• Published 5th Nov 2014
  • 10,200 Views, 225 Comments

Broken then Healed - Tohshi

A young man has to learn to live with the consequences of his brash decision, as he learns to live in a new town, a new world, and a new body.

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Book 2

So this is just a big author's note that hopefully won't be as missed as much. There is a sequel to this book called Broken then Healed 2. You can click here to go directly there.

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Comments ( 6 )

Wow. You updated this after three years?

I get a lot of people who don't seem to find the sequel so I figured that the sequel needed better more obvious advertisement. And based on my notifications blowing up in the last few hours that it was needed. Book 2 has been out for nearly 2.5 years.

Hmmm. Maybe try adding cover art? I hadn't even noticed the 'sequel' on the side because I didn't have anything that caught my attention (Plus, there used to be a big 'SEQUEL' thing in the description automatically when you put that in the story edit details).

... I expect a donkey at some point in the future... Awesome story by the way.


Yeah I guess. I'm not a very good writer myself (and to be honest I think you are better) and my story has many plotholes in it (even though its only like 6 chapters), along with many mistakes.
I don't know why, but words like 'diner' and 'dinner' bother me when they are mixed up.
And on the topic of editing; I usually just do a single read through of my chapters once I'm done, either using a text-to-speech thing to say it for me, or just reading aloud. This usually helps me fix errors with punctuation (commas in wrong places and/or need to add more commas), along with spelling errors.
It's quick too, you don't have to read it over and over again. Just do a basic edit, and then it's usually good enough.

Good story, could have been so much better if you'd had it edited though :(

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