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Collaboration by Me and ExplodingClay Edited by Alticron

Cover by TJHoofer

It’s Nightmare Night once again in Ponyville. Princess Luna makes her grand appearance and is even greeted by her friend Pipsqueak, who asks her to spend Nightmare Night with him. After getting plenty of treats, Luna wishes to find a way to scare the children and she comes up with something that will definitely give them a scare and a Nightmare Night they’ll always remember.

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It's very rare to find a story that, whilst being fetish material, can also work as it's own story AND, more importantly, actually tries to make the characters and setting feel true to the source material. This one really tries to do that. So it gets my upvote. :D

5075540 :scootangel: Thank you I'm so glade you approve me and my friends worked very hard staying to the actual characters I try to take vore as a very kind approach keeping the one who's eaten safe from harm within the belly of his/her eater. I really hate it when someone writes vore fanfiction and makes the characters curl :applecry: and not stay into character. :fluttershysad:

Thank you so much for the kind words :twilightsmile:

You're welcome.

Dat grammar.

I could definitely see this as a real episode.

5087214 Thanks I'm glade you think so ^^

yay let the smexy nightmare night fics roll on out!.....

though i don't partake in vore , still a decent fic nontheless....

5088875 Um thanks and uh I never attended it to be sexy thow

5089412 but it's fetish fuel......

Hey, that was good. If Twilight were a unicorn it would've been perfect.

5092676 That's not what I attendant it to be either :trixieshiftleft:

5096913 Well I wanted it to be in season 4 at least before Tierk poped up

5106092 Had you actually gone with the conclusion of the fourth series I wouldn't have even clicked the 'Like' button.

5106087 lol that auto spelling correction.....

Good story. I always imagined Luna taking the legend of Nightmare Moon and turning it into something more positive and fun :twilightsmile:

5106145 So you don't like the story cause its in season 4? (sorry I'm just a little confused)

5110040 I always saw it like that too

5116307 The only reason I hadn't favourited it on account of Twilight being an alicorn is because the episode where she becomes one directly harkens back to the beginning of the third series and the end of the second series.

I have a blog that might make the issue a bit more clear if you're interested.

Really liked it. Good job.

Brilliant job! I hope you make more

Every vorephilic's dream! Let me take the place of Pipsqueak!

I can't read this. I mean, I seriously can't read this. I tried, but…

Luna took a dive into a nearby well all; the ponies watched as a bright lime green light shot out with steaming fog out of the light and a swarm of bats took flight, then Princess Luna emerged from the well, making all the ponies near shout with glee and cheer.

This sentence hurts. And it's just one of many. Auto-correct is not a proofreader, and if you had an actual person pre-read it, never use them again.

New cover?

7368206 Yep its on my friend on Deviant did he didn't make for me. I just asked him if I could use it cause it fit the story.

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