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"I've kissed mermaids, rode the el Nino, walked the sand with the crustaceans...."


In the sleepy rural town of Ponyville, Vinyl Scratch is well-known for her brain-busting beats, brash attitude, and highly esoteric ideas about music. But beneath her wild facade, she's lost in her long, dark night of the soul, restlessly searching for something she thought she lost as a filly: the perfect song.

Will her odyssey take her to the song to end all songs, shining like a lantern in the darkness? Or will this tired pilgrim succumb to the shadows and lose everything important in her life?

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 4 )

Haven`t read it yet, but I give you major points for writing all of these in one day. They were all published on the same day so I am assuming. If they were written on different days then I still give you points for writing it.


Actually I've been working on it for a few weeks, but I'm flattered you think I can churn out 18,000 words in one day! :twilightsheepish:

2478115 Why did you publish them all on the same day? What about the suspense of waiting? Incomplete stories annoy me, but keep me coming back for more and I can look forward to the next chapters. Also, your welcome.

P.S. I like your profile pic

Browsing far later than it was written, but this was a nice experience.

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