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I am a fiction writer. Like you all know XD. There's more but I'll add later


(Okay now anyone starts messing with me and my stories I post on here. I'm not a really a good writer I'm still trying to get my grammar, and other stuff better so cut me some slack okay. I'm still getting help trying to write stories and such. Also I'm not good trying to place the characters like Applejack or anyone else so yeah ^^)

Okay basically let me explain what's going on. After the letter that Twilight wrote how tickling was fun and Meteor trying to convince Princess Celestia. She finally made up her mind. Now the male ponies are in for a shocker about what Princess Celestia is up to with a help of Meteor Light too

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By the ratings look. That means this story sucks or needs more work...sigh knew was bad coming to another website and showing my stories.:fluttershyouch: I'm going to be posting more here :pinkiehappy:

finish it finish it please :fluttershysad:

i like ur story finish it

Hrm. Nice. Got here from looking up OC fanfictions. No idea why I clicked on it. Anywho, I like the build up. You did a pretty fine job on this one!

33902 Please Finish this! It would be awesome if we could see them have a tickle fight

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