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'The last man on earth to think that 'phoetid' is still how we humans spell that.'


As she flies to Ponyville for a stargazing session with Twilight Sparkle, Luna reflects on the control and power Celestia now wields, and whether or not her changes to Equestria have all been for the best. In particular, how much sway she holds over every ponies' hearts and minds.

Celestia has reigned absolute for so long, but what power does she deserve over her own sister?

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You should sleep less often, then.

Academia has ruined my ability to enjoy nice things.

I spent the whole fic thinking 'go to' needs a noun.

7954686 oh, I assumed it was meant to be "go too". As in: "To see where the world has gone, go too."

Admittedly it's nearly midnight where I am, so I might have misunderstood the themes. I'll read it with my coffee tomorrow.
EDIT: Fixed the formatting in this comment.

Actually, however pretentious and foolish of me, I was using it in the (Shakespearean?) sense that it meant literally 'Go to (that thing/place/person/pony)'. The lack of objective given, I think, adds a certain power to it- short, snappy, and forceful. I hadn't thought of how it might appear to anyone not in my mindset at that time :twilightsheepish: Perhaps not the finest form, I agree it was hardly my clearest writing ever.

Sleep is for the weak after all :pinkiecrazy:

I think perhaps Celestial meant more for Luna to "go to" where she, Luna, wanted. She has had ponies just submit to her will so long, finally having another pony around who doesn't just blindly follow her lead must be refreshing. Seeing Luna succeed on her own terms would bring Celestial great joy.

Good story. Would like to see more stories along these lines.


Celestia's rule has not been for the best. "Go to" was deprecated long ago.

7961781 my thoughts as well.

After all, considering equestria and magic, I bet abusing Goto could summon the flying spaghetti monster. :trollestia:

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