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This was the most heartfelt story I have ever read. It made me cry just a little, and I haven't shed a tear since 'My Little Dashie". This was simply to good.

You write like a true author.

Ya know. Stories like this hit me right where I live. Hard.
Everyone likes to argue about Shining Armor or Soarin or Time Turner or even Discord being the best male character. But when you really think about it, how could any of those others ever compair to Big McIntosh? Everyone talks about how fond Applejack is of her parents and their connection, but no one talks about the oldest sibling. The one who knew them best. The one who carries the burden of caring for their legacy. The one who keeps it all inside in order to be strong for his family. The personal sacrifice he must have made so his sisters could have the future they want. That's why Big McIntosh has always been my favorite. Everything he has given without complaint or cry. The burden he carries quietly. No matter how you slice it, he had no story of miricles. He probably had to drop out of school to care for his family. He never had time for love. He probably never had free time at all until Applejack was able to help on the farm. He wasn't picked by a Goddess to be a personal student. He wasn't gifted with magic like Shining Armor, or some super talented flyer like Soarin. He wasn't even blessed with some great destiny like his sister. He didn't need those things. He planted his hooves firmly and pushed forward. McIntosh is my favorite because despite being "just" an Earth Pony, nothing can stop him. I've seen the incredible mind, heart and inner strength he has and that speaks infinitely more to me than any other character in this series. Because he wasn't born for greatness. He earned what he has through pain, tragedy, and sacrifice. You can see it clear as day when he watched Applejack leave for the city. That's not just the pain of a sibling. That was the pain of a father, losing his daughter. He remindes me all too much of my own father. a man who gave everything for his family. a man who was never given the recognition he deserved. a man who worked all day to provide even if it meant he had to give up his own food so his kids wouldn't go hungry and he never regreted it once. No one will ever sing songs about his deeds. No one will make statues or write tales of his heroics, but he doesn't need those either. Because he knows what's truly important in life. Besides, what can you give someone who already has everything they could ever want?
I wish I could be half the man McIntosh and my father are.

That was simpally beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us.

It is not often that I read. It is less often that I comment. For this story, I cannot keep silent. It was superb in every manner. Your use of imagery brought me to the places as Big Mac and his father walked. Their story is tragic. And your writing makes it tragically familiar. This is not because it has happened to the reader but because you made it happen for the reader. Rather than provoking sympathy, your work provoked empathy, and I felt the emotions your characters felt. I thank you for the read and look forward to anything else you may write in the future.

Very well done. It got a bit confusing in spots where I wasn't sure where the scene change was or who was speaking or thinking but overall beautifully done. I think you really captured the feeling of a young boy and his father.

That was pretty good.
I was a bit lost at the beggining, but the story grew on me, and I'm glad I read it all the way through.
I liked the interaction between Big Mac and his dad, it really hit the spot.
Nice Big Mac and good story.

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