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This is not a resurgence, nor a resurrection. This is a revamp! I am Blck-Dynomite! And I have returned! Still writing sexy horse words. BOOM BABY!


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Nice job so far. Are you going to write a sequel if they go to Sunset?

Welp. This story is good... it feels like I want to get laid.

Twilight’s sobbing wet pussy.

That mental image made me laugh.

11212578 Ugh, knew I missed something!

11212414 Then the desired effect has been reached!

11212293 I'm very much considering it.

Nice. Can't wait to read it, especially Celestia's reaction as a human.

11212611 11212617
I second this.

11212617 Seeing as how it's made the feature list, perhaps I will now! Also, love the Zi-O avatar.
11212639 The motion is on the table and will now go under review.

Sunset: *chuckles* I'm in danger.

ten months pregnant

Is this a "horse pregnancy is eleven months" joke, or a clerical error, or neither?

11213176 Nope, it's true. A horse pregnancy lasts for 11 months.

You know, I almost wouldn't mind a second chapter to this.

I dunno if they'd even need to have a contraceptive. Even if the egg was fertilized, once twilight turned back, the blastocyst couldn't implant because there'd be no uterine lining built up.

So... Being an alicorn gives Celly a dick, but no dick for Twi?

11216267 She was in human form at the time, so she didn't have access to her magic to conjure/make it come out.

> accidently drops a random number in the comment section

This is the real question. I was asking the same thing.

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