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Throughout their relationship, Twilight had come to accept that sometimes Rarity got emotional and no power in Equestria could stop her. She just wished the unicorn wouldn't decide to do so when she was busy working on a research paper for Princess Celestia.

A shamelessly sappy fluffy drabble that got very out of hand. Half based on the prompt "[ship] finds a song that’s /their song/, and get emotional over it even if it's a terrible song"

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This was also sickeningly adorable. I'm having the best of luck with this lately!

I could seriously read your fluff all day. You should never feel embarrassed releasing stories like this. A quick read through will give most people a smile.

Wop nam Gangnam Style!

:raritycry: - This is so sad!

Now I have to read this again, but with some Moulin Rouge. xD
Because, though not a musical, this here is way too sappy and totally not a song I've replayed more times than I'd ever admit to.


Everytime I hear that song I linked, the more I wanna see if there's a TwiLuna / RariLuna out there with equal amounts of sappiness. But now I have RariLight to fill those urges. :heart:

This got me giggling at the right moments. And just love how adorable this Twilight is. Too tired and must sleep. But glad I managed to stay up catch this one. Loved the characterization on Twilight so much. She only made Rarity shine all the more, especially at the start and that end of the flashback. :heart:

5141614 Ha! Careful, people will actually think that song's a part of this story. xD
Dat Author's note. Makes me wanna see an alternate take on this. Though that would only really work as a visual gag then a written one at this point,

Well that is a wonderful fluffy romance piece, it seems very real and in character for them.

I love this! RARILIGHT IS THE DEATH OF ME!!!! :raritywink::twilightblush:

How to be annoying 101:
Get the authors attention. HELLO AUTHOR
Secondly, say a few annoying lines
Gangnam Style!
eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh Sexy Twilight-and-Rarity...
It doesn't flow as well as I thought

This is everything I love about Rarilight (well, the SFW parts anyway), so please don't stop.
Purple girlfriends forever!
:raritywink: :heart: :twilightsmile:

General apology for the über late replies :twilightblush:

Ah, thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

Ahhhhhhh!!! You're really too kind to me :twilightblush: I honestly can't thank you enough for your on-going support,,,

Ah, thank youuu! And my gosh, I'm so happy you said that because I literally worry all the time that I'm ruining Twilight's characterization :twilightoops:


Thank you! I'm really glad you liked it, and I'm really really glad you felt they were IC!

I feel the same way :raritywink:

This was so sweet :twilightsmile: I imagined them singing along to As Long As You're Mine from Wicked because that was the only showtune that I could think of

Shamelessly sappy is sometimes exactly what I need. And sometimes it's fun to write. I could stand a few more sappy stories. :twilightblush:

This was really lovely and romantic read. I loved the whole situation, and I found the detail of Rarity singing along while at the theater to be a quirky and endearing bit of characterization for fashion horse. And "Come What May" is just about the perfect song for Rarity.

That was beautiful

I am just having the best of luck finding stories that make me happy - even if this is an older one, it's awesome.

Ya know, RariTwi isn't even in my top five ships, but I swear, I always end each one wearing the doofiest grin on my face :twilightsheepish:

Definitely brought a smile to my face!

Awww! That was so wonderful and beautifully sweet.

A delightful little story that's wonderfully fluffy and cute.


(now please picture a Moulin Rouge-esque Rarilight AU and let's agree it would be amazing).

I think we can all agree on that now.

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