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A 21 year old boy finds his favorite pony in the real world. However, in the midst of taking care of her, Luna comes to bring her back, but not before offering him a choice.

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It is the thousandth year since Nightmare Moon's banishment and she has returned. When the battle with Nightmare Moon goes awry, Twilight's friends and family must cope with the destruction left in Nightmare's wake.

Note: This story is based off of the picture giuliabeck's You Are Mine and Sparkle No More.

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One night, Twilight remembers her childhood, of the first time she heard the old mares tale of the mare in the moon. Princess Luna overhears her.

This is very short. It's nothing amazing, but from what people have told me, it's sweet.

It was written before the Nightmare Night episode.

I like this story the way it is.

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