• Published 5th Nov 2014
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Broken then Healed - Tohshi

A young man has to learn to live with the consequences of his brash decision, as he learns to live in a new town, a new world, and a new body.

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6
After breakfast, Lyra, Bon Bon, and myself went back upstairs. Lyra helped me back into the bed. A third nurse came in shortly there after. She had a light blue mane and a yellow coat.

“Good morning,” the nurse said.

“Good morning, Nurse Snowheart,” Lyra said.

I smiled meekly at the nurse. I said, “Morning.”

“So we need to change your bandages, and have the doctor take a look at you,” said Snowheart. “So I will be right back he should be free now so we can pick two apples at once.”

She left and returned quickly. She carried with her the bag of supplies from last night. Following her, the doctor strode into the room. He smiled at me.

“Got a little lost this morning, huh,” the doctor joked. He chuckled. “Well anyway let's see how your burns are healing shall we.”

He levitated the bandages off of me and inspected my burns. A few places he touched me to test for pain. While not painful his touch was uncomfortable. He quickly finished his inspection.

“Well looks like it's healing nicely,” he said. He grabbed the chart at the end of my bed. “She should be fine to leave after one more application. You can take the bandages off before bed tonight. Make sure you get a bath in before you sleep tonight as well.”

The doctor left the application of the cream to Nurse Snowheart, and left the room. Snowheart was quick, and soon we were headed out the door, me riding on Lyra's back.

“We need to stop by the mayor's office,” Lyra explained. Our route was towards the center of town. On our way we passed a large open air market. This crowd dwarfed the bugger stand crowd. As far as I could tell there might have been nearly a thousand ponies out and about. I spotted Rarity and Sweetie Belle near an apple stand. Near them I saw a pink blur disappear.

“Good morning,” Pinkie pie said from the other direction from where I had been looking.

“Good morning,” Lyra and Bon Bon replied. I stared cautiously at the bouncing pony.

Pinkie looked at me directly her smile as big as the morning sun. She said, “So now I have to throw you a hurray you survived a fire party. Though I guess it may have to be your welcome to Ponyville party too.”

Bon Bon smiled at her and said, “Might as well throw house warming party into the mix while your at it, Pinkie. Though that may delay the party by a bit. We still have to find a house first.”

“Oooh, well this is gonna be a tough party to plan,” Pinkie exclaimed. Her eyes seemed to be twitching, and her left back knee was wobbling oddly. “Especially by tomorrow. Well I gotta go get planing so see you all soon.”

Pinkie Pie dashed away, into the market. My jaw seemed to have malfunctioned and I had to close it twice. A short bit latter we came to a stop out side a large three story building. The crowd of the market had not spread out this way though a large number of ponies were frolicking in the good spring weather. I looked up into the sky a few clouds hung here and there. The closest one had a rainbow colored tail hanging from it.

We entered the circular building. Inside there was a number of benches and a great number of benches, along with a stage. To the right of the stage a door with a plaque over it that was labeled MAYOR'S OFFICE stood open.

Lyra headed into the office in which a tan earth pony mare sat at her desk. She was shuffling through some paperwork. On her desk there was a plaque that was labeled Mayor Mare. She looked up at us and smiled.

“Hello Lyra,” said Mayor Mare. “And Bon Bon. Oh and that must be your new little one?”

“Hello,” I said. Her smile was quite disarming, and I felt comfortable here.

“Why don't you introduce yourself, honey?” Bon Bon asked of me.

I blushed for a second, embarrassed by my lack of manners. I said, “Sorry. My name is Lilac. Its a pleasure to met you.”

“Pleasure is all mine,” Mayor Mare said. She smiled at me then returned her focus to Lyra. “So what brings you to my office today?”

“Well as you probably know our house is no longer … functional,” Lyra stated. “I was hoping that we could find out about some alternatives.”

“Hmm, well I do have a nice list of open houses right here,” Mayor Mare said. She grabbed a small vanilla folder and handed it to Lyra. “But I have one that might be a bit more convenient option. See I have this nice four bed, two and half bath house just two blocks from the Princess' castle that I think would be perfect for you.”

On the mayor's desk a large packet with University printed on it sat on top of the paperwork. Behind that a map which looked like it might be Ponyville was laid out under that. Lyra handed the folder to Bon Bon.

“You're right,” Lyra said. “That does sound pretty good. Do you happen to know how much the owner is looking for it?”

“Yes, I do. In fact the house is currently city property,” explained Mayor Mare. “So the price is quite negotiable.”

Bon Bon sat the folder down on the mayor's desk. She asked, “Okay, so what's your angle? You are practically shoving this house at us.”

“Its simple the field behind your current house would be perfect for a new project of mine,” explained the mayor. “But I by city code have to have road access to build anything there, which with your house out of the way I could do so.”

“How about a trade?” Bon Bon asked. “We will sign over our house to the city and you sign over this other house to us.”

“Sounds like a marvelous idea,” said Mayor Mare. She pulled out another folder out of her desk and handed it open to Bon Bon. “So if you will sign here and here all of the paperwork will be in order.”

“Wait, you already signed and dated these,” Lyra exclaimed.

“Hmm, so I have,” the mayor said. Her smile was still surprisingly disarming.

Lyra and Bon Bon read the documents throughly. Lyra asked, “Are you alright with this, Bon Bon?”

“Seems like a fair deal. The pictures of the house look nice. Might even have a bigger dining room which would be nice for game night,” said Bon Bon. “I think this place will do.”

Lyra took the quill Mayor Mare had produced and signed the paperwork. Bon Bon followed suit. Lyra stated, “Well looks like you have a deal, Mayor. How quickly do you need our stuff out of the house?”

“As soon as possible,” the mayor said. “To that end I have some help for you if you want it.”

“That would be appreciated,” Bon Bon said. She smiled at Mayor Mare. “Thank you for making this a quick and painless move for us.”

“No, no,” Mayor Mare said. “I am the one that should be thanking you. This will help tremendously. Princess Luna wasn't expecting me to have anything for a couple weeks yet so I can't tell you how please she will be at my quick progress.”

“Well we have some packing to do,” Lyra said. “So talk to you later.”

We left the town hall and headed to our old home. Bon Bon said, “That mare scares me sometimes. She always seem to have something up her sleeve.”

Lyra laughed, and replied, “That she does but I guess that's why she is the mayor.”

The walk the rest of the way was nice and quiet. The house came into view when we turned onto the block. The entire dining room wall had been burnt away and so too had the room above that. Smoke stained the walls in the hallway. A notice was posted to the door. It read Condemned. Stepping inside the damage to the house became more evident. The couch was half burnt half melted and the pictures on the walls were in a similar state. The ceiling in every room was coated in a black soot. My breath shortened as we walked through the house in silence. I jumped at as the stairs creaked. I could see the flames in my mind. How they had licked greedily at the walls. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I tightened my grip on Lyra. My head darted back and forth as I imagined the flames.

When we reached the top of the stairs Lyra paused for a second. She took a hold of me with her magic and turned to Bon Bon. Lyra said quietly, “Bon Bon, why don't you and Lilac go to the new house? I can tell this is agitating her.”

“Okay,” replied Bon Bon. Lyra gently set me on Bon Bon's back. “Are you coming with?”

“No,” Lyra said. “I'll get started packing what's still salvageable. I will see you guys soon.”

Bon Bon nodded her head, and headed back downstairs with me in tow. Our walk to the new house was passed quickly. I spent most of it with my head buried into Bon Bon's mane crying. The flames still licked at my imagination.

I unburied my head when we got to our destination. The house was painted a light baby blue. The front door was a bright red. We entered the house into a large room that had a fireplace on the far right end of it. A hallway led off down the center of the house, Through an open double door was another room with a door. Windows lined both rooms walls. The walls were a simple cream but the floors were a brilliant mahogany. An ajar door, next to the hallway, lead into one of the bathrooms, the floor had been tilled in there with a black and white cheekers. The sink was vissible at the back of the bathroom. A pair of doors sat near the end of the large entry room.

Bon Bon let me down off her back and headed left through the double doors. She inspected the single pane windows. Bon Bon remarked, “Well this is a bit bigger than our old dining room, though the living room is huge compared to our previous one.”

I nodded. Bon Bon opened the door which lead into the kitchen. This one was slightly smaller than our previous kitchen but lacked an island. The mahogany floors continued in this room and the counter tops appeared to be made of granite. The refrigerator was much older looking than our old one. There were less cupboard space but more counter space. The stove was equally old as the refrigerator.

Bon Bon finished inspected the stove and had turned back my way. She stared at me for a second concern masked her face. She walked over and hugged me. Bon Bon asked, “Whats the mater, honey?”

Tears ran down my cheeks. I gripped her tightly. Her presence held the sadness at bay. I tried to speak to say I was sorry but nothing could escape my head. We sat there in silence for a while.

The front door opened and interrupted our vigil. Bon Bon carried me out into the living room. Lyra was looking at the fireplace when we entered the room. There was a small bundle near the front door.

Lyra turned and walked over to us. Tears stained her cheeks. She hugged Bon Bon, making a Lilac sandwich. We embraced for a bit, before Lyra pulled away. Lyra said, “There isn't much that's salvageable. But hey lets not dwell on that. It just means we can do allot of shopping. I know how much you love shopping, Bonie.”

Bon Bon chuckled. She said, “I do love shopping. How are you holding up?”

“Fine,” Lyra lied. Her voice was cheerful and fake sounding. “How are you two?”

“I'll be alright,” Bon Bon said. She shifted me so I could look at Lyra.

I opened my mouth but once again the words didn't come. I tried again to no avail. My tears picked up again.

Lyra patted me on the head. Lyra paced for a bit. Her vision firmly planted on the floor. Every so often she would look up at Bon Bon and me, melancholy dancing in her eyes.

Bon Bon stepped over to Lyra and laid a hoof on Lyra's shoulder. Bon Bon said, “Why don't we go shopping? At least for some food and bedding. Our savings can handle that till the insurance comes in from the house.”

Lyra nodded. She headed into the bathroom and splashed water over her face, clearing away the tear marks in her fur. Lyra came back to us. She said, “I am gonna go talk to Claim Adjuster. Maybe he can get our insurance a bit faster. Why don't you two go see if Twilight is back from Canterlot. I bet she will want to see Lilac, and she might be able to help.”

“Thats a great idea,” Bon Bon said. She shifted me from one foreleg to the other. “Will you be fine dealing with Claim Adjuster? I know he can be a bit annoying at times.”

“Yeah, I'll be fine,” Lyra replied. Her eyes were no longer clouded in sorrow, instead determination shone through. “Don't worry. We will make it through this.”

Lyra gave Bon Bon, and me another hug and headed out the door. Bon Bon started to set me down. I tightened my grip. Images of her leaving me in the house alone flooded my mind. My breathing hastened and I started to sob.

Bon Bon extracted herself from my grip and gently whispered into my ear, “There there now. I am just gonna go wash up. Then we are gonna walk over to the castle. Okay.”

She left me there on the floor my tears still flowing. Never again would she love me. I would starve, left here alone forever. I curled up into a ball and hugged my back legs.

Bon Bon picked me up and placed me on her back. I held tight, certain that if I let go that her warmth would leave. The click of the door passed us and soon the clang of a gate as well. My breathing slowed.

Bon Bon said quietly, “We're here.”

The world came back to me, and I found us standing in the library part of Twilight's Castle. One of the guards from earlier was making his way up the stairs. After a bit he returned to the main floor. He said, “The princess shall be down in a moment.”

The guard then returned to his station. True to the guard's word, Twilight Sparkle came down the stairs a short bit later. A smile was plastered on her face, though when she got closer it disappeared. When she reached us, Twilight asked, “What's the matter? What happened?”

“Lilac had a magical outburst,” Bon Bon replied. Her voice resonated with sadness. “It cause a fire in our house. Lilac got burnt pretty badly. Thankfully Cheerilee was there and got both her and Sweetie Belle to safety.”

“I am so sorry,” Twilight said. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“I hate to ask this of you,” Bon Bon said. Her head fell in shame. “Most of our belongings were destroyed or badly damaged in the fire. We talked to Mayor Mare and have worked out a deal for housing but right now we don't really have anything else save for a roof over our heads.”

“Don't worry about any of that okay,” Twilight demanded. “I have plenty of funds left from rebuilding the town after Tirek. So just tell me what you need, and I will make sure you get it.”

“I will pay you back for your help,” Bon Bon insisted. Her head no longer hung low.

“Don't worry about it,” stated Twilight. “Princess Celestia told me to do as I please with the left overs from the rebuilding. Also you and Lyra are taking care of my child. A task I wish I had the time to do myself. I will not hear a word about repayment.”

“Thank you,” Bon Bon said. She looked back at me her eyes tearing up and then back at Twilight.

“Have you eaten anything yet today?” Twilight asked.

“We had a small breakfast but that was all.”

“Well lets go fix that. Captain Spear, would you mind watching the library while I go out for a bit?” Twilight asked of one of the guards.

“Of course not, Princess,” replied the captain.

Twilight bowed her head towards the guard. She then led us out of the castle. Twilight asked, “So anything in particular that sounds good?”

“Not really,” Bon Bon replied. We exited out the gate. The sun was nearly directly above. “I am not all that hungry.”

“Well maybe something will catch our eyes on the way. Where is Lyra by the way?” Twilight asked.

“Dealing with Claim Adjuster,” replied Bon Bon. Her distaste for the stallion was readily apparent on her voice. We had passed the burger stand.

A large building with a pizza sign on it came into view. Twilight paused for a second. She asked, “How about a slice of pizza?”

“Lilac did seem to like the last pizza we had,” Bon Bon said. She glanced back at me. I continued to stare blankly at things. My mind was fuzzy and felt empty.

The pizza place had a few customers in it eating though no one in line. Twilight walked up to the counter and asked the unicorn mare behind the counter, “What do you have on slice?”

“Cheese and dandelion,” the mare said. She had a pale yellow coat and bright red hair. “If you want anything else I can have it made in a jiffy.”

“Thanks, Pepper,” Twilight replied. She looked at Bon Bon and me. I could see the sadness in her eyes. Twilight was trying to hold it back but it still shone through. “So do either of those sound good?”

Bon Bon took a deep breathe. The smell of melted cheese and pizza sauce filled the room. Bon Bon replied, “Cheese sounds fine to me, and I don't think Lilac will mind that.”

I nodded my head slowly. Twilight turned back towards Pepper, and said, “So three slices of cheese, please.”

“Coming right up,” Pepper said. “That will be 3 bits.”

Twilight's horn lit up for a second. With a small pop a small bag appeared floating in her aura. She extracted the money and handed it to Pepper. Pepper handed over three plates. Twilight lead us over to an empty booth. Bon Bon untangled me from her back and slid me into the booth. She joined me on the bench. Twilight sat opposite of us.

Twilight and Bon Bon ate their slice of pizza in relative silence. The bell that hung from the door rung and two mares walked in.

“-On an empty stomach,” Vinyl said. “Besides maybe we should get one to go that way we can cheer them up with pizza.”

“Vinyl, Pizza is not a fix all,” groaned Octavia. They walked up to the counter and Vinyl started ordering a monstrous pizza. Octavia sighed and looked around.

Noticing us she pranced over. She smiled at us concern dancing in her eyes. Octavia said, “Hello. We have been looking for you. Went over to your house for game day to find it nearly burnt down. As you can imagine I may have panicked a bit.”

“Sorry,” Bon Bon replied. “I had forgotten about the game. Had other things on my mind.”

Octavia giggled. She said, “Of course you did. How are-” Her gaze fell on me, and my bandages. “-Oh dear, Is Lilac alright?”

“She got caught in the blaze,” Bon Bon said quietly. “The doctors did a good job and said she could go home today.”

Twilight had finished her slice of pizza. She scooted over in the bench and motioned for Octavia to sit down with us. Taking notice of my plate, Twilight said, “Lilac you haven't touched your pizza. Are you not hungry?”

I continued to stare blankly at the wall. Bon Bon leaned over to me and said, “Lilac, you need to eat. I understand that your probably not very hungry right now but why don't you just try your pizza.”

I looked up at Bon Bon. Tears once more flowed down my cheeks. I opened my mouth to talk but still no words came. I leaned up against Bon Bon and hugged her tightly.

“She hasn't talked since we went to the house this morning,” Bon Bon said. With her free foreleg, I had pinned the other one, She grabbed my slice of pizza. She held it out to me and I took a bite. “I don't know whats wrong.”

“I think its shock,” Octavia said. “Maybe we should go talk to Doctor Clear. Maybe she can help. Though I think her office is closed today.”

Bon Bon continued to feed me. Vinyl had finished ordering her pizza and came over.

“See I told you they were alive,” Vinyl said to Octavia. “Though I guess we only found two of them.”

“Vinyl, please remember your manners,” Octavia said. Her grin was twisted and murderous. “How long till your pizza is ready?”

“Pepper said she could have it done in about half an hour,” Vinyl said, completely unphased by Octavia's death glare. “So sorry about the house. I am gonna miss that old table.”

“Thank you,” Bon Bon said. She offered another bite to me which I took. “I will miss the table, too.”

“What can Vinyl and I help you with?” Octavia asked. “Your welcome to stay with us for the time being.”

“Lyra and I have already found a place,” Bon Bon explained. Bon Bon took a large bite of her own pizza leaving just the crust left. She offered me another bite of my pizza. The pizza was quite good. “Thank you for the offer and we may have to take you up on that if we can't find bedding for the night.”

“We are out shopping for necessities,” Twilight said. “Food was our first stop.”

“Well what else do you need?” Octavia asked.

“Well beding, food for the house,” Bon Bon stated. She moved further into the bench allowing Vinyl to sit with us. “My mind is drawing a blank. Sorry.”

“No its fine why don't we just get those to covered and work from there,” Octavia suggested. “Vinyl why don't you go tell Pepper that you will be back to pick up the pizza in a bit, and then go tell Lyra what we are up to. Then the two of you will met us back at Bon Bon and Lyra's new house. Okay?”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Vinyl responded. She got up and talked to Pepper.

Bon Bon presented my pizza to me again. My stomach felt full so I just shook me head. She placed the remainder of the slice on her plate and gathered the trash. Bon Bon asked, “Are you ready to go, Twilight?”

“Yes,” Twilight responded.

Octavia and Twilight slide out of the bench. With a bit of effort, Bon Bon managed to do the same without dislodging me. She placed me on her back and we headed out the door.

“Come again,” Pepper called from behind the counter.

Vinyl came out of the building last. Vinyl gave Bon Bon a quick hug, and kissed Octavia on the cheek. She stated, “See you guys in a bit. Have fun shopping.”

We all said our goodbyes, and headed off towards the center of town. Many ponies were busy selling their wares, while others seemed content to take a lazy day in the sun. Quite a few of them stopped and waved at Twilight as we passed.

After a short bit we made it to a large building with a large round sign hanging off of it. The sign read Sleepy's Furniture. Large windows on the front of the building revealed a number of beds arranged for display inside the large main floor. The inside was well lit and a dark blue stallion could be seen sitting on a stool near the back.

Twilight paused for a second outside the furniture shop. She asked, “Bon Bon do you mind if we make multiple stops? I'd prefer to not shop at Filthy's Bargain Barn right now.”

“I don't mind,” Bon Bon replied.

Twilight lead the way into the shop. On the right of the door a number of beds were spread about. To the left a number of couches and coffee tables. Seeing us enter the store clerk got up and sauntered over. He was a pegasus with a black mane and tail. He was tall and lean.

“Welcome to Sleepy's,” said the stallion. “My name is Active Pants. My father is taking a day off. Anything you need help with?”

“We are looking to pick up some furniture,” Twilight explained. “I know that we need at least two beds and probably a few other things. Bon Bon?”

Bon Bon looked over the beds to our right. She asked, “What do you have in princess size?”

“Right over here are our largest beds,” Active Pants said as he lead us over to the far front corner. “We have both spring and foam mattresses. And all of our bed frames come in multiple colors.”

Octavia started to wander around the beds, making her way towards the couches. Bon Bon inspected the closet of the three large beds. It was a foam mattress over a metal spartan frame.

“Bon Bon do you have preference on mattress type?” Twilight asked. She inspected another bed which had a large four post frame.

“I know that Lyra prefers foam ones,” Bon Bon explained. “Personally it doesn't mater to me much. Are all the mattress enchanted with a durability charm?”

“Yes they are as is all of our furniture,” explained Active Pants. “Should prevent any wear and tear for at least a year or two.”

Bon Bon moved to look at the third bed. It had a more simple wooden frame that had a stained finish and sported moon motifs. Bon Bon asked, “Twilight what do you think of this one?”

“Seems nice to me,” Twilight said. She looked at the frame for a second. “It has nice craftsmanship, but really I am not much one for picking based on ascetic. Do you like it?”

“I think so,” Bon Bon replied. She gently shook the bed. “I think I like this one the best.”

“Well we will take that one with a foam mattress,” Twilight said. “Can we get that delivered?”

“Of course,” Active Pants said. “We have free next day shipping or for a nominal fee we can have anything you purchase delivered today.”

“Today would be best,” Twilight said.

“Do you have any shorter frames for twin size mattress?” Bon Bon asked. She scanned the room. Octavia had made it over to the couches and was currently trying out a love chair.

“Yes right this way,” Active pants said. He lead us further back into the shop to a small frame which was just a two feet off the ground. “This is the only one we have in twin size. We do also have some more foal friendly beds” -He pointed over towards the left back corner- “over there.”

“Well what do you think, Lilac?” Bon Bon asked.

The frame was a simple wooden frame that lifted the bed a few inches off the floor. It was made of a dark brown wood and was painted white. There was a head rest that raised about three feet up from the bed.

Not even bothering trying talking I nodded my head. The bed seemed nice and I liked that it was short enough that I could get in and out of it on my own.

“Well I think that means she likes it,” Twilight said. “So we will take that two also with a foam mattress. Hmm can you take us to your dining room table sets?”

Active Pants lead us around the store first showing us to the table sets of which there was a small selection of. Bon Bon selected a nice large square one which could fit eight comfortably. We then picked out a couch and bookshelf. The couch was a fuzzy green corduroy, that could sit three. And the book shelf was a tall cherry wood with seven shelves. Twilight had insisted on getting a shelf.

Octavia join us after we picked out the shelf. Twilight suggested we go look at the foal section while she paid for the furniture. The foal selection had a variety of shaped beds, including one that looked like a lightning bolt and another that seemed to be Darring Do themed. There was also matching dressers and nightstands.

Twilight returned and we said our goodbyes to Active pants. We then headed out of the shop. We headed off to our right. As we walked the others engaged in small talk. I didn't pay much attention to them. Soon enough we came across another store. This one had a large sign that read Towels and Blankets. The windows were very opaque and tinted blue.

Twilight entered the building holding the door open with her magic. Bon Bon and Octavia followed her in. The room was filled with shelves with a large selection of towels on each. The shelves formed hallways which ran front to back. At the end of the entry hall way a old mare sat behind a counter. She was engrossed in her stitch work. She had silvery hair and a pale yellow coat.

After a short while Bon Bon picked out three towels, one green, one beige, and one purple. Towards the far left of the room there were racks of blankets and quilts. There were incalculable number of designs and patterns. Bon Bon picked out a set of blankets in princess size and then sat in front of the fuzzy blankets.

“Lilac really liked the previous blanket we got,” Bon Bon explained. “It had Luna's cutie mark on it.”

They had a similar one to my old blanket but also one that depicted a sun mark and a green heart. Twilight's cutie mark was also among the blankets.

“It is still weird to see blankets with my cutie mark emblazoned on them,” Twilight stated. She felt the one with her mark on it.

“Well if you want we could get that one for Lilac,” Bon Bon joked.

Twilight blushed at the comment. She started flipping through all the fluffy blankets looking for another one to suggest instead. Finding one that struck her fancy she proffered it for examination.

The blanket was a soft mint green blanket without any images on it. Twilight held it close enough that I could feel it. This one was softer than the last one and was a bit thicker. I rubbed my head against it.

“So I think thats a yes,” Twilight stated.

I nodded my head.

Twilight grabbed matching sheets and we paid and headed out the door. We paused for a second outside of the shop. Twilight carried the bags from the shop.

“Thought of anything else you need for the house?” Twilight asked. She had turned to look at Bon Bon. “Out side of food.”

Bon Bon pawed at the ground for a second, while she stared off in the direction of the castle. It had been nearly an hour since we had left the pizza place. Bon Bon replied, “Not right now. I am certainly forgetting something but I would like to get back to the house soon.”

“Well that's fair,” Twilight said. “I bet today has been tiring.”

We headed off towards the market. The roads became more crowded as we went and soon enough we hit the packed market. Bon Bon went and picked out some simple ready to eat vegetables and fruits. We came to the apple stand.

“Good afternoon, Twilight, Bon Bon, Octavia,” said a orange mare. Her hair was long and blonde. She had a cowboy hat on. “Need some apples?”

“Hello, Applejack,” Twilight said. Twilight motioned towards me. “I want to introduce you to Lilac, you know the filly I told you about a few days ago.”

“Welcome to Ponyville,” Applejack said. “So what brings the lot of you all out together today?”

“Shopping,” Bon Bon replied. “Our house burnt down and Twilight here is being very generious. Helping us get back on our feet.”

“Well here let me get you a bunch of apples, on the house,” Apple Jack said. “Won't ever be said that an Apple doesn't help those in need.”

Applejack handed Bon Bon a bag bulging with apples. There must have been at least a dozen apples in it. The bag was made of a cheap burlap.

“Thank you,” Bon Bon said. She bowed her head slightly.

“Ain't a problem,” Applejack said. She glanced over me, her eyes resting on my bandages. “Hows your little one doing?”

“She a bit traumatized,” Twilight explained. Twilight glanced my direction for a second before returning her gaze towards Applejack. “But physically in decent health. Just a few burns.”

“Well thats a good thing,” Applejack said. “Well you lot look a bit tired. So don't let me hold you up. Have a good night.”

Octavia trotted over a new bag added to her collection. She said, “I found some of the bread Lyra likes.”

We left the apple stand behind and finished our grocery shopping. The return trip to our new home was thankfully a quick one. Vinyl and Lyra were both there already.

“Hello,” Lyra said to us as we entered the house. Lyra hopped up and hugged Bon Bon. “How was shopping? Get anything good?”

Bon Bon extracted herself from Lyra's hug. Setting her bags down, Bon Bon said, “Yes. Just some of the necessities. Some furniture should be delivered soon.”

“Well that's good,” Lyra said. Her magic graspped me and Lyra pulled me into a hug. “How are you feeling?”

I cried and shook my head. I gripped her tightly as I burried my head into her shoulder.

Octavia and Twilight had entered behind us and set there bags down next to Bon Bon's bag. Twilight stepping out of the way for Octavia looked over the room. Octavia grabbed the groceries and asked, “Where is the kitchen?”

“Through that door,” Lyra said as she pointed towards the kitchen door. “Thanks for being here, Octavia.”

“It's what friends are for,” Octavia responded. She and Vinyl headed off into the kitchen.

Bon Bon rummaged through the bags from Towels and Blankets. She extracted the mint green blanket and wrapped it around me. She then placed me off to one side near the big front window.

The first load of furniture showed up as Octavia had finished putting away the groceries and had returned to the living room. A large burly earth pony stallion came up to the door. His coat was a deep blue and he had sky blue hair. He knocked twice in rapid succession.

Lyra opened the door. He smiled as she did. The Stallion said, “Furniture Deleivery for a Ms. Bon Bon.”

“Your at the right place,” Lyra said. “Do you need her to sign for it?”

“Yes,” the stallion said. Bon Bon got up from next to me and walked over to the door. The stallion produced a clipboard and pen, on which Bon Bon signed.

He shouted back out to the cart that was parked out front of the house, “Bring em up boys.”

The stallion then walked back towards the cart to get a load for himself. The first load was the princess size mattress which was being levitated by a pink unicorn stallion he had dark red hair. His aura was a light blue as was his eyes. He paused for directions when he got into the house. Lyra led him down the hallway. The next load was the couch, carried by the blue stallion and a green pegasus with bright blue hair. Bon Bon indicated them to place it down in the main room opisite of me.

Returning from the hallway the pink unicorn headed out to get another load returning with the other mattress which he took down the hallway again. The table and chairs came next followed by the bookshelf and then the bed frames which were in pieces. The blue stallion offered to put the frames together but Twilight said she could do it. The delivery crew bid their farewells and Twilight disappeared down the hallway.

I fell asleep while the others started to chat about their game. I was awoke by Bon Bon. Octavia and Vinyl had left by that point but Twilight had remained.

“Lyra told me that Rarity helped you find your magic this morning,” Twilight stated. She had been standing near me when Bon Bon had shook me awake. “I was hoping I could help you practice your telekinesis.”

I gave her a puzzled look. Telekinesis? I stood up and streeched the sleep out of my limbs. I turned my attention back at Twilight waiting for her to give me instructions.

“Well how about we try to play catch?” Twilight asked her voice was filled with uncertainty. My lack of speech seemed to be affecting her. She grabbed one of the empty bags with her magic. She concentrated for a second. Her horn's glow brightened for a second and the bag transformed into a ball. “Here this should be fairly easy to use and light enough to not break any windows.”

She tossed the ball at me. Instinctively I grabbed it with my hooves. It was a squishy foam ball that was colored a bright orange. Setting the ball on the ground I gripped it with my magic. Shakily I lifted it up to my eye height. I pushed the ball away with my magic and then let go. Only to watch the ball gently fall to the floor.

Twilight giggled for a second. When she regained her composure she said, “Nice try, but you have to push and let go at the same time to get it to throw. Also loosen your grip a bit I could tell that you were holding it tighter than you needed, the ball was deflated a bit while you were grabbing it.”

She grabbed the ball with her magic and tossed it back at me. This time I tried to grab it mid flight with my magic. My magic surrounded the ball and squished it down in size. The ball slipped through my grasp though and came pummeling into my face. Thankfully it was made of foam.

“Nice try,” Lyra said as she came into the room from the kitchen. Bon Bon was sitting on the couch watching us and Lyra joined her.

I picked up the ball with my magic once more this time trying hard to not squeeze to hard. I tried to throw the ball again. This time I was slightly more successful and manage to get the ball halfway between Twilight and myself. Twilight deftly returned the ball to me which I caught with my hooves again.

My third attempt at throwing the ball was much more successful though with much to much power. The Ball soared through the air and would have gone much to far if Twilight had not caught it with her magic. The throwing was starting to wear on my magic reserves and sweat formed on my brow.

“Much better,” Twilight said. She smiled at me and joy filled her eyes. “Though I think we should call it good for the day. Your magic reserves seem a bit low right now, which isn't all to surprising. Lyra you may want to feed Lilac some mana rich foods, so zap apple jam or any Moon Cactus dishes would be good.”

“I have never had moon cactus,” Bon Bon said. “How does one normally prepare it?”

“I am not certain on all the little details of cooking it. Not much of a cook myself,” Twilight said. “But every time I have had it it was baked into a quiche. I may have a book on it at the castle.”

I walked over to Twilight and gave her a hug. I whispered, “Thanks.”

Twilight embraced me back. She asked, “Are you feeling better now?”

“Yes,” I said. “A bit. Thanks for helping me find my words again.”

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