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Heritage - Alaborn

Blue Seas wants to swim for Ponyville in the Equestria Games. But even more than that, he wants to learn about the mother who gave him up for adoption. He could never anticipate the truth about his heritage!

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By Alaborn

Standard disclaimer: This is a not for profit fan work. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is copyright Hasbro, Inc. I make no claim to any copyrighted material mentioned herein.


June 23, 1496
Mihaymi, Principality of Equestria

“The concluding event is the finals of the 200m freestyle,” a magically amplified voice echoed through the stadium.

“Swimmers, please take your positions,” the volunteer coordinating the swimming events called.

This was it, the final swim match of the 1496 Equestria Games. Blue Seas stood up from the shaded bench where he was resting, stretched, and walked to the pool, blinking in the bright sun. The pool being used for the swimming events was outdoors, so that meant dealing with the hot, muggy Mihaymi summer air. It made the pool that much more appealing.

Blue Seas put thoughts of the weather out of his mind as he donned his horn blocker. He also tried to put thoughts of the competitors out of his mind, but that proved a harder task. By happenstance, all of his half-seapony friends had qualified for the finals of this race. Wave Crasher was in lane 2, Sea Star in lane 3, Azure Spark in lane 6, and Roller in lane 8. Blue Seas had drawn lane 4, where he wanted to be, but that just made him conscious of the competitor to his right.

He had noticed Tide Pool, or rather his mane, immediately. The young earth pony stallion of seapony heritage from Mihaymi was a hometown favorite, and his raw talent and uncertainty in facing the biggest athletic stage in Equestria reminded Blue Seas of himself four years prior.

Blue Seas tried not to focus on his competitors. Any of them could win, as proven by them making the finals. And even though this was one of Blue Seas’s best events, he wouldn’t take anything for granted. He visualized the race, the feel of the water, churned by the strokes of his competitors.

He took his place on the starting block. The starting block certainly felt smaller. Blue Seas had grown taller and broader across the withers, filling out and gaining muscle mass. All his focus went to the race. The sound of the whistle would be followed by the perfect jump into the water. Each powerful stroke would propel his body down the lane. Touch, turn, swim, and repeat for the third and fourth laps.

Blue Seas looked to the referee. He was ready.

The whistle sounded.

With one smooth motion, wasting not one fraction of a second, Blue Seas was in the water, his legs executing the strokes with perfect form. A warm feeling surged through him, the feeling of doing what his cutie mark was telling him. He flowed with the waves in the pool. With the correct count, he tapped the wall, turned, and cut through the water.

Through the second, third, and fourth legs, everything felt perfect. When he hooked his foreleg on the edge of the pool and pulled himself out of the water, he quickly glanced left and right. He had won, by several seconds at least.

He stepped off to the sidelines, greeting his friends with a brief hug and pat on the withers as they joined him. Although the physical exertion was finished, his heart pounded with excitement and anticipation.

The pool being used didn’t display the times for each lane, so all eyes turned to the scoreboard. As soon as the final swimmer pulled himself out of the water, the scoreboard illuminated, starting with first place. Blue Seas saw the flag of Ponyville, then his cutie mark, and finally his time: 1:49.12.

Nopony had ever broken the 1:50 barrier in the 200m freestyle, in any swimming competition, ever. Until today.

Blue Seas held the world record.

As soon as everypony realized what he had accomplished, he was surrounded by ponies, offering their congratulations. The cheers were so loud, he almost missed the next announcement: “Medalists, to the podium.”

Blue Seas walked alongside Roller, who finished third, and took his place on the highest step for the third time. This Equestria Games, he won three gold medals, one silver medal, and two bronze medals.

His father, Prince Blueblood, approached, the display gold medal held in his magical aura. He levitated the medal around Blue Seas’s neck. “I’m proud of you, son,” he whispered.

Blue Seas bowed his head. “Thank you, Father.”

The medal ceremony concluded, Blue Seas headed to the locker room. But he paused when he saw the young pony from Mihaymi sitting on the bench, staring at his hooves. Blue Seas sat next to him. “What’s wrong, Tide Pool?”

“I lost.”

“We all lose, more often than we win,” Blue Seas replied.

“But I didn’t win anything. I let my parents down. I let Mihaymi down.”

“I don’t think you let yourself down, Tide Pool. You swam very well, even if you didn’t earn a medal. Four years ago, I was in your horseshoes.”

“But you’re really good!” Tide Pool said.

“I wasn’t as good when I was your size. Look, I’ll say what the others said to me back then. You have talent, but you’re still growing. I expect you’ll be collecting a ton of medals in four years. But that will only happen if you don’t give up.”

Tide Pool stood up. “I could never give up swimming.”

“Glad to hear that, rookie. And I’ll see you at the post-Equestria Games celebration!”

The next day was the final day of the Equestria Games. As he had done four years prior, he waited for the conclusion of the marathon. Second place went to a runner from Ponyville, solidifying his town’s hold on third place in the total medal count. He was proud of his own accomplishments in the pool, but he felt more satisfied to have fulfilled his promise from the previous Equestria Games, to see Ponyville in one of the top three spots for total medal count.

He returned to the room he shared with Wave Crasher. The stallion was struggling with the bowtie of his tuxedo. Blue Seas pulled out his own tuxedo as he asked if Wave Crasher needed any help.

“No. I swore I’d get this right one time,” Wave Crasher said. “And this is my last chance.”

“What do you mean?”

“This is probably my last party,” he replied.

“What? You won three medals,” Blue Seas said.

“And none gold. Face it, Blue Seas, I’m getting old. And yes, twenty-eight is old.”

“So, what are you going to do?”

“Maybe I’ll head to Vanhoover. Red-Fluke is looking to start a family, so there’s a school that’s going to need a coach.”

“Start a family?” Blue Seas shuddered. Red-Fluke was a narwhal seapony stallion from the seapony city of Pacifica, who lived on the surface in nearby Vanhoover. He was an excellent swim teacher, even in pony form. But as a seapony, starting a family meant… well, something Blue Seas had no desire to experience.

“I don’t understand it, either.” Wave Crasher glanced at Blue Seas. “Is that another Rarity tuxedo?”


Wave Crasher looked at his own rented tuxedo. “That’s not fair. You’re going to have all the mares noticing you.”

“I’ll be leaving early, so you won’t have to worry about that.” Blue Seas patted the pocket of his tuxedo, making sure the small box he had brought from home was safe. “I have another engagement tonight.”

“Must be important.”

“More than you can ever know.”

A line of carriages waited to take the athletes to the celebration, to be held in the ballroom of a hotel on Mihaymi Beach. Blue Seas shared a carriage with his friends. Their destination was a grand hotel, in the unique architectural style common to Mihaymi Beach. Palm trees lined the approach to the hotel, swaying in the gentle breeze.

“I hope the buffet is ready. I’m starving!” Roller said.

Blue Seas’s stomach growled. “I have to agree with you there!” he said.

An entire wing of the hotel was roped off. Ponies on staff checked their names against a list before admitting them. They found that the party was spread across two ballrooms and a large outdoor patio area, with food stations everywhere.

“I’ve been craving fish something fierce,” Azure Spark said. “Hope they have something.”

“We’re on the beach! Surely they have fish,” Wave Crasher said.

“It might be different fish than you’re used to,” Blue Seas noted.

The half-seaponies searched, finding a sushi station. But Blue Seas picked up another aroma. He nudged his companions and pointed to another station.

They walked over to the station. “Are these fish rolls?” Blue Seas asked.

The chef nodded. “They are. Bermuda rolls, to be specific.”

Blue Seas looked to his friends. “Anypony know what’s in them?”

“Who cares?” Sea Star said.

“Marlin and shrimp,” the chef said. “I recommend dipping it in the coconut and mango cream sauce.”

Soon, they all had full plates. They spotted Tide Pool, who had a plate of sushi, and joined the young half-seapony.

“You didn’t want a roll?” Blue Seas asked.

“I have them every time I visit my father,” Tide Pool said. “I thought I’d see how the Neighponese ponies serve fish.”

“I’ll be hitting the sushi bar later,” Roller said.

Blue Seas chewed on his fish roll. The fish was denser and more savory, and he liked the taste. And judging by the plates of his friends, they agreed with the sentiment.

The half-seaponies talked about food, their families, and swimming. Tide Pool’s mood had improved, and with the encouragement of the others, he sounded eager to practice for the next competition.

“Please excuse me,” Blue Seas said. “I only have a little time left, and I’m going to mingle.”

Blue Seas took another plate, filling it with a variety of fruits from the food stations as he wandered the room. As delicious as the fruit was, he was actually looking for one athlete in particular.

He found her on the patio. The white unicorn wore an elegant and fashionable gown that turned many heads as she worked the crowd.

Blue Seas approached her and bowed. “Princess Bluebell, such a pleasure. How did you fare at the Equestria Games?”

Bluebell laughed. “I was terrible! I finished near the bottom of every competition.”

“I don’t know if I could have your positive attitude if I wasn’t at least competitive in my swim events.”

“It’s all in the cutie mark, Blue Seas. Swimming is your special talent, and so you need to succeed. And despite the outward appearance of my cutie mark, I have no special talent in ice archery. Practice alone won’t win me anything at this level, when there are other ponies who both practice and have the special talent. I’m only here because most ponies in Canterlot aren’t interested in athletics.”

“I never thought of it that way,” Blue Seas said. “Speaking of your special talent, I have to thank you.”

“For what?”

“The scholarship program for young athletes that the athletics council came up with three years ago. That was your suggestion, right?”

Bluebell nodded. “When I brought it up, Father confessed that he hadn’t properly thought about what it took to compete as an athlete in the Equestria Games. I take it you received one?”

“Yes, and it’s helped my family so much. Cirrus has advanced flight school, Junebug is looking to continue her education, and Red Streak has his sights set on Royal Canterlot University. I feel much better knowing that they don’t have to support me, too.”

“Well, I hope to see you at the next Equestria Games, Blue Seas.”

“You’re going to continue with ice archery?”

“Of course! If you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of famous ponies here. And it’s easier to socialize with the Wonderbolts when they’re in their element, rather than at some stuffy gala.” Bluebell’s eyes tracked a passing earth pony athlete; his build suggested the stallion was probably a runner. “Besides, there are other perks to being here.”

Knowing what Bluebell was thinking about reminded Blue Seas of the important task he had that evening. “Bluebell, it was nice seeing you again. I’m afraid it’s time for me to depart.”

Bluebell gave her half-brother a warm embrace. “Have a wonderful evening.”

Blue Seas hoped she would prove to be right.

When Blue Seas left to start training in Fillydelphia, and with Pumpkin Cake starting culinary school a few months later, the two ponies faced an agonizing decision. After much discussion, they had decided to break up. That they had feelings for each other was clear, but the decided not to pass on the chance to see other ponies while they were apart. Only the passage of time would reveal if they had come together because of their shared backgrounds, or because they had found Cadance’s blessing on their first try.

Blue Seas tried dating, both above and below water, the latter being a most interesting experience. He sincerely hoped for love to bloom, but in the end, his thoughts kept returning to the beautiful mare with the curly pumpkin-colored mane, which always looked so cute dusted with flour. When he journeyed to Canterlot three years later, to attend Pumpkin Cake’s graduation, he was thrilled to discover she felt the same way. They were soon back together, keeping in touch by letter while separated, yearning for the time when they would be reunited.

Knowing that Pumpkin Cake was in the stands, watching him swim, had given him encouragement during the Equestria Games. He had only been able to see her twice during the Games, at parties she catered. Pumpkin Cake now ran Sugarcube Corner, while also serving as the executive chef at the Castle of Friendship, a job that, given Princess Twilight Sparkle’s taste in cuisine, was strictly part time. These parties showcased her new hard-earned culinary skills, and Blue Seas enjoyed the fruits of her labor. And the baked goods.

Pumpkin Cake’s parents had retired to Mihaymi Beach, if opening an oceanfront café could truly be considered retiring. She was staying with them during the Equestria Games. And that café was Blue Seas’s destination that night.

The café wasn’t far from the hotel, and so Blue Seas decided to walk. It gave him a chance to reflect on the past, and to calm his nerves. As he trotted along the boardwalk, his formal attire attracted quite a lot of attention from the beachcombing ponies. But with what he had planned that evening, it felt right to stay in the tuxedo.

He entered the small shop, the bell above the door chiming, just like the one at Sugarcube Corner. “Welcome to Sugar Beach,” Cup Cake said. “Blue Seas!” she shouted, once she saw who her guest was.

The door to the kitchen opened, and Pumpkin Cake rushed out. “Blue Seas!” She jumped into his waiting forelegs.

Blue Seas reveled in her embrace, not even caring about her apron dirtying his brand new tuxedo. “You couldn’t stay out of the kitchen?”

“You know me,” she replied. “With so many ponies in town for the Equestria Games, Mom and Dad are having their busiest month ever. And since they needed the help….”

“We’ll be fine tonight, dear,” Cup Cake said. “You go off and visit with your coltfriend.”

Pumpkin Cake nodded, and removed her apron. Once they relocated to the bedroom above the shop, she greeted Blue Seas more passionately, as they shared a long kiss.

“You clean up well,” Pumpkin Cake said with a smile.

Blue Seas brushed her mane, where, true to form, a little flour was caught. “And I love you even when you’re covered in flour. But I certainly wanted to wear my tuxedo tonight.”

Blue Seas kneeled and lifted the small box out of his pocket. With his magic, he opened it, revealing a gold horn ring. “Pumpkin Cake, will you make me the happiest stallion in Equestria and marry me?”

“Yes!” Pumpkin Cake screamed. She pounced on him as they kissed and caressed each other.

Finally, they had to come up for air. They stood. “You look good in a tuxedo,” Pumpkin Cake told Blue Seas. “But now I want to see you out of it.”

Blue Seas awoke in a warm bed, with his fiancée next to him. And she was prodding him. “Get up, Blue Seas!”

“Huh? What is it?” Blue Seas blinked; it was still dark.

“You have to see this,” Pumpkin Cake said.

Blue Seas yawned and followed Pumpkin Cake outside. They took a seat at one of the tables outside the café, sharing a bench. They had a beautiful view of the ocean, which sparkled in the moonlight like the stars in Luna’s sky.

Even in Mihaymi, the nights got chilly, so Blue Seas and Pumpkin Cake snuggled. “It’s beautiful,” Blue Seas said.

“That’s not why I brought you out here,” Pumpkin Cake replied. “Any minute now....”

As they watched, Princess Luna lowered the moon, and Princess Celestia raised the sun above the horizon. The ocean was awash in warm reds and oranges.

“A lot of romantics say this is the best place in Equestria to watch the sun rise,” Pumpkin Cake said.

“They may be right,” Blue Seas said. “But maybe we should visit the competition, just to be sure?”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea,” Pumpkin Cake replied.

The two unicorns talked about all the places they wanted to visit, together. Where they’d find the time, they didn’t know, but that didn’t stop them from dreaming. They spent hours together, just talking. They barely noticed when her parents dropped off coffee, orange juice, and muffins.

As the morning progressed, ponies started arriving at the beach, single ponies, couples, and families. Some staked out patches of sun-drenched sand. Others frolicked in the waves. Still others strolled along the boardwalk.

One such family caught Blue Seas’s attention. It was the manes that caught his eye. On the surface, they were a normal unicorn family, a mare and stallion, a colt of about six years tagging along. The stallion was pushing a carriage, which Blue Seas noticed was different from the norm. Years of splitting time between Equestria and the seapony kingdom allowed him to recognize the unicorns as full-blooded narwhal seaponies in unicorn form. And the carriage proved it. More like a glass bowl filled with seawater on wheels, the narwhal infant inside swam happily.

“I haven’t heard you talk about it in a while,” Pumpkin Cake said quietly. “Did you ever....”

Blue Seas shook his head. “I never learned more about my natural mother. I’m not happy about it, but living with the seaponies showed me that the mares there sometimes act like our stallions do. And we should treat them with the same level of respect.”


“None whatsoever,” Blue Seas agreed. “But look at that family. Imagine that mare were my mother. What good would it do to barge into that family right now? I doubt she even knew she left my father a pregnant stallion.”

“The way you talked about it, though... I always wanted you to have that storybook ending,” Pumpkin Cake said.

Blue Seas sighed. “Me too.”

He fell silent. The seapony family continued their stroll, stopping to examine the clothes on display in a shop a few doors down.

“I have to forgive the past,” Blue Seas said. “Why wouldn’t I, when I can look forward to such a bright future?”

With that, Blue Seas and Pumpkin Cake shared another kiss. The future was bright, as bright as the sun shining on Mihaymi Beach.

Author's Note:

And here's the conclusion to Heritage, showing a glimpse into the future for these characters.

As of right now, I don't have another story planned with these characters, but then again, I didn't originally plan on a followup to A Royal Pain. Nearly seventy thousand words were inspired by some comments left in that story.

Please leave any comments and questions about the story below.

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Comments ( 22 )

This story was great. I enjoyed and I thank you for writing it. I do love the nice way to wrapped up the story. Good luck with future stories of yours.

I wonder if Blue Seas can have kids. Usually crossbreeds are sterile.

5993698 If I write another story with these characters, I will consider Blue Seas to be fertile. Personally, I think the magical land of Equestria allows for any number of fertile crossbreeds, like hippogriffs, and I'm treating seaponies as no different from unicorns than are earth ponies.

All in all, a beautiful and satisfying ending. Brava.

My one quibble here..."Mihaymi"? Really? :rainbowwild:

5993917 Bad pony puns are bad. :derpytongue2:

A great end to a great story. Loved watching the characters grow and change together, along with the wonderful world-building. Glad to see the happy ending.

A very lovely end to a lovely story through and through. Well done!

A great ending to a great story.

I just have one question though. In the story it said that Blue Seas did not want to experience pregnancy. But if he theoretically mated with a non-seapony mare wouldn't the mare get pregnant and not him?

5995052 In the story, I set it up that half-seaponies work like regular ponies. Pumpkin Cake, or any non-seapony mare, would carry his future foals. (Barring magical shenanigans, of course.) Only with a seapony mare would he become pregnant.

In a seapony-non-seapony relationship, the non-seapony will always carry the child.

Well, that's was a most enjoyable story. I'm glad you wrote it; I would've never discovered its predecessor if you hadn't, and this one was a great read in and of itself. All kinds of fun worldbuilding, and anything that involves Pumpkin Cake meets with my approval.

Just one question: How would you describe Bluebell's special talent? I have a few different reads on it and I'd like to get your take.

I know you're used to Pumpkin Cake being a time and dimension traveler. Hopefully the ETSAB Pumpkin Cake finds her future life in this world suitable.

Princess Bluebell's special talent is thinking outside the box. She's an idea mare. When the current ways of doing something aren't working, she can see a solution. She can approach a goal using tactics that others don't consider. We see it here with using falling ice to break the lakes, and also using the Equestria Games as a way to build political alliances that the other nobles never considered.

In A Royal Pain, Blueblood describes the ministry where he works as essentially something to keep the nobles occupied. He works on plans for Canterlot construction and redesigns that then go on to collect dust. Were Bluebell in that position, she could find a way to put these plans into action.

Great story, great ending. Nice to see Blue and Pumpkin get back together in the end after taking some time off while apart for reasons of distance.

6025153 No, no, not that, it's just nopony really reacted that much. Seeing as how getting your cutie mark seems to be a big deal in Equestria, I thought that the reactions of Blue Seas and Bluebelle was a bit off. Also, she didn't get her cutie mark until after the entirety of Winter Wrap Up. Ehh, just ignore that last comment, since it didn't really come out of nowhere.

i loved this story

Story Approver

This story and it's prequel, which I finally got around to reading today, we're both excellent stories. I'll admit, first impressions alone on the prequel to this one left me uncertain what exactly I was going to be getting into, but it did not disappoint. After reading it, and this one, it's been a good ride.

I'll also admit, personally, that I think I'd love to see a Slice of Life story with an Equestrian pony and a sea pony couple. The dynamics, how life would work, what have you... Interesting take on things. Great stories.

Very nicely done, beautiful SoL and some really excellent characters.

“I recommend dipping it the coconut and mango cream sauce.”

'it in' or 'them in'
Very good story thumbs up all round, not a single chapter let me down on this or A Royal Pain.

7647883 Thanks for pointing out all those words I missed. It's funny, even after rereading it multiple times, I still miss typos.

And I'm glad you enjoyed the stories.

7648064 I like good stories with unique ideas, the sequel with Atlantis's workings especially.:twilightsmile: Shame he didn't find his mum, even if all he got was a 'Oh I vaguely remember that encounter, anyway, bye':twilightoops: Wonder how many more are her progeny?

7648102 In my mind, the seapony mare he saw at the end was his mother. But she wouldn't have felt any connection if she had met Blue Seas.

I loved this story, both of them. The only thing I want to see is Blue Seas take Pumpkin under water, after giving her a water breathing spell, to show her what the world under the sea looks like. As a romantic moment.


“You know me,” she replied. With so many ponies in town for the Equestria Games, Mom and Dad are having their busiest month ever. And since they needed the

You are missing a quotation mark.

Great story, keep writing!

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