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This story is a sequel to the sequels to Would It Matter If I Was? It will make just as much sense* if you haven't read any of them.
* none

For the past few months, the newspapers and literary magazines of Equestria have been dominated by a hot new fiction fad: tales of friendship temporarily -- or permanently -- torn asunder by a thorny hypothetical question about Changelings.

Enter Rainbow Dash, the fearless high-flier whose past crimes against the written word were so awful Princess Twilight considered making them actual crimes simply to get out of proofreading them. On one unassuming night, Dash gathers her friends together to be the audience for her latest literary masterpiece, a short story about friendship and Changelings, written with all of her usual panache. She's absolutely convinced they'll fall to their knees in awe of her superb writing skills.

Her terrified friends get ready to fall to their knees and beg her to stop reading.

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To alleviate her boredom, Twilight Sparkle decides to write a book.

But when she finds her wellspring of creativity has dried up, she casts an ancient magic spell to make her creativity manifest itself, and interrogates the foallike fragment of her soul for ideas. However, the tricky and restless sprite proves harder to handle than she anticipated....

Written for the Equestria Daily "Made In Manehattan" training grounds. Twilight vectors by RichHap and CaliAzian (with minor alterations).

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Starlight Glimmer emerges from hiding with a mob of fiery new followers, loudly proclaiming one demand:

Free and equal elections for the office of princess.

Princess Celestia is a fair ruler, and consents to follow the will of the masses. To Applejack and Apple Bloom, it seems impossible Starlight will win. She's a dark horse candidate, all the way. But if her followers turn out to be more numerous than previously thought, the Apple family may have to reconsider what they'll do should the unthinkable happen and Starlight Glimmer becomes the new princess of Equestria.

Written for the Equestria Daily training grounds for "The Cutie Map". Thematically a sequel to No Pony Left Behind, but it's not necessary to read that one.

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You've read all those other, highly biased stories about the village Starlight Glimmer created, and the equality they practice there.

Isn't it about time you had a fair and balanced look at Starlight Glimmer's Equal Equestria?

As a young filly named Glory prepares for a big test that could mean the future of her village, she'll learn what living in Starlight's utopia really stands for.

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This story is a sequel to The Mare in the High Castle

When the irresistible urge to write and perform a piece of surreal performance art/kitchen sink drama strikes Twilight Sparkle, her friends and the town of Ponyville are more than happy to play along. Who can resist the alluring power of the theater, and its ability to take the observer on a flight of fancy to another time and place, to step inside the imagination of another, to travel to a world where artisans craft with the stuff dreams are made on?

But for one night only, the audience will find out just how literal that experience can be....

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"Hello, hello, hello, this is Thorny Bends coming at you live on Radio Free Canterlot, and from where I'm sitting, folks, the Land of the Eternal Moon is looking lovely. Well, except for that nasty smog cloud rolling toward us from the coast, but hey, that's the price of progress. Still, if you're heading outside you might want to think about an Easy Breezy-brand respirator, guaranteed to make the air taste like new. Buy yours from all major retailers today!

"As I'm sure you all know, it's been almost a thousand years since the founding of our great civilization. And as the big day approaches, I sure hope the High Castle set their clocks right. I'd hate to find out it was really last Thursday. Ha! But seriously, folks. I've been doing a fair bit of thinking about our fair Canterlot, and I've realized it isn't just somewhere we all live. It's what we build together into something greater as we all reach for the moon. A symbol for a way of life and a state of mind. So, in honor of the thousand years, I'm taking an eye in the sky peek into the lives of the ponies on the streets, and a few in the penthouses too. I don't often do real news on this show, but these are some genuine equine interest stories, folks. In their own small, unique way, these ponies are as vital to the city as the princess of the night herself. So settle down, get comfortable, and don't touch that dial.

"You won't want to miss this, I guarantee."

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My name is Josh. I'm fifteen and when my XBox accidentally catches on fire and explodes it was the best day of my life because the explosion magically transported me to Equestria! Once there I find the book from the last episode and help the ponies work through their hidden feelings for each other and show them a better way to life, using my TwiDash fanfics as an insparational modal.

(Written for Equestria daily training ground for Inspiration maneifestation!)

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As the head of Manehattan's premier fashion company, Rarefaction Fashions, Rarity has it all: style, wealth, influence. She's the talk of the town, darling of the paparazzi, and icon to fillies and colts all over Equestria.

But when Twilight Sparkle drops by to catch up, an ancient magic spell from the Saddle Arabian Book of the Dead, intended to guide kings and queens on their way to the afterlife, goes awry. Once the city's favorite daughter, Rarity wakes up to discover there is no record of her existence. And not only that, but in this strange new crime-ridden Manehattan, police checkpoints cordon off the streets and anypony not possessing the proper ID is punished by indefinite detention.

But she presses on, searching for somepony who remembers her. Because if she can't find anypony, then who will remember her? She spent years leaving her hoofprints on Manehattan with the simple power of generosity, as a way to be loved and admired. But now she's anonymous and alone in a nightmarish, distorted mirage, a twisted and decaying vision of the city as it was never meant to be. And slowly but surely, it's leaving its mark on Rarity and all the other lost souls unlucky enough to live on its mean streets.

Written for the Equestria Daily Writer's Training Grounds #002 (hence the strict 7,000 wordcount). Inspired (rather obviously) by Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said.

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In the sleepy rural town of Ponyville, Vinyl Scratch is well-known for her brain-busting beats, brash attitude, and highly esoteric ideas about music. But beneath her wild facade, she's lost in her long, dark night of the soul, restlessly searching for something she thought she lost as a filly: the perfect song.

Will her odyssey take her to the song to end all songs, shining like a lantern in the darkness? Or will this tired pilgrim succumb to the shadows and lose everything important in her life?

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Despite Pinkie Pie priding herself as friend to everypony in Ponyville, she's never seen eye-to-eye with the matriarch of the new family across the way. But her resentment towards the party-pooping Polly T. Burro turns into outright paranoia when the donkey lets slip she knows one of Pinkie's secrets. But how could she? Only four ponies, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity were there for the incident in question, and Pinkie Pinkie-Promised them all to secrecy.

She comes to the conclusion that one of her friends is telling tales. Christening herself 'Smiles' to conceal her identity, she'll have to rely on the help of her erstwhile assistant 'Mr. Gummy-yum' and reluctant librarian Twilight Sparkle to root out whoever's betraying her confidence before her deepest, darkest secret is revealed. But as the tangled web of deceit she's weaving gets stickier and sticker, will Pinkie be able to keep herself from getting permanently stuck out in the cold?

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