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"I've kissed mermaids, rode the el Nino, walked the sand with the crustaceans...."


To alleviate her boredom, Twilight Sparkle decides to write a book.

But when she finds her wellspring of creativity has dried up, she casts an ancient magic spell to make her creativity manifest itself, and interrogates the foallike fragment of her soul for ideas. However, the tricky and restless sprite proves harder to handle than she anticipated....

Written for the Equestria Daily "Made In Manehattan" training grounds. Twilight vectors by RichHap and CaliAzian (with minor alterations).

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I finished and uploaded this, like, five minutes before the contest deadline, so the prose isn't as tight as it could be, but after writing a third of it in a mad rush, I don't want to look at it for at least twenty-four hours. I'll do another pass later, but feel free to point out any glaring problems in the meantime.

Also, I don't have a DeviantArt, so if someone could drop by DA and post a link to the vector artists, that'd be swell.

A book! What a marvelous idea!

No. No, that's the first mistake. You always think that at first...

Anyhow, I quite liked this one. It had a few pacing problems such as the fact that your setup took literally half the run-time of the story, but I can't much complain about this inasmuch as the setup was my favorite bit (curbstomping the hydra, e.g.) and the show itself has plenty of episodes that spend half the episode setting up.


It's more like I got 3,000 words done and then realized I only had 4,000 left. The second half was longer in my head, but the deadlines did not shake out that way.

Oh, right, I forgot, it was a contest entry. That would explain it. You were clearly writing to a word limit here.

Have you thought of expanding it? Or is there nowhere for it to go in your mind?

"muzzle was six inches from the. Standing"
Something appears to be missing here.

"32.1740 feet per second squared"
Hm. That's a value, not an equation. Not sure what's going on there...

Missing space?

Nice ending. :)


I have thought about expanding it, yes, but not until after the contest, obviously. There's plenty more existential angst and pratfallery I could wrangle out of it, which are the two most important ingredients of any story ever.

Though I said I was going to expand one of my previous contest entries as well, and never got around to it, so who knows if it'll ever happen?


Valid contributions, all. Fixed! The middle one was supposed to be the answer to the equation for gravity, BTW.

"Valid contributions, all."

"The middle one was supposed to be the answer to the equation for gravity, BTW."
Ah, well, I'm not sure about "the", but that's a result from an equation about gravity, at least. :)


Yeah, standard acceleration. That's mentioned in the revised text.

Ah, thanks.

“But....I only tried to follow the rules,” the logical Twilight said. “That's all I've ever been doing. Studying the rules of friendship. The rules of stories. That's how you learn what to do!”

“No,” the creative Twilight said. “That's how you make something precious stagnant and dead.”

Advice worth taking to heart.

“We should be on our way before the Timberwolves come out,” she said.
They started along the path, which wound through trees standing like sturdy, dark sentinels bathed in silver moonlight.

…I see what you did there.

Also amused by the opening discussion of Archie. Good to see you flexing the short-fic muscles!


I didn't even notice that was implying there were Timberwolves, honestly. It was actually a callback to the poem at the beginning of my first story, Special Illumination.

Re: Archie, I do like the comics, but Twilight the lit snob was funnier to write. Gave more heft to her arc.

Also, more short-fic on the way!

Actually, with that second pullquote I was nodding approvingly at the fact you were describing the forest in vivid, creative terms for the first time after the two Twilights reunited, but the timberwolf thing is cool too. :raritywink:


Oh. Well then, in that case, I was going for exactly what you think I was going for. :twilightsmile:

Oh, jeez, Twilight thought, blushing. Is that what I look like when I dance?

This would've been a nice moment to enter Spike, who says, "One thing's for sure, Twi, she's a way better dancer than you."

Sometimes I delete bookmarked fanfics just because I have too darn many already bookmarked, but this is one I'm very happy to have kept around. The story unfolded well, there was tons of great physical humor, and it even had the nice benefit of Spike providing the solution. I enjoyed the heck out of it.


This would've been a nice moment to enter Spike, who says, "One thing's for sure, Twi, she's a way better dancer than you."

Actually, she's doing the same -- awful, awful -- dance from Sweet and Elite. That's her expressing embarrassment at how bad she is.

I enjoyed the heck out of it.


I aim to please.

Just discovered this gem of a story, and am sorry I didn't earlier. This is awesome! And adorable! And that ending was so nice and sweet- I love when it doesn't badly.

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