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Writing about magic, romance and the bonds of friendship!


Upon her return to Equestria one thousand years after her banishment, Princess Luna struggles with her weakened body. Clumsy and left without magic, she searches for the key to returning to her true form. But is that really what she wants?

~A melancholy but heartwarming tale, explaining one possible take on Luna's change between Seasons one and two~

Big thank you to the88cherryice on deviantart for the awesome cover art! Click the Source link under the image to find her!

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Comments ( 15 )

Since I couldn't make the link work in the description, thank you again to the88cherryice on deviantart for the amazing cover image!

So, I finally got around to doing this! When I wrote the first draft of this in the Cutting Ties fic write off back in June, I absolutely hated everything about it, so that's why the re-write took so long. I've learned not to do that anymore (hate my work) so it won't happen again :twilightsmile:

Let me know what you think!

I like it. Really bridged the gap for the change in Luna. I also like how regal Celestia sounds in this piece.

Magical Seals :ajbemused:

1367514 I know it was a terrible pun, but I regret nothing! :rainbowlaugh: Thanks a lot for the comment, I'm glad you like it!

Really lovely story, nice work.

So, do you have you brony license, UnlicensedBrony? Hmmm? Because if you don`t then I`m not sure that you should be able to make awesome stories such as this one. I`ll need to see a pony icon to prove that you are a brony. (I felt like writing a comment like a cop, I`m weird)

Short, sweet and simple (that last applies to me at least...), though it seems a bit fast paced to hold such emotional struggle. I'm not complaining, it's good, but like most things, it can have improvements, though I cannot point out anything specific other than what I first mentioned.

Luna leant forward and narrowed her eyes aggressively. “I… I am not cute! I am the Princess of the Night! I am graceful and mysterious and--”

and cute xD

Thou must refrain from denying this fact, fair Princess, for it is naught but true!

That was brilliant. Wonderfully done!

1486247 Thanks a lot! (and sorry for the late reply :twilightsmile: )

2805058 Here is my license and registration, officer...


...as you can see, it is totally legit :unsuresweetie:

Hehe, I'm glad you liked the story. Cheers for the comment!

2805069 Yeah, it could always do with some improvements. In particular, extending the conflict a bit would make a lot of sense, since this is kind of a big deal for Luna. I don't think I'll be making any changes that drastic though—not for now, at least. I very much appreciate the feedback though!

Short, simple and sweet is really what I was aiming for :twilightsmile: Thank you for your comment!

2805472 2805489 She cannot deny the cuteness! Hehe, thanks very much!

2805595 Gracias!


She never can!

And, you are very welcome :3

2810305 Thank you for responding to such a weird/silly/stupid comment!

This captured Luna so well. Amazingly done.:twilightsmile:

This is a truly classic piece of writing.

I really enjoyed reading this work and found that it inspired me to write "The Restoration of Princess Luna".

Thank you for having fuelled my imagination.

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