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"I've kissed mermaids, rode the el Nino, walked the sand with the crustaceans...."


You've read all those other, highly biased stories about the village Starlight Glimmer created, and the equality they practice there.

Isn't it about time you had a fair and balanced look at Starlight Glimmer's Equal Equestria?

As a young filly named Glory prepares for a big test that could mean the future of her village, she'll learn what living in Starlight's utopia really stands for.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 23 )

"One divided by zero equals zero."
...Well, that's an... interesting point of view.
Or did you mean "Zero divided by one"?

“One divided by zero equals zero....”
And again.
Oh, and I think that probably there ought to be only three dots there.


Haha, I'd like to say that was intentional doublethink, but I'd be lying.

Can you tell I'm not a mathematician? :twilightsmile:

And I always do four dots. That's just how I roll.

"Miss Fair Shake, Starlight Glimmer"
Should that comma not be an and?

Ah, sorry; I'd not noticed.

Anyway, a good story, if a bit, ah... heavy-hooved about certain comparisons. :)
I don't think I'll favourite it, but it definitely gets an upvote.


I make no regrets; everybody is so cocksure about what the two-parter means already (*cough*The Federalist*cough*), so a heavy-hooved story is par for the course by now. :pinkiesmile:


If you look closer, you'll see "Fair Shake" is actually part of the clause cutting the sentence in half, whereas "Starlight Glimmer" is the object of the first part of the sentence.

Ah, yes, I misread there. Very sorry. Thank you for correcting me.

I accidentally misread my feed and started the first chapter thinking this was written by shortskirtsandexplosions. Then at chapter two I saw your name at the top of the page and suddenly everything made sense.

On a totally different note, the social ideals of equality in this universe are diametrically opposed to the cultural inequality of Mare in the High castle. Do you think that your experience from your previous work had any influence in writing this piece?


Not really, no. I've been writing satire for quite a while now. If anything, High Castle and its sequels are less representative of my work, simply because I was trying to stay as true to Dick's worldview as possible.


Right, but specifically in regards to equality vs. gross inequality, do you think there was any influence? It seems that although they are disparate ideas relative to each other, they are similar in their deviation from the balanced worldview of the show. I was just wondering if you found anything like that.


Sure, there's some similarity in how they stray from the principles the canon universe holds to, but I'd say that was in relation to the actual canon universe than specifically something I gleaned from my earlier story.

Superior in their equal way of life. Hmm. I no goods at da maths, but sometin' seems t' be uh bit off thar.

I get the feeling that Starlight just wasn't equal is study habits. Alternativelu, she could have gotten help and tried again. I wonder if Starlight Glimmer honestly thinks she is a good guy mare. She can only try to do what she thinks is right, right? Damn right. I'm telling you, she's definitely Thorny Bends. I'm obsessing over that story too much. Get hype for sequel. This certainly was a fair and balanced and equal look at Starlight's Equal Equestria.

Best quote of the S5 E3: "I'm Pancake!" -Princess Twilight Sparkle

If you divide one by zero you get infinity. In fact, if you divide ANYTHING other than zero by zero, you will get an infinity because zero will go into anything with any value an infinite number of times, or negative infinity if the number has a negative value. I don't think Starlight would like the idea of infinity or negative infinity.


It absolutely fascinates to read about these people in the 19th century who got upset at Georg Cantor because, like, infinite numbers were literally God, so he had to call them "transfinite" numbers instead to avoid being sacrilegious.

I think it's time for our Dear Mother to fire Miss Fair Shake.

The chapter title is "This story goes on", but the story is complete.


Or at least, in a paradoxical way, similar to a page that is intentionally left blank but has "This page is intentionally left blank" printed on it.



Aha! My master plan is working!

similar to a page that is intentionally left blank but has "This page is intentionally left blank" printed on it.

Almost like the kind you'd find in, say....a standardized test booklet? :twilightsmile:

What a terrible world. Where tragedies happen and they're smiled away.


But it's okay. Because they've got a thousand points of light for the homeless mare.

And we see the pragmatic side of how Glimmer's system is flawed due to her absolutes.

And that's how your indoctrinate the next generation. Like any visionary, Glimmer wants her ideas to live on after her, and knows molding foals to her beliefs is the best way to do it. And she stamps out Glory's individuality through sheer charisma!


Well, there's some truth to that, but you're ignoring the vital role the ponies of the village play in their own submission.

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