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Thank you so much for taking my request and turning into this amazing story I hope you take more request form me in the future!:raritystarry::rainbowkiss:

4429337 No problem. I've been trying to PM you but Fimfiction just refuses to send my messages. I sent you an email last night through the link on your user page. Not sure how often you check that.

This was a lot of fun and I would like to do another request after focusing on this story more first. But let me know now so I can mull it over for a while.

4429851 I check it quite often but I didn't receive an email from you. I'll let you finish this story for it tell you my next request:pinkiehappy:

4431379 Okay, sounds great. Thanks.

Hey, this is really good! I'm not sure how you did it, but you managed to keep the two in character, which was nice. Good work!

Lol even if the idea has been done better elsewhere your certainly giving them a run for their money. This was a cute ship fic. I'll read part two if ya post it.

I would love to read more of this,:raritystarry:

Uhh, I don't know, this is the best RariDash I've read so far.

one word of advice with story telling (but not your clop), PACING, the story moves a tad too fast.

everything else is fine enough

Like a few others, I would also enjoy a part two of this ship.
I agree as well with Ditzy Soldier, this was an adorable shipping. :twilightsmile: I don't often see a lot of "RariDash" but this definitely caught my attention. :rainbowderp: I should clarify. I don't see much of RariDash that I find fulfilling. Please, do continue this!

First mature story I’ve favorited. Hell, first one I’ve left a comment on. You know why? Because the sex doesn’t feel forced or gratuitous here. This is more like when you happen upon the sexy section of a non-romance novel. It just feels right. Of course, I ship the crap out of these two, so that helps. With the possible exception of SoarinDash, no other Dash ship is as fun as this one. There’s conflict built in. Rarity and Rainbow are indeed very different mares, and the fact that Rainbow may or may not enjoy clothing always makes for fun premise.

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