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'The last man on earth to think that 'phoetid' is still how we humans spell that.'


The Royal Sisters, as siblings generally do, constantly pick fault with, and have fun at the expense of each other. Celestia just has to take that too far one morning, sending Luna into a maniacal drive to find a way to get back at her. Her sense of humour is as old as she, and during the 1,000-year exile, Celestia moved with the time, while she stayed ignorant of such changes, so her methods are...'dated', to say the least.

Involving the law, a camera, some perfect timing, and a cheeky Aide, Luna will have her revenge!

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This is totally going to be featured. Because these kinds of stories ALWAYS get featured.

I love it! The humor, the pacing, the swearing, the Oh-Mirthless-One, it was fantastic!

5/5 Yays! :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

Have a like.

That was very amusing. Thank you for making my evening.

Thank you very much:D I'm glad it did as intended.

I can but dream!- It would certainly be one hell of an achievement.

Great story and one glaring mistake is that you have one set of text copied twice in the story.

Meanwhile, blissfully unaware of her imminent downfall being planned just down the hallway, Celestia enjoyed a mid-morning break from the stresses of ruling a nation, catching up with her student, Twilight Sparkle
The sun rose, the day warmed, the ponies of Equestria stretched and yawned, casting off their sleepiness as they prepared for a new day's work. All, that is, save Princess Luna. Her eyes had reddened slightly in the hour or so she had been awake, simply laying there, restless. Rather ironically for the Dreamwalker, she could not sleep. Every time she tried, some sort of energy took her over, filling her mind with Celestia and her's earlier conversation, until, finally, she gave up, laying her head on her desk as she thought, slowly forming the outlines of a scheme that would not only show her sister she had a sense of humour, but also that she wouldn't take insults against herself, no matter who uttered them. She grabbed several sheets of paper full of planned constellations, flipped them over, and, doing a quick maniacal laugh for dramatic effect, she grasped a quill in her magic and dipped it in her inkpot before beginning scribbling. Evilly.

Thank you, also, thanks for spotting that mistake there...Kinda embarrassing frankly :facehoof: Ah well, all fixed now!

4353620 Welcome and no problem. We all make stupid mistakes from time to time

Not all that amused by the sexual references. It was otherwise okay, although Luna's retaliation was a bit overexaggerated.

Comment posted by Fireheart 1945 deleted May 9th, 2014

Sexual references? I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what you mean...Could you point anything like that out please? I intended this to be suitable for pretty much everyone.

Her out-of-proportion response is somewhat the point though.

Heh, interestingly enough, I wrote nearly all of it on my Smartphone.
I haven't had time to proofread it too much- it's exam season. I've gone through it quickly, correcting a few mistakes that were flagged up. A few spellings I was unaware of actually existing appeared as problems, for example 'fillyish', would that be how it's spelled? The majority of red underlines for spelling were American English Vs English issues though, so nothing much to do there. I'm going through for sense-checking.

I think I know what you mean about the parts which I didn't write seriously. I may remedy them, if I have time/can think of how to improve them.

Trolluna is best Luna!

That she is- in fact you've just about managed to sum up half my reasoning for this story in that one video. Well played:D

Sorry for the long delay:P
I understand exactly what you mean about her introduction. I've played around with it a bit, but I can't really think of a decent way to introduce her and get all the information across that is needed without it appearing as a bit of a dump...I've been clearing up the mistakes in the rest of it though. Should be clean now, mostly.


I try, it helps that right now, I'm trying to read all the fics in the comedy section of Luna is Best Pony. When you think of what little is known about her ad her few episodes, it's not surprise she's so damn popular. Not that I have a problem with that. My guess is that Trollestia, Trolluna and Discord occasionally meet to exchange trolling tips and the like.

That, my friend, is a fic all in itself...
Sounds pretty plausible too, given how Discord is all reformed now, just wonder what Chrysalis and the other princesses would be up to to counter it...

The end of Equestria is nigh!


I think Chrysalis would stay away from them, since if you look at the beam battle between her and Celestia, she looked worried, she thought she would lose, she managed to absorb enough love from Shining Armor to be able to out beam Celestia, then again, she probably held back so as not to toast everypony with the full might of the Sun. Anyway, my point is, Chyrsalis isn't much of a troll and would probably stay away from Celestia, Luna and Discord.

4660744 Good point, I kinda have some sort of headcanon where she's a complete bro with the princesses. You make more sense, I have simply read too many changeling fics:facehoof:
But then, with her disguising skills, she could be the Uber-troll.


If she so wished, then she probably could be. Not as big a troll as Discord, but the guy's immortal, can screw with reality and is voiced by John de Lancie, it's tough to top that.

Well, guess what my next week or so's gonna consist of now!
I was failing on the ideas front for writing anyway:twilightsmile:

“This is the fourth and final case of the night.” Luna announced, wearing her full silvery regalia, her mane flowing out behind her, as she stood in front of the court of ponies. “Has the accused arrived of his or her own accord yet?” She asked, to be met with a few shaken heads and what sounded suspiciously like somepony booing. “Then! Guard!”

Several royal guards were dispatched to bring Luna's pony to the court. Their normally-neutral expressions had completely changed when Nightblossom had revealed their target, after all, it's not every day you're ordered by the Princess of the Night to bring the Princess of the Sun to justice in a royal court of her own creation.

If their orders had surprised them, the response from Celestia on the breaking-down of her door in the middle of the night as she slept shocked them to no end. Never before, even having served as the notoriously sweary Equestrian Home and Border Guard, had these ponies ever received such a blistering tongue-lashing as Celestia herself, the very image of eloquence and politeness, had dished out to them. When she had refused to move and they had had to half-carry, half-drag the protesting princess, she had made them stop several times, namely because one of the guards, known as one of the toughest ponies in the Guard, had actually started crying at a certain statement about his mother his monarch had made.
Without a trace of the respect they usually showed for their ruler, they unceremoniously threw her in a heap outside the doors of the court, before whispering caution to Luna's batpony guards as they came to receive the accused. As soon as the princess was no longer their issue, the verbally-abused guards made a general consensus to raid the kitchens and find the strongest alcohol they could which wouldn't completely kill them, and then they tried to forget some of the things their ruler had shrieked at them. Shudders ran through them all at the memory. They had a new-found fear for their ruler.


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