasn't really a decision (she decided on it pretty fast...)-- still: do you go all the way to heal yourself and risk having nothing to fall back on once you're injured again, or do you leave some security but also leave yourself incredibly wounded with a missing chunk of flesh?

isn't there a c between the first s and h?

Hehe, missed one. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll go back and fix it.
I certainly love to embarrass the poor girl, that's for sure. But there are plans for that one. We just won't see them unfold for a while.

I'm glad you two have enjoyed the story so far! Work on chapter 6 has already gotten started, so I'm hoping to get that one out faster than 5. I just gotta hope that life will cooperate this time!

Dam, nice work, maybe I'm thinking about this too much but it would be interesting if one or more of the sisters bacame gouls. The length on these chapters make them worth the wait.

I look forward to chapter six. Might be best to split such large chapters up, even if they're still released together. This killed a good chunk of a very long car drive, though.

And yes, it's totally not fair that they blew the bridge and Brighty still got them. As the saying goes; life (unlife if you're feeling punny) isn't fair. Not much that can stop a zombie-god, though.


Thanks for the comments! It's always nice to hear what people think of my work!

I've actually been trying really hard to cut back on the length of these chapters, but they keep growing beyond my initial estimates. Turns out I'm really bad at judging just how many words are gonna be in a chapter before I write it.

And now I've had two people suggest that I split the chapters into chunks. I'll definitely have to give that some consideration. I imagine that it would make the converted file easier to fix up after I upload from Gdocs...

4912075 It's not uncommon for chapters to be chunked up into parts 1, 2, and 3; even released at the same time. Not that I mind long installments, and short ones (<4-5k, depending on content) kinda just feel like a big tease.

Though I wouldn't mind the next one being equally sized, I have plenty of enthusiasm for more from the cliffhanger. Just split it up into two or more parts.

5508580 This is actually the first I've heard of the video. Thanks for showing it to me!

Grats on 200k... But damn, that's almost 70k in one upload. I'll have to save this for later; it's 3+ hours of reading for me. Do consider breaking the chapters into smaller chunks for practicality of reading...

Edit: Yeah, definetly has enough breaking points to justify a split or four. Probably into two chapters of multiple parts, since it's damn near a book in itself (by length).

Broken toasters? Adventure ending knee injuries? God the references are starting to hurt, nice job with the chapters, and I think I can actually see something big you have planned for candy later. Or soon maybe, considering the chapters you update with are longer than some stories.

I haven't commented on this before, but I just want to say: good freakin job. I'm really loving this fic.
Special congratulations for the scene between Nadira and Candy. It's a cliche, it's been done to death, but the way handle it is solidly fresh. I think that comes from how Nadira isn't actually completely comforting to the point of sappiness, like in other works - personally, I might have even gone a bit harder with that, and maybe even have her acknowledge Candy's responsibility (and that of every other little factor) a bit more explicitly, but it's still powerful as hell. I don't normally tear up reading stuff, but damn. "No more lies to the ones we love." Those lines, man.

6145155 Thank you! One of the primary reasons I started writing in the first place was because I wanted to reach out and pluck heartstrings. Knowing that I was somehow able to evoke such a strong emotional response in anyone at all is overwhelmingly satisfying. I'm really glad that you liked it!

As far as the cliché goes. Yep, you're right. A deathbed confession scene has been done plenty of times by plenty of people. Clichés are interesting. On the one hand, we all know them because we've seen them a hundred times, and it's easy for them to feel tired and unimaginative. On the other hand, we've all seen them a hundred times because, if done correctly, they work by appealing to a large audience. In the words of Terry Pratchett, “The reason that clichés become clichés is that they are the hammers and screwdrivers in the toolbox of communication.”

That being said, I try not to overuse them. If I do know that I want to write a cliché then I usually try to give it a little twist or three to try and shake it up. Nadira's inability to come straight out and tell Candy what she wanted her to know, for example. Instead of a massive character revelation or something similar the poor girl was saddled with nothing but a riddle and a heap of guilt.

Thanks again for the feedback! I love hearing both praise and criticism! Next chapter should be out before too long. I hope you stick around!

Very very nice, I was hoping that this wasn't dead and I'm sure glad it isn't! The revelation that the religion her entire life was built around was false hitting Candy was well done, maybe a bit dramatic but I guess it was the only she had left from her home and parents. Keep up the good work, and I hope the next chapter is just as good!

6168367 Well that's embarrassing. Thanks for letting me know, I went back and fixed it.

I was all set to blame it on the importation process and its wacky antics, but that little slip up was in the Gdocs file too. Now I'm just trying to figure out how "Notha" evaded spellcheck, lol.

6167329 It's way too easy for me to forget that other people might think this story has fallen victim to "FoE Sidefic Hiatus Syndrome" and stopped updating. I actually work on Sisters every day, so from my perspective the story is always updating.

Hmm... Maybe I should start using that blog button more often to help keep people up to date.

Thanks for the comments, folks! I'm glad to hear you liked the chapter! Chapter 8 is already outlined and being written. Got about 10k done so far, so hopefully you'll be hearing back from me before too long.

"I didn't think you'd take it this hard" - yeah, preach on Lily.
I don't know how I can have a favourite character if we've only heard her talk twice, but Psyker is pure gold. Big fan of the way she's going around Katamari Damaci-ing the powers of the other raider leaders. Not sure how Bright Eyes figures into "saving a lot of lives", or why she doesn't just kill Candy et al on the spot (that was Bright Eyes at the end, right?) but this fic is up there with Anywhere But Here for me. And active, at that. Very excited.

Back from a very long vacation and there was a present waiting for me. Yay for new chapter! Seriously though, well done. Candy's reaction was a tad overly dramatic for my personal tastes but I've never had the foundations of my world and beliefs struck down in a single stroke, so what do I know. It does have me wistfully craving to see how this revelation shapes her principles and sense of morals in the coming chapters.

I'm enjoying the story, and I'll possibly have some more in-depth feedback for later, but at the moment I just want to say that the purple prose is driving me nuts. I hope that's less of an issue in future chapters. There's a difference between having a large vocabulary to use when it contributes something to the story and premeditating an endeavor to exploit the English lexicon via excessive abuse of thesauri to enact hire wire feats of sesquipedalianism.

I hope the sarcasm doesn't come across too harshly. I'm not trying to make fun of you or anything, just trying to make a point. It seems like you took every possible opportunity to use a thesaurus to pick a more "colorful" synonym, but it seems to be having the opposite effect from what was intended. And it's bugging me so much because the writing would be really good if the rhetoric was reigned in to something more tasteful. It's the only significant issue I have with the narrative, but it's kind of a big one.

6370258 First off, thanks for the feedback, I'm very grateful for it. I am a little confused, though. You said that there was a problem with purple prose, but then you seemed to focus on the extravagant vocabulary? Either one could be an issue, for certain, but I was trying to pinpoint which one you felt was a greater detriment.

As far as Purple Prose is concerned, I'll admit that I tend to write Candy a little dramatically. The metaphors flow like water (heh), especially when she's in a lot of distress. I've noticed a few purple patches here and there (particularly in chapters 3, 6, and 7) but I didn't know if it was bothering folks until now. I'll be sure to keep this in mind when I'm writing future stuff.

And regarding the vocabulary, I was a little worried about it but no one ever told me if it was a problem or not. I certainly wasn't trying to make myself sound ostentatious or arrogant, but this is a first-person fic. Everything gets filtered through, and colored by, the main character. I was hoping to communicate multiple aspects of Candy's personality through her word choice, and I believe you've touched on one of her flaws that I was hoping to make clear.

At any rate, I'll see if I can tone it down a bit. I think that we've probably established the character trait I was trying to convey with the vocabulary. There's no need to make the readers uncomfortable. Though to be perfectly honest the only times I can remember purposely ramping up the vocabulary to crazy levels were all for a bit of medical jargon or comedic effect. Take the "Sesquipedalian" joke I made while leaning on the fourth wall in chapter 4, for example.

I've been told the general rule to follow is to try and avoid a vocabulary that would challenge a 9th grader, as that is about what most people use in everyday conversation. "No $10 words," as I've heard. This becomes a problem when the story gets filtered through Candy, but I'll see what I can manage in future chapters. I've been trying to move the more egregious examples of excessively erudite elocution (sorry, lol, I'll stop) into her dialogue while simplifying the narration, but it remains to be seen if that is enough of a fix or not. It might help if I knew of some specific points where this was a problem. Are there any particular offenders that stood out to you?

Constructive criticism is hard to come by, and I'm more than happy to receive all of it that I can. I'm hoping to hear from you again!

6370686 After I posted that comment, I worried that it would be too harsh or hurtful since I basically only pointed out something wrong and then made fun of it. :c I'm glad it wasn't that bad.

I'm going to respond in PM, because my comment ended up being huge. Expect that in about 15 seconds.

6376457 Ha! No biggy! I like to hear all opinions on the story. I'm well aware that everyone has the opportunity for improvement. I'm certainly no exception to that rule.

Hearing constructive criticism is always welcome, and you'll get no complaints from me for offering free advice! lol.

Alright, to read 700k words in 2 weeks, whew. Pre-reading is fun :pinkiecrazy:
Starting with this story ^_^

Fantastic prologue, couldn't wait to read chapter 1 :)

(It's now 4am here, I'll read the rest later ^^)

Gr8 chapter. Can't wait to find out what's next

Wow I loved this chapter. I personally loved Hollywood character, I hope she comes back, in a good way of course.... Please.:applecry:


Glad you folks are liking the story so far! Most of my spare time is going into writing right now, so I'm hoping to get the next chapter out pretty soon.

Just saw this tonight on EqD and I'm interested but holy crap that chapter length. :twilightoops: That's some long reading sessions just for one chapter.


You're certainly right about that! These chapters take a while to read, (and even longer to write!) and to do so all in one sitting would be a daunting task. What I like to suggest is that people treat this story much like they would Murky Number Seven, and regard each chapter almost like its own story within a longer continuity.

Typically I recommend that anyone reading a chapter of Sisters do so in sessions. The lines of asterisks between paragraphs are there for just that reason. They mark the good places to stop and take a break.

I hope that helps! And I hope you enjoy the story!

Wow, some grade A crisis of Faith there. Now I'm really curious to see how this will affect Candy and Nohta's character development from now on. And God are these recordings that can see the future so damn intriguing! I might have an idea of what that's about given the clues in the story, but I'm really looking forward to see how that plays out. The high point of this chapter was, without a doubt, Lilly's interactions with Candy. Since she joined the party, the story just became a lot better, and I love how she has the "Wild Wasteland" perk. Can't wait to see how THAT affects the story.

Anyway, you're doing great work here. I cannot quell my excitement for the next chapter!

*Sees the amounts of time between each chapter* ........ Oh noooooo.....

6499327 Personally long chapters like these are the type I enjoy the most. And maybe I'm just an avid reader, but I just binge read as much of it as I can in one sitting. If I pause I just keep wondering about what comes next. >.>

"If yu cum bak to town, find me. We will go hunteen for raydurz or gools. Lots of fun with a gud groop of frendz!”

Got that right!

We can’t risk the power armor

This reminds me of something I heard in a comedic video game once. "In the event of falling objects, please protect your hard hats!"

Very long chapters in this story. Takes me a few days to get through one.

I lingered in the room for a moment longer, my thoughts taking a decidedly introspective turn. Grenades? Really? I levitated out my little laser pistol, staring at the grooves in the metal and the winking lights indicating charge and magical wavelength. “Father… “ I whispered to the still silence left in the wake of the explosion, my lips curling into a small smile as I shook my head. “You gave me the wrong weapon, Dad.”

Huh. This is the first time I've even heard of a medic/doctor that liked using explosives. I like it. Good luck finding enough grenades to--- oh wait, Alchemy. Explosives are just another product of Alchemy/Chemestry. Forgot.

Still… I couldn’t help but ponder the opportunity with which we were being presented. Would I be free to pursue my own ends if I were a part of this organization? Did I even want to associate myself with somepony who would treat others like tools to accomplish a task?

My exact thoughts when I was offered the same in Fallout 4.

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