• Published 13th Jun 2015
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A Slice of Flutterdash - UnlicensedBrony

A series of short scenes, snippets and skits detailing a behind-the-scenes relationship between Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. Based on Bookplayer's "The Appledash Project"

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13 - Appreciation (May The Best Pet Win)

Author's Note:

Takes place during the episode - after the race, but before the pony pet play date at the end.

As awesome as it had probably looked to get buried under an avalanche, only to come riding out on a tortoise with nothing but a sprained wing, Rainbow had to question whether it was really worth being grounded for a few days. With her wing hurt, she'd only been able to get up to her house via the makeshift cloud-staircase that Fluttershy put together for her. It was kind of embarrassing that she had to do that, but also really cool that she did.

Staring up at the Wonderbolts poster on her living room wall, Rainbow had to remind herself not to fidget too much. At her side, Fluttershy worked away with a roll of bandage, wrapping her injured wing in a cast. That she knew how to do that was also pretty cool.

Just in general, Fluttershy was a pretty cool pony.

“There you go,” Fluttershy said, before tightening the bandage with her teeth. “How's that?”

Rainbow shrugged her shoulder and tried to flex her wing. It was held tight to her side, so she couldn't move it an inch, but it didn't hurt when she tried. “Can't even feel it,” she said with a smile. “You're a wizard, pal. Don't know what I'd do without you.”

Smiling too, Fluttershy knelt down beside her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, then one on the lips. “It's just as well that you don't have to do without me, then.”

It was, Rainbow thought. Fluttershy had always been there, and if Rainbow had any say in the matter, she always would be.

Unfortunately, that did mean that, now and again, Rainbow caught herself taking things for granted. Not the kisses, of course. Or the cuddling. And definitely not the sex. But things like always having someone to talk to, or hang out with, or just to be around. Those things were just as important, and she knew that not everypony had them. Fluttershy didn't have to do any of this stuff, but she did. Rainbow counted herself lucky.

“Um, Rainbow?” said Fluttershy, grabbing her attention back. Fluttershy was looking down to one side, a little timidly. “I know your flying tricks are really quite dangerous and all, but do you think maybe you could be just a teensy bit more careful? I mean, not that I mind looking after you, not at all. But I do get worried sometimes.”

Rainbow cracked a sheepish grin. Whoops. “Yeah, sorry about that. I guess I'm just kinda accident-prone.”

“Just kinda,” Fluttershy agreed. She didn't do sarcasm, but she was sure good at implying it.

“Well, I guess I don't wanna worry you,” said Rainbow. “I'm not sure how much good it'll do, but I'll try to cut down on the crashing.” While she did mean it, it didn't inspire much confidence for her even, so she doubted it'd do much for Fluttershy. Hoping to ease her mind, she gave her good wing a demonstrative flap. “But hey, at the end of the day, I always come out fine. Right?”

Fluttershy smiled at that. “I suppose you do.”

The buzzing of propeller blades drifted in from the corridor, making Rainbow grin. “Besides,” she said, “thanks to you, I've got a new flying buddy to watch my back.”

On cue, Tank hovered into the living room, propeller whirring away on his back. He made a lazy turn in the air and brought himself down to Rainbow's eye level, blinking once at her in greeting.

“Hey, buddy,” said Rainbow, reaching up to pat the side of his shell. “Staying out of trouble?”

Tank's mouth curled up into a smile. Eventually.

Something shifted within Fluttershy's mane, drawing Rainbow's eye. Angel Bunny poked his head out from the pink locks to look at Tank. He squeaked something in bunny language, and then, after a moment's consideration, Tank hovered up next to Fluttershy's head. The bunny hopped onto his back, held on to the base of the rotor, and pointed towards the kitchen.

When Tank looked at her for permission, Rainbow gave him a smile and a nod. “Sure. Go have fun. Just be careful, and try not to drop your... passenger.”

Tank gave a slow nod. Then, apparently satisfied, he flew off towards the kitchen, with Angel Bunny holding on tight and squeaking at him.

Fluttershy, having watched the whole exchange with a smile on her face, waited for them to leave the room before turning to Rainbow. “You're very good with him,” she said. “It really shows off your maternal side.”

“Tch, what maternal side?” said Rainbow, turning her head away to hide a light blush. She'd never really been one for 'tender loving care' and all that sappy stuff. Leave the maternal stuff to the moms.

“I actually find it quite attractive,” Fluttershy put forward.

Rainbow paused to think about that for all of two seconds. “Oh, that maternal side,” she said, selling out with dignity. Sort of. “Yours isn't so bad either, you know. I mean, I can take care of myself and all... but it's still kinda cool to have you do it sometimes.”

“I'm glad you appreciate it,” said Fluttershy. “I've always loved caring for sweet little creatures.”

“Okay, maternal's not so bad, but 'sweet' and 'little' are too far.”


A little silence fell between them – not awkward or anything, just a moment of peace – and Rainbow found her mind drifting back to what she'd been thinking about a moment ago.

“I do appreciate it, y'know?” said Rainbow, smiling at Fluttershy without looking at her. “Not just you taking care of me like this, but watching my back, cheering me up... and generally putting up with me, I guess.”

Fluttershy leant up against her, careful to mind her wing. “It's never been a bother. If anything, I'm honoured that you trust me with those things. Even more so that you do the same for me. Especially, um, 'putting up' with me – I know I can be a little slow, sometimes.”

Tank hovered back through the living room, with Angel Bunny having acquired a carrot and using it to point him forward. “Nothing wrong with taking it slow, now and again,” said Rainbow.

“I suppose not,” said Fluttershy, with a sly smile that Rainbow noticed, but didn't mention.

“Besides,” Rainbow went on, “you don't exactly keep me grounded. Like I've said before, you can more than keep up with me when you want to. I'm as free as ever, being with you.”

Fluttershy pressed a little closer against her. “I'm glad. I would never want you to feel like I was holding you back.”

“Never happen,” said Rainbow, with confidence. “What are you worried about holding me back from?”

“Anything, really. Your training, your competitions--” Fluttershy glanced away. “--your Wonderbolts.”

If Rainbow was any judge of body language, the last one was what really bothered her.

“Well, you can relax, then,” said Rainbow. “Training for the Wonderbolts is part of who I am. And what's so great about being with you is that I can always be who I am. I've never had to pretend to be anyone else with you, and I never will.” She managed to catch Fluttershy's eye and flash her a smile. “Promise.”

They looked at one another for a moment, before Fluttershy simply said, “Thank you.”

“Don't have to thank me. Just be yourself too. That's what it's all about.”

“I am,” said Fluttershy. “And I will. I promise, too.” She paused and looked up as Tank and Angel flew overhead again. “Speaking of which...”

Rainbow quirked a brow. “Yeah?”

“They seem to have things in hoof down here,” said Fluttershy, turning to flash her a smile that was all too innocent for what she was suggesting. “Would you like to go upstairs?”

Rainbow cracked a slow smirk. There weren't many ponies who considered 'being themselves' to involve spending a lot of romantic time alone with her. That was one of the things she definitely didn't take for granted.

When she shifted, Rainbow was reminded of the cast binding her wing to her side. That could be an issue. She grunted with discomfort. “What about this?”

“Oh, don't worry,” Fluttershy assured her. “I'll be gentle.”

“Oh,” said Rainbow. “Well, in that case...”

...Yeah. As if she was going to say no in the first place.

* * *