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This is not a resurgence, nor a resurrection. This is a revamp! I am Blck-Dynomite! And I have returned! Still writing sexy horse words. BOOM BABY!

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Not really my fetish, but kinda hot.

11216363 I don't know why people disliking your comment.

I don't expect everything to be an instant win. But some people do like this stuff, so, this is for them.

An average brony doesn't know they can just ignore things they don't like. We've seen that on derpibooru.

I can’t believe the admins of this site let people like you post fucked-up shit like this.

Hey, I can't believe you're not banned yet either. Mods clearly are doing a poor job. Did someone finally give a shit about your petition?

11216454 OH MY GOD! MY FIRST TROLL! :pinkiehappy: Thank you! I've finally be validated as a clopfic writer! Honestly, thank you so much.

Also, you should probably ask them why they also allow things like Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory, and Cheerliee's Garden onto the site, plus the other several hundred thousand + fetishy clop that's on this site. Just thought I'd throw that out there, in case you forgot.

Anyway thank you!

where did you get the picture? can I see the rest of it

11216531 Oh, man, that took awhile to find. Give me a sec to find it and I'll PM you.

could you send me the link as well?

11216589 For research purposes, riiiiiiiiiight?:raritywink:

I have not read your story yet, but I have added it to my read later list. I was just scrolling the comments and saw your first troll comment as well. Welcome to the writing world of fetish stuff. It's great getting those downvotes and troll comments as it shows you managed to write something depraved that some wouldn't just walk away from and ignore its existence. As a fellow writer of fetishes across the board, I'd like to congratulate you on your accomplishment of upsetting a fragile mind who couldn't just walk away.

I'd also suggest, if you do have the artist's name for the cover art, include it in the description and that would allow others to search at their discretion and allow that artist to maybe obtain more followers. I know I have that image in my folder, but being over 60k images and still, over 5k with Twilight alone it would take a while to locate it myself.

11216661 Seriously, thank you for reminding me. I did that for the last fic but forgot to do it for this one. :facehoof:

11216640 More will eventually come.

This was actually so sweet, a lot sweeter than I thought. Not going to lie I loved how Fluttershy came in for the rescue, showing Twilight that just because she liked fucked up things doesn't mean she's a fucked up person, like quite a lot of other fetishes. Very well done and I enjoyed it a lot!

I like it, do want more. Always happy to read some TwixSpike! If magic gave him sentience pretty sure magic could give him more

I'm more impressed that something like this managed to pull enough heat to get featured.

Nicely done on that front.

~Skeeter The Lurker

“Tch, who’d want to tap that? No one, that’s who. You’re a scrawny little nerd girl.”

...I'd tap that. I'm not ashamed to admit it either.

I'm downvoting this without reading because an author who leaves spelling errors in their description really don't deserve to have their shit read, especially when it's in the featured box.

Congrats on reaching the top of the box, dude (haters gonna hate, lol)

11217011 Who are you telling! I wrote the dang thing and I'm still in disbelief that's even there in the first place! :rainbowderp: I mean, I just wrote it zero expectations that that would happen. Then, poof, it's suddenly there! Also, wow, it's you, Skeeter The Lurker! :pinkiehappy: Thanks for the comment!

11217030 I would also like to place myself in that category as well. Would tap that in a femtosecond (that is, one quadrillionth, or one millionth of one billionth, of a second)!

11217289 I thank you!

And thanks, again, everyone, for making that happen!


I'm downvoting this without reading because an author who leaves spelling errors in their description really don't deserve to have their shit read, especially when it's in the featured box.


Whereas most of the drive-by downvoters are only doing it because of the subject matter. While you're still being a jerk about it all, you at least come reasonably close to using the feature as intended.

11217074 O. M. G.......MY SECOND - COUNT IT - SECOND TROLL COMMENT! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

I'm liking this without reading, just because . . . good on you, man. Fuck 'em. :rainbowdetermined2:

I had suspected you were developmentally disabled, thank you for confirming my suspicion.



What would happen if Spike got the Clifford Treatment?

Also where was Spike while the others were on that cruise trip?

...I didn't even notice Muphry's Law getting involved. :rainbowlaugh:

If you're going to be that nakedly derogatory, you probably shouldn't be using a medical term. That's how we got the current medical term when we started with "moron" (no really, I like going back far enough that it loops back around to inoffensive)


Hey, more people like reading this stuff than your "save MLP" threads, but we still allow those. It's a pretty forgiving site.

Be more civil in the future.

Comment posted by Mixmaster226 deleted Apr 21st, 2022
Comment posted by Mixmaster226 deleted Apr 21st, 2022

It tells me this is a pretty chill site that allows as much as it can so everybody can have a good time regardless of how niche their interests are. If you disagree, feel free to create a Save Fimfiction petition for everyone to ignore.

Seriously? 'This' is what qualifies as fucked up shit? Jeeze I was expecting something depraved. She's eighteen! She's not even sixteen. And everyone's having a good time. No one's being raped or violated. I mean as far as depravity goes it's maybe a 2-3/10. Seriously! The second half isn't any better! It goes on about consent and feelings. I think the number of dogs was the only thing that pushed it up to a four. Honestly, Twilight's not even pregnant at the end of it! No one died! Not one! If someone was going to tell me 'this is the most depraved shit ever' I'd have to worry about them. And definitely not 'banworthy'.

I mean, not my kink, but depraved? This is the most introspective depravity ever. Sure, you can argue over whether Flutters is right about animals and consent, but that's the point: the story takes the time to have that argument! Depravity is never debatable. It's like... 'yep, thems some fucked up shit right thar!' and you move on cause who cares?

Ah, yes. The whole "it's okay because it's fictional" argument, even if the people writing this stuff would go to jail if they ever acted on these "niche interests" that they may harbor in real life. That's one of the problems with this site and this fandom in general.

11217726 Twilight be dead, no way in hell she takin' that Clifford sized thing! Also, that is a good question. Where was he? Are Twilight's parents aware of his intelligence and ability to talk? I don't think they'd put him in a kennel, I hope they wouldn't anyway.

11218061 I respect the hell outta you, Spike Spiegel. You were one of my old school anime heroes back in the day. But, as you said, I posted, I can't delete, and everyone has to live with it. See ya space cowboy

11218296 11216752 I'm glad you both can see the struggle in Twilight's decisions, how she's wrestling with this side of herself that she tries to step away from, but at the same time, she can't ignore. But at least now she's able to verbally communicate her feelings and know that Spike's onboard with this. Because, really, isn't how we all feel with our own secret kinks? The constant struggle to indulge or not indulge. Wow, that got deep quick, I just wrote girl on dog porn for the hell of it. Oh well. Philosophy!

*cracks knuckles*
*cracks neck*
*rolls shoulders*

Ahem, a very well put point my good sir and/or madam. Yes, indeed there are people in this world that harbor such niche fetishes, such things that they would never want other people to see the light of day.........


Is that not what the internet is for?!
Is it not an eternal cyber wonderland where one can explore one's niche fetishes without fear of persecution?!
Where one can write whatever the hell they want without fear of retribution?! (I mean, just look at the crazy shit that's actually threatening REAL people's lives IRL, it's kinda scary)

Mind you some of those fetishes I don't condone or will ever understand, but HEY, that's the internet! There's something for EVERYONE!

And my good sir and/or madam, you make it sound as if MLP is the ONLY fandom with stuff like this. Oh no, nononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononono N! O! NO!

It is not, it is EVERYWHERE! Every fandom has its little kinky side that shows up in art and fanfiction. Rule 34 will never die.

Which makes me wonder what skeletons are hiding in YOUR kink closet? No kink shaming, though.

Oh, my Lord this is so much fun! I never thought I'd get to troll a troll! You guys really are Masochists with a capital "M"!

Can I get a Rainbow Dash laugh emoji in the comments section for these guys? Thank you ever so much.



Assuming what people would do or want to do in real life based solely on their media preferences is a flawed argument. I see you've favorited a Fallout Equestria story; does that mean you want to live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where you can shoot people for fun? You'd be in jail if you did that in real life!

Not everybody who reads stories about a given fetish actually wants to act that fetish out in real life. And hell, even in real life we've got stuff like BDSM where people are play-pretend abusing and hurting each other and calling each other degrading names that don't actually reflect how they feel. It's a fantasy, and somebody reading this doesn't necessarily want to actually go diddle a dog any more than somebody chaining a lover to a bed to whip them actually wants to inflict harm. You don't have to like it, but spare us all the pompous moral outrage. Read stories you like, don't read stories you don't. Easy.

I don't want to argue this with you and further clutter this story's comments. But this kind of story is allowed.

First off, I want to welcome you backc, sir. I really loved your Kilala Clopverse fics back then and was sad when you disappeared for the longest time, but I am glad to see you have returned.

And to help add to your comment:

Perhaps Sci-Twi took him to the Shadowbolts to pet-sit him.
Also the Chifford thing could work but with magic pockets like fitting all stuff in one bag but the bag's shape never changed?

Oh my god!!!
I love this comment section!!

Having read this proper, I'll say that the topic of beastality is a heated topic at the very least but...

Surprised how much this one's exploded then again its a featured fic so...

I'll admit that I skimmed the sex portions of the fic as i'm not into dog banging girl but I was curious as to how you would handle a topic like this from an author's perspective... You handled it as well as anyone could imo. That said, try to avoid using EQG Spike in future works to avoid flame wars like this. Speaking of which- OH....oh shit...

I think your comments section is buring down mate...:P

So is all the drama because it got featured or cause dog doin? Cause, I’ve seen animal Fucking in the featured before. If your that upset. Turn off mature setting.

The only real criticism I'd have is dom flutters. Not that I don't think she COULDN'T, but that she wouldn't dom like that. I think it'd be more likely that Twilight came to the shelter and saw an assertive, sexy Fluttershy banging the dogs, then talking about it, then Twilight putting on a dog collar and asking her how she feels about her now, and THEN we see dom Flutters. Just a super minor detail.

YES. It is okay because it is fiction. I had Blackjack kill a lot of people. Do you think that makes it okay to do in real life? I had rape and violation? Do you think that makes it okay to do in real life? If your argument is valid, we would have to treat EVERY fictional murder, death, rape, and other depravity as real. You're making a platonic argument about theatre that has never... NEVER... been validated. By your logic we shouldn't read the bible because it depicts murder, incest, and genocide. Gosh, wouldn't want that! Fiction is one of the first bastions of thought. And here's the next twist. Morality changes. We may some day develop a technology that allows us to speak with dogs and learn they just love to bang humans, and they really really love to consent to it. Where's the objection then? there was a time that a white woman marrying a black man was the height of depravity (and there's a whole fetish for it now, still). Should stories with such relationships, which were illegal until 1970, been treated by the same argument?

You don't like it? Don't read it. That is your ONLY right. Your outrage does not magically imbue you with the right to dictate what others do. You are not my king, my lord, my pope, or my superior in any way, nor am I yours. So you read your depraved shit, and I'll read mine, and peace shall rule in the realm. Otherwise you better have a DAMNED better argument to dictate what I am allowed to write and read than 'slippery slope' fallacy.

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