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One night, Twilight remembers her childhood, of the first time she heard the old mares tale of the mare in the moon. Princess Luna overhears her.

This is very short. It's nothing amazing, but from what people have told me, it's sweet.

It was written before the Nightmare Night episode.

I like this story the way it is.

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Awwwww! :twilightsmile:

Your pre-readers were right. It's a sweet story.

The only weakness is the central line, "She felt grogginess overtaking her suddenly as she stared at the sky, lying on what appeared to be a blanket of some kind." This line implies that something caused Twilight's grogginess... and that what she's lying on only looked like a blanket. Just be simpler: "Twilight felt very tired as she lay on her blanket." No question of cause, no question of what appears to be a blanket.


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now I have a stupid smile in my face

23271 YAY! Thanks!

And thank you all above who commented on this. :)

Beautifully written, made me smile a bit. Your readers are right, this story's wonderful, truly wonderful indeed. I like reading these spice of life stories, they always make me grin after reading them.

40604 Thank you! :)

You, you, If you can come up with this, and it be written so amazingly, I want you as a prereader, you are a true writer 5/5 :twilightsheepish::heart:

43015 Oh wow! Um. holy crap. Thanks so much for that comment! You just made me smile.

And I'd be more than happy to be a prereader. :)

That was simply amazing. I loved it. Thit was a great idea to put Luna as a central character.:pinkiehappy::heart:

78947 Thanks! :D Your comment made me smile. -squee-

Short and very sweet. :twilightsmile:
Left me with a smile on my face and happy mood.

You know, in the last year or so I also found that I really enjoy the sight of the Moon in the sky.. I always look at it and smile. Don't know where that came from, but it just did. Maybe that's somehow connected to the show and Luna being one of my favorite characters?

>996 words
What sorcery is this?

I'd say it's worth the 996 words.

Awww, such a sweet little story, fits in beautifully into cannon even with NMN episode - given Luna like Twilights comments, no wonder she came to ponyville for her first NMN, and listened to Twilights advice!


i did a dramatic read of your fan fic yours is vote 1 and at (0;29)

This was a sweet story. Wish there were more to it. But hey that would ruin it.

I am a Luna fan.

6292238 Thanks! How did it fare in the contest?

6977164 it came second for the week as its was a vote only for the 3 van fics of that week i reed and then i would reed another 3 next week witch people would vote on to win for the week after and so yeah the concept never cached on and became a failed series

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