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I'm here to write sexy horse words, can ya dig it?

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Meanwhile in Ponyville:

Prism: *smilies evilly*

Whirlwind: "What are you smiling about?"

Prism: "I just got the feeling that a certain rival of mine is suffering, and I have a certain blind friend to thank for it..."

Who's next star and del or starfall? (Am being to subtle with my hinting)

5364425 Rest assured Blck-Dynomite will hit almost every ship, but before that Blck-Dynomite will be hitting all the ships he's wanted to see clopfics made of but none made. So Blck-Dynomite will eventually get to that, being one of my favorites.

Damn! Not bad at all!

At least I am not the only kilalaverse clop writer anymore (that actually uses OCs in the acts rather than the canon characters, sorry bico-kun).

I hope to see more of this, and would love to see your interpretation of Prism and Dubz's clop chapter (I was the one who wrote the first one).

That had to be done, good man. Don't you dare not finishing it. Without a series of sequels.

Also: Group sex should be hosted by Cotton Candy and take place in a cellar of The Sugarcube Corner. Eventual recording should be made by Pinkie Pie.</end request>u

Also the Borderlands 2 reference made me cry from joy...

Great chapter, just please don't take long to upload the next one.

5366583 Yeah can't rush goodness like this. I want to at least do my best with these characters and not just throw some sloppy stuff your way. Can ya dig it?

5366690 I can but trust me I've find some authors that take way too long, for example have you read like a virgin ? It's another kilala clop- ish fanfiction and it took the author a whole month to upload the first chapter after the prologue , now it's been three months and, well nothing. I don't want to rush the goodness just don't want to wait an eternity.

Yay new chapter!!! Hey are you going to make a Annie /T chapter? Kilala already stablished that Annie has her " things" when it comes to sex and I think that it would make a great chapter. Just saying. By the way great chapter , I like the concept of estrus, I hope to see it in the future.

One last question, any plans for a Cremé chapter ?

We knew it had to happen. The last words I mean...

Back at Fluttershy's cottage:

Annie: *start's to twitch*

Fluttershy: "Annie? Are you ok?"

Annie: "I just sensed something, it's as if something sexual involving T happened... and I wasn't a part of it..."

5393308 Blck-Dynomite is thinking of one for those two. Rest assured, I have not forgotten the canon ships. Thinking of the right twists to them, not that's the trick. Can ya dig it?

5395242 There's a disturbance in the sexual force. Somewhere out there is ass to tapped.

5395338 Knowing T he won't be able to keep his mouth closed and eventually come clean with Annie. Seconds later Annie is dragging T to Star's doorstep demanding compensation in the form of a threesome!

Blck-Dynomite, I'm giving you an easy one here...

Its funny how Lucky just accepts what he saw. XD

And then Star realized that that higher power she thought was looking out for her was actually one big, gigantic, sadistic, son of a bitch.

Best quote ever?
Best quote ever.

5396917 He's already used to seeing one naked girl in the house, seeing two, not even fazed.

5395378 Darkness...

Blck-Dynomite pairs who he wants - when he wants!:flutterrage: But Blck-Dynomite will take your suggestion into consideration.:trixieshiftright: Peace.:scootangel:

Claire: "So June..."

June: "Yes?"

Claire: "I guess you could say I… popped a cher-"

June: "NO."

So is this gonna lead to a three way or wat..?

So many sexfriends are being born in the kilala universe. Why does that give me the feeling that in the end everything between Everypony will come to light and this whole thing will end up in a giant massive sex session between the whole kilala next gen that and Everypony will walk away smelling and looking like sex and regret.

By the way nice chapter, just two questions, one. Are the chapters going to be in this order , like : lesbian / normal couple/ lesbian/ normal couple? And the other one is , will you do one about candy and Epic Parody? I really want to see that, specially humanized. But anyway I'll enjoy the rest of the story regardless. Keep like this , this fanfic is AWESOME.


The order in which you described is in fact the order Blck-Dynomite is following, unless I decide to throw in a wildcard here and there. In regards to your second question: Blck-Dynomite will get to that pairing soon as well. I plan to do'em all (pun may or may not have been intended).

If and when Blck-Dynomite wishes to end this, Blck-Dynomite might make one big orgy party as a final chapter. And thank you for the support.


It's a possibility.


Blck-Dynomite is starting to consider having your little dialogue as a bonus for Blck-Dynomite's chapters.

Is it ok if I make a suggestion?

If so, continue reading.

If not, stop right here.

Every time I look at this picture, I can't help but imagine those there ganging up on Icy Storm in the CMC Club House & having some 'fun.' Maybe that could be a potential chapter? Are they even old enough in this story? If not then feel free to just disregard this post completely.

Thank you for you time & consideration. Have a nice day.

5415099 Blck-Dynomite appreciates your suggestion, and yes, at some point Blck-Dynomite was getting around to the youngest of the Kilala OCs. Trying to think of a way to make it tasteful (as tasteful as a clopfic can get), will be the tricky part. Can ya dig it?

Ok, even if I really saw this threesome coming it still surprised me. In other words, GREAT chapter!!!!!!



Convincing them I was lying probably won’t be easy, but after a month or three they’ll figure it out. That’ll teach you two to have sex without me!

Three Months later:

Star: *glares at Annie*

Annie: "Yes?"

Star: "So I went to Mom and asked about exactly what it would take to get a mare pregnant..."

Annie: *smirks*"...and?"

Star: "You are an evil, evil, EVIL mare!"

Comment posted by KomodoBrony deleted Jan 7th, 2015

Shit! Now I need a cigar or something. Too hot!

5486938 Thank you, Blck-Dynomite tries. Just don't expect me to write another one any time soon. That was exhausting.

Excellent job, man. Again, sorry about your job. It's nice that you are persevering with your story in spite of your situation. I look forward to the next installment.

Another awsome chapter, thank you for using another one of my ideas!

In another world, another time:

Starburst wakes up in her bed. "Whoa..."

Starfall: "Bad dream honey?"

Starburst: "More like weird, I dreamed that I was making love to you...and you were a mare!"

Starfall: *smirks* "Oh? Does my lovely nemesis want to experiment with that idea~?"

Starburst: *shoves a pillow in his mouth* "NO."

Can we hope on part 3 with Starfall joining the party?

5517282 As Blck-Dynomite said to another commenter, no. No more multiple partner chaps, at least for a while.

Dear Black dynomite, could you write a chapter about humanized Hot head and Amber. I would love that, I mean imagine hot head already grown up trying to tell amber that he's had a crush on her since they were kids on the orphanage, besides it would be awesome to see what Amber does with a guy instead of a girl . *coughs* Anthea

5510850 and I'm also loking froward to see more of your story. How's like a virgin doing?

...Excellent. Just excellent! Thank you so much for this chapter!

So ironically, a cock prevented him from having a wet dream.



I believe you have won the internet good sir.

This two are one of my favorite shippings. Great chapter. Oh who am I kinding ? AWESOME chapter.
By the way how about that hot head/amber thing I suggested?

You're gettin' there far, far too slowly for my tastes. I've probably read "Love: Reassessed" like a dozen times or more. My gosh, there needs to be more writers for this universe.


5554488 Glad you liked it.

5554526 Blck-Dynomite promises to use the internet's great power wisely...for all of five minutes.

5554796 Blck-Dynomite will add it to the list.

5554843 It does deserve more writers, and Blck-Dynomite thanks you for the watch.

“Crème, before Ah do that. Ah should warn ya that Ah’m at full mast down here.”


“Ah’m salutin’ the captain?”


“Brandishin’ my sword?”


“Meh fifth leg’s danglin’?”


“Pitching a tent?”


I freaking lost it at this! :rainbowlaugh: It's at times like this when I wonder if certain people are just pretending to be oblivious to these innuendos just to see how far the other will go before finally just coming out and saying it!

And now for the aftermath!

After a long explanation:

Candy: *blushing madly* "I'm so, so, so, sooooo sorry!!"

Crème: *stands there with an embarrassed look on her face* "I...almost...had a threesome...with my friends..."

Del: "This is why you don't joke around about this sort of thing!" *gives Api a stern glare*

Api: "I...I didn't think it would go this far..."

Del: *smirks* "Ah know, that's why I got someone to make sure you know not to mess around like that next time."

Api: "W-w-what do you mean by that?"

"API!!" *Nighty runs towards the group* "I'm sorry I became your friend without doing the traditional ritual!!"

Api: "Ritual?!"

Del: "Of course! You know, the one where the new friend gives their friend of the opposite gender a kiss!"

Api: "WHAT?! OH HECK NO!!" *runs off*

"Wait, I promise it'll be quick!!" *Nighty chases after her*


I just realized something. How I missed this is beyond me.

“Meh fifth leg’s danglin’?”

Shouldn't that say third leg, since they're humans & all?

You do realize that you have to do the Candy/Del/Creme threesome now, right?? Did it with T and Starburst, which led into Annie/T/Starburst.

And part of me would like to see that one of them truly get knocked up. I mean Starburst was in heat for Celestia's sake [of course Momma Twilight took care with that birth control spell], and Creme was covered because of her birth pills as well [I guess her mother Fleur knew this was coming with Creme enjoying Ponyille on vacation, as well as Del as her companion]. But that's just me...:raritywink:

Holy heck that was incredibly hot. This clopverse story of yours is quickly climbing up my list of favorite clopfics. Also, I have a small suggestion/request. I'm not incredibly knowledgeable of the Next Gen characters and who has which kids and what they all look like. I know the six main ones and a couple of the side characters as well. I guess I'm wondering if you could include, in your authors notes at the start, a link to Kilala's pictures of the characters you're using. You provide very good descriptions of the characters, but this way it would be a more seamless transition. Still, I loved this chapter and all that amazing lesbian sex. Also the tentacles, because damn that was hot. I can't wait for more! (Hopefully there will be some Prism stuff in this... maybe with Starburst?) Blck-Dynomite is THE Dynomite!


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