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Rainbow Dash gets a new birthday gift from Twilight Sparkle! But... she doesn't know how to do anything with it, so she asks Fluttershy for help. Can the shy pegasus survive a cooking lesson/session with Rainbow Dash?

This was my submission for the Two Hour challenge at EqD. I changed the ending slightly, no more than a few words.

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#1 · Jul 25th, 2011 · · ·

:rainbowderp: Rainbow n cooking :heart:

... :rainbowlaugh: Dashie... XD What can one say? (Aside from poor Flutters!) Poor Lulu! Getting disrupted from her nap! But it was because of Fluttershy... GAH! Trevor can't win! He can't be mad at Flutters for messing up Lulu's nap, but poor Lulu's nap was interrupted due to Flutters! WHAT DOES TREVOR DO?!?!

I did the oil and butter thing on accident myself. Fun times.

Oh God. I'm torn. On one hand, I am so depressed I did not see this story before! On the other, I'm glad, because I got to read it now!


It's a nice little short. The kind I love.
The comedic factor in this was rather... light. I smiled at some points, but didn't laugh at it. I guess this was your intention.
I like the writing style, it's simple and yet, not boring.

The ending is a little bit cartoony, but I guess that it's what you aimed for.


awesome! :pinkiehappy:
whats with luna napping on the moon? :rainbowhuh:

Wail not your best work, I definitely still enjoyed it nonetheless!

um... That one story explaining why Rarity was a changeling. You know THAT one-shot that has no official sequels was pretty good.

(Rainbow's Dish was nice)

I've wondered... How did the bit about Rainbow and Twilight ever get started?

Anyway... Reminds me of my sister. She still can't cook a turkey to save her life.

Loved it!

~Skeeter The Lurker

The title of this story tells me that you're a prophet.

I didn't know what the cover was until I read the story. By the way, it was fun!

Approved by Pinkie Pie:pinkiesmile:

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