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Broken then Healed - Tohshi

A young man has to learn to live with the consequences of his brash decision, as he learns to live in a new town, a new world, and a new body.

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7
Twilight had teleported to the Neighponese restaurant to get our dinner. While she was gone Lyra show Bon Bon and I the rest of the house.

The furthest door in the living room lead to a staircase that led to the unfinished basement. We didn't visit the basement. The door next to that opened up into a office or library. The walls on the far and near side of the rectangular room had built in bookshelves. The bare walls were painted a pale blue. A single light was fixed to the ceiling.

We then headed down the hall way. On the right the first door was to Bon Bon and Lyra's room. It was nearly the size of the living room though a bit skinnier. It had two doors in it as well. One lead to the full bath on the downstairs floor and the other to a walk in closet. The walls in the master bedroom were painted a dark maroon. The mahogany floors continued through the room. There were two light fixtures on the ceiling of this room.

The bathroom had the same black and white checker tile from the other bathroom and a dark blue paint on the walls. There was a large tub that may have been big enough for all three of us to have sat in. A shower head came down from the ceiling and a curtain could be drawn around the tub.

Across the hallway from the master bedroom there was my room. The room had the same flooring as the rest of the house, save for the bathrooms, and had creamy yellow paint on the walls. There was a large window directly across from the door but otherwise the room was fairly simple. My bed had been set up to run parrel with the hallway and could be gotten into from both sides.

The hallway turned leading to some stairs. At the bend there was a door leading into the bathroom. Upstairs the Mahogany continued still. The hall way ran back down the back side of the house about half way before turning inwards three doors two on the left as we headed towards the front of the house and one on the right.

The door on the right led to a bedroom which appeared to be situated above the kitchen and my bedroom. This room was painted creamy yellow as well. The room had two windows. The door directly across from that lead to another bedroom painted in the creamy yellow of the other bedrooms. It had a walk in closet.

The final door which was closer to the stairs than the bedroom had been lead to another full bath. The bathtub in this one was a bit smaller though not by much. This room had the checkerd floor as well.

The hallway opened up into a large common area. This comon area streeched the whole width of the house and was easily the largest room in the house. The walls in both the hallway and this room were painted a unassuming cream. There were a number of windows on the wall that was the front of the house as well as one on either end of the room.

Our tour complete we headed back downstairs to wait for Twilight. I was given a quick bath. Conviently she returned just a short bit after we had settled down on the couch. She appeared in much the same maner as she had left in. A brilliant flash of light and then out of nowhere Twilight was standing there.

“Hello,” Twilight said. “Hope I didn't take too long.”

Lyra shook her head at the comment. She said, “I think you were gone for less time than it would have taken me to walk there. Just there not back as well. You have gotten pretty good at teleportation.”

“Can you teleport, Lyra?” I asked. That was one magic I felt I absolutely had to learn how to do.

“Maybe a few feet,” Lyra replied. “My talents lie more in telekinesis or auditory illusions. I am still uncertain how I manage to cast the sensor spell that found you.”

“I have a few theories on that one but I haven't had the time to test them yet,” Twilight said. Her smile was hiding something but I couldn't tell what.

We headed over to the table which had been set up in the dinning room. Twilight handed each of us a take out box which seemed reminiscent of the ones in Chinese restaurants. The dish was some sort of rice dish with a mild curry sauce with chunks of tofu in it, as well as some larger chunks of carrots and other vegetables. Twilight also offered us a sweet pastry in the shape of a ring. The pastry had been fried in sesame oil and was quite flavorful. The sauce was a bit milder than I probably would have ordered but was good none the less.

“Did you like your dinner?” Lyra asked. She smiled in my direction.

“Yes,” I said quietly. I washed down the after taste with a large drink of tea. Which was a generic black tea slightly sweetened.

“I was worried it might be too spicy for you,” Lyra explained.

“If anything it was a bit too mild,” I remarked. A smile found its way across my face.

“Well, I am gald you like it,” Bon Bon stated. “Maybe I can make some like it for dinner again later.”

I had been tired before our meal but I felt recharged. The food aparently had been just what I needed. I picked up the ball from earlier, grabbing it with my magic. The pool was larger than it had been earlier in the day.

“Did my dish have moon cactus in it?” I asked. Maybe that was what one of the vegetables had been.

“No, I don't think so,” Twilight said. She inspected the remainder of my box. “Why do you ask?”

“My magic pool is refilled,” I stated. I was starting to get giddy. It felt like I had several energy drinks. “I think its bigger.”

Twilight looked at my shaking form then turned her gaze towards Lyra and Bon Bon. Apologies were dancing in her eyes. Twilight said, “There may have been Dragon Spine carrots in her meal.”

Confusion masked Lyra's face. She said, “What? Dragon Spine carrots?”

“They are a magical variety of carrots from the Dragon Spire mountains,” Bon Bon explained. “They are very high in mana, and are known to give unicorns large boosts in energy. I have used them in a few specialty candies once.”

“Normally they are too strong for foals,” Twilight said guilt mixed in her vioce. “They tend to have an extreme reaction. Sorry I didn't think about the carrots when I asked for a healthy meal for her.”

I had gotten out of my chair and was jittering next to Lyra's chair. Lyra looked down on me, I stared back my eyes bulging. My heart was beating a tad fast and excitement filled me.

“Well I guess we could play catch again,” Lyra said. She tried to smile at me. Lyra gave Twilight a death glare for a second but got out of her chair. “Why don't we go into the living room to play, okay?”

“Okay,” I exclaimed. I ran into the living room.

Lyra was much slower at getting into position so I paced back and forth waiting for her. It was fun to watch the ball shrink in my grasp as I pushed a bit harder only to let it inflate back out to full to squeeze again. Lyra had gotten into position and I tossed the ball her direction. My aim was horrible but the ball sailed the length of the room. Lyra catched it with her magic. Her return throw was much better aimed and I only had to jump a bit to grab it with my hooves.

We played for what seemed like hours though the ball had only passed between us maybe twelve times. My endless bound of energy had proven to not be endless. My pacing had stopped half way through our game and soon enough I was laying on the floor listly throwing the ball back at Lyra.

“You crashed fast,” Lyra said. She walked over to me and I simply nodded at her remark. “Why don't we go lay on the couch now?”

I stumbled over to the couch and with a bit of help from Lyra settled down in the middle of the couch. It was very soft. Bon Bon and Twilight, who had cleaned up dinner while Lyra and I played, join us in the living room. Bon Bon sat down in front of my head and I rested my head on her forelegs. Bon Bon nuzzled my head with hers.

Twilight had brought a chair in from the dining room. She sat down across from us on her chair. She smiled at me, and I sleepily returned her affection.

“Oh I almost forgot,” Lyra said. She stared intensely at Twilight. “We need to get Lilac's paperwork in line. Claims Adjuster said that without identifcation documents for Lilac that the insurance will likely not pay.”

“I can see how that would be a problem,” Twilight said. She stared into space for a second before continuing. “I will have to ask Celestia about what we need to do to fix that. Though it will likely require a visit to Canterlot. I have one planed for Tuesday, probably will be easier if all three of us are there.”

Bon Bon seemed sad for a second. She stared down at me for a second before laying her head down next to mine.

“I guess we can do that,” Lyra said. She reached over me and pet Bon Bon's head. “Do you want to come, Bon Bon?”

Bon Bon just sat there for a bit. She lifted her head up. Bon Bon said, “I would. Tuesday's are always a slow day at the candy stand. So I won't be missing too much sales.”

A large yawn escaped my efforts to prevent it. The lids of my eyes had become heavy and I tried to keep them from falling. Bon Bon giggled at my attempts.

“Why don't we get you to bed?” Bon Bon stated. I simply nodded, to tired for words. Sleep sounded wonderful. “Well say goodnight to Twilight.”

“Good night,” I mumbled to Twilight. I stumbled off the couch. I tried to walk towards the hall way but was grabbed by a purple aura.

Twilight scooped me up and gave me a large hug. Twilight said quietly, “Good night and sweet dreams.”

Twilight relinquished me into Lyra's grip and we headed off to bed. I didn't make it to the bed before sleep took me.

Flames licked at my feet and head. I could smell the aftermath of the burns. The sickly smell of burnt hair. In the distance I could see a group of ponies crying to me. They called for my help, for me to stop the flames. To save them. I ran faster urged on by the sound of their pain. I reached out to grab Bon Bon but my hoof was made of fire. Bon Bon screamed as my hoof burnt her leaving behind a patch of fire. The fire was spreading and everything I tried to stop it simply spread the flames more. Soon her form was no more. I screamed.

Waking with a jolt I could hear hooves scrambling towards me. Lyra burst into the room to find me sitting up in my bed sobbing. She rushed over to me and hugged me. I squirmed in her grasp. She too would burn if she touched me.

“Fire, Fire everywhere,” I muttered. The flames still danced in my vision.

“It was just a dream,” Lyra whispered into my ear. “Its alright. It was just a dream.”

Bon Bon came into the room. She shook sleep from her head. Bon Bon said quietly, “Another nightmare?”

Lyra nodded at her and continued to gently rub my back. Her movement did its work and I started to clam down. Bon Bon joined in on our hug. Soon enough their warmth did its job and sleep returned to me.

The mid morning sun filtering through my window finally woke me. I groggily visited the bathroom before looking for Lyra or Bon Bon. There was knock at the door. I walked over to door and stood on my hind legs in an attempt to see through the window on the door. A pink blur seemed to be bouncing up and down on the other side. I shuddered for a second. Something was off about Pinkie Pie, though I couldn't really tel what.

Pinkie knocked again this time a bit louder. I slowly opened the door half way and looked up at the pink mare.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” Pinkie Pie said. Her smile was as large as ever and she figited in excitement. “Are Bon Bon or Lyra home? Well more likely Lyra.”

“I don't know,” I said. I looked back into the house. Hopefully one of them was but I couldn't tell from here. “Maybe I can take a message?”

“Well I was hoping to tell them myself,” Pinkie pie stated. Her hair had deflated ever so slightly. Lyra stumbled out of her bedroom and into view of the door. Pinkie Pie's hair poofed up back to its normal size. “Morning Lyra.”

Lyra walked up to the door and groaned for a second. She said quietly, “Morning Pinkie. Its still too early, what do you need?”

“Well its not that early anymore but I came to invite you to your House Welcoming Party Of Warming,” Pinkie said. She produced a coffee cup from somewhere I didn't catch and handed it to Lyra. Steam raised out of the cup. “Also here is some coffee. Because if we are gonna have the decorations up before the guest show up we are gonna have to start now. It has two suggers just like you like it.”

“How did you know that?” Lyra asked. Bewilderment coated her face for a second but then it returned to its tired state. Lyra took a sip from the coffee. “You know I don't want to know how. It's good coffee though.”

Lyra opened the door the rest of the way and motioned for Pinkie Pie to come in. The saddle bags on Pinkie Pie's back were bulging with stuff and a couple feet of streamer trailed on the ground as she entered the house.

“I am gonna go grab something for Lilac and I to eat for breakfast from the kitchen,” Lyra stated. Her face was waking up but still held its tired look. “Do you want anything, Pinkie?”

“Oh no thanks,” Pinkie Pie said. She rummaged through her bag spilling a number of streamers onto the floor. Finding her querry she produced a small cake box. “I brought breakfast for you! I hope you like carrot cake.”

Horror flashed over Lyra's face. She inspected the proffered cupcakes for a second before levitating two out and handing one to me. Lyra said, “Try not to make too much of a mess, Lilac.”

I gripped the cupcake with my magic. The moist cake was topped with a mound of frosting and a few shreds of carrot. A few bites in the frosting proved too sweet. I ate the bottom of the cupcake and left the very top layer of the cake allong with the remaining frosting. A quick trip to the kitchen and the remainder had been taken care of.

Pinkie Pie had wasted no time while we ate and was mid way through pining a streamer to the wall. With frightening speed she put up several streamers, of blue green and purple colors. She then pulled out of her bag a floor lamp that had been folded up and assembled that one placing a strange multicolored crystal in place of a light bulb. The light shone with a rainbow of colors ans spots filling the room. Lyra excused herself and headed downstairs.

A few hours later and the dining room and living room were filled with decorations. For the most part Pinkie Pie worked by her self, sometimes humming a tune and sometimes outright singing about decorating. When ever she sang I had the urge to join in, but I stiffled the urge. Instead I would just hum along with Pinkie Pie's singing.

When she decided she was satisfied with the decorations she pulled out an old phonograph and set it up in the corner near the fireplace. She started a record on it. It was a jaunty showtune which was reminscent of swing with a bit more modern pop to it.

She danced to the song for a minute before smiling at me. Pinkie Pie said, “I have to go pick up some of the gifts but while I am gone the Cakes should be dropping off tonights treats. Be back before the party starts.”

With that she left the house skipping the whole time. With my entertainment source gone I openned the door to basement. The stairs looked old and unstable. I called, “Lyra. Are you still down there?”

“Yeah, What do you need, Lilac?” Lyra shouted back. She came into view at the bottom of the stairs. She had been cleaning and dirt coated her pretty thoroughly.

“Do we have any paper I can draw on?” I asked. It would be nice to practice my hoof work and maybe my magic. Besides drawing was something that I had always enjoyed, even if I wasn't very good at it.

Lyra came up the stairs and headed towards the hallway. She said, “I don't think so right now. I need a bath but after that we can go get some from the store.”

“Could I just go ask Twilight?” I asked. She did live only two blocks away, and I was certain I could walk to and from in the time it would take Lyra to take a bath. “It's not that far away.”

“That's a great idea. Just becareful not to get lost okay,” Lyra stated. She looked a bit worried but praticality won out. “Don't be too long okay?”

“Okay,” I said. It was strangely exciting to go out by myself. I opened the door to the bright mid day glare and walked out into the world.

Equestria was much more laid back than Earth was, several ponies where out enjoying the weather or tending to their budding flower gardens. Most of them stopped and waved as I went by. There hospitality was some what unnerving. Doubt ducked in and out of my thoughts as I walked to the castle.

The front gate was guarded by a unicorn and a pegasus today. They ignored my presence and after a few minutes I got up the courage to asked them to let me in. With out a word or even motion the unicorn guard opened the gate and let me through.

Twilight was at her desk once more pouring over a number of books. This time she seemed to be reading from all three of them. She didn't notice me till I was right the otherside of her desk.

“Good morning, Lilac,” She said startled when she finally noticed me. “Did you come here by yourself?”

I nodded. There was something more intimidating about her at the library. Maybe it was the way she held herself, like she was putting on a show for someone.

“So what brings you to the library today?” Twilight asked gently. I could see that she was happy that I was here.

“Do you have any blank paper and a quill and ink I can borrow?” I asked quietly. She had lost some of her strictness but still I felt uneasy near her.

Twilight smiled as she opened one of her drawers from which she pulled out a roll of parchment and a quill. She handed them along with a sealed vial of ink to me. Twilight said, “Of course I have some for you. What are you gonna do with them, if you don't mind me asking?”

“My hoof writing needs work and I wanted to draw,” I explained. I looked greedily over the large roll of parchment at my hooves. “We don't have anything to do that with at home. I thought maybe you would. Do you have a bag I don't know if I can carry all this without one?”

“Why don't I just walk you back?” Twilight asked. She streached after hopping off her stool. “I could use some freash air.”

She piled her books neatly to the side of the desk and grabbed my supplies. We walked back to my home. Everyone we passed at least stopped and waved though quite a few bowed to Twilight as we walked past.

“I really wish I could get them to stop that,” Twilight said, annoyance filled her voice. She however didn't let her annoyance show in her actions and always waved back at everyone. Thankfully the trip was short and we made it to the house in no time flat.

Light poured out of the far door down the hall and faint splashing could be heard. Twilight set the parchment on the table and she smiled at me. She paused to take full note of the party decorations which there was so much the wall was barely visible behind them.

“Pinkie Pie,” Twilight mumbled. She turned towards the door and opened it. “Well I will be back for the party, I have to finish my paper for the princess.”

I nodded. After the door clicked close behind Twilight I ran down the hallway to the open bathroom door. Peeking in I saw, Lyra relaxing in the tub. She smiled at me when I stepped fully from behind the wall.

“Did you get any paper?” Lyra asked. Her head tilted at an odd angle as she laid back down in the tub.

“Twilight gave me a whole roll of partchment,” I said. I smiled at her and ran back down the hallway.

Lyra came out ten minutes later. Her fur was cleaned and dried. She leaned over me as I worked on my drawing, her damp hair brushing across my head. At first I had just practiced writing my name for a bit with my magic. The writing started quite shaky but I had quickly gotten a handle on how to use the quill with my magic. My drawing was of three of us. Magic helped me let the images in my head met the paper and this was easily the best drawing I had ever done. It was a bit off, the proportions being wrong on the heads, but otherwise was quite well rendered.

“You are really good at that,” Lyra said. She nuzzled my head. It was really nice to hear her compliment. “We need to get you real drawing tools.”

“That would be fun,” I stated excitedly. I would love an esel so I could paint. My painting like drawing had never been the best but I had loved to do it when I could. “Magic makes this so much easier than ever my hands did. It just flows right.”

“I know the feeling,” Lyra said. She looked off into space for a second a single tear rolling down her cheek. “It's the same with music for me. Especially my lyre.”

I leaned up against her. Her warmth was comforting and I hoped I comforted her. Lyra reached down and hugged me tightly.

“I love you Lyra,” I said quietly. She looked down at me a bit of shock in her eyes but mostly happiness. I blushed and looked away. “Like a parent. I love you like your my mom. Not ...”

“You don't have to quantify that,” Lyra giggled. She hugged me tighter. “I love you, too.”

“I am really happy to have met you,” I explained. Tears started to run down my cheeks. “My mom died when I was young. It was some sort of sickness, but I don't remember the specifics. My dad was never the same. I think I reminded him too much of her and he distanced himself from me.”

I was nearly sobbing at this point. Lyra rocked back and forth gently. She said, “Well Bon Bon and I will be here for you as long as you need. We both love you very much.”

“Thank you,” I said after my sobbing had run it's course.

Lyra just smiled at me she messed with my hair and let go of me. She said, “Can you draw me another picture?”

A few hours and a few pictures later, Bon Bon returned home. She carried a thoroughly stuffed bag which had a few cooking utensils sticking out of it.

“Hello,” Bon Bon said as she passed us sitting at the dining room table. She walked slowly and her face looked quite tired.

“Hi,” I said. I glanced up from my work which had not drained me as much as other magic had.

“Hello,” Lyra said as well she got up and followed Bon Bon into the kitchen.

An ackward silence filled the room for a few minutes till Lyra and Bon Bon returned from the kitchen. When they did so, I hopped out of my chair and rushed over to Bon Bon. Gripping her legs in an awkward hug, I said, “I love you Bon Bon. I realized today, you and Lyra, are someponies very special to me. Like a new mom. I just wanted to let you know.”

Bon Bon scooped me up from the floor and embraced me back. She said quietly, “I love you too.”

Bon Bon held me out just far enough that we could look each other in the eye. She seemed happy despite the tears that ran down her face. I said, “I drew you some pictures. Lyra says they are very good.”

“They are,” Lyra agreed. She half hugged Bon Bon as they sat next to eachother. “It looks like we got another artist in the family.”

“I don't know if I would call myself an artist,” I said. Bon Bon and Lyra may like my work but that was cause they cared about me. No one else would like it as much as they did. A part of me felt sad at that, but another part of me didn't care. It made me happy to draw, and the more mature part of me knew that was what mattered.

We headed over to the table where I had been drawing and Bon Bon looked trough my pictures. She smiled at me as she did so, only once having to ask what it was I drew. Bon Bon said, “You are very good at this. I am very proud of you.”

Those six words made me more happy than I had been in a very long time. Bon Bon let me explain about all of my pictures. Just as I got into the latest picture there was a knock on the door. Lyra went to answer it. A short but stout mare with a bright blue coat and pink hair. Behind her was a tall earth pony stallion with bright yellow coat and orange hair. The stallion wore a small hat and they both had aprons on. The mare had a pair of young babies strapped to her back in a pair of saddle bags and carried a cake box on her head. The young foals were much smaller than me one a pale beige pegasus with dark brown hair and the other was a unicorn with bright orange hair and a cream yellow coat.

“Hello,” said the mare. “Pinkie Pie asked us to deliver by four. Sorry we are a bit late Pumpkin decided she needed two baths today.”

“Its not a problem you are still here before any of the guest show up,” Lyra stated. Lyra stood aside to let them enter the house. I headed back over to the table and continued on my drawing.

“Hello, Mr and Mrs Cake,” Bon Bon said. She stared longingly at the foals for a second and for that second jealousy tinged me. “How have you been?”

“Business as usual,” Mr Cake said. He lifted the four boxes he was carring off his back and placed them on the table. “How is life with the little one?”

“Pleasant,” Bon Bon said. She smiled at me. “For the most part. I must admit it is a tiring roller coaster at times. I don't think I have ever been more happy than I was today, or for that matter as worried as I was on Saturday.”

“I know what you mean,” Mr Cake said. He glanced fondly over at his foals. “It is surprising how much they can scare you at times. But hey makes life interesting.”

Bon Bon giggled. She said with mirth in her voice, “Interesting is definitely an understatement.”

Mr Cake laughed as well. He spread the boxes out so that they all laid flat. He asked, “Do you want them in or out of the boxes?”

“This is Pinkie's party,” Bon Bon casually stated. She shrugged slightly and walked away from the table. “Which ever way you think is better. Lilac, why don't you clean up your drawings for now.”

“Okay,” I said. I shoved the stopper in the ink and then gathered the rest of the papers with my magic and headed into my room. I didn't have any storage so I just put them down in a far corner. I returned to the dining room. Mr Cake had removed the lids from the boxes but left the treats inside. He then put the lids in the kitchen. Mrs cake had brought a few more boxes in while Mr Cake was setting up.

There was another knock on the door after Mrs Cake was making slight adjustments to Mr Cakes placements. Lyra who had been on the couch, got up, and answered the door. Pinkie Pie smiled as Lyra let her in. After a few minute of pleasantries, the Cakes left. Pinkie Pie having procured a card table set it up in front of the basement door and began to place the gifts she had brought with her on them. Her saddle bags must have been enchanted because there was no way that she could fit half a tables worth of gifts in them.

I walked over to Pinkie Pie when she was done placing the packages. She was concentrating very hard on the placement. I asked, “Pinkie Pie is it normal to have so many gifts for a house warming party?”

Pinkie Pie turned to me and lowered herself to my level. Smiling she said, “Not for a house warming party, but for a welcome to Ponyville and sorry for missing several birthday parties sure. Though sometimes house warming parties get allot too. Besides everypony loves a gift.”

“Missing birthday parties?” I asked. She didn't mean the nineteen I had previously did she.

“Well yeah you are only like a week old now, but you look like your maybe eight so thats at least seven missed birthdays,” Pinkie Pie explained. She turned back to the pile and decide to rearrange the gifts so the ones on bottom were on top.

“You didn't have to,” I said confused. Why would anyone make up for birthdays like that. I could maybe get hey I didn't know you so lets throw a hurray your x years old party, but still the pink mare was a conundrum.

“Of course I did silly,” Pinkie Pie responded. She was still focused on her task at hand. “Everypony needs a birthday gift.”

I just shook my head and sat down on the couch next to Lyra. Pinkie Pie rearranged the gifts three more times before she was satisfied. Lyra lazily watched her do it. After the second rearrangement I asked, “Should we be helping her set up?”

“No she likes to do it herself,” Lyra explained. “If you ask she will give you something weird to do that is out of the room so she can just work.”

Soon after her last rearrangement of the gifts there was another knock on the door. Pinkie Pie ran over to open it. Rarity and Sweetie Belle were at the door.

“We are a bit early. I hope you don't mind, dear,” Rarity stated. She had taken extra effort in her appearance, and she wore a vest with a few pockets and a few gems on the pockets. Rarity carried a gift box with her. “Sweetie Belle was just, so excited that, she insisted we show up as early as possible.”

“Welcome and come in,” Pinkie Pie said. She did a quick glance around the room. “Everything is ready except for the punch so why don't you come in!”

Pinkie Pie, leaving the door open, ran over to her saddle bag and grabbed it. Then she rapidly dashed into the kitchen. Rarity and Sweetie Belle walked in. Sweetie Belle was wearing a matching vest similar to Rarity's. She beamed at me. Greetings were given.

“How are you today?” I asked Sweetie Belle. Rarity had engaged Bon Bon and Lyra in wedding talk.

Sweetie Belle smiled and posed so as to show off her new vest. She said, “Rarity made us new vests. I really like it. How was your day?”

“Fairly exciting, I watched Pinkie Pie set up for a good part of the day and drew the rest of it,” I explained. I hoped Sweetie Belle liked my pictures. Lyra and Bon Bon were kinda suppose to like them, but Sweetie Belle wasn't as invested.

“Pinkie Pie is fun to watch,” Sweetie Belle said. Her attention swayed and soon she was intent on the treats. “I hope everyone else gets here soon.”

“I hope it's not too many ponies,” I stated. A crowd more than ten scared me.

Another knock and Twilight and Spike joined the party. Twilight brought a gift and set it on the table. She had greated the others on entry. She walked over to me and said, “Happy belated Birthday.”

“What day was it exactly, I can't remember the first few days very well,” I said. Sweetie Belle had walked off to go inspect the treats.

“It will be two weeks ago this Tuesday evening,” Twilight said. She scooped me up into a hug. “You were out cold for four days.”

“You were in the hospital for that long,” I asked. I didn't know it had been that bad. I hugged her tighter.

“It was on Princess Celestia's orders,” Twilight explained. Annoyance filled her voice. “She figured I needed to be told to get some rest that I might try Lyra's spell otherwise.”

“Would you have?” I asked timidly.

“Maybe,” Twilight admited.

I shook my head. I looked over at the table Twilight's gift stood out amongst Pinkies for being wrapped in newspaper. I hugged her close again, and said, “Thank you for being there for me when I needed it. For saving me.”

Twilight blushed. Twilight said softly, “Anyone would have done the same. If they were capable of it, which as far as I know only Celestia, Luna and I would be able to do so, but still anyone who could have would have.”

“Still thank you,” I said.

There was another knock on the door and this time a larger group had shown up. Applejack from the apple stand and what looked like her little sister came in. Also a pegasus mare with cyan blue coat and rainbow colored mane and a orange with salmon pink mane pegasus filly. They were introduced as Apple Bloom, who was in fact Applejack's sister and good friend of Sweetie Belle, Rainbow Dash, a good friend of the group, and Scootaloo, a stalwart friend of Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. Also the three of them were the Cutie Mark Crusaders. With formal introductions over the four of us fillies were corralled away from the sweets table.

“There must be more people coming,” I stated curiously. I wouldn't be surprised it it was for the safty of the treats that we were shunted off to the other side of the room.

“You're a blank flank-” Apple Bloom not so gently kicked Scootaloo in the side “-haven't found your Cutie Mark yet,” Scootaloo said. Eagerness filled her voice and eyes. “Do you want to join the CMC?”

“I already invited her,” Sweetie Belle complained. She looked annoyed with Scootaloo. “You can't steal my recruit.”

“I did already say yes to Sweetie Belle,” I said quietly.

“So what have you already tried?” Apple Bloom asked me. I returned her a look of absolute confusion. “To get your Cutie Mark, that is.”

“Oh,” I said quietly. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo were much more direct than Sweetie Belle. Apple Bloom sort of scared me. She was much more muscular than either of the other two though Scootalooo looked like she was fairly active. “I haven't tried anything really.”

“Lilac is really good at math,” Sweetie Belle said almost bragging on my behalf. “And she picked up how to read in a single day.”

“Really,” Apple Bloom said. She stared at me with a bit of awe. “I hate math it's so hard.”

“I don't like it all that much either,” I said with mirth. “I just have been taught allot of it.”

“Reading isn't all that fun either,” Scootalooo stated. “I just want to be an awesome athlete like Rainbow Dash.”

“Did you know she reads, too?” I asked. Scootaloo gave me a look of doubt. “She donated her entire collection of Daring Do books to the library. We have one that I can show you, she wrote her name on the inside cover.”

“Well I guess reading is alright,” Scootaloo conceded.

Another knock and another group. This group was the largest yet. Octavia and Vinyl came in with three other mares. One of them I recognized as Rose, and another one had a striking resemblance to Octavia though her mane was blue and her coat a bit lighter. The third one was a pegasus with creamy yellow coat and light pink mane. The pegasus seemed to be uncomfortable with how many were now packed into the room.

Greetings were exchanged and the blue maned mare's name was Fiddlesticks and the pegasus was Fluttershy. Fiddlesticks, Lyra and Octavia all worked at the Ponyville Orchestra. Rose was a friend of Bon Bon and Fluttershy was as well.

“Now that everypony is here,” shouted Pinkie Pie. “Its time to Party. Oh and warm a house.”

I evaded the Cutie Mark Crusaders and made my way over to Bon Bon. There were far too many ponies in our house. Bon Bon was talking to Fluttershy. Apparently Fluttershy's pet bear had been having a stomach ache for the last few days. And someone named Angel was getting jealous of all the attention the bear was getting.

Pinkie passed by with a box of treats and handed one to each of us. This one too, had way too much frosting so I placed it back down on the table. Lyra was near the table talking with Fiddlesticks and Octavia. I nudged her slightly to get her attention.

“Are there any treats without frosting?” I asked. Lyra giggled at me.

“Here's a cookie,” Lyra said as she levitated a cookie out of a box. “Not much of a frosting fan, huh?”

“Not really,” I replied. I retreated back to Bon Bon who now was talking with Rose.

Bon Bon and Rose's conversation turned towards me. Rose said, “So Lyra wasn't joking when she said you were hers.”

I shook my head in agreement. There was something off about Rose though I couldn't tell what. Maybe it was just the setting. That each time I met her there had been other things that made me uncomfortable. Maybe it was just me. Bon Bon seemed to like her just fine.

Turning to Bon Bon again, Rose asked, “Did you adopt? She kinda looks like Lyra.”

“Sort of,” Bon Bon said. She shifted her weight to her other side. “She is related to Lyra.”

“Figured as much her eyes are so much like Lyra's,” Rose said. She leaned closer to Bon Bon. “So tell me the story.”

Bon Bon looked uncomfortable for a second, before answering. She said, “Lilac needed a new home and this is where she ended up.”

Rose looked like she was about to push for more when Pinkie shouted, “Present time. Lyra Bon Bon and Lilac up in front.”

Pinkie Pie's interruption seemed too perfectly timed for Rose stopped her questioning. Bon Bon picked me up and we walked over to in front of the fireplace. Lyra joined us shortly after we had stepped out of the crowd. The three Cutie Mark Crusaders were front and center of the group their siblings behind them save for Scootaloo for which Rainbow dash filled that spot. Twilight sat on the couch and Spike in front of her. Spike was figiting nervously. He asked Twilight something but I couldn't hear them. He seemed to be calmed by her answer.

The rest of the group piled in around them. Pinkie was digging through the pile of presents till she found one she had placed on the bottom. She presented it to Lyra and Bon Bon. The package had a sticker on it that read, From: The Cakes. Inside there was a nice baking sheet. Bon Bon seemed especially happy with it. Pinkie Pie then handed me a present this one read, From: Rarity and Sweetie Belle. Inside a beautifully crafted saddle bag sat encased in tissue paper. One side was some what haphazardly written Lilac Splash in embroider. Sweetie Belle must have done that herself. The rest of the stitching was perfect, better than machine made. There were a number of pouches in it, each of a different size one was big enough to fit a few text books in it and several would have been perfect for a single quil. I looked up at Sweetie Belle and mouthed my gratitude.

Lyra and Bon Bon had opened a few more while I had inspected the saddle bags throughly. Bon Bon had received a mixxing bowl and Lyra was ecstatic to have a new lyre. Pinkie Pie offered me another box this one was Twilight's gift. It had been wrapped magically because there was no tape or adhesive on the paper. It was simply folded into itself tightly, and had a folded flower on top of the box. Carefully I opened it from the bottom and saved the flower. In side the otherwise uninteresting box was a blanket which was wrapped around a book. The book was entitled The Art of the Mind: Mastering Magic with Visualization. The blanket was a quilt. The craftsmanship wasn't of the same quality as Rarity's gift but still was well done and it was adorned with images of gems and hearts.

Once again Bon Bon and Lyra proved more quick than I and had opened a few more of the gifts, much of was small house hold object that we were lacking. Like a lamp and a few kitchen utensils.

“Most of the rest are just for you, Lilac,” Pinkie whispered quietly.

The rest of the boxes went by quicker they were simpler or didn't mean as much to me. I always tried to put on a show of gratitude after each gift even when Rainbow Dash had given me posters of some sort of group called the Wonderbolts. Pinkie Pie's gifts, she had given seven of them were each tied to something I might have gotten when I was that age. A stuffed doll for one, a early reader book for two, some toy set for three, a winter coat for four, a set of quills and ink for five, another doll though this one was more ornate and less foalish, and finally another toy set.

With the gifts taken care of, Pinkie moved the party towards some games. She had just set up pin the tail on the donkey when there was a knock on the door. Pepper was at the door with six large pizzas. Pinkie invited her in but Pepper politely refused, having to get back to the shop. Each pizza was of a different variety. The Cutie Mark Crusaders each got two slices of plain cheese pizza. I selected a piece of the Artichoke and roasted garlic pizza, which had an Alfredo sauce. I would not have thought to put a white sauce on a pizza but it played well with the toppings.

Thankfully I wasn't expected to play any of the party games and it kept the Cutie Mark Crusaders from pestering me too much. Instead I hung around either Twilight, Bon Bon or Lyra, floating between the three on a regular basis. The crowdedness of the house started to wear on my nevres. Thankfully the party had started early and ended before too long. Pinkie Pie stayed to help clean up as did Twilight. Twilight did most of the work though and made short work of the party decorations strewn about. She even managed to roll most of them back up and returned them to Pinkie Pie's bag.

While Lyra helped Pinkie and Twilight, Bon Bon sat with me on the couch. I rested my head on Bon Bon. A sigh escaped my mouth as I finally relaxed. Spike was at the table eating a cupcake that had some sort of gems as toppings.

Bon Bon looked down to me, a smile plastered on her face. She asked quietly, “Did you have fun at the party?”

“Sorta,” I replied. I kept my voice low so hopefully Pinkie Pie wouldn't hear me. “I think I would have had more fun with less people. All of them seemed nice but it was too overwhelming.”

“I could tell,” Bon Bon whispered to me. She still had her smile. “You spent most of the night clinging to one of us three.”

“Well you guys are less scary,” I whispered back. I looked over at Twilight who was almost done cleaning. “Well except for Twilight she is the scariest pony I know, and most powerful.”

Bon Bon giggled at me. She said with mirth in her voice, “Twilight can be a bit scary at times. And yes she probably is one of the more powerful ponies out there, but that's why she is a princess.”

Twilight had done almost three quarters of the clean up herself, and the house was back to its unadorned state. She sat down on the couch next to me.

“I hope you like the book,” Twilight said. She smiled at me. “Its is sort of a tradition for me to get a book for ponies birthday. Right Spike?”

Spike, who had finished his cupcake and was eyeing another, looked up with a startle. He said, “What, Twilight?”

“I normally get ponies a book for their birthday,” Twilight restated in the same cheerful tone as before. “Spike made you the blanket by hand.”

“Sure did. Did you like it?” Spike asked. He had hopped out of the chair and come over to the couch. He held his breath in anticipation.

“Yes,” I said quietly. Spike let out a sigh and took a big breathe. “Thank you for making it for me.”

“Well I figured it should be something special, after all I am sorta your uncle,” Spike said. He puffed up his chest proudly.

In a display counter to his intentions, Spike burped. A large green burst of flame shot out of his mouth. Spike was a dragon, how had I not noticed that before. As his flames disappated, a scroll became visable inside them. Spike grabbed the scroll as it fell from the flames. He handed it to Twilight.

“Must be something important for her to send a letter so late,” Spike comented. Twilight paid him no heed as she was busy reading the letter.

She got off the couch rereading the letter. She looked at Bon Bon with concern on her eyes. She stated, “I have been summoned to Canterlot and need to leave immediately via teleportation. I have to bring Lilac with me.”

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