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In spired by Autismo555 FanFic. Snack-Sized Sweetie.
A collab with Star-Sage. Taking place before the episode 'The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows'.

During another stressful Grand Summit Twilight Sparkle while taking a much needed nap accidentally shrinks Spike down to size. Now at his tiny size the tiny dragon must find a way to get back to his normal size and survive the new gigantic world.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 55 )

Interesting so far, but this could stand to use some clean-up. There's a lot of spots where commas are needed and there are a fair number of typos as well.

Weird I expect him to be turned in a hatchling.

When Spike shrunk, was his voice normal or 'chipmunkized'?

7654754 Quiet a day he's having isn't he.

The latest chapter was better, but he could temporarily get shrunken even more.:-D

7656176 You mean until he's smaller than microscopic? Ponies don't have the tech for that.

7656176 I don't mind him being tiny I just rather have him a size that's suitable and not difficultly microscopic.

7656521 He's just 3 inches, no? :D

He going to be eaten by his aunt Luna!!!!

7658857 Well read the next chapter and find out.

Ouch. When will ponies notice him and when will Twilight be smacked in the head kicked in the teeth?

For mighty Spike, beware of Tiberius.

I like this story, but it seriously needs an editor. Not only do the typos and lack of commas persist, but this chapter has times when it's missing periods.

7667883 Sorry, but I'm really swamped with stuff related to A Pony Displaced: Another Path, as well as a Fallout: Equestria collab.

I wish there will be some Cadance stuff too :D

Your Killing Me with the's cliffhangers.
Love it!

7677808 Thank you. Hope I keep you existed.

Hopefully by the end of this, Spike should smack Twilight upside the head of something.

Wow. A story with stuff I LIKE! Great job on both of your parts. I wonder what'll happen next

7715111 Getting to it. And thanks for the fave buddy. ^^

7750024 I can't wait for the next chapter and seeing what Spike does to try to get out.

loooooooove this kind of stuff!!!!:pinkiehappy: i wish i was shrunk!

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