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Twilight writes a letter to Princess Celestia.

Hopefully she writes back.

Maybe she will.

Maybe she won't.

Why doesn't she write back?

Why not?

Set in the same 'verse as (sic). Reading of that story is not required.

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That went from cute to creepy

Take a my yays:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

!:derpyderp1: LOL that just made me have all the feelz

...That... Got real dark real fast...

Well, Sweetie Belle got a happy ending, is it ok if I imagine a happy ending to this?

Celestia doesn't fix problems, Twilight. She causes them. :trollestia:

But this made me sad for tiny Purplesmart. :fluttershysad:

The captain can be so paranoid sometimes. The filly, subject, the subject has been depositing letters for almost a week now and he still won't let anyone retrieve the letters. There hasn't been any occurrences in days and even if one did happen while someone was checking the mail the odds of it hitting them outside the house are abysmal.
The captain's keeping this under wraps. Probably doesn't want to explain his lack of action to higher ups any more than he'd want to explain getting more guards hurt. Is he content to let the filly and her parents starve while we sit outside making sure no one leaves?
The mail box is overfilled, one of the letters dropped out during my night shift. I didn't read much of it but the Dear Princess Celestia has lead me to my next course of action. I don't know if she's been updated on the scenario but she's about to be.
Did I do the right thing? The princess said thanks to me but since then I've heard the servants talking. You couldn't tell by looking at her but those who have been working with her for years swear that she is absolutely furious. When I asked about the Captain's whereabouts I was told he was busy with an investigation.
That's one worry off my chest. I saw the filly in court today, she was cowering behind Princess Celestia but she definitely looked fondly upon the princess. Apparently she's staying close to the princess until she learns to control her powers. From what I've gathered the captain has been fired. Nobodies told me news of her parents and several thought she was an orphan. I wonder why.


This may or may not be added to the canon to the expanding 'verse.

But if I do happen to use it, I will be sure to credit you.

Otherwise, it lays as unofficial.

I take it this means you like it :pinkiehappy:
I was wondering what the guards were doing during this given they blocked off the house and why no one took the letters and came up with that as an explanation for why it took so long and provide a route for the happy ending I always want (as happy as losing your parents and be traumatically afraid of being unloved, not that canon Twilight is ever afraid of losing Celestia's love :trollestia:)


I like the explanation. I do, however, like to leave things open-ended for readers to find their own explanations. Not that I don't have my own (in fact, maybe most of the things that will happen next will most likely be influenced by readers theories).

Just to point out, I wouldn't necessarily call Sweetie Belle's ending a happy one. At least, not yet. :pinkiecrazy:


I wouldn't necessarily call Sweetie Belle's ending a happy one. At least, not yet.

You are a wonderfully horrible person :twilightsmile:


You have no idea how much that made me smile. :pinkiecrazy:

Just don't kill her off and I'll probably be happy with whatever else you want to put the poor girl through.
(I hate it when a developed character gets killed off to shock the reader while removing hopes for further character exploration)


Remember this:

There are fates far worse than death.

For the character, not me, I like me some psychological trauma :heart:

I like the way you abuse children. It's hot.

Thus saith the Lord!
-Pimp Lord Smooze, Eater of Worlds, Blood God Extraordinaire, Fic Reviewing Master, Connoisseur of Self-Aggrandizement

That is so sad but I bet Celestia is getting her letters. She just doesn't know how to respond . . . I think.:fluttercry:

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