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Writing about magic, romance and the bonds of friendship!


A series of short scenes, snippets and skits - attached to various episodes - following a behind-the-scenes relationship between Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

Inspired by Bookplayer's "The Appledash Project", which encouraged me to try the same premise with another ship! :twilightsmile:

Many thanks (once again) to kas92 for the lovely cover image!

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A cute start, and I look forward to more. Only problem I found is that 'man up' seems a bit of an odd phrase for a pony to use, so maybe you could think of an alternative? It's nothing major, though, and it didn't really bother me, it was just something I noticed.

Never thought of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy developing a relationship at this point. Many writers like to have it happen later on. Still, it would make sense why Rainbow was so adamant about Fluttershy helping with Tornado Duty. A few introspects I'm looking forward to are their adventure in "Trade Ya!" and "Keep Calm and Flutter On". Not to mention, I look forward to your take on that infamous scene from "A Canterlot Wedding". Oh, and can we expect something from their flashback in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles"? In any event, congratulations, Dude. You've got my attention. Just to let you know, I've written a few FlutterDash stories of my own. Also, I'm currently working on a very rare FlutterDash story: a wedding fic! I hope you'll decide to check out what I'm doing.

Well, in fairness...

The word is now canon. :pinkiecrazy:

6089566 Ah yeah, nice catch. I'll think up an alternative for it! Cheers :pinkiehappy:

6089896 I liked the idea of starting it quite early, as I have some really cool scenes planned (the earliest of which was Fall Weather Friends, then Sonic Rainboom) and wanted some time to build up to them. I actually have a scene in mind for A Canterlot Wedding, too, and it's part of what made me finally decide to start this project - I REALLY want to share that scene :scootangel: For "The Cutie Mark Chronicles", I am thinking of having some kind of call-back to their school days, if not an actual flashback, it'll be them talking about how far they've come since then.

I think this'll shape up to be a very fun project. And you say you're working on a Flutterdash wedding fic? That is rare, I haven't seen one before. I'll definitely come and check out your stories - I haven't read a great deal of Flutterdash, so it'd be nice to see what some other authors make of it. Thanks for the comment!

6090036 That's true, man~ Ha, I loved that episode so much :twilightsheepish:

Actually, with “Cutie Mark Chronicles”, I was referring to how their first meeting shaped the lives of them and their friends. Also, I do hope you make a reference to Rainbow Dash's jealous-like behavior in "Keep Calm and Flutter On". Many consider Fluttercord as big a FlutterDash rival as AppleDash. Glad you're going to check out my stories. Also, if you want to see a FlutterDash wedding fic before mine, there's one called "The Rainbow’s Surprise”. Mind you, there’s a pretty bleak backstory to it, not to mention it’s part of a dark fanfic series. Worry not, the story itself is a lighthearted piece.

I've been thinking about this prompt myself. Will be tracking it

Well, that was pretty sweet. Wouldn't have pictured Rainbow Dash taking Fluttershy on a date after the 'parasprite incident', let alone them having their first kiss. Gotta say, if this is something we can expect to happen after an episode where Rainbow is annoyed at 'Shy, I can only imagine what happens after episodes like 'Sonic Rainboom' or 'Hurricane Fluttershy'. Also, how long will it be before the rest of the group find out about their secret relationship?

This was definitely an enjoyable chapter. I have to say, episodes that revolve around Rainbow Dash and Applejack do have a tendency to make me jealous. It was nice of you to put a FlutterDash spin at the end of an episode revolving around one of its greatest rivals. Incidentally, since Rainbow Dash thinks Fluttershy is beautiful, can we expect a moment coming after "Green Isn't Your Color"?

Got to say dude, I really enjoy what you're doing here

6143707 Thanks! Yeah, this was definitely an interesting one to write, especially since I've always looked at this as an Appledash episode - the new perspective was cool. I haven't got a scene planned for it yet, but "Green Isn't Your Color" is going to be fun, with Fluttershy's modelling, there are a bunch of directions I could take it. Looking forward to sharing what I come up with!

6155054 Thanks very much! I wasn't sure whether it'd get very popular, since it's quite a simple premise, but a couple of people enjoying it and saying so is more than enough :twilightsmile:

You could say that Rainbow Dash keeps copies of the pictures of Fluttershy.

I like this! Interesting concept and I think you've done a great job so far. I'm particularly interested to see what you do for Hearth's Warming Eve (if you plan on doing that episode that is). :raritystarry:

Well, this part only made me feel in about 4 different ways... I'm going to be impatiently waiting for whatever comes next.


6195944 Thanks very much! Yeah, I expect I'll do that episode, as it'd be really cute to write a Hearth's Warming scene with these two.

6201203 Sorry, feels :twilightsheepish:

6212335 I'm still settling back into writing regularly, but it shouldn't be too long before I have the next chapter ready!

It would be funny if it was revealed that Commander Hurricane and Private Pansy had a relationship too.

Oh man, I can only imagine how things will be for them following this. At least it explains why Fluttershy didn't attempt to be assertive until her Iron Will course.

Well, glade to see that Rainbow and Fluttershy are back together, but I can't help but wonder if Pinkie is aware of their secret. It certainly leads one to wonder when Rainbow and Flutter's relationship will be revealed to the others. Also, I'm surprised Rainbow Dash didn't ask about Fluttershy's awesome moment against the cockatrice. I can only wonder what Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash will discuss following 'Griffon the Brush Off' and 'The Cutie Mark Chronicles'.

I don't know about the exposition or dialogue thing, but when it comes to give like this, complexity is pretty much always good. Don't be concerned about having to have things simple and to the point

6374685 6378020 Thank you both!

6374830 Ah man I knew I'd forgotten something! I wrote about six versions of this chapter, and the earlier ones did make a big point of talking about the cockatrice. It would've made for a nice little exchange, but with the elephant in the room I had trouble making it work. Anyways, I'm glad they're back together too - I made myself uncomfortable with the conflict last chapter!

I'm not doing Griffon - as that'd be before my intro chapter - but I've got my idea for "Cutie Mark Chronicles" which should be pretty sweet. Looking forward to sharing it!

6376090 Right on - I may use the same style for future chapters then, if they start leaning that way. Thanks!

I was wondering what kind of FlutterDash moment would follow 'Green Isn't Your Color". Gotta say, I figured Rainbow would have a pic of Fluttershy, but to be honest I would've expected her to be Fluttershy's biggest secret fan. Man, I wonder what will happen following the episode where Fluttershy aided the Pony Tones.

How far you planning on going with this series? As in, about how many of these chapters do you think there are there going to be? Surely, you couldn't cover every epispde in the series.

6396680 Oh definitely not every episode! I've only been picking out certain ones that I feel I could write a scene around. For Season One, I'm planning to do a total of ten. I'll aim for ten more for Season Two, for symmetry's sake (but it might be a few more or less depending on how many episodes stick out to me) :twilightsmile:

And I'm planning on going all the way up to Season 5 if I can. That's a lot of chapters to aim for though, so I'm just focusing on Seasons One and Two for now :twilightsheepish:

You know, as a lover of this ship, I wonder how the blue blazes I missed this fic!!!

Very touching moment. It's kind of sweet of Fluttershy to think that it was destiny that she and Rainbow were brought together. I'm kind of surprised that they don't feel that Rainbow saying she was 'defending Fluttershy's honor' wasn't giving the others a clue about what was going on. I get the feeling that their next moment will be after 'Best Night Ever'. I gotta say, I'm curious about what they'll be talking about after 'Return of Harmony', with Fluttershy being glad Rainbow didn't see her while she was cruel and Rainbow being proud of how Fluttershy caught up to her while under Discord's magic. It would certainly being an interesting chapter.

Dude, this resembles a certain story that is currently in my favorites. Not criticizing your originality, just saying how good this one is.

6410624 Glad you found it! (Also I love your avatar :pinkiehappy: FMA is amazing. Only got into it recently but I'm glad I did)

6417437 I've actually written the Return Of Harmony episode already, just got to write the ones leading up to it now. It was definitely a cool one to write, I think you'll like it :twilightsmile:

6426338 Thanks! I know this one isn't a game-changer in terms of originality, but it's fun to write and if people enjoy it then all the better :twilightsmile:

“Need a lift?” said Rainbow Dash, flapping her wings demonstratively.

Panic spurring her into motion, Fluttershy nodded emphatically and rushed forwards. Rainbow lowered herself, letting Fluttershy jump onto her back.

And suddenly, this became a regular thing...

Something tells me it's after the Gala that Rainbow and Fluttershy tell their friends. That would be an interesting way to end the first season. Nice way of working it out. It's kind of ironic that Rainbow would think about another threat like Nightmare Moon showing up when we know what (or rather, who) will be coming. For some reason, during Rainbow and Fluttershy's moment after 'Return of Harmony', I can't help but imagine Rainbow saying something like "I hope we never have to deal with that jerk again". That would just make what happens in the future so funny. Furthermore, I'm looking forward to Rainbow and Fluttershy's conversation following "Keep Calm and Flutter On". That's bound to be a hoot! Oh, and incidentally, if you've seen the newest episode that premiered today, do you have any ideas on how to create a Rainbow/Fluttershy moment following it?

6441479 Hehehe, that is awesome :pinkiehappy:

6442544 I have seen the new episode (it was great! Not my favourite so far but still really good). Hmm, nothing sprung immediately to mind when watching it, though Rainbow flying with the Wonderbolts was a huge deal so they'll be talking about that for sure. Maybe the question of whether Rainbow will be leaving to join them full time will come up? As for whether Fluttershy will be supportive about that or more worried, I'll have to give that some more thought when I get there.

I'm watching through the different seasons as I go along with this project and picking out potential things I could use - so I'll definitely be watching it again if and when I get up to S5. Right now I'm only up to 'May The Best Pet Win' in terms of planning, with some vague ideas for the rest of the Season which need expanding.

When you started doing this, I'd actually been planning to take this idea on myself- a series of shorts centering around a behind-the-scenes flutterdash relationship. But when I saw you doing it, I was just glad that it was being done.

A very touching moment. I was kind of expecting Fluttershy to feel guilty for yelling and scaring the animals earlier. Also, I was kind of expecting Rainbow and Fluttershy to tell their friends about what's going on in this one. After all, the way Rainbow made it sound, it would need to be done in order to use the Elements again, which is what they'll be doing next time. Still, a very touching way to cap off the first season. Looking forward to more!

I've read this episode's chapter for the Appledassh Project. And I must say, I really do like this type of relationship better. I always have. It's a good thing we have people like you


After all, the way Rainbow made it sound, it would need to be done in order to use the Elements again, which is what they'll be doing next time.

I'd imagine that the elements would still work anyway. In the episode, the mane six were trying to activate the elements together, even though they were discorded. However, the elements still sparked while loyalty did not, since it was being used by Spike.

Of course it is just a theory, just like what Rainbow Dash is theorizing, but considering that spark, it looks like it would've worked if the mane six were together, even while discorded. If I remember correctly, before it sputtered out, Discord actually looked past his sunglasses, almost surprised to see it work as far as it did.

So, are we to surmise that Rainbow and Fluttershy's next moment will be during the party following Discord's defeat? I have to admit, with Discord now rehabilitated, I like to avoid looking back at 'Return of Harmony', but I'll be glad to read the FlutterDash moment you have following it.

6464319 Thanks! As far as the Elements are concerned, I see where you're coming from, I think I worded it poorly...

Besides which, she was pretty sure the Elements wouldn't work in the first place if she and Fluttershy thought of them as a relationship barrier.

I was thinking they might have trouble getting them to work if there was some kind of friendship problem cropping up as a result of the others hearing about Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's relationship. Like if someone wasn't cool with it, and their friendship suffered because of it (kind of silly worry considering how cool they are with everything, but these ponies do worry about silly things sometimes). I don't think keeping it a secret for a little longer would affect the Elements though.

6465773 Aw, thanks :twilightsmile: I've done a lot of Appledash in the past (inspired by bookplayer), but I've always liked the idea of Flutterdash as well, so it's nice to try it out and see the difference between the two.

Well, that makes sense. This is embarrassing, but I mistook Skylight77 for you when he replied to my comment. Any chance you can reply to comment I said to him?

6475348 6478140 Haha, no worries. Not exactly a huge spoiler but I'll put in the tags just in case: Yes, it would be safe to surmise that much :twilightsmile: The next chapter will take place at the party and shortly after it. It was another interesting one to write. I just need to put the finishing touches on it, then I'll publish it on Saturday as usual. Looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks!


This is embarrassing, but I mistook Skylight77 for you when he replied to my comment.

I've done that before and I hate it when I do...

Well, I wasn't expecting Rainbow and Fluttershy's confession to come following defeating Discord, but I'm not complaining. I'm glad that the rest of the girls gave their congratulations, especially Pinkie Pie. I gotta say, Fluttershy and Rainbow's discussion over what transpired during the confrontation with Discord went like I figured, and it's pretty sweet to imagine that the memories that freed them from Discord's spell were of each other. I gotta say though, I though that Rainbow would comment something like "I'm glad we won't be dealing with that jerk anymore", which would've been hilarious given future events. I suppose the next moment will be after "May the Best Pet Win" which is loaded with FlutterDash goodness. Still, I gotta wonder if there's going to be a moment following 'Dragon Quest', given how Fluttershy rejects Rainbow's request to watch the dragon migration. That and 'Putting Your Hoof Down' should be good moments.

Well, glad this scene was cut. Wouldn't do well for Rainbow to feel unsure about her future with Fluttershy, unless you were planning for following chapters to resolve it.

6492356 That was an oddly long reaction time for Pinkie Pie... I had expected something else to happen, but now I'm not quite so sure...

Still, I gotta wonder if there's going to be a moment following 'Dragon Quest', given how Fluttershy rejects Rainbow's request to watch the dragon migration.

A few episodes later:

"Come on knight Fluttershy!"


"It's show time!"

The thought that Rainbow Dash could have done something to hurt Fluttershy is a very open, interesting thought that allows reflection upon their feelings for one another. This chapter made me feel better

I don't think it would have been appropriate for Rainbow Dash to have not left with Fluttershy.

6491100 Thanks!

6492356 I took some inspiration from you for the conversation, so thanks for that :pinkiehappy: Glad you liked the memory bit too - it seemed like a sweet thought that they'd be thinking of one another :heart:

6493936 It is a little odd for her to contain herself for that long - I think it just took her a while to process it :twilightsmile: And also, exploding with excitement at the end had maximum impact!

6494852 Glad to hear it! Yeah, it's one of the major things that stuck out to me during the episode. Like Rainbow said, it could easily have gone that way, though the fact that that worries her is a good sign that she really cares.

6495476 Haha, yep I love it too! It's such a cool expression :ajsmug:

6497589 Yeah that's one of the reasons I decided to cut it. Also that I wanted Rainbow and Fluttershy to have that talk about the days events to tie it in with the episode.

Well, this was pretty sweet. Having Rainbow Dash around to ease Fluttershy's fear does fit their relationship. I gotta say, how can they not realize the deeper feeling they have that goes beyond friendship? I thought they already said the 'L' word, or is this something stronger than even that? That mention of Fluttershy treating Rainbow's broken wing leaves me to wonder what kind of moment we'll be seeing following "Read It and Weep". Sure to be an interesting one. On a final note, this was a good chapter to get out a few weeks before Halloween. Looking forward to the next one.


That mention of Fluttershy treating Rainbow's broken wing leaves me to wonder what kind of moment we'll be seeing following "Read It and Weep". Sure to be an interesting one.

Aww, I was gonna comment with this.

“That's not silly,” she said. “Everypony needs someone to look after them sometimes. Heck, I don't know where I'd be if you hadn't been there all those times I hurt my wing and couldn't fly.”

Read it and Weep hasn't actually happened yet... That scene's gonna be a little awkward now... especially since now the others know about their relationship.

But now, I'm not sure if that works anymore.

Otherwise, one thing I'm confused about this chapter is why Rainbow Dash suddenly felt so bad about scaring Fluttershy. There was a scene transition of them going back to the cottage, and then suddenly Rainbow Dash is filled with guilt.

I don't think she knew how terrified of Nightmare Night Fluttershy was until after her little prank.

6522658 Unless I done goofed and forgot about it (which wouldn't surprise me), we've had 'love', but we haven't had 'In Love'. If you know what I'm saying? It's pretty clear all the girls love one another already - they're best friends, after all - but there's a far cry between loving someone and being in love with them. Rainbow and Fluttershy are, spoiler, blatantly falling in love, but realising that and having the courage to admit it tends to take a while.

That mention of Fluttershy treating Rainbow's broken wing leaves me to wonder what kind of moment we'll be seeing following "Read It and Weep".

Read it and Weep hasn't actually happened yet... That scene's gonna be a little awkward now..

...I forgot about Read It And Weep. Don't worry, I'll figure something out (I think :unsuresweetie: )

6523115 Ah I see what you're saying. I'll change that around a bit so it sits a bit better. Thanks!

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