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A Filly's Tale - Deathsia

Rainbow Dash Follows Scootaloo home one day...

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A Mother's love(parts 1-4 combined)


“Ya sure this is the place?” Applebloom asked as they walked into a cave deep within the everfree forest.

“Yes. Discord often spoke of this place as a source of power for him. Though I don't know what he meant by that.” Scootaloo replied as they looked around the dark cave.

“I think I do.” Twilight replied in a knowing tone. She had sensed it from the moment they entered the cave. A sinister dark magic was at work here. She however, was unable to pinpoint it's source.

“Why would he be keeping Roseheart here?” Applebloom asked in a worried tone.

To covert her of course.

A voice echoed throughout the cave which could belong to non-other than Discord.

“Discord! Give mah daughter back! Or so help meh-”

You'll do what?! Use your elements of harmony on me? Oh, I’m sooo scared! The elements of harmony ceased to be a threat to me the day dear little Scootaloo helped me gain my release!

“What are you going to do to her?!” Scootaloo asked in a demanding tone.

Dear sweet Roseheart is going to go through the same ritual I did so she can become a god like me. It will be glorious!

It was at this point and time everypony except Fluttershy exchanged confused looks while Fluttershy's expression became horrified. She had neglected to tell Twilight about how he came to be the god of chaos and disharmony. It was the part of that story she would rather forget and thought it was far too scary to tell the others.

But now, now that she heard this, she knew exactly what Discord had planned. “No! You can't! That's too cruel!” Fluttershy shrieked with tear filled eyes now much to everypony's shock.

Oh, I nearly forgot you had overheard my little tale Fluttershy, why don't you tell them how I came to be, how I, Discord, was truly born!

“Let us in on it Fluttershy.” Rainbow Dash said in a curious tone.


By the time she was finished explaining everypony in the room had exchanged horrified glances.
“That's simply horrible!” Rarity exclaimed in shock and horror.
“Don't ya worry Applebloom, we'll-Applebloom? Where y'all go little sis?!” Applejack exclaimed looking around.

“Scootaloo? Hey scoots, where did you go?!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in a worried tone as well.

“Sweetie Belle? Oh goodness! Where have those three gone?!” Rarity exclaimed in a worried tone.

“We need to find them! Lets go!” Twilight exclaimed and the six ponies began to rush off in search of the three fillies.

Discord paced around Roseheart grinning at her evilly as he looked at her and began to conjure up dark magic.


Little Roseheart don't you fear, your time of godhood is near!

I will make you like me, all the power in the world you will obtain you see.

Stick me with me and you will never regret


Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Applebloom were now running as fast they could throughout the caves looking to each others sides in hopes of finding some sign of Discord's location


Ah must hurry, Ah must run, hope do not abandon me yet...

Celestia guide my hooves, help me find my daughter soon!



A dash of this and a dash of that, an eye of newt and rat.

Am I adding too much or too little, who cares!

Soon you will see...



Dear Celestia, don't let this fate of my daughter come to beeeee...

Sweetie Belle:

We need move fast if we want to save her, or I fear for little Roseheart of the fate that will occur...


Roseheart hear our call, our love for you I know you can recall...

You are strong like your mother, don't give in to him like any other.


♫ Roseheart don't give in, show that creature the pride of our kin...♫

Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo now arrived at a dead end much to their horror..

♫ This cannot be, no ah won't let happen you see. ♫

Applebloom then turned around and rose her hind legs to the stone wall.

♫ Nothing will stop me this day, nothing will hold me down, nothing will stand in my waaaay...♫

♫ ah lost her once, it won't happen again, no, it will never happen agaaaaaaaaiiin...♫

Applebloom then began to buck hard against the stone wall at first making no progress but she did not stop. Not even as her hooves began to bleed from the sharp edges of the stone wall, she continued to buck with all her might and slowly began to chip away at it and soon revealed a small hole that when looked through a path could be seen.

Hold strong, hold true, Roseheart ah will be with you soooon!♫


Discord now levitated a book in front of him as Roseheart lay on a stone slab chained down looking horrified.


Spirits of disharmony rise for your master, let your evil shine! ♫

♫ Come now, ever faster, give this filly the power of the shadows divine! ♫

Yes that's it, faster now, flow through her body, engulf her soul as you did mine, let her feel the power of godhood sublime...♫

Roseheart's body began to float up now seemingly suspended by dark magic as she cried out in both fear and pain.

Dark magic I call forth, from the deepest reaches of hell and from the north!♫

♫ Fill her heart with hatred and cold, destroy her will so you can take hold!♫

Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo now were running at top speed and the faint cries of Roseheart's voice told them they were now close to her.

♫ Please don't let meh be too late, to change her fate..♫


♫ The magic I call forth shall obliterate...♫



♫ Element of harmony show me the way, help me save my daughter todaaaay!♫

Applebloom then placed a hoof on her element of harmony which began to glow brightly and shot a beam of light strait from itself down the dark cave which lit up a path for them.

♫ Ah'm on my way Roseheart don't you fret, I will save you yeeet!♫


Discord lifted up a dagger from the small stone slab next to him and walked up to Roseheart's floating body.

♫ The ritual is nearly complete, now all that is left is to still that heartbeat...♫

Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle were now nearing the room where Discord and Roseheart were. They could feel the dark magic grow stronger and stronger now as they drew near.

♫ Element of harmony continue to shine, show us the way so that we can make it in time!♫


♫ And now my little Roseheart, you will be mine!♫

Discord rose the dagger up and prepared to strike down on her when suddenly the stone wall behind him was obliterated with a burst of magic which caused the draconequus to turn and see Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Applebloom standing in the wake of the explosion.

“Don't ya even think about it!” Applebloom exclaimed and lunged at the draconequus only for him to blast her to the side with a burst of magic.

“You are a fool to face me here! Don't you know this is where the book of dark magic which gave me my godhood is stored? You have no chance of defeating me here! My power is infinite! Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!!!” Discord exclaimed with a maniacal laugh.

“Your power is no where near infinite Discord!” Scootaloo exclaimed with a fierce expression as she took a combat pose, wings spread, preparing to strike or counter any attack by the draconequus.

“With the three of us together! You won't win!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed in a confident tone as Applebloom recovered from the blow and stood beside her friends. “Hurry Twilight! We can hold him off, but only you can defeat him!” Sweetie Belle thought to herself hoping that even though she didn't have a link with Pinkie Pie anymore it would still reach her.


It was at this exact moment Pinkie Pie's eyes lit up as if she heard something to which Applejack noticed. “Somethin up sugarcube?” Applejack asked in a curious tone.

“Yeah, I think I know where those three are! Follow me everypony!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed and began to run down a path followed closely by the other five.


(play “DJ Alex S. - Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme dubstep remix” now)

Scootaloo and Applebloom were now upon Discord full throttle thrusting hooves, bucking, and just about anything they could think of to keep the draconequus on his toes and unable to counter while Sweetie Belle used her magic to freeze time at random times for a few moments to help the two keep their edge against him.

It didn't take long for the draconequus to figure out the unicorn filly was behind the time freezing however. “You think your little time freezing spell will help you against me?!” Discord roared as he fired a beam of magic at the unicorn who once again attempted to freeze time only to realize too late the magic was unaffected, was blasted off her hooves through the hole in the wall, and into the cave wall outside, knocking her unconscious.

“Ah won't let you have her! She's mah daughter, and mah love for her will be what's beats you!” Applebloom exclaimed as she charged at the draconequus full speed. What happened next however even caught Discord by surprise as her element of harmony began to glow brightly. So brightly in fact it was blinding. “This has only happened once before...” Discord remarked to himself recalling when she successfully freed Scootaloo from his control.

In the next moment Discord was locked with the farm pony hoof for lions paw and claw for hoof as her element continued to glow blindingly. “How can ya do this to her? Do ya really have no love left in that cold heart of yours?!” Applebloom exclaimed as she struggled against the draconequus's strength who was trying to force her back with all his might.

“My heart was frozen from the day Celestia turned away from me!” Discord exclaimed in a hurt tone yet he had no idea why he was even feeling hurt. Then it occurred to him. It was her element. It was trying to melt his cold heart. In a panicked recoil of fear he expelled a blast of magic which knocked the farm pony back. She however recovered mid-air and landed on her hooves with her element still glowing brightly.

“So that's why. That why ya turned yourself into this monster. Ya wanted to escape the pain of rejection. Merrick, listen to meh. It doesn't have to be this way. Let mah element heal ya. Ah know it can. If you let love into your heart, you will be able to do good with your power. Think bout it, ya can use your powers to help Celestia and Twilight maintain order. Isn't that much better than an eternity in stone?” Applebloom asked in a compassionate tone.

“You would forgive me, even after I attempted to convert your daughter into a being such as myself?” Discord asked in a disbelieving tone.

“Ah don't think this is the real you. Ah think the dark power you acquired is warpin your mind. Ah have sensed it in ya. Deep down ya only want to be loved. Ah know that feelin all too well.” Applebloom replied as she walked up to Discord now cautiously but in a nonthreatening way.

For the first time in Discord's two thousand years of life. He seriously began to question what he was doing right now. This doubt grew stronger and stronger as the farm pony took each step towards him. “Is it truly possibly for a freak of nature like me, the one responsible for turning this world into my own twisted image, to be accepted?” Discord asked in a soft tone as Applebloom now stood in front of him.

“Yeah, it is. All ya have to do is let love into ya heart.” Applebloom said with a soft smile as she stood in front of him now.

In the next split second however Discord's claw shot forth, yanked the element from Applebloom's neck and knocked her away as the dark magic around him glowed fiercely now as the element dimmed and stopped glowing after a few short moments. “You little foal! Did you honestly think I would simply let myself be defeated so easily?!” Discord roared with a malicious grin.

“Applebloom! Are you okay?!” Scootaloo asked as she helped the farm pony to her hooves.

“Yeah, ah thought ah was getting through to him though...” Applebloom remarked in a saddened tone.

“There is no love left in that creatures heart Applebloom, but at least your heart was in the right place.” Scootaloo said with a warm smile then turned to look at the draconequus. “Give Applebloom her element back!” Scootaloo exclaimed in a pissed off tone.

In the next moment however Discord clamped his claw down upon the element followed by a shattering sound as it broke into fragments before their eyes much to Applebloom's horror. “You can have it back now...ha,ha,ha!” Discord said with a cruel sneer as he tossed what was left of the necklace at them which landed with a clinging sound at their hooves.

“You monster!” Scootaloo roared charging forth at the draconequus at full speed now only to get struck down mid flight to the wall which the Pegasus gave a shrill cry of pain as her back hit the stone wall and hit the floor with a thud still conscious but in pain.

“Scootaloo!” Applebloom exclaimed in a panicked yet worried tone as she attempted to rush to her lovers side only to be lifted up by the throat and choked.

“You three thought you could stand a chance against the god of chaos and disharmony?! Don't make me laugh!” Discord exclaimed and laughed manically as Applebloom gagged and choked under the grip of Discords claw hand.

Leave her alone!!!

A voice roared which caused the draconequus to snap his gaze to the hole in the wall which showed Sweetie Belle. She however had a burst of magic erupting from under her hooves.

“And what prey tell are you going to do?” Discord asked in a cocky tone.

As if in response to this question the magic around Sweetie Belle erupted ten fold at which point her form began to change. Her body grew to the size of a full grown mare, her fur color turned bright pink, her horn grew in size, and her and tail grew out into full length and had a bright white streak through her now pink hair.

Discord's jaw dropped in shock at this. “What kind of magic is this?! Your nothing but a filly! Not a full grown mare! How did you do this unicorn?!” Discord exclaimed incredulously.

Sweetie Belle looked at herself and gasped in shock. “My magic stronger than I thought...” Sweetie Belle thought to herself and gave a prideful smile now.

“How did you do this unicorn?!” Discord exclaimed as he tossed Applebloom to the side and into the wall to which the farm pony hit and fell along side of Scootaloo.

“My name is....Selena!” Selena exclaimed channeled magic into her horn and fired a huge beam of magic at the draconequus to which Discord countered with a beam of magic of his own.

For sometime the beams of magic seemed to be at a stalemate until the magic around Selena began to envelope her in a orb of pink magic at which point the strength of her spell increased exponentially which caused the draconequus to lift his lions paw now to try and even out the stalemate again.

“You can't defeat me Discord! My magic is that of a rank S unicorn in this state! And if you know anything of unicorn magic you know what this means!” Selena exclaimed as her eyes glowed with a pink magic now as she stared at him.

“Alicorn class magic...ha! You expect me to believe such dribble?!” Discord roared as he used all his power to attempt to drive her magic back but was failing to do so and was in fact losing this stalemate.

“I don't know how I was able to obtain my old form again and I don't know how long it will last, but I won't let this chance go to waste!” Selena thought to herself dramatically.


By now the six ponies had managed to follow the same path as the cutie mark crusaders had, but stopped and stared in shock at the sight that beheld them now from afar.

“Are mah eyes playin tricks on meh or is that...” Applejack asked then jolted her gaze in the direction of Pinkie Pie who was staring in just as much shock as the others.

“How is this possible? I thought that Sweetie Belle could only gain that form when she had a link with Pinkie pie.” Rarity said in a shocked tone.

Twilight of course was already trying to get to to the bottom of this until her eyes fell upon the shattered fragments of what could be none other than Applebloom's element of harmony. “Of course! That explains it! She absorbed Applebloom's element of harmony magic!” Twilight exclaimed in realization.

“Run that by meh again sugarcube?” Applejack replied in a confused tone.

“We all know that Sweetie Belle initially came to be due to Selena's magic having s sheer will of it's own to survive right?” Twilight asked waiting for the others to nod before she continued. “Well, even though Sweetie Belle is her own filly now, her body is still composed of magic. So naturally when there is magic nearby she will absorb it when she attempts to use high level magic. And since the elements of harmony supply a seemingly endless source of magic, she was able to temporally regain her original form that she sees herself as in her heart.

“So you mean Applebloom's element was destroyed?!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed in a horrified tone.

“Apparently yes, but I don't think Sweetie Belle realizes this. She's drawing off the remains of the element's magic.” Twilight replied in a matter of fact tone.

“Sweetie Belle! Use the recreation spell while you still have that form to recreate Applebloom's element of harmony before you suck it dry!” Pinkie Pie blurted out which caused Selena's eyes to snap wide in shock.

“I'm drawing off of Applebloom's element of harmony?!” Selena exclaimed in shock though she didn't look behind herself as she was still focusing on trying to stave off Discord.

“Duh! You silly filly! Isn't that what I just said?” Pinkie Pie replied with a grin and a silly face as she said this.

“I nearly forgot that my body was the result of Selena's magic having a will of it's own. It's only natural I would draw off other magical items around me. I was so caught up in having my old body back I forgot this...” Sweetie Belle thought to herself in a depressed tone and disappeared in a flash of magic which caused Discord's beam of magic to sail to through the hole in the wall and hit the wall in the cave which caused a massive explosion and cause the cave to collapse in front of the mane six thankfully leaving them unharmed but unable to get to the three at the moment.

“Gave up huh?” Discord said with a sneer as she noticed Selena appear over the remains of Applebloom's element of harmony.

“No, I didn't.” Sweetie Belle replied and began to focus magic into her horn which made Applebloom's element of harmony float up.

At first nothing happened but then the parts of the gem on the necklace began to all sail to what was left on necklace until they were all in place looking as if it had never been damaged.

“You can't be..it isn't possible!” Discord roared, charged at her without thinking only to hit a invisible barrier Selena had erected moments before.

“Under normal circumstances you would be correct Discord. But I’m not your average filly.” Sweetie Belle replied, closed her eyes and began to glow brightly. As her form began to revert back to that of a filly, magic flowed from her body into the element of harmony, and by the time she was back to her original form as the while filly unicorn the element of harmony radiated brightly with a warm glow. “Applebloom, catch!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed as she tossed the element of harmony over to the farm pony which latched around her neck as if by magic when it reached her.

It was at this point the barrier disappeared and just after Sweetie Belle tossed the element over to Applebloom she was slammed against the cave wall by the draconequus. “How did you do that?! I destroyed it!” Discord roared in rage as he held her against the cave wall.

“Weren't you listening? I told that I’m not your average filly.” Sweetie Belle replied in a pained tone with grin despite the pain she was now in.

“It isn't possible you can't-” Discord began to exclaim until his expression changed as if he had just had an epiphany. “Your not really a filly are you?” Discord asked with a cruel sneer.

“I am!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed defensively.

“Oh no your not. It makes sense now. I don't why I couldn't sense it before, but now I see. Your entire body is comprised of magic! Your nothing more than a bundle of magic that took a form of it's own.” Discord said with a cruel sneer knowing he was getting to the filly as her eyes filled with tears.

“No! I am my own filly! I am! I have my own soul now!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed in a tearful tone as her eyes began to flow with tears.

“Is that what they told you? You poor creature. I am the god of chaos and disharmony. I can see the real you and what I see if a soulless bundle of magic in my claw.” Discord replied with a sneer.

“No..it's not true...it can't be...” Sweetie Belle replied in a saddened tone.


Twilight and the others were still trying to sort through the cave in ruble when Pinkie Pie gave a sudden gasp in shock and horror.

“What's going on?” Rainbow Dash asked in a worried tone having taken note of the pink mare's sudden change in behavior.

“It's Sweetie Belle. Her soul,it's weakening.” Pinkie Pie said in a scared tone.

“How's that possible? I thought once she accepted herself as her own filly she was good for life?” Twilight asked in a worried tone.

“It's gotta be that meanie pants Discord! He's using his power to weaken her soul by making her doubt her own existence!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed in a pissed off tone.

It was at this point Rarity gave a horrified gasp. “And if she fully accepts what Discord is saying...” Rarity began to say but trailed off as if she was unable to say the words out loud.

“She will disappear from existence...come on everypony! We have to move quickly! Lets work double time to get through here!” Twilight exclaimed and began to move rocks at a faster rate now only for Rarity to shove her to the side.

“I will not lose her again!” Rarity exclaimed fiercely, charged a beam of magic into her horn, fired it at the pile of ruble which blew a giant hole in it, and proceeded to dash though it.

“Rarity! Wait!” Twilight exclaimed attempting to follow the unicorn only to be cut off by the falling of more ruble which effectively blocked her path.


“Now do you see? Your nothing more than a bundle of magic. Pity though, if you had used the elements power a little longer you might have defeated me...” Discord said with a sneer as tears flowed freely from the filly now.

“I...i....I am-”

Let my sister go you foul beast!

Sweetie Belle's words were cut off by Rarity's voice as she looked over and saw the unicorn standing in the entrance to the room.

“Oh looky, it's your not real sister.” Discord said with a sneer.

“Don't you dare say another lie you dreadful creature! Nothing but lies come from the foul hole you call a mouth! Unhoof my sister at once or so help me i'll-” “Or you'll what? Last I checked I have the advantage here. My magic is limitless!” Rarity exclaimed in a fierce tone only to be cut off by the draconequus.

“Let her go!” Rarity exclaimed once more preparing to charge at Discord.

“What are you going to do? Make me new dress? Ha,ha,ha!” Discord exclaimed followed by mocking laughter.

Rarity then charged at the draconequus dodging beams of magic he shot her way by moving left and right in the room. “I don't need magic to do this!” Rarity exclaimed as she was up on the draconequus now, turned about face and bucked him hard where it counts!

Upon impact Discord's face went wide in shock then contorted in pain as he let go of Sweetie Belle whom was caught by Rarity and fell to the cave floor holding himself. “I didn't even know I still had those...” Discord said in a high pitched yet pained tone.

“Sweetie Belle, are you okay little sis?” Rarity asked in a soft tone as she held her sister tightly.

“I almost, I almost...I almost believed him!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed and began to sob loudly into Rarity's chest.

“It's okay, don't you worry. Your big sister is here now. Don't you even think on what he said, not one little bit darling. You are your own filly and my little sister.” Rarity said in a soft tone as she held her tightly.

By now Discord was getting back up having recovered from Rarity's low blow. “You...i will end you!” Discord roared at the top of his lungs, lifted both his lions paw and claw hand up, charged magic into them and fired at the two unicorns.

Rarity as if by instinct threw herself over Sweetie Belle to shield her as the beam sailed towards them expecting it to hit her any moment yet after several moments nothing happened. Curious the unicorn opened her eyes and looked behind herself to see Applebloom and Scootaloo holding hooves with the farm pony's element glowing blindingly once again which was acting as a shield.

“Discord, please, ah'm beggin ya! Don't let this happen! Ah know there's love still in ya heart! It's just buried beneath all the hatred and pain! Let meh help ya!” Applebloom exclaimed with a fierce expression as she looked at the draconequus.

“You little foal! I have no love for this world! I wish to see it in eternal chaos! Nothing more!” Discord exclaimed as his gaze turned to Roseheart whom was still suspended by the dark magic from his ritual.

“Heh,heh. Make a choice Applebloom! Your daughter....or your friends!” Discord exclaimed as he rose the dagger up with magic preparing to fire it at Roseheart's heart from a short distance away.

“Discord, don't do it!” Scootaloo exclaimed as she and Applebloom realized what he was going to do.

“Make your choice...” Discord said with a sneer and fired the knife at Roseheart which would connect in a matter of moments.

Tears of fear and horror flowed from Applebloom's eyes now as she saw the knife sailing towards her daughter. She only had a few moments to decide and despite the fact her first instinct was to defend her daughter, her love for her friends managed to override this at first. Inside of Applebloom's heart right now felt like a boat being tipped back and forth between which to choose yet it never stopped swaying back and forth. This feeling tortured her. She didn't know who to choose.

In the next moment however Sweetie Belle had seemingly appeared from no where in front of the knife taking it directly in her side. Rarity saw this and looked under herself and realized her sister was no longer there. Then it occurred to her and once it had her eyes widened in horror.

“Diamond, noooo!!!” Rarity shrieked at the top of her lungs as she stared at Sweetie Belle fall to the ground dagger still in her side bleeding out now but conscious, ran to her side, lifted her up, and held her.

“Y-You called me Diamond again...” Sweetie Belle said weakly with a soft smile.

“Why? Why did you do it? I swore to myself I would never lose you again...” Rarity asked between tears knowing what was happening.

“Discord was forcing Applebloom to choose between us and her daughter...I couldn't bare to see her forced to make a choice like that...so I choose for her.” Sweetie Belle replied in a weak tone along with a grunt of pain and a cough.

Discord stared at Sweetie Belle and Rarity now in confusion until it occurred to him. “That little mule used her time stopping spell to get in the way of my dagger...now the ritual is ruined!” Discord exclaimed in anger and ceased firing magic at the farm pony.

“Ruined? What the hay are ya-” Applebloom began to say until she had an epiphany of her own. “Mah daughter was never the target of this ritual...ah was.” Applebloom said in realization.

“You both were. With the bearing of an element of harmony and her daughter at my side, I would be invincible.” Discord replied staring at them for a few moments longer now.

“Ya mean, ya wouldn't be alone anymore...” Applebloom said in a soft tone as she stared at the draconequus.

“Pinkie Pie! What's wrong? Talk to me!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in a panicked tone as the pink mare held her side giving steady short gasps and grunts of pain.

“It's Sweetie Belle...she's dying...I can feel it..” Pinkie Pie managed to say between short gasps and grunts of pain.

“How is that even possible? Ah thought when Pinkie Pie broke this here link between them they no longer felt each other?” Applejack asked in a worried tone.

“The link...was...never fully broken. We may not be able to pear into each others thoughts anymore and have our our souls, but we are still two parts of the same pony and that kind of bond is never broken.” Pinkie Pie replied once again between short gasps and grunts of pain.

“That explains why the two always seem to know where each other are and why they were so close even when they didn't have their memories back. ” Twilight said in a worried tone as she worked even harder now to remove the rocks that stood in their way in a safe manner so they could get to the others.

“Sayin for a moment I understand what's goin on here. How is it that Pinkie Pie is feelin what Sweetie Belle is?” Applejack asked in a confused tone.

“They are like psychically joined twins. They feel each others pain.” Twilight replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

“So is Pinkie Pie going to die?!” Rainbow Dash asked in a panicked tone.

“No, but she will continue to feel what Sweetie Belle is feeling until she..” Twilight began to say only to trail off unable to bring herself to say the words as she continued to move rocks out of the way.


“You....YOU MONSTER!” Rarity shrieked at the top of her lungs as she laid Sweetie Belle down and stared at the draconequus.

“Why, thank you!” Discord replied with a sneer only for his expression to change to one of shock as Rarity charged at him horn pointed at him, pierced him strait in the chest, and pinned him against the wall followed up by a burst of magic from her horn that exploded which sent the unicorn flying backward only to recover.

Discord immediately put his lions paw hand over the now gaping hole in his lower chest which was bleeding profusely now. “Why...you....uhh...uhh...” Discord managed to say between groans before falling to the floor as blood pooled under him.

Rarity then rushed back to Sweetie Belle who was barely conscious now and held her once again.

“Is he....dead?” Scootaloo asked in a cautious tone as she looked over at the non-moving draconequus on the floor.

“Ah don't know...seems that way though don't it?” Applebloom said then turned to look at Roseheart, ran over to her, used her element to dispel the magic around her, and held her tightly. “It's okay sweetie pie. Mama's here now.” Applebloom said in a soft tone to the filly who was just now regaining consciousness.

It was at this point that Twilight who was carrying Pinkie Pie via magic and the others were now making there way into the room. “Rarity, put Sweetie Belle down! We haven't got much time!” Twilight exclaimed in an urgent tone to which Rarity obeyed without question as Twilight lowered Pinkie Pie down next to her.

“What are you going to do Twilight?” Rarity asked curiously in a half sobbing tone.

“I'm going to try to save her. I read a book a long time ago when I lived in Canterlot about a spell that can use part of one pony's life energy to heal another, but it requires the two ponies to have an unbreakable bond. The problem is this spell has only been said to be done in theory because this has never happened before till now.” Twilight said as she removed the knife from Sweetie Belle's side at which point both Sweetie Belle and Pinkie Pie gave shrill cries of pain simultaneously.

“Please save her Twilight! I don't know what I would do if I lost her again...” Rarity said between sobs.

“I can't promise anything more than I will use all my power to try and save her life...now stand back.” Twilight said in a serious tone as her horn began to glow brightly and shot forth a cloak of magic which coated both ponies and glowed brightly with a purple light.

“Come on Twi...” Applejack said in a soft tone as she crunched her hat between her hooves nervously.

“Come on Twilight! I know you can do it!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in an enthusiastic yet nervous tone.

Twilight's horn was now radiating a large glow of magic now as sparks spurted from it rapidly now along her strained groans from the Alicorn as she she used all her magic to cast this spell. “Damn it all! It's not enough! I need more magic! No! I won't let myself think like that! Remember what Sweetie Belle told you Twilight! A unicorn's thoughts and emotions are the source of their magic, if they let one overpower the others they can lose control of their magic!” Twilight thought to herself dramatically as she focused harder than ever now to heal Sweetie Belle.


♫ Sweetie Belle don't you fear, you big sister is near.♫

♫ We have always been the best of friends you and I, I have always been there for you though the dark times and the good, so don't you cry..♫


♫ Ah remember when ah first met ya back then, you were so full life and opposed to any sin.♫

♫Ah know this isn't your time to go, you've done far too much good for it to end like so...♫

Rainbow Dash:

♫ Don't you worry Sweetie Belle, Twilight will save you I know.♫

♫You're far to strong to let go of this world today, so believe me when I say..♫

Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack:

♫ You will never give up, you will never give in.♫

♫ We believe you in Sweetie Belle, so don't give up!♫

♫Don't you ever give uuuuuuppp!♫

Tears now flowed freely from the Alicorn's eyes as she realized she could not in fact save her and time was running out now. Sweetie Belle's breathing was beginning to slow which caused Twilight even more grief.


♫ I'm so sorry my little Sweetie Belle, You fought hard and you fought well...♫

♫ Though I may not be able to save you I want you to know this, you will be forever missed...♫

Applebloom then walked over to Twilight with her element of harmony glowing brightly.

♫ Twilight use mah element's power, heal her wounds in her darkest hour.♫

Applebloom's element glowed brighter than ever now as Twilight channeled her element's magic to her horn giving her a burst of magical power.

Sweetie Belle's eyes now shot open wide and alert as the wound in her side was swiftly being healed now and in a few moments time it looked as if she was never hurt in the first place.

“Sweetie Belle! Thank Celestia your okay!” Rarity exclaimed as she hugged her little sister tightly.

“Rarity! Your going to smother me to death!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed in an annoyed muffled tone at which point Rarity let go of her immediately and smiled at her with a teary smile.

“Thanks to your element Applebloom, I was able to save her. Your element must be the most powerful of all the elements of harmony.” Twilight remarked with a smile.


A voice roared in a demonic tone which caused everypony's gaze to snap at Discord who was floating up and surrounded by a dark aura of magic which healed the gaping hole in his lower chest.

“Scootaloo, ah want ya to take Sweetie Belle and Roseheart and get the hay outta here.” Applebloom said in an urgent tone.

“But Apple-” “Ah said do it now!” Scootaloo began to say only to be cut off by Applebloom.

“Okay, but be careful!” Scootaloo replied in a concerned tone as she lifted up Sweetie Belle, put her on her back, picked up Roseheart, flew out of the cave room, and was out of sight in mere moments.

“The seven elements of harmony against the god of chaos and disharmony. You don't have a chance!” Discord roared in the same demonic tone.

“Somethin's different bout him now. It's like any love ah felt in him is gone now.” Applebloom said in a cautious tone.

“Then lets be on our guard. This isn't the same Discord anymore everypony!” Twilight exclaimed as the others along with her prepared for battle.


“Don't worry. I got you both! We'll get you back to Twilight's house and then i'll head back to Twilight and the others.” Scootaloo said with a smile to Sweetie Belle.

“I'm sorry I'm not of any use now.” Sweetie Belle replied in a weak tone.

“Hey, don't you worry about it. You just went through a near death experience. That takes a lot out of ya! Besides, we wouldn't be the cutie mark crusaders without you.” Scootaloo replied with a smile.

“Heh, thanks.” Sweetie Belle replied with a weak giggle.

Scootaloo was half way to Twilight's house when a purple Pegasus caught her eye. “Hey, it's Gina! Hey Gina, over here!” Scootaloo exclaimed with a smile and to her delight Gina seemed to have heard her and began to fly in her direction.

“Who's Gina?” Sweetie Belle asked in a curious tone.

“She's a friend of mine from flight school before I got nabbed by Discord. She's-What's wrong Roseheart?” Scootaloo began to say but noticed how Roseheart was acting as Gina grew closer and closer.

“What's wrong with Roseheart?” Sweetie Belle asked curiously.

“Not sure. She's acting like she's scared though. Must be because we are so high up.” Scootaloo replied and attempted to comfort the young foal only for her to go from nervous acting to frantic as Gina grew closer and closer now.

“What the hay is wrong with ya Roseheart? It's just Gina. She won't hurt you.” Scootaloo replied as she continued to attempt to reassure the foal but with little success.

It was then Sweetie Belle sensed it as if a lightning streak through her being. “Discord's magic...” Sweetie Belle remarked thoughtfully to herself and moments later her expression went panicked as she put two and two together. “Scootaloo, I don't think Gina is herself! I'm sensing Discord's magic at work here and it's growing stronger by the second!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed in a panicked tone.

“Oh come on, your just being over....” Scootaloo began to say only to trail off as Gina came into clear view now even though she was still a good distance away. Her fur coat was a grayed out version of itself and she was flying at them faster than she should. “Oh horseapples...” Scootaloo said after a few moments in a dismayed tone along with a feeling of dread realizing she had just alerted a servant of Discord to her presence rather than a friend and banked sharply to the left barely avoiding Gina as she attempted to spear them.

“Call out to your friend Scootaloo, yeah. She'll help! Oh but guess what? she's actually not your friend right now and wants to kill you! Ugh! Why am I such a lame brain?!” Scootaloo exclaimed in a sarcastic yet annoyed tone as she facehoofed with one hoof while keeping a hold of Roseheart with the other as she flew at top speed evading Gina who was hot in her tail...literally!

Gina took a deep breath and exhaled fire at them to which Scootaloo barely evaded the flames. Her tail however wasn't as lucky and caught fire. “My tail is is on fire, My tail is on fire!” Scootaloo exclaimed in a panicked yet comical tone to which Sweetie Belle did her best to conjure up water and put out the flames as she let out a sigh along with an eye-roll.

“Since when did she get the ability to blow fire anyways?!” Scootaloo asked in a panicked tone as they evaded another exhale of flames.

“She's either been given that power by Discord or one of her parents was a dragon.” Sweetie Belle replied in a slightly panicked tone.

“Wait, ponies and dragons can mate?” Scootaloo asked incredulously.

“I saw many offspring of dragons and ponies during the war as Selena. In fact, we even encouraged it so that it gave us more firepower against Nightmare Moon. So yeah, it's uncommon now at days, but not impossible.” Sweetie Belle replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

Scootaloo banked right once again avoiding yet another exhale of flames this time singeing Sweetie Belle's mane. “Put us down Scootaloo! You can't fight her while your carrying us!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed as Scootaloo barely evaded yet another exhale or flames.

“The ground isn't safe! Discord's zombie ponies still roam around down there or did you forget that? And you are in no condition to fight them off!” Scootaloo replied as she banked right once again evading flames by Gina.

“I may be weak, but I’m not defenseless!” Sweetie Belle countered in an annoyed tone.

“Sweetie Belle, listen to me! I know you have this pride of yours as this once powerful unicorn, but you aren't her anymore! Get that through your thick skull!” Scootaloo retorted in an annoyed tone.

“You don't think I don't know this?! You don't think a day doesn't go by when I think back to who I was and never will be again?! Why the hay do you think I made a deal with the keeper of souls to take my memories of me as Selena when this is all over in exchange for saving Fluttershy's life! I want to forget that life! I want to live my own life!” Sweetie Belle nearly shrieked at which point a awkward silence ensued despite the fact Scootaloo was still evading Gina with all her skills.

“I'm sorry Sweetie Belle...I didn't mean to hit a soft spot.” Scootaloo replied after a few moments in a soft tone.

Upon hearing this Sweetie Belle gave a heavy sigh. “It's not your fault Scootaloo. It's just something I’ve been dealing with everyday of my life since I got my memories back. I want to forget that life I had...it's more painful than you realize.” Sweetie Belle replied in a soft tone.

Sweetie Belle:
(Play “Long ago...” now)

♫ Long ago...♫

♫ I remember...♫

♫ I was somepony grand...♫

Sweetie Belle looked up to the sky at this point despite the action and as if by magic she could see a reflection of herself as Selena from long ago. As she looked on tears flowed from her eyes freely now as she continued to sing now.

♫ Long ago...♫

♫I remember...♫

♫ I was somepony with a purpose...♫

Sweetie Belle reached a hoof out to the sky as she sung now watching her memories play out in the sky like a live action movie of all her achievements as tears continued to flow from her eyes. A few moments later however she retracted her hoof away from the sky, placed it on her chest, turned her gaze away from the sky, and closed her eyes as tears continued to flow from them.

♫ But now I see...♫

♫ That life is no longer apart of me...♫

♫ That life was long ago...♫

♫ Out of reach...♫

♫ Far away...♫

Sweetie Belle then reopened her eyes and looked up at the sky once more but now a different set of memories seemed to be playing in the skies now. Memories of herself as a small unicorn filly playing with her friends Applebloom and Scootaloo.

♫ Long ago...♫

♫I remember...♫

♫I became somepony new...♫

♫ Somepony different...♫

♫I was reborn...♫

♫I was given a second chance...♫

In the skies now Sweetie Belle could see the events of when she first become the young unicorn she is now and how she was so angry.

♫Now I see...♫

♫I was fighting against was came to be...♫

♫I want to live my own life...♫

♫I want to be my own pony no matter the strife...♫

♫ No matter what comes to be...♫

♫I just want to be meeeee!♫

“Sweetie Belle...” Scootaloo replied in an awed tone as a tear streaked down her left cheek.

“I'm sorry...I just had to get that out..” Sweetie Belle replied in a soft tone as she wiped tears from her eyes.

“It's alright, I understand. I'll get you two to the safest spot I can find so you can get to the library safely and then I’ll give Gina some tough love!” Scootaloo exclaimed with a proud smile took a sudden dive as she scanned the ground and quickly found a place she figured was the safest location, landed quickly, handed Roseheart to Sweetie Belle, put a hoof on Roseheart's chin, kissed her forehead, and took off again after saying the words”I love you Roseheart, stay safe.”

“Take care of yourself Scootaloo, and don't do anything rash now...” Sweetie Belle remarked as she watched the Pegasus take a sharp climb up towards Gina, lifted up Roseheart with her magic though still weak, and ran off in the direction of Twilight's library.

Part 1 end


(play”Luna [Remix] vs Eurobeat Brony” now)

The moon hung high in the sky now as Scootaloo sped towards Gina with a look of determination in her eyes as Gina looked back at her with a look of resentment she knew all too well. It was the same one she always wore when she looked at her mother while she was Discorded. “I may not have an element of harmony or any magic, but I will free you from his control Gina!” Scootaloo shouted as she grew closer and closer now.

“Why would I want to be free?” Gina replied with a grin as she took a deep inhale and exhaled flames at the Pegasus only for her to bank right to avoid them and spear her from the right.

Much to the orange Pegasus's shock however Gina was a lot stronger than she looked. Within moments of being speared by her she grabbed her by the mane with her mouth and began to spin her in circles as Scootaloo cried out in pain due to her mane being pulled in such a way. She could feed threads of her mane being ripped from her head and neck which felt like sharp needles being stabbed into those places until she was abruptly let go and sent flying vertically.

Scootaloo recovered mid-air only to be struck in the chest before she could fully recover causing her to give a shrill cry of pain Gina's hoof connected with her chest and moments later was sent flying away in a mid-air flip style, but managed to recover by ejecting her wings out which allowed herself to level herself. She had no time to recover, but managed to evade Gina this time around by taking a sharp vertical climb to which Gina followed.

“Buck it all, I can't get a good enough distance from her to get my bearings! She's already hurt me bad already and I have yet to cause a scape in her hide!” Scootaloo thought to herself dramatically as she attempted to ignore the throbbing in her chest along with the stinging from her mane being pulled in such a fashion earlier.

“What's wrong Scoots? Chicken? Scoot,scoot,scootalooooo!” Gina exclaimed in a taunting manner as she chased the orange Pegasus around.

Upon hearing this Scootaloo came to a dead stop and turned around to look at her. “What did you call me?” Scootaloo asked in a low tone as she felt her temper skyrocket.

“Oh I was only calling a chicken! See? Scoot,scoot,scootaloooo!” Gina exclaimed in a tainting tone.

“No pony and I mean no pony, calls me a chicken!” Scootaloo roared and in the next moment throttled the purple Pegasus hard upside the head which sent her flying back only to recover.

“About time you got serious.” Gina replied with a sneer as she wiped her bloodied lip with a hoof and charged at her.

Hooves collided, blows were exchanged and flames were evaded over the course of the next few minuets as Scootaloo and Gina went all out on one another which left the two beaten and battered after three bouts.

“Gina...listen to me...Discord is controlling you! Fight it!” Scootaloo exclaimed between huffs and puffs as she wiped blood off her eyebrow which was bleeding profusely at the moment along with just about every other part of her face.

Gina however seemed to ignore the orange Pegasus's pleas and charged at her once again but this time the two hit a deadlock with one another as all four hooves began to grind against one another mid-air. “Gina, I know you're in there! Come on! It's me! Scootaloo! You saved me from Sherry and Jesse's trademark locker stocker two years ago, remember?” Scootaloo said in a pleading tone trying desperately to reach her friend.

Upon hearing this Gina's expression lightened greatly as if she was in fact recalling that event. “I-I remember...” Gina said in a soft tone and without warning flung her front hooves over her head and began to cry out in pain.

“That's it Gina! Fight it! Remember all the times we spent together, the fun we had, remember our friendship!” Scootaloo exclaimed in a desperate tone realizing she was getting through to her finally.

“St-Stay away from me Scootaloo! I'm not safe!” Gina shrieked out as she continued to wage war within herself against Discord's influence.

“No, I’m not going to leave you! You're my friend Gina! And friends stick together no matter what!” Scootaloo exclaimed and hugged her friend tightly at which point Gina's eyes shot open and looked at her friend.

As if by magic Gina's color began to change to their normal color from the tail up to her head. In a few moments she looked like her old self again at which point the purple Pegasus passed out only to be caught by her friend whom carried her to a safe spot on the ground and sat beside her.


Sweetie Belle ran as fast as her hooves could carry her as she ran in the direction of Twilight's house. “Don't worry Roseheart. I'll protect you no matter what!” Sweetie Belle said in a reassuring tone to the young foal whom looked scared and frightened at the moment.

Finally Twilight's house was in view but just as she neared it she suddenly found herself surrounded by zombie ponies. “No...not like this...” Sweetie Belle said in a soft tone as she looked about herself as fear began to overwhelm her. She was still too weak to do anything and they had her outnumbered ten to one.

It doesn't have to end like this you know...

A voice echoed out at which point a pink pony stepped from within the ranks to the front. This pony had a pink fur coat purple mane and tail which seemed to have white streaks throughout it, but this wasn't the defining attributes of this mare. The defining attribute was her eyes which looked as if someone had stuck a hypnotism circle in them. And just like one they swirled continuously.

“Screwball? How come your not affected and what are you talking about?” Sweetie Belle asked in a cautious tone.

“Why would I be affected by something that my daddy made?” Screwball said with a sneer as she walked up to one of the zombie ponies whom was standing stationary, ran a hoof along their cheek, and in the next moment snapped their neck with a sickening cracking sound before the zombie pony fell to the ground dead, yet the others did not advance on her. “So as I was saying, it doesn't have to be this way Selena...” Screwball said after a few moments looking directly at Sweetie Belle whom gasped upon hearing her old name spoken.

“How do you know my name? I mean my old name!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed tripping over her words slightly as she spoke.

“Oh, I know much more about you than your name Selena. I can give it all back to you, your true form, your true magical power, all you have to do is give your will to Discord, and all your former glory shall be yours again...Selena.” Screwball replied as she paced around the white unicorn filly now who seemed to be frozen in shock.

“You can really give it all back?” Sweetie Belle asked in a soft tone as her voice cracked slightly as she spoke.

“Yessss, I can.” Screwball replied with a malicious grin. “So, do we have a deal?” Screwball asked a few moments after her initial reply as she stood in front of her now extending a hoof.

“I won't have a will of my own will I? I'll hurt many ponies...won't I?” Sweetie Belle replied in a slow tone feeling the temptation nearly overwhelming now.

Upon hearing this Screwball rolled her eyes and made a shrug gesture. “Meh, maybe a few here or there. But hey, at least you'll have your true form back. You won't be this quivering, pathetic, little filly anymore, and that's all that matters right?” Screwball replied with a sneer as she extended her hoof to the unicorn once again.

Sweetie Belle looked up to the sky now once again feeling tears swell in her eyes.

Sweetie Belle:

♫ Long ago...♫

♫ I remember...♫

♫ I was somepony grand...♫

Screwball now paced around Sweetie Belle once again looking at her with malicious intent.


♫ Long ago you were somepony great.♫

♫ I have the power to free you from this sorry state.♫

♫ Selena take my hoof.♫

♫ And I will give you proof...♫

Sweetie Belle:

Sweetie Belle looked up to the skies seeing herself as Selena once again as if by magic but also saw herself as the filly she is now playing with her friends.

♫ Long ago...♫

♫ I was searching...♫

♫ To find myself again...♫

♫ To find a way...♫


♫ Selena you have found a way...♫

♫ and it will be here to staaaay!♫

♫ All you have to do,♫

♫Is take my hoof and your true power will ensue...♫

Sweetie Belle:

Sweetie Belle looked at Screwballs hoof and slowly began to edge hers out towards it.

♫ No matter what comes to be...♫

♫ I just want to be meeeee!♫


A voice rang out at which point a purple figure landed in between Sweetie Belle and Screwball.


Spike then took her hoof that she had been slowly extending out to Screwball in his claws and looked into her eyes.

♫ Sweetie Belle don't you seeee?♫

♫ This is not who you want to beee!♫

♫ You are who you are no matter what ponies say...♫

♫ What this fiend promises you will cause you take life this daay!♫

♫ Don't listen to this dragon..♫

♫ He simply wants to deny you the opportunity to get on this grand bandwagon!♫

♫ Stick with me Selena for your sake.♫

♫ And we will leave this pitiful life with nothing but your power in it's wake!♫

Sweetie Belle:

Sweetie Belle looked to Screwball then back to Spike, looked up at the sky and sighed heavily.

♫ How could I have been so blind now to see.♫

♫ The element of your treachery!♫

♫ I will not take your deal Screwball...♫

♫ No, I will not be what you want me to be at aaaalllll!♫

♫I want to be my own pony no matter the strife...♫

♫ No matter what comes to be...♫

♫I just want to be meeeee!♫

Sweetie Belle then mustered all the magic she had in her and in a blast of magic ejected Screwball and the horde around her away in a blinding flash of magic, fell to her stomach and began to sob loudly.

“It's okay Sweetie Belle.” Spike said in a comforting tone as he ran a claw along her mane softly.

“I can't believe I was such a foal! I was willing to take her deal no matter what! Is that all I am?!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed between sobs.

“No, your a wonderful filly. And you made the right choice.” Spike replied with a soft smile.

It was then that it occurred to the white unicorn. “What a second, the time stream was fixed, so that means you shouldn't be here...how?” Sweetie Belle asked in a confused tone as she looked at Spike now.

“Don't ask me. I just suddenly popped into the library about an hour ago. Kind of scary really considering the last thing I remember was taking a hoof to the gut and bleeding out on the floor.” Spike replied as he scratched the back of his head in confusion then noticed Roseheart. “Who's the foal?” Spike asked curiously.

“Her name is Roseheart. She's Applebloom's daughter.” Sweetie Belle replied without thinking only to see Spike's jaw drop.

“Since when did Applebloom have a foal?!” Spike asked incredulously.

“It's a long story...” Sweetie Belle replied and noticed zombie ponies gathering around them. “But it can wait till we get inside. Twilight's protection spell should still be up so lets go. Can you carry Roseheart? I'm afraid I used the last of my magic repelling Screwball and her minions.” Sweetie Belle asked in a hurried tone to which Spike nodded, lifted up Roseheart, and followed the unicorn into Twilight's house.


Gina stirred and suddenly sat upright to see Scootaloo sitting next to her. “Welcome back Gina.” Scootaloo said with a smile.

“Did I- oh dear Celestia I did! Damn it!” Gina exclaimed in shock and horror and turned away from Scootaloo now.

“Hey, don't worry about it. You were under Discord's control. I know you wouldn't try to hurt me if you were yourself.” Scootaloo replied with a smile as she placed a hoof on Gina's shoulder who could be heard sobbing softly now.

“So you know then...” Gina replied between sobs.

“Know what?” Scootaloo asked curiously.

“That I’m a freak. No normal pony can spit flames.” Gina replied between sobs.

“Hey! Your not a freak! So what if your mom or dad was a dragon. If you ask me, being able to blow flames is way past cool!” Scootaloo exclaimed in a reassuring tone with a smile to match it.

“You don't think I'm a freak? But I’m not normal.” Gina replied not sobbing nearly as much now as she looked at Scootaloo.

“Gina, I’m your friend. No matter what you are, nothing will change that.” Scootaloo replied with a warm smile at which point the purple Pegasus was able to clear up the waterworks completely.

“My father was a dragon, my mother was a Pegasus pony. See, when I was very young they had a very skilled unicorn cast a illusion spell on me. My wings aren't really feathered but they look and feel that way to anypony who touches them. My fur coat is real, but beneath the fur are dragon scales. Before the spell was cast on me you could see them through my fur coat though.” Gina said in a soft tone.

“And everything else?” Scootaloo asked curiously.

“Well, everything else looks like your normal pony. My face, mane, hooves, and tail are normal looking even without the illusion spell. The thing about the spell is that it's unaffected by mirrors.” Gina replied in a soft tone.

“That explains why you never wanted to use the restroom when I was with.” Scootaloo replied in realization of why she had acted so oddly during their times in flight school together.

“Exactly, I was afraid what you might think of me if you saw my reflection.” Gina replied with a sniffle as she wiped her nose with a hoof.

“Come on though, we need to move. It won't be long before Discord's hordes are on us.” Scootaloo said in a cautious tone as she looked about herself.

“Where will we go?” Gina asked curiously.

“Twilight's house. It has a spell on it that repels anypony under the effects of Discord's chocolate rain.” Scootaloo replied and took off from the ground followed by Gina.


“All that happened while I was...well...dead?” Spike said incredulously.

“Well not all at the same time due to Celestia changing the time stream, but yeah.” Sweetie Belle replied as she looked about herself.

“Wow, this is a lot for a dragon to wrap his head around! I mean you and Pinkie Pie, two parts of the same pony? A history of being in a war, and...oh my head my hurts!” Spike exclaimed clamping his claws on his head which caused Sweetie Belle to giggle.

“I thought you knew about me when you stopped me from making that deal with Screwball though.” Sweetie Belle replied.

“No, I just knew she was up to no good is all. I mean one pony trying to convince you to make a deal with a bunch of zombie ponies around? What's any good about that?” Spike replied making a shrug gesture as he spoke.

“I suppose you have a point there.” Sweetie Belle replied with yet another giggle.

“So what's this about Scootaloo though? You said she still has a link with Discord even though she's not discorded anymore?” Spike asked in a concerned tone.

“Well, it's only theory really, but I think that when Discord converted her about two years ago he created one more element of disharmony, one he never intended to make. That's why she can still tell how he thinks and why she's unaffected by most of his magic. When I think back, Scootaloo was clearly not close enough to Applebloom at that time to be protected by her element, yet she was still unaffected.” Sweetie Belle replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Run that by me again Sweetie Belle!” Scootaloo exclaimed in shock as she stood in the doorway now which startled by Spike and Sweetie Belle.

“Is she on our side now? And how long were you listening?” Sweetie Belle asked in a guilty tone.

“About the part where you said about an element he never intended to make.” Scootaloo said in a annoyed tone as she walked up to the two and realized Spike was sitting there. “Spike?! But I was told he was-” Dead, yeah I know. So did I up till he told he had no idea how he's back really.” Scootaloo began to say only to be cut off by Sweetie Belle.

“Well as I’m sure you have figured out by now, Discord's elements of disharmony protect him from the elements of harmony.” Sweetie Belle said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Uhh, actually. I had no clue.” Scootaloo replied in a confused tone.

“Am I the only pony who pays attention to the magical workings around her?” Sweetie Belle asked in an annoyed tone as she facehoofed with a groan.

“I think your just more experienced than the rest of us.” Spike chimed in though this didn't do much to alleviate the unicorn's annoyance.

Anyways, When Discord converted you, I think he may have unintentionally created another element of disharmony. By magical theory this would explain why you are able to sense his magic and be unaffected by many of his spells.” Sweetie Belle explained.

“Okay, saying that I go along with this wild theory of yours. What element do I represent in his elements of disharmony? Because last I checked he has all six.” Scootaloo replied in a skeptic tone.

“But Scootaloo, there are seven elements of harmony, so it only makes sense that if Discord was mimicking their style of magic as a shield he would possibly create a seventh element himself.” Sweetie Belle countered taking note of her skeptic tone.

“Okay, so which element do I supposedly represent then?” Scootaloo replied in an annoyed tone.

“Well, since the seventh element of harmony is love and recalling what how you acted towards Rainbow Dash when you were Discorded, I'd have to go on a hoof and say the element is hatred.” Sweetie Belle replied in a concerned tone.

“That's crazy! I don't represent the element of hatred! In fact I love my mom more than ever!” Scootaloo exclaimed in an offended tone.

“Not now you don't, but while you were discorded you showed that attribute clear as day! Don't you remember?” Sweetie Belle countered in a serious tone.

“I try not to...” Scootaloo replied in a soft yet saddened tone as she felt herself become overwhelmed with guilt for how she acted towards Rainbow Dash.

“This is all magical theory anyways. Who the hoof knows how you were possibly able to be unaffected by Discord's magic.” Sweetie Belle replied in a reassuring tone due to the fact she was now feeling guilty for even thinking of this theory.

“Saying I go along with this theory of yours, how do I pan into this whole deal with Discord?” Scootaloo replied as if ignoring Sweetie Belle's previous comment.

“Well, as long as the elements exist, Discord is immune to the elements of harmony, and theory dictates that the only way to defeat him with the elements of harmony is to destroy all of his elements of disharmony...” Sweetie Belle said and trailed off near the end of her statement.

“In other words, I have to die.” Scootaloo replied in a solemn tone at which point an awkward silence ensued between the four.

“As I said Scootaloo, it's only theory. It doesn't make it true!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed in a worried tone as she feared for what Scootaloo might be thinking right now.

“What if it is true? Twilight and the others are risking their lives against a foe that they have no chance of winning against right now!” Scootaloo exclaimed, stood up, and began to walk to the door.

“Scootaloo wait! Don't you dare consider doing what I think you are doing!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed in a panicked tone.

“I'm not going to go and kill myself Sweetie Belle, but I can't sit back and let this theory of yours go to chance either. I'm going to face Discord along with Twilight and the others and if he's still immune to the elements of harmony once they have managed to destroy them all. Then I’ll know if your theory is true or not. Besides, the others probably don't even know that they have to destroy the elements of disharmony right now anyways, so somepony needs to tell them.” Scootaloo replied with a smile.

“I'm going with you. I've got a score to settle with that draconequus for making me almost kill you.” Gina said chiming in now as she walked beside Scootaloo.

“It's going to be dangerous.” Scootaloo replied with a smirk.

“Ha! If there's anything I take pride in about myself, it's that my half dragon heritage gives me a natural defense against all forms of magic!” Gina replied with a cocky grin at which point Spike's jaw dropped.

“You're half dragon?” Spike asked in a slightly shocked tone.

“Heh, yeah. Long story, I’ll let you in on it later. Lets fly Scoots!” Gina exclaimed and took off through the front door followed by Scootaloo.

“I think I’m in love....” Spike said in a dreamy tone with heart eyes as he stared on while Sweetie Belle facehoofed and groaned.

“First my sister and now her...will he ever learn?” Sweetie Belle remarked in a dismal tone with a sigh.


(play “Spirit Of Chaos” now)

Twilight swiftly dodged a blast of magic from Discord as Applebloom and Applejack charged forth and performed a double buck against the draconequus knocking him backward followed by Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy to double speared him. Twilight and Rarity then both channeled magic into their horns and fired a double magic attack against him, yet nothing they had done seemed to affect him. Not greatly anyways.

“What the buckin hay do we have to do in order to kick this varmint's flank?!” Applejack exclaimed in an annoyed tone as they began to frantically dodge beams of magic from the draconequus.

“I don't know! Rarity, how did you harm him earlier?” Twilight asked as she channeled magic into her wings to act as a shield from one of Discord's magical attacks.

“I honestly don't know Twilight. I simply lost all sense of reality for a moment and charged at him and then when I got knocked back onto my flank I regained my senses.” Rarity replied in a panicked tone as she dodged a blast magic barely.

“Ugh! We're fighting a brick wall here!” Twilight exclaimed in an annoyed yet discouraged tone.

His elements of disharmony! Target them! They are his weakness!

A voice rang out which could belong to non-other than Scootaloo who could be seen flying into the room now along side of Gina.

“What the hay are ya doin here Scootaloo? Ah told ya to get the hay outta here! And how the hay do ya know this?” Applebloom exclaimed in an annoyed yet worried tone for her lover's safety.

“Sweetie Belle told me. Twilight can you lock onto where his elements of disharmony are stored?” Scootaloo asked in an urgent tone as she answered Applebloom's question then turned to look at Twilight.

“I can try!” Twilight replied and began to focus on scanning the draconequus's body while everypony continued to strike at him and dodge his attacks.

For sometime it seemed as if the Alicorn was making little or no progress until her eyes lit up in excitement. “I found them!” Twilight exclaimed triumphantly.

“Good! Now where the hay are they?!” Applejack exclaimed as she dodged an attack by the draconequus.

“There are five left! One in each of his hands, one in each of his legs, and one in his left eye!” Twilight exclaimed at which point everypony felt the moral between them raise in light of this information.

“Come on everypony! We're back in this!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed enthusiastically with hoof pump gesture, nodded to Fluttershy, and the two of them charged full throttle for each of his arms only to get blasted away before they could get close.

“You little foals may have found my weakness, but you will never reach them!” Discord exclaimed in the same demonic tone as he conjured a barrier around himself.

“Consarn it all! Just when we think we got a hoof up on the varmint he goes and pulls this rotten apple out of his orchard!” Applejack exclaimed in an annoyed tone.

“I think I can help with that!” Gina exclaimed with a smile and charged at Discord.

“Hey, sheep for brains! Guess what?!” Gina exclaimed with a grin as Discord pointed his claw hand at her and blasted her only for her to be seemingly unaffected. Gina then took a deep breath and exhaled flames at the draconequus which hit it's mark leaving his barrier down and everypony in the room slack jawed.

“Either I need to see a eye doctor for my eyes, or she just blew flames!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in shock.

“No, you saw right. Gina is half pony,half dragon!” Scootaloo exclaimed proudly.

Sure enough as Gina landed back on the ground it became clear that this was fact.

“The Illusion spell. Oh no! Discord's magic must have dispelled it!” Gina exclaimed in shock as she looked at her wings now which were no longer feathered but rather that of a dragon's wings.

“Gina, remember? It doesn't matter what you look like. We are all your friends and we will be no matter what you are.” Scootaloo said in a comforting tone.

“Gina looked to everypony in the room and could see nothing but smiles at her now. “Heh, I guess you're right. I was just worried your friends might not be as understanding as you.” Gina replied in a sheepish tone.

“Not as understandin? Why little missy, you look great!” Applejack exclaimed with a genuine smile.

“Applejack is right darling, you look simply fabulous! Why, I may even ask you to model for me after this is all over! I've always wanted to do a fashion line for a cross breed specie!” Rarity exclaimed enthusiastically.

“Uh, everypony. Focus! Discord’s barrier is down!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she and Fluttershy darted forth and struck both of his hands as hard as they could which effectively destroyed the two elements of disharmony in them.

Upon these two elements being destroyed however Discord erected yet another barrier. “I forgot about the half breed freak's immunity to magic! It happen again!” Discord roared in anger as he shot beams of magic at everypony once again.

“Hey! She's not a freak you overgrown mule!” Scootaloo exclaimed as she shot off the ground and through his barrier without realizing it and struck him squarely in the eye destroying the element of disharmony there at which point Discord gave a shrill cry of pain and batted the Pegasus away and to the ground causing her to cry out as she hit the stone floor.

“Are ya okay honeh?!” Applebloom exclaimed in a worried tone as she rushed to Scootaloo's side.

“Yeah, I’m fine. He packs a punch!” Scootaloo replied in a pained tone.

“Ah reckon so, but how the hay did you just fly through his consarned barrier like that?” Applebloom asked curiously.

“I...I don't know.” Scootaloo lied. She had a feeling she knew but didn't want to say anything just yet. But what she had just done reenforced Sweetie Belle's theory of her being the seventh element of disharmony and it scared her. She may have to give her life up after all. In her mind however, if it came to that, she would do so without a second thought, but until then she wanted to play it by ear.

“Three elements down, two to go! Come on everypony! Lets finish him off!” Twilight exclaimed enthusiastically.

However no matter how much they tried Discord's barrier seemed to be stronger than ever now and was able to repel even Gina despite her defense against magic.

This fact was reenforced as Gina hit his barrier nose first and fell to her rump holding her nose only to be tackled to safely by Applebloom moments before a beam of magic struck the ground where she once sat.

“Watch where the hay you sit consarn it! Ah won't be able to save your hide all the time!” Applebloom exclaimed, moments later charged forward, element glowing brightly, and gave a mighty buck against his barrier only to be repelled and sent flying back, skipping a crossed the floor haphazardly like a rock being skipped a crossed a lake until she slid to a halt before Applejack who promptly lifted her up by the mane and dodged yet another blast of magic from the draconequus.

“Says the pony who was just knocked on her own hindquarters and had to be rescued.” Applejack remarked with a smirk as Applebloom got to all four hooves.

“Shut ya apple eatin trap big sis...” Applebloom retorted sourly before she charged forward again leaving the farm pony with an offended look.

“Well ah never! Ah didn't raise her to give meh that kind of lip!” Applejack remarked in an annoyed tone.

“Cut her some slack A-J! We're fighting for our lives here!” Scootaloo exclaimed as she flew behind Applebloom providing backup for the farm pony.

“Any plans honeh?” Applebloom asked as they neared the draconequus's barrier.

“Yeah, hold on!” Scootaloo exclaimed, lifted Applebloom off the ground mid-run and used her wings to propel the two at a much greater speed now.

“Ah don't think catapultin meh will work this time round honeh!” Applebloom exclaimed in a panicked tone.

“Who said anything about catapulting you? We're charging through!” Scootaloo exclaimed much to Applebloom shock.

“Ah hope you know what you're doin!” Applebloom exclaimed as they were barely five feet away from the draconequus barrier dodging beams of magic shot at them.

Applebloom slammed her eyes shut expecting to hit the barrier strait on followed by a burst of pain only to open them a few moments later to see the two had passed through the barrier unscathed. “How in the hay-?!” “Ask later, bucking position now!” Scootaloo exclaimed cutting off the farm pony as they were now up on the draconequus who spotted them reared his lions paw back and swatted at them.

Unfortunately for the orange Pegasus she was hit dead on but she let go of Applebloom moments before which caused the farm pony to land haphazardly on the floor in front of him only to dodge a strike from his claw hand.

Scootaloo let out a shrill cry of pain as she skipped along the floor exactly as Applebloom had earlier except with far more skips along the stone floor before she was caught mid-skip by Rainbow Dash.

“Don't be so reckless Scoots! I didn't go through hell to get you back just to lose you here!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in a concerned tone as she held her tightly for a few moments in the hair before setting her down on the ground.

“Sorry mom...” Scootaloo replied in a pained tone as she wearily got to all four hooves and looked to see Applebloom fighting the draconequus one-on-one now. “Come on Applebloom, I know you can do it...” Scootaloo remarked in a soft tone as she looked on.

Applebloom dodged right, dodged left, jumped, performed a mid-air spin, landed on all four hooves, and dodged left once again effectively dodging six attacks from the draconequus, but even though she was able to evade his strikes somewhat easily, she couldn't get close enough to him to strike at the remaining elements in each of his legs. “Consarn it all! Ah'm spendin so much buckin time dodgin his attacks ah can't close in on the varmint!” Applebloom thought to herself in an annoyed tone as she dodged another set of attacks from Discord.

Twilight who was watching this from afar now due to Discord focusing on Applebloom now instead of them could see this clear as day. “She can't get close enough to strike! We have to help her!” Twilight exclaimed dramatically as she looked on.

“If you have any ideas of how to get past that dreadful barrier of his, I’d love to hear them darling.” Rarity replied in a slightly annoyed tone.

“As much as I’d hate to agree with her, Rarity's got a point Twilight. As long as the jerk has his lame barrier up, we can't get close enough to help her.” Rainbow Dash chimed in looking at Twilight now as well.

“I'm thinking!” Twilight exclaimed in annoyance as she racked her brain trying to figure out how to get past his barrier until her eyes lit up. “Discord spoke of this place as the area where the source of his power is stored right?” Twilight asked aloud waiting for the others to nod.

“Skip to the consarned point sugarcube! Ah don't know how much longer mah little sis can keep it the acrobatics in thar!” Applejack exclaimed in an impatient tone as her gaze was on the action between Applebloom and Discord at the present moment.

“His book! He spoke of a book! We need to find that book!” Twilight exclaimed deciding to skip the lecture for once in light of the situation.

“Okay, lets go find that book!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

“Okay, Applejack, Gina, and Scootaloo, you guys stay here to be ready to back up Applebloom once his barrier's down, the rest of us will search these caves for his book!” Twilight exclaimed at which point the purple unicorn charged out of the room followed by Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy.

(play “Thousand Foot Krutch-E For Extinction” now)

“With all that has happened in mah life. The choices ah have made, the stuff that's happened to me and mah friends, ah won't back down now! Ah won't give up! Ah'm not fighting for just mah friends now, ah'm figthin for mah daughter's future! And with Celestia as mah witness, ah will make sure she grows up in a word worth livin in!” Applebloom thought to herself dramatically as she continued to dodged strikes by the draconequus.

Applebloom's element began to shine once again, but this time it was different. This time the element surrounded the farm pony's body in a warm pink glow. Applebloom's movements suddenly picked up in speed and the farm pony found herself able to predict Discord's moves to a degree now. “Ah get it now. The stronger mah love, the more powerful mah element becomes.” Applebloom remarked to herself thoughtfully.

“You think you can take me on alone? You are barely able to evade my attacks little foal!” Discord exclaimed and began to strike at her even faster now.

“How the hay-?!” Applebloom exclaimed in shock as she barely dodged a strike against him and felt the other nick her mane. “Consarn it all! Every cotton pickin time ah get a one up on him, he somehow manages to counter meh!” Applebloom exclaimed in annoyance.

“You will never reach the remaining elements!” Discord exclaimed as he struck at her now.

“Of course! He's defendin his legs, but what about...” Applebloom thought to herself as she changed up position suddenly, jumped up much to the draconequus shock and bucked his squarely in the face which caused him to stumble back and put his lion's paw over the spot where the farm pony struck. “Ha! Ah got ya! Ya is so busy protectin ya legs, ya didn't even think to protect ya face did ya?!” Applebloom exclaimed in a cocky tone.

“Oh yeah! Go Applebloom, go Applebloom, sock it to that mule!” Scootaloo exclaimed jumping up and down.

“You stay out of this!” Discord hissed at Scootaloo at which point she dropped to her stomach and waved her right hoof halfheartedly.

“Discord, Discord, he's our pony....if he can't do it....GREAT!” Scootaloo exclaimed in a halfhearted yet sarcastic tone up until she shouted her last word at which point her expression suddenly turned into a cocky grin with a glare to match it.

“Do you really need to make him pay attention to us Scootaloo?” Applejack remarked in annoyance.

“Hey, that's my fillyfriend in there. I'm entitled to cheer her on.” Scootaloo countered with a smile.

“Ya can't fool meh. You're terrified for her life. You're not the only one though.” Applejack thought to herself as she looked on at her the Pegasus who's expression was nervous as hell at the moment then back to Applebloom who was striking at the draconequus in an attempt to catch him off guard only to be blocked by another strike from him.

“I should be in there with her! But i'm not nearly as athletic as she is when it comes to ground movements. And Discord can swat me out of the sky easily.” Scootaloo thought to herself nervously. She wanted more than anything to back her lover up and the only thing halting her from doing so at the moment was fear of making Applebloom worry about her, goof up, and get knocked outside of the barrier. Without the others in here providing a decent cover there was no way she could get her back in there from a range.

Gina was just as nervous as the others were as she watched. “Why can't I get through? I'm immune to all kinds of magic. So why was his barrier able to repel me?” Gina thought to herself in a depressed tone. “I'm useless...” Gina remarked aloud without realizing it.

“Hey, ah don't wanna hear that kind of talk from ya little missy. Ya helped us destroy a few of his consarned elements didn't ya?” Applejack said in a encouraging tone.

“Yeah, but now I can't do anything but watch as Applebloom fights for her life.” Gina replied in a depressed tone.

“Don't ya worry your little head bout it. Once Twilight and others destroy that consarned book of his we'll get our turn.” Applejack replied with a smile then looked to the cave room entrance. “Hurry Twi, ah don't know how much longer Applebloom can hold out...” Applejack thought to herself in a worried tone as she looked on then back to Applebloom and Discord.


Part 2 end

Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity were now making there way throughout the caves now the sounds of combat no longer heard moving slowly now.

“What's the deal Twilight? Why are we slowing down?” Rainbow Dash asked in a curious tone.

“We're getting close.” Twilight replied looking about herself cautiously.

“How can you be sure?” Pinkie Pie asked, took a step, and was yanked back via Twilight's magic mere moments before a sharp spear erected from the floor directly where she once stood.

“Call it a hunch...” Twilight replied in a sarcastic tone as she looked at Pinkie Pie who had literally urinated on the spot due to being so shocked and scared.

“Pinkie Pie, really?!” Rainbow Dash remarked in an annoyed tone at the small puddle of urine under the pink mare at the moment.

“Lets see you get super scared and not pee yourself! Besides, I’ve had to go for awhile now! Not easy holding it in when your fighting that meanie pants!” Pinkie Pie retorted defensively with a blush of embarrassment on her face.

“Cut it out you two! This isn't the time to be arguing! Now, everypony watch where your walking!” Twilight exclaimed in annoyance as she began to step forward cautiously.

Mere seconds after Twilight had said this, Rarity stepped onto a panel on the floor which sunk in as she stepped on it at which point she looked down and gulped. “Uh-oh...” Rarity said in a dreading yet soft tone.

“What do you mean, uh-oh?” Rainbow Dash asked in an annoyed tone. She got her answer though but not from Rarity as a great rumbling could be heard now as the roof of the cave behind them began to open up.

“Ugh!” Twilight exclaimed with a facehoofing gesture along with a groan.

A large boulder could now be seen slowly sliding through the gaping hole in the top of the cave which caused everypony to gulp. “Darling, please tell me that isn't what I think it is..” Rarity remarked in a horrified tone.

“Everypony starting running...NOW!” Twilight said in an dreading tone at first but exclaimed her last word as she turned about face and ran as fast her hooves can carry her following by the other four as the boulder hit the stone floor and began to roll towards them.

Not only did Twilight and the other four have to worry about the boulder now hurtling towards them, they now had to avoid spears that were ejecting from the floor at them as they ran as fast as they could down the path.

“Twilight, we can't avoid all these spears and possibly hope to get away from our impending doom!” Rarity exclaimed as she barely avoided a spear that shot up on her right only to get scraped by one on her left side which gashed her right leg open. While not deep, the wound was enough to slow the unicorn down greatly as it bleed, throbbed, and stung.

“Pick up Rarity Rainbow! I'll pick up Pinkie Pie!” Twilight exclaimed as she took off the ground, swooped over and lifted the pink mare off the ground following by Rainbow Dash who did the same with Rarity.

“Looks like Tom came back with a vengeance eh Rarity?” Rainbow Dash remarked in a joking tone despite the situation which caused the unicorn to flash her a glare.

“I thought we agreed to never speak of this again?!” Rarity exclaimed in an pissed off tone.

“Well, it don't help that the boulder has the word, tom, engraved onto one side of it.” Rainbow Dash replied in the same jeering tone as they sped down the path.

“You made that up!” Rarity retorted with a glare.

“Take a look yourself! I'm sure you can get a decent look behind us right now.” Rainbow Dash countered still grinning.

Rarity then took a look behind herself and gasped in both shock and anger as the boulder did in fact have the word “TOM” written in capital letters on one side of the boulder which could be seen as it continued to roll towards them. “I'll murder that draconequus!” Rarity exclaimed in a pissed off tone as she ground her hooves and teeth together in fury.

“You'll get your chance after we get away from this boulder!” Twilight exclaimed as they sped down the pathway. Luckily for them the path widened a short distance away which would give them a way to evade the rock.

Once the four has gotten to the wider room they bolted off to the right and left. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy took off towards the left while Twilight took off to the right which gave the five a decent look at the boulder as it rolled past them.

“Did that boulder have the word-” I said we are never to speak of this again!” Rarity exclaimed cutting off the Alicorn with a glare as Rainbow Dash set her safely to the ground as did Twilight with Pinkie Pie.

“You saw it alright, Twilight! Tom back back with a vengeance! Ha,ha,ha!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she held herself laughing hysterically in the air.

“Actually, that is pretty funny...” Twilight remarked and began to laugh herself which made Rarity's glare become even more pissed off.

“Oh, come on Rarity! Laugh! It is pretty funny!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed as she hopped over to the unicorn laughing along with the others.

Rarity was about ready to blow her fuse when it occurred to her. The five had just narrowly evaded death at which point she felt her anger drain away realizing they were just trying to find something to lighten the mood after their horrifying experience. “I suppose it was a little funny...” Rarity said after a few moments trying her best to muster a laugh.

“I can't believe he did that though. Maybe he does have a sense of-whah!” Rainbow Dash began to say only to be cut off as two spears jetted from the walls, hitting both her wings and pinning her to the other side of the room.

“Rainbow!” Twilight exclaimed in horror as she looked at the cyan blue Pegasus who was now pinned to the wall by her wings. As if to make matters worse another spear jetted forth from the other side of the room strait for Rainbow Dash's chest.

Rainbow Dash let out a shriek of horror as she flung her hooves in front of her eyes in horror expecting to be impaled any second only for the sheer agonizing pain to never come. Curiously she opened her eyes to see the spear being held back via Rarity's magic a mere three feet away from her.

“Twilight, get her down! I don't know how much longer I can hold this thing back!” Rarity exclaimed in a strained tone as her horn was sputtering sparks at the moment as it glowing very brightly with her magic.

“Rainbow, can you get yourself loose?” Twilight asked in an urgent tone.

The cyan blue Pegasus looked to each side of herself now and judging by the blood streaking down from each wing, it was clear the spears had hit more then just mere feathers. About the same time she realized this she could feel the stabbing pain in her flesh now which nearly made her cry out. She managed to muster the will to not cry out somehow though. “N-No. The lame spears got my wings in the bone. I'm stuck here unless you cut off me off by the lower part of my wings.” Rainbow Dash replied much to everypony's horror.

“But Rainbow, if you loose your wings...” Fluttershy remarked in a scared tone as she flew beside her now.

“We don't have bucking time to be debating this Fluttershy! It's either my wings or my life! I've got a daughter to live for now and not to mention a special somepony. So I’m not kicking the bucket now!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed then looked at Twilight.

“This isn't like Discord's magic, if I cut them off, there's no getting them back. You realize this right?” Twilight asked in a worried tone her voice cracking as she spoke. She knew how much Rainbow Dash's wings meant to her, what she went through without them.

“Twilight, I know this. Throughout our adventures, our battles, I always thought my wings were the most important things to me, but then I found love and a family. Twilight, right now I’m not thinking of myself, I’m thinking of Scoots and Applejack right now. They need me. If I go here and now, who's gonna raise Scootaloo? So do it Twilight, and try to make it as painless as possible.” Rainbow Dash replied and slammed her eyes shut as tears streaked from them.

“Okay...” Twilight replied in a soft tone, focused her magic just under the spear on Rainbow Dash's wings, and fired two precise beams of magic which effectively severed the cyan blue Pegasus's wings from the spears at which point Rainbow Dash gave a shrill cry of pain as she fell to the ground only to be caught by Fluttershy.

It was at the point Rarity stopped holding the spear back which pierced the stone wall with a loud crashing sound which caused small fragments of the stone wall to fall over them. “And to think, that could have been you..” Rarity remarked looking up at the three spears in the wall now then back to the cyan blue Pegasus.

Twilight quickly rushed over to the cyan blue Pegasus and used her magic to heal what was left of her wings.

Rainbow Dash opened her eyes and looked at what was left of her wings. Half of each was missing. It was at this point the depressing fact finally set in fully. “I'll never fly again...” Rainbow Dash remarked in a low tone as she slammed her eyes shut tears still streaking from them.

“Rainbow...” Twilight said in a soft tone as she placed a hoof on the cyan blue Pegasus shoulder only to be swatted away.

“I'm fine! Come on, we got a book to find.” Rainbow Dash said not looking at Twilight as she began to walk down the hall.

“Why is it every time we fight for the lives of everypony in Equestria that we are forced to give up the things that matter the most to us?” Twilight thought to herself in a sad tone along with a sigh as she followed the cyan blue Pegasus.


The five now stood in the doorway of a room that even an earth pony could tell was full of dark magic as streams of magic swirled about the room around a single black book. “Lets get this over with, I have a score to settle.” Rainbow Dash said in a pissed off tone only to be halted by Twilight.

“You can't enter this room Rainbow. The moment you touch one of those swirling streaks of magic, it'll suck the life out of you in seconds.” Twilight remarked in a cautioning tone.

“So how the hay are we supposed to get to the book?” Rainbow Dash asked in an annoyed tone.

“I'm the only one who can.” Twilight remarked as she recognized this brand of magic.

“What do you mean only you? Darling, I’m sure any unicorn could get through this.” Rarity remarked trying to offer her assistance.

“Only I can because...This is the same brand of magic my mother used to become Nightmare Moon.” Twilight said in a soft tone earning shocked gasps from everypony. “But what can this mean? If this is the same dark magic my mother used, then that means it existed even before ponykind came to be...does that mean the source of this dark magic is from what Discord used to turn himself into that monster?” Twilight thought to herself in a confused tone.

“Are you sure about this Twilight?” Rainbow Dash asked in a concerned tone.

“Yes. Everypony stand back. I don't know what's going to happen.” Twilight replied and began to walk into the room.

From the moment Twilight's hoof stepped into the room it began to change in form from it's purple color to a black color the other four knew all to well. By the time the Alicorn fully walked into the room her form had been transformed into that of splitting image of Luna as Nightmare Moon. Moments later Twilight let out a shrill cry out agony as her entire being felt as if it was trying to be ripped from her.

“Twilight!” Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy shouted at the same time preparing to rush in until Twilight flashed a glare at them with her eyes glowing darkly.

“Stay back! This my fight!” Twilight roared except her voiced had an eerie echo to it now that chilled the four to the bone.

“What the hay does she mean by that?” Rainbow Dash asked in a worried tone.

“You never wondered how Twilight was able to tap into her dark magic even after we were able to save her life a long time ago?” Pinkie Pie asked at which point the other three looked at her in confusion. “I'm not even connected to Sweetie Belle anymore and I know that Twilight never fully conquered the darkness within her heart. What we did only managed to suppress it's influence over her.” Pinkie Pie said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“So in other words...” Rarity replied trailing off as she looked on to Twilight who was grunting, groaning, and crying out ever so often now.

“The real fight starts now. The only thing we can do is hope Twilight can overcome the dark magic within her.

Twilight looked about herself now she was in a dark room but here she was not an Alicorn, no here she was merely a unicorn. “Where am I?!” Twilight exclaimed in a worried tone as she looked about herself.

Don't you recognize this place? This is the place where I was born...

An eerie voice echoed throughout the vast darkness around her.

“Who are you?!” Twilight exclaimed as she looked around for any sign of movement.

Far too long have you been in control...

By the time this day ends, Nightmare moon will raise anew!

The voice echoed throughout the room again.

“So your the source of the dark magic from that book come to convert me into your servant eh?!” Twilight exclaimed looking about herself vigilantly.

No, you stupid mare....



“You!” The voice echoed up until it's final word at which point a figure appeared upon speaking it's final word right in front of Twilight's face which made her give a shocked gasp, stumble backwards, and fall onto her rump looking up at the Alicorn who stood before her.

“You can't be me! I'm me!” Twilight exclaimed in a scared tone as she scooted herself back away from the Alicorn as she stepped towards her and managed to her to all four hooves once again.

“You stupid mare, don't you see? I'm you and you're me. It makes perfect sense really.” The Alicorn replied as she stepped around Twilight with a malicious grin.

“How does that make any sense?! We can't be the same pony! There can't be two of me here right now!” Twilight exclaimed in a confused tone as she turned to make sure she was facing the Alicorn as she paced around her.

“You still don't get it do you? You ignorant foal! You were right about one thing though...there can't be two of me here. So one of us has to go...” The Alicorn replied with a sneer and struck Twilight with the back of her hoof which sent the unicorn to the floor with a cry of pain and held her cheek looking at the Alicorn.

“I don't know what you are, but you're not me!” Twilight exclaimed as she got to all four hooves and channeled magic into her horn preparing to fire at her. “I don't why I’m a unicorn here and she looks like me as my Alicorn self, but it's clear that this is the dark magic at work!” Twilight thought to herself dramatically and fired a beam of magic at the Alicorn only for her to disappeared in a flash of magic and reappear behind her.

“Wrong again!” The Alicorn exclaimed and struck her once again from behind sending the unicorn flying forward onto her belly with a cry of pain as she was struck. “You still don't get it, but you will by the time your life slips away.” The Alicorn said with a sneer as she walked up on her.

“Y-You can read my thoughts?” Twilight asked stuttering as she spoke now as the fear she was feeling began to overwhelm her.

“Wrong again.” The Alicorn replied, disappeared in a flash of magic and reappeared in another flash of magic in front of her and struck her once again sending her flying back onto her side. “Our thoughts are one and the same. Anything you think, I can hear. I know every move you are going to make before you make it. It doesn't work the other way around though, because I know how to shut you out!” The Alicorn exclaimed as she took off from the ground and began to fire beams of red magic at the unicorn whom scrambled to dodge each beam of magic.

“That's it, run! Run for your pathetic little life! There's no where to run to though. No where to hind from me.” The Alicorn said with malicious grin as she disappeared in a flash of magic and reappeared in front of Twilight, slammed her to the floor and stared at her with a sneer. “Now do you get it?! Not that it matters though. Because this little fight ends now!” The Alicorn exclaimed as her horn began to glow brightly.


“Something is wrong with her! Look at how she's acting!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in a panicked tone as Twilight began to fall to her knees crying out even more so now than ever.

“Oh dear, she's right!” Rarity exclaimed with an equally worried expression and tone to match it.

“She's looking the fight. Oh this is super bad! If Twilight loses then the dark magic will consume her soul!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed in a panicked tone.

“I-I I'm going in!” Fluttershy exclaimed and prepared to charge in only for Rainbow Dash to bite onto her tail and stop her. “This is no time to get brave on us Fluttershy!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed between gritted teeth as she held her friend back.

“But if Twilight loses, then she will die!” Fluttershy exclaimed in protest.

“Then lets use out elements of harmony to reach her! Remind her that we are here with her even if she feels alone!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in a confident tone, closed her eyes, placed hoof on her element, extended a hoof out to Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie who did the same and began to concentrate with all their might.


(play”Angel of Darkness - Alex C. ft. Yasmin K.” now)
“Your friends aren't here to save you this time and you are going to die all alone Twilight Sparkle. With your death, Nightmare Moon shall rise again in your place!” The Alicorn exclaimed as her horn glowed even more brightly now and was about to fire the beam of magic into her face when suddenly a bright light began to shine which caused the Alicorn to recoil away from Twilight and shield her eyes. “What is this?!” The Alicorn exclaimed in rage as she attempted to look at Twilight through the blinding light.

Twilight looked about herself and gasped. Though they looked like ghosts here, she could still see Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie staring at her smiling. “How did you guys-?” Twilight began to say only for Rainbow Dash to raise a hoof to cut her off.

“Listen Twilight! No matter how alone you may feel right now. Never forget that your friends are here with you! So kick that jerk's flank!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed enthusiastically with a smirk.

“Yeah! Give that meanie pants the old one-two!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed with a wide grin.

“Darling, you can't sit back and let this foul creature win!” Rarity exclaimed with a matching smile.

“Twilight, you can do it...I umm, know you can.” Fluttershy said in a meek tone but her smile could be seen just the same.

Twilight looked to each of her friends and smiled back at them. “Thanks fillies. I forgot that for a little while.” Twilight replied feeling herself filled with a renewed confidence now, turned around and faced the Alicorn.

“I get it now. We're inside my soul right?” Twilight replied with a confident smile now as she paced back and forth now.

“Heh, it took your weak friends to tell you that?” The Alicorn replied with a sneer as she paced back and forth now as well.

“My friends are not weak! Let me tell you something about friendship that I learned not so long ago!” Twilight exclaimed and as if by magic a memory of her writing a letter to princess Celestia could be seen.

I am happy to report that the dragon has departed our fair country, and that it was my good friend, Fluttershy, who convinced him to go. This adventure has taught me to never lose faith in your friends. They can be an amazing source of strength, and can help you overcome even your greatest fears.
Always your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle.
“So what?! This will not help you defeat me!” The Alicorn exclaimed as the memory faded into the darkness.

“That's where you are wrong! You see, deep inside me I always feared the dark magic in my heart! And you are that dark magic taking form. My friends reminded me that I am not alone and with them at my side, I can conquer even my greatest fears!” Twilight exclaimed with a confident smile at which point her form changed to that of her Alicorn self.

“How did you-?!” The Alicorn began to say then stopped as she realized that she was no longer an Alicorn, rather a unicorn now. “No! This can't be!” The unicorn exclaimed in shock.

“Oh yes it can! I am not longer scared of you! Now begone from my soul forever!” Twilight roared as she flew up vertically, spread her wings out, and channeled magic into her horn.

Moments after she had done this a bright light began to shine up behind her as if the sun was rising behind her and as the light rose higher and higher behind her when it struck Twilight it caused her to glow brightly and shine around her.

“Noooooo!” The unicorn exclaimed in horror throwing a hoof up in vainly to shield herself as the light hit her and set her ablaze for a few moments before she gave one last shriek of terror before she crumbled to dust before the Alicorn's eyes.


Purple light now radiated from Twilight as her form reverted back to it's normal looking self and she stood up to all four hooves, looked at the book, flew up vertically in the same fashion as she did inside her soul, spread her wings out, and channeled magic into her horn. Though there was no light inside this room behind Twilight friends a light began to shine up as she rose up until it touched the dark magic in the room which began to disappear as the light touched it until it reached the book at which point a non-embodied voice could be heard shrieking out in agony as it was set ablaze and turned to ashes before everypony's eyes.


“Wh-What's happening?!” Discord exclaimed in shock as he felt his magical power weakening at a very fast rate now along with his barrier slowly disappearing.

“That's our cue sugarcube!” Applejack exclaimed as she charged forward followed by Scootaloo and Gina.

“Ya source of dark magic has been destroyed! It's over!” Applebloom exclaimed as she jumped up and struck the draconequus hard upside the head.

Gina took a deep inhale and exhaled flames upon Discord's right leg effectively reducing it to ash and destroying the element in it as Scootaloo carried Applejack now and catapulted her at the draconequus left leg and bucked it with all her might effectively destroying the element in his left leg.

“No, I will not lose! I am the ruler of this world!” Discord roared as he mustered all the magic he had left to attack them with.

Twilight and the others by now were now rushing in to back Applejack, Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Gina up. “Alright! All his elements are gone! Lets do this!” Twilight exclaimed triumphantly to which the others nodded gathered around Twilight and began to focus onto their elements floating up along with Twilight now.

“No, no, nooo!” Discord roared as the beam of rainbow light shot forth and enveloped him. However much to everypony's horror once they where done Discord still stood in the flesh and not in stone.

“What the hay?! We destroyed all his cotton picken elements! We shoulda finished the varmint with that!” Applejack exclaimed in confusion.

“Ha,ha,ha! Not even the elements of harmony can defeat me! I told you, I’m invincible! Ha,ha,ha,ha!” Discord exclaimed with a sneer as he began to use his magic to attack them once again.

(Play”My Sacrifice – Creed” now)

Scootaloo looked on now as the others fought. This was it, it was true. She was the seventh element. Scootaloo continued to watch them fight and sighed until Applebloom ran over to her. “Hey, don't worry bout it honeh, so ya theory was off, we'll beat the varmint.” Applebloom said in a reassuring tone.

“No, it wasn't. There's something I didn't tell you all.” Scootaloo replied in a soft tone.

“What?” Applebloom asked in a confused tone.

“I'm the seventh element. The element of hatred. When Discord converted me two years ago, he made a seventh element unintentionally.” Scootaloo replied in a soft tone.

“But if that's true then...no! Ah won't let ya do it!” Applebloom exclaimed and hugged Scootaloo tightly with tears streaming from her eyes.

“Applebloom. I love you with all my heart, but you and I both know this is the only way.” Scootaloo replied with tears streaming from her eyes now as well.

“No, ah won't let ya! We'll find another way! Ah promise! Don't throw ya life away! Who's gonna help meh raise Roseheart? Who's gonna be thar to comfort meh when ah'm feelin down?! Ah won't let you! Ah-” Applebloom exclaimed only to be cut off as the orange Pegasus locked lips with the farm pony in a long and passionate kiss that the farm pony found herself lost in until Scootaloo broke the kiss and looked at her with tears in her eyes.

“Applebloom...thank you....for everything.” Scootaloo whispered in a soft tone and gave the farm pony a sudden swift hit the gut knocking the wind out of her and took off from the ground at Discord.

“Scootaloo! No!” Applebloom exclaimed between gasps as she held her stomach unable to get up at the moment as the orange Pegasus charged forward.

Hearing Applebloom's voice snapped the cyan blue Pegasus's attention to Scootaloo whom was flying strait at Discord at the moment. “Scoots, what the hay are you doing?! Get back here this instant!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in a panicked tone, tried to take off from the ground only to forgot she could no longer fly and hit the floor head first. “Scootaloo!” Rainbow Dash shrieked as tears of fear for her daughter's life streamed from her eyes.

“What the hay is goin on Applebloom?!” Applejack asked as she helped her little sister to her hooves.

“She's going to sacrifice herself! She went on this crazy rant about her being some consarned seventh element! Please stop her Applejack!” Applebloom exclaimed between sobs.

“Twilight, you gotta stop her! You are the only one who can!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she looked on.

Twilight overheard this and stared on in shock as for a brief moment in time Scootaloo looked right at her. As if by magic she found herself and Scootaloo standing in front of each other now.

“Please don't stop me Twilight. I have to do this. If I don't then Discord wins.” Scootaloo said in a soft tone.

“Why did it have to come to this? Why?! It's not fair! Applebloom needs you!” Twilight exclaimed as tears flowed from her eyes freely now.

“Somehow, I think you knew it would come to this. I think you knew what I was from the day you saw me in Canterlot castle.” Scootaloo replied with a saddened smile.

“I didn't want to believe it was true, I wanted to believe that there was another way.” Twilight replied between sobs now.

“But there isn't and we both know this. Take care of her Twilight. Take care of Applebloom and Roseheart.” Scootaloo replied in a soft tone as she placed a hoof on Twilight's cheek.

In the next moment Scootaloo broke eye contact with Twilight as tears of sorrow flowed from her eyes.

“Twilight, what are you doing?! Stop her!” Rainbow Dash shrieked as she ran over to Twilight and shook her violently.

“I...can't.” Twilight replied after a few moments.

“What do you mean you can't?! You have the magic! Just grab her with your magic! It's that easy!” Rainbow Dash shrieked again shaking Twilight even more so now.

“She's the seventh element. She knows this...and so do I.” Twilight replied in a soft tone at which point Rainbow Dash gave a panicked look over to her daughter whom was nearly upon him now then back to Twilight.

“I don't bucking care! Stop her! Do it now! Or so help me, I’ll kill you!” Rainbow Dash shrieked as she shook Twilight violently more so now until she fell into her chest and began to sob loudly as Twilight wrapped a hoof around her and held her tightly.

“I'm sorry Rainbow...” Twilight said in a soft tone.

“Why didn't you tell me? Why?!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed between sobs.

“I wanted to believe there was another way. Believe me I did!” Twilight replied between sobs.

“It's not fair! After all I went through to get her back, I’m going to lose her forever! It's not fair, it's not fair!” Rainbow Dash shrieked as she hit Twilight's chest with her hooves.
As Scootaloo neared the draconequus memories of her life flashed before her eyes now...


Sweetie Belle: To the citizens of Ponyville, for some time now, you've been reading this column to get the latest dirt and the hottest buzz. But this will be my final piece. We want to apologize for the pain and embarrassment we've caused.

Apple Bloom: Y'see, I'm actually three little fillies, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo.

Scootaloo: As the popularity of our column grew, we got swept up in the hype. We knew that what we were doing didn't feel quite right, but we ignored the guilt because everypony seemed to want to read what we were writing.

Sweetie Belle: From now on, we promise to respect everypony else's privacy, and we won't engage in hurtful gossip any more.

Apple Bloom: All we can do is ask for your forgiveness, Ponyville. Signing off for the very last time, XOXO, Gabby Gums.

“What have we done?! Mah brother's acting like a grade-A goofball.” Applebloom said in a dismayed tone as she paced back and forth.

“Maybe we added too much rainbow.” Sweetie Belle suggested in an unsure tone as she scanned the contents of the book.

“Or maybe not enough cloud.” Scootaloo chimed in in a similar unsure tone.

“Or maybe...” Sweetie Belle began to say only to trail off as she read a part of the book. “Uh oh.” Sweetie Belle remarked in a worried tone.

“Whaddaya mean , uh-oh?!” Applebloom exclaimed as she looked over at the two.

“We might not have given Big Mac and Miss Cheerilee a love potion. We may have given them a love poison.” Sweetie Belle remarked in a dreading tone.

“What?!” Scootaloo and Applebloom exclaimed simultaneously.


Scootaloo looked behind herself then to her side then in front of herself again and noticed they had not yet made it to the wooden plank that lead to the clubhouse yet. “Get in the clubhouse!” Scootaloo exclaimed at which point the three made a mad dash for the wooden plank stairs.

The zombies ponies then lunged at the two fillies however were bucked away by Scootaloo mid air allowing the two to get safely inside. “Get in here Scootaloo!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed with the open still.

“Close the door! You'll be safe in there!” Scootaloo exclaimed as she bucked another zombie pony upside the head sending it crashing to the ground only for another to take it's place.

“But-But what about you?!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed fearfully.

“I'll be fine! Close the door!” Scootaloo exclaimed at which point Sweetie Belle slammed the club door shut. Moments later however Scootaloo was tackled to the ground and immediately dog-piled by the horde much to Sweetie Belle and Applebloom's horror.


“What's wrong?” Scootaloo asked in a concerned tone as placed a daisy slice on a slice of bread and handed it to the farm pony.

“It's this whole bein a momma thing. Everypony is sayin I should keep the foal instead of givin it up for adoption, but ah'm not cut out to be a full time momma. Ah'm barely into middle school for pony's sake.” Applebloom replied taking the sandwich in one hoof and proceeded to grab five more daisy slices before putting another slice of bread on top and taking a bite out of the sandwich.

“I can't say I know what you're going through, but I will be there with you the whole way. Whether be be as your best friend...” Scootaloo said trailing off before she leaned over and kissed Applebloom's cheek. “Or as something more.” Scootaloo said sporting a blush which Applebloom also shared.

“Ah can't even believe that less than two months ago we was behavin like a bunch of immature foals. Now look at us. Ah reckon we're almost behavin like full grown mares.” Applebloom remarked looking in thought as she said this.

“I know, crazy huh?” Scootaloo replied with a smirk taking a bite out of her own daisy sandwich now.


“After all we've been through, the challenges we had to overcome to get to where we are today, it almost seems unfair to her for me to have to go like this, but this is the only way and deep down I know she understands this.” Scootaloo thought to herself as a silent tear streaked down her cheek but was lost in the wind as she snapped her head forward and stopped dead in front of the draconequus.

“Yo! Horns for brains! Hit me with your best shot!” Scootaloo exclaimed as she bucked him upside the head.

“If you so willing to give up your life, then I’ll be happy to take it!” Discord exclaimed with growl, pointed his lions paw at the orange Pegasus and fired a beam of red magic at her. In the exact moment the beam of magic hit her, Rainbow Dash and Applebloom could be heard shrieking the words “Noooo!” while the images of Scootaloo's life flashed before her eyes in a rapid sideshow as she felt the life drain from her body and knew no more....

Part 3 end

Rainbow Dash bolted from Twilight before she could react, ran over to her daughter's body and lifted her up looking at her. “Come on Scoots, don't do this to me. Come back, please come back!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed between sobs as she shook Scootaloo's body only to get no response from the filly. “No! Please don't do this to me!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she held her tightly now sobbing loudly into her daughter's chest.

Rarity looked on at this and could not help but come to tears now herself. Yet this was not for the same reason as the others. Looking at Rainbow Dash now, how she was acting, how she was crying out. It was exactly how she acted when she lost her blood sister during the war. “Why didn't you stop her Twilight?! It didn't have to be this way!” Rarity exclaimed looking at the Alicorn with a glare now.

“As I said before, this was the only way...Scootaloo knew this.” Twilight replied wiping her nose only to barely dodge an attack by the draconequus. “Did you forget about me?” Discord said with a sneer.

Meanwhile Rainbow Dash continued to hold her daughter sobbing as memories of the times they had together flowed through her mind.


“Mom, watch this!” Scootaloo exclaimed as she performed an aerial somersault and landed on her feet.

Rainbow Dash smiled at her and clapped her hooves at the orange Pegasus's little performance. “Very Good Scoots. But you still got a long way to go if you want to be as good as me.” Rainbow Dash remarked with a grin.

“Oh come on! I'm learning as fast as I can! It's not like can get the hang of flying as fast as you did! Your special talent is flying fast, I don't know what mine is yet.” Scootaloo replied in a depressed tone at which point Rainbow Dash walked over to her and hugged her.

“Hey, don't worry about it scoots. You'll find your special talent one day, but you can't rush these things you know.” Rainbow Dash said in a soft yet comforting tone as she ran her right hoof through her mane.

“I know. I just can't wait to fly as fast as you do.” Scootaloo replied still sounding depressed despite Rainbow Dash's pep talk.

“Don't worry Scoots. That day will come and when it does you'll fly even faster than me.” Rainbow Dash replied with a smile as she broke the hug and looked into her daughter's eyes.

“Really?!” Scootaloo asked her expression turning from depressed to excited.

“Oh yeah, you'll fly so fast the wonderbolts will even notice you.” Rainbow Dash replied with a smirk. Even though the cyan blue Pegasus didn't know this for a fact she was happy she was able to cheer her daughter up.


That's it, good try scoots but I don't think your ready!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she put her hooves around the filly only to get pushed away.

“Give me a little longer! I know I can do it!” Scootaloo exclaimed as she continued to attempt to get leverage under her wings.

“You don't have a little longer! Now let me catch you before you end up killing yourself!” Rainbow Dash replied in a panicked tone as she attempted to put her hooves around her again. The ground was now dangerously close to the two and in a mere ten more seconds both of them would be roadside pizza on the ground.

Scootaloo however pushed her away again much to the cyan blue Pegasus's horror having no choice but to open her wings to slow herself. “Scootaloo!” Rainbow Dash screamed in a horrified voice as the orange Pegasus continued to free fall before darting downward using her wings now to propel herself in order to catch the filly.

“Come on!” Scootaloo shouted as fear began to overwhelm her and really regretting not letting Rainbow Dash catch her as she saw the ground clearly now and knew she would hit it within the next five seconds.

“I'm not going to catch her in time!” Rainbow Dash thought horrified but continued to dart down just the same.


A mere two seconds before impact Scootaloo gave a mighty beat of her wings and pulled up just in the nick of time feeling the grass on the ground scape her underside as she flew and landed safely on the ground a few moments later stumbling slightly as she placed all four hooves on the ground feeling her legs wobble and threaten to give way under her body from the amount of fear and adrenaline that was pulsing through her body at this point.

“What the heck were you thinking young filly?! You could have died! Don't you ever and I mean EVER push me away like that again! Do you hear me young filly?!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in both fury and relief as she flew over to Scootaloo and hugged her tightly kissing her forehead multiple times and hugging her in rapid intervals as tears flooded from her eyes.

“Sorry mom, but I did it! I actually flew on my own!” Scootaloo replied finally able to keep her legs from shaking uncontrollably.

“Yes, you did. Where in Equestria did you get such a reckless streak? Good grief filly...” Rainbow Dash replied and hugged her once more as she felt her fury and worry be replaced with pride.

“I got it from you.” Scootaloo replied with a cheesy grin causing the cyan blue Pegasus to stop hugging her and blush furiously from embarrassment knowing that she did some pretty crazy things on a daily bases during her trick practice with Scootaloo watching.

“I need to be a better role model...” Rainbow Dash said in a dismal tone after a few moments facehoofing as she said this and few moments later both Pegasus broke into laughter.



Rainbow Dash looked up at Discord whom now was laughing manically as he fought the others still holding her daughter as tears continued to flow from her eyes but now her expression was slowly changing from sadness to anger as she continued to look on at him.

Slowly now as she continued to watch the fight unfold her pain was slowly at first being replaced by an unspeakable rage. Memories of the times she had with her daughter seemed to flash before her eyes now which fueled this unspeakable rage. “You took her away from me...” Rainbow Dash said in a low tone that could not be heard over the roar of battle.

Watch this mommy!

“You took away the purpose to my life...” Rainbow Dash said in the same low tone as her rage was nearing it breaking point now as her mane and tail began to slowly flail now.

No matter what happens Scoots. I will never let anything happen to you.

“You murdered her without a second thought...” Rainbow Dash said as her mane and tail flailed even faster now.

I love you mom!

“You have no heart....” Rainbow Dash said as her mane and tail flailed even faster now.

I love you too Scootaloo. No matter what happens, you will always be my daughter...


Rainbow Dash roared at the top of her lungs, tears flailing to to the wind, as her tail and mane flailed wildly now as magic began streak a crossed her body at random intervals.

Applejack was able to ready to buck the draconequus upside the head when in a blur Rainbow Dash appeared and struck Discord which sent the draconequus flying back.

“Holy horseapples covered in caramel!” Applejack exclaimed in shock as Rainbow Dash struck Discord, disappeared in a blur seemingly, and reappeared behind him and struck him again.

The six ponies could only watch slack jawed as Rainbow Dash moved at blinding speeds beating the draconequus around as if he was in a pinball machine.

“She's plum lost her lid just like Fluttershy does!” Applejack remarked in shock at this spectacle.

“Beating the snot out of him won't defeat him! We need to use the elements of harmony on him!” Twilight exclaimed in annoyance yet concern of Rainbow Dash's attacks.

“No, it's worse than that.” Fluttershy remarked looking at Rainbow Dash's actions.

“What do you mean darling? She's just doing what you did when you lost your temper.” Rarity replied in a confused tone.

“No, you don't get it! I can tell! When I lost it, at least my was able to track it's limit!” Fluttershy exclaimed in annoyance.

“Wait, what are you saying Fluttershy? Isn't this just like you?” Twilight asked in a concerned tone.

“During the war, I was told how my gift worked. Look at the magic streaking a crossed her body. Does it look anything like mine?” Fluttershy asked pointing a hoof at Rainbow Dash.

“Now that ya mention it, it does look a might different.” Applejack remarked in a concerned tone.

“It looks dark, unlike Fluttershy who's magic which reflected her fur color.” Twilight remarked feeling a sense of dread coming on now as she looked on.

“My gift is fueled by my rage, but I lose all sense of reality when this happens. I had this gift naturally, but Rainbow, she taught herself by watching me. She's never fully lost it like this before. Unlike me, she was able to control it.” Fluttershy said looking at Rainbow Dash now looking more worried by the second now.

“So in other words?” Pinkie Pie asked still not getting the big picture.

“So in other words, her body doesn't know it's own limit! She does, but her body doesn't! And if she..umm..goes on long enough...” Fluttershy said trailing off now.

“She'll kill herself...” Twilight said finishing Fluttershy's sentence for her as the world seemed to slow down now upon this realization which filled her with fear for Rainbow Dash's life.

“Somepony needs to talk to her, bring her back to her senses!” Rarity exclaimed in a panicked tone.

“Fluttershy, how were you brought back to your senses?” Twilight asked in an urgent tone.
“I...umm..wasn't...no pony could reach me until my body reached it's limit then I would pass out...” Fluttershy replied in a worried tone.

“We gotta try!” Applejack exclaimed as she ran forward and began to call out to her lover.


Welcome Scootaloo...

“Where am I?” Scootaloo asked in a confused tone as she looked about herself. She was in a white room that seemed to stretch endlessly with a black mare standing in front of her several feet away next to two large doors.

That depends on you really. For many ponies, this is known as limbo. The realm between the afterlife and the living world.

“So I'm dead?” Scootaloo asked in a soft tone her voice cracking.

Yes, you are dead.

“So why am I here?” Scootaloo asked curiously.

Your life was as the higher powers call it”A special case” which means that you have choice. You can either return to the world of the living or cross over.

“You mean I can become alive again? But as long as I’m alive Discord is invincible. I represent the element of hatred.” Scootaloo replied in a soft tone.

You mean that foul looking thing that went through these doors moments before you appeared here? No, you no longer represent the element of hatred. You ceased to be it when Discord murdered you himself. But you see, you did give your life. It would be anti-climatic to go back now wouldn't it?

“Maybe...”Scootaloo replied in a thoughtful tone.

You lived a good life and you did a lot of good. You should rest.

“Yeah, they will be fine without me.” Scootaloo replied to the black mare and began to walk towards the door when suddenly Applebloom appeared for a brief moment in front of her.

“Please Scootaloo! Ah know your still in there! Come back to us! Ya momma needs ya!” Applebloom exclaimed with a teary expression before she faded away.

“Mom needs me?” Scootaloo remarked in a thoughtful tone.

Interesting, so that's the pony with the element of love. It seems she holds a special bond with you to be able to reach you on this plane of existence...

The Black mare's voice remarked with a curious look.

“Yeah, she was special to me alright...” Scootaloo replied with a sigh. For some reason the mare's words had an effect on her she couldn't explain. When she saw Applebloom she suddenly wanted to go back but upon hearing the mare's words the feeling vanished.

Come now, it's time to cross over. Let mortal affairs handle themselves.

The black mare's voice said in a soft tone

“Yeah, I guess you're right...” Scootaloo replied and began to walk towards the doors again only for a black figure to appear in front of her but it wasn't the mare rather it was an Alicorn.

“Scootaloo! Do no listen to this mare! She feels nothing! The only thing that matters to her is making deals with unicorns who are able to appear in this plane of existence to strike deals with her and sending souls to the afterlife . Whether they are ready to or not.” The Alicorn remarked flashing the black mare a glare.

How dare you interfere Luna! You have no power here! The higher powers will punish you severely for this!

The mare's voice echoed in an angry tone.

“Perhaps, but I will not allow you to use your power over souls to convince a pony who's time has not yet come to cross over.” Luna replied still glaring then looked at Scootaloo again.

“So you are dead too?” Scootaloo replied looking up at her.

“Yes, but because of what I have done in life I was given special privileges. Scootaloo, listen to me. Your mother needs you right now. She is consumed with grief and rage over your death and you are the only one who can reach her now. If you do not, then I fear she will be the next pony to walk through these doors.” Luna replied in a concerned tone.

Upon hearing Luna's words she suddenly felt her concern and worry for her mother return ten fold as her eyes snapped wide open. “Mom! How do I get back to her Luna?!” Scootaloo exclaimed in a worried tone.


Discord let out a pained cry as Rainbow Dash struck him in the chest and sent flying back. “This isn't like before, she's acting just as that Yellow Pegasus did before yet...something is different. It's as if she isn't weakening or nearing any type of limit.” Discord thought to himself moments before Rainbow Dash appeared right in his face.

As he looked into her eyes the draconequus could see tears still flowing from them yet despite this the same unspeakable rage Fluttershy held in them. Mere seconds after he looked into her eyes the next thing he saw was a hoof to the skull which made him see stars as he was sent flying back.

“Rainbow! Come on! It meh, Applejack! Ah know your in thar! Come back to meh!” Applejack exclaimed as loud as she could yet despite her pleas, Rainbow Dash seemingly could not hear her.

“This is bad, very bad! If she goes on any longer like this...” Twilight said looking at Rainbow Dash feeling worried yet pissed off at herself for not knowing what to do.

Meanwhile Applebloom continued to sob over Scootaloo's body unknowing of her eyes suddenly snapping wide open. “Please come back...ah can't live without ya...” Applebloom said between sobs then let out a startled gasp as she felt Scootaloo sit upright and looked at her.

“Heya, Applebloom.” Scootaloo said with a smile and promptly tackled and hugged by the farm pony as tears of joy flowed from her eyes.

“Ah knew ya would come back! Ah knew it!” Applebloom exclaimed between sobs of joy now and locked lips with the orange Pegasus in a long and Passionate kiss. The sudden cry of rage from Rainbow Dash jolted the two from their loving embrace however and looked over at Rainbow Dash.

“I've gotta reach her.” Scootaloo said in a soft tone as she stood up and took off from the ground.

Just as Rainbow Dash was able to strike Discord again Scootaloo appeared in front of her which caused Rainbow Dash to let out a startled gasp. “Scootaloo, you're alive?” Rainbow Dash said in soft tone her voice cracking as she spoke and would have fallen out of the air if it were not for Scootaloo catching her.

“Yeah, sorry I worried you mom.” Scootaloo replied in the same soft tone as she flew over and hugged her mother tightly at which point Rainbow Dash's mane and tail stopped flailing wildly as she sobbed into her daughter's arms.

“I thought I lost you forever...” Rainbow Dash remarked between sobs of joy now.

“Scootaloo? You're alive?” Discord remarked in shock as he regained his bearings feeling his wounds heal quickly due to his magical power.

“Yeah, not even you can kill me, horns for brains.” Scootaloo replied flashing the draconequus a glare.

“I will rectify that statement now!” Discord exclaimed as he thrust his claw hand forward at the two.

“No!” Rainbow Dash shrieked as she whirled Scootaloo around and flung her away expecting to be impaled moments later only for a loud clinging sound to echo throughout the room.

The cyan blue Pegasus opened her eyes to see she was now being held by Gina. “G-Gina?” Rainbow Dash remarked in a shocked tone then gasped in horror as blood could be seen dripping from her back.

“Dragon scales come in handy...” Gina remarked in a pained tone then let out a cry of pain as Discord retracted his claw hand at which point Gina and Rainbow Dash fell to the ground with the purple Pegasus taking the brunt of the fall.

“Gina, no!” Scootaloo exclaimed as she recovered from the sudden throw from her mother having seen what had just happened.

“Humph! Filthy halfbreed.” Discord remarked in an annoyed tone as he flung blood off the tips of his claw hand. Her hard scales had stopped his attack which had only allowed the tips of his claws to price her body but could go no farther.

“I-I'll be fine. My dragon half heals me fast.” Gina replied in a pained tone as Scootaloo rushed over to her.

“Are you sure?” Scootaloo remarked in a worried tone as she looked over her.

“Yeah, just let me..sleep.” Gina replied and passed out.

“Gina? Talk to me!” Scootaloo exclaimed in a panicked tone.

“She'll be fine Scootaloo. Sleeping is how dragons heal their wounds.” Twilight chimed in as she lifted Gina up with her magic and laid her down behind her.

“You sure?” Scootaloo asked in a worried tone.

“Yeah, she'll be fine.” Twilight replied with a smile which vanished as she saw that Discord was preparing to fire a beam of magic at the two, disappeared in a flash of magic, and reappeared used her wings as a shield to block the draconequus spell. “Nice try Merrick! It's over! Your last defense is gone!” Twilight exclaimed as she deflected the magic with her wings and glared at him.

(Play” The power of love” now)

“As if! I am invincible! Your elements of harmony didn't defeat me even after my elements were destroyed!” Discord countered with a sneer.

“Wrong! You destroyed your last defense yourself when you killed Scootaloo!” Twilight countered with a grin as she nodded to the other six whom began to focus on their elements once again and began to float up.

“But she's alive! So that means I am still invincible!” Discord retorted even though he sounded less confident than before now.

“Wrong again, horns for brains! When you killed me, you killed your element, but not me! And now you have no defense!” Scootaloo replied with a cocky grin.

“No! I won't be defeated! I refuse to!” Discord roared as he fired a beam of magic at the seven which seemed to be nullified upon hitting them. He then looked again and didn't know if his eyes were playing tricks on him or what, but now instead of the seven ponies, he saw Celestia and Luna before him.

“You will never defeat me!” Discord roared at the top of his lungs as he used both his lions paw and claw hand now to pummel the seven as their own beam of rainbow colored magic shot forth and immediately began to overpower his own magic.

“You've lost Discord! You will never harm ponies again!” Twilight exclaimed at which point the magical rainbow light intensified ten fold, blew the draconequus's magic away like nothing, and engulfed him in it's light.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Discord roared at the top of his lungs as his body began to turn to stone from the foot up until his cry of horror was abruptly cut off by his head turning to stone at which point his statue fell to the side on the ground.

Upon Discord's statue hitting the ground however the cave around them began to rumble violently. “The cave is collapsing! Lets get out of here!” Twilight exclaimed as the seven ponies began to run for the exit to the room while Twilight carried Gina with her magic.

Applebloom looked behind herself just in time to see a large rock come crashing down over Discord's statue crushing it to fragments at which point she recoiled, snapping her eyes shut as she did so. “Ah tried to save ya Merrick. Ya could of done good with ya power...now we will never know how ya coulda been...” Applebloom thought to herself in a sad tone as she followed the others.


The group managed to get out safely just as the cave behind them collapsed completely leaving no way back in or out.

“Finally, he's gone. Now Equestria will be safe again and the ponies will return to normal.” Twilight remarked with a smile at the other seven whom all returned the smile except for Applejack whom was looking up at the sky.

“Ah don't mean to beh raining on y'all parade, but if Discord's been defeated, why are those consarned cotton candy clouds still in the sky?” Applejack remarked in a confused tone at which point everypony looked up and gasped.

“This doesn't make sense! With Discord gone, his power should have vanished!” Twilight exclaimed in a confused tone.

“Who the heck could still have the power to keep Discord's magic still working?” Rainbow Dash asked in an annoyed tone.

In the next moment however they got their answer as they suddenly found themselves tied down and unable to move on the ground.

“What the hay?!” Applejack exclaimed in confusion and shock.

“You may have defeated my daddy, but as long as I am still here. His legacy will live on!” A pink mare exclaimed as she stepped forward.

“How did you tie us up with magic when you aren't a unicorn!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in anger.

“Weren't you listening? I'm Discord's daughter. So of course I can use his magic.” The pink mare replied with a smirk.



Sweetie Belle was sleeping soundly along side of Spike when suddenly her eyes snapped open with a sense of worry and dread. “Pinkie Pie!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed in a worried tone.

“Hmm?” Spike asked as he sat up next to her.

“It's Pinkie Pie. Something is wrong. She's being restrained at the moment, I can feel it.” Sweetie Belle replied in a soft tone.

“Maybe that's just you're just tired after the fun time we had?” Spike remarked with a grin.

“Grow the buck up Spike.” Sweetie Belle replied sourly as she got out of the bed, used her magic to tidy up her mane and fur, and rushed down stairs.

“Hey, where are you going?” Spike called down to her just before she ran out the door.

“Weren't you listening? Pinkie Pie is in trouble! I've got to go to her!” Sweetie Belle replied and ran out the door closing it behind her.

“And they said it was the males who have a habit of running off after getting laid.” Spike remarked with an eye-roll gesture and a sigh.

I just hope my magic has recovered enough to do anything...


“Now then, who shall be the first to die?” Screwball said with a malicious grin as she paced back and forth as zombie ponies stood still watching her move.

“Twi, can't ya use your magic to break these ropes?” Applejack whispered to the Alicorn.

“Don't you think I haven't tried? These ropes seem to render me unable to use magic.” Twilight whispered back.

“How about...you!” Screwball said with a cruel grin as she stared directly at Twilight now.

“Why do I feel a sense of deja-vu?” Twilight thought to herself dismally recalling the same line being said by Trixie.

Twilight then felt the ropes around her fade away at which point she jumped up and tried to use her magic only to be still unable to do so.

“Ah,ah,ah! No magic now. I figured I’d give you a sporting chance to fight for your life, but magic is just cheating.” Screwball remarked with a smirk.

“Says the mare who has us tied down with magical ropes...” Rainbow Dash remarked in a sarcastic tone unknown to the pink mare.

“Fine, I don't need my magic to kick your flank.” Twilight replied as she narrowed her eyes at the mare.

“Oh, i'm sorry. Did you think you would be fighting me? How silly of me! Ha,ha,ha!” Screwball replied with a light laugh before pointing a hoof forward at which point the zombie ponies began to pace towards the Alicorn. “You will be fighting them.” Screwball said with a sneer.

“Consarn it all! She knows Twilight will never kill those innocent ponies! She's fightin a losin battle!” Applejack exclaimed in a pissed off tone.

“Coward! Fight her yourself!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed trying to fight against the magical ropes now even more than ever but making no progress.

Twilight looked about herself now as the horde began to close in on her. “If I can clear a path to Screwball, I should be able to take her out and put an end to this.” Twilight thought to herself and began to buck at zombie ponies in an attempt to clear a path to the pink mare.

Just as she had managed to clear a path Screwball gave a startled expression as the Alicorn lunged at her only to be tackled away by a zombie pony who had lunged at her from the right. “Clever work Twilight Sparkle, you planned to clear a path directly to me. Sadly though it fell though. My servants would never let a lowly creature such as yourself lay a hoof on me. And now, the real fun begins...” Screwball said as her expression turned from a smirk to a evil glare as zombie ponies began to pile onto the Alicorn.

“Twilight!” the others shouted nearly in unison now as they struggled against their ropes but to no avail.

Applebloom and Scootaloo then found themselves suddenly unbound and looked to see Sweetie Belle making a hushing gesture to which they caught on. Applebloom and Scootaloo slowly crept up on Screwball and without warning lunged at her only to be blocked by two zombie ponies.

“How did you two-?!” Screwball exclaimed then snapped her gaze over to Sweetie Belle who was attempting to free Rainbow Dash now, lifted her up via magic and chucked her over next to Scootaloo and Applebloom. The horde that was piling on Twilight at the moment then got off her and charged at the three.

“Fine, if you three wish to go first, I can delay Twilight's execution a little longer.” Screwball said with a smirk as the Alicorn suddenly found herself tied up once again and flung over next to her five friends.

“You okay Twi?” Applejack asked in a whisper.

“Yeah, if Sweetie Belle hadn't jumped in when she did though, I’m not so sure I would be though.” Twilight replied in the same whisper.

“Ya don't stand a chance!” Applebloom exclaimed as her element glowed brightly which caused the hordes around her to suddenly stop behaving like zombie ponies and act like themselves again.

“How did-?! That element!” Screwball exclaimed with a glare.

“Unless you want to lose the rest of your minions, I suggest you face us head on Screwball.” Scootaloo said with a cocky grin.

“Fine, i'll get my hooves dirty. By the time your pathetic lives come to an end though, you will wish you hadn't challenged me directly!” Screwball exclaimed as she paced back and forth waiting for them to make the first move.

(Play “PonE-Sharp vs. Eurobeat Brony - The Crusade Begins” now)

Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle now looked at each other, each wearing confident smiles. “We ready to kick some flank crusaders?” Scootaloo asked with a grin.

“Ah was born ready!” Applebloom exclaimed with a grin.

“Lets do this!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed with a grin.

“Sweetie Belle! Use my element!” Rarity exclaimed as she flung it from her next at the unicorn filly who turned to see it latch around neck as if by magic.

“Scoots! Take mine as well!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she flung hers as well towards her daughter.

“What a laugh! Only those to represent it's attribute can wield the elements of harmony!” Screwball exclaimed with a laugh only to gasp in shock as the elements began to immediately respond and glow around Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle's necks.

“They did! When Sweetie Belle threw herself in the way of Discord's dagger to protect Roseheart. She displayed the element of generosity by offering her life in exchange for Roseheart's!” Rarity exclaimed in a triumphant tone.

“Scootaloo displayed the element of Loyalty to her friends when sacrificed herself selflessly in order to defeat Discord!” Rainbow Dash chimed in with an equal smile to Twilight who now was smiling as well.

Upon hearing this Screwball scowled in fury but resumed her composure with the same sneer. “Element of no element, they still have no chance against me!” Screwball exclaimed and charged at the three.

Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle looked over at Screwball charging at them then back to each other and knew what each other was thinking.


The three shouted simultaneously, high five each other, and jumped in the opposite direction of each other at the last moment caused Screwball to charge forward and miss only to turn about and attack Applebloom directly.

However just as she reached the farm pony Sweetie Belle stood right in front of her way and used her magic as a shield to stop her directly in her tracks and moments later Scootaloo came at her from the air with a mid-air buck which knocked the pink back backward, but recovered only to see Applebloom charging forward with a follow up buck sending her flying backward even more so now.

“Holy horseapples! It's like they know what each other is thinkin!” Applejack exclaimed in shock as the cutie mark crusaders acted and seemed to feed off each others movements against Screwball.

“It doesn't surprise me actually. Those three have always been very close. It's only natural that they would have a bond like that.” Twilight replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

Screwball struck at Scootaloo who used her wings as a shield now, but since she wasn't an Alicorn she could only stave her off so much, however Applebloom at the precise moment Screwball's hoof connected with Scootaloo's wings could be seen using Scootaloo's shoulders as a springboard to jump beside her at which point Sweetie Belle was on the other side and in the next moment Scootaloo flung her wings forward knocking Screwball off balance only to see the three turn about five and buck her from three sides simultaneously effectively causing the pink mare to see little fillies dancing around her head for a few moments before she shook her head and growled fiercely at them.

“Enough of this nonsense!” Screwball roared as a burst of magic erupted from around her which sent all three fillies flying in the opposite direction.

The turn in events caused the six to give panicked looks as the three managed to recover but were clearly weakened.

“Any more bright ideas?” Scootaloo asked in a dazed tone as she walked up to Sweetie Belle and Applebloom who looked about as dazed she was while Screwball once again began to pace back and forth waiting for them to make their next move.

“Maybe, we can try to talk sense into her?” Applebloom suggested curiously.

“Okay, so who's gonna be crazy enough try to do that?” Sweetie Belle asked in a skeptic tone.

“Hoof, tail, mane?” Scootaloo suggested to which her and Applebloom immediately began to play their little game which ended with Scootaloo's hoof beating Applebloom's tail.

“Horseapples...” Applebloom remarked in an dreading tone and turned to face the pink mare.

“So umm, Screwball. Are ya sure this is what ya want? Ah mean, ya don't have to be the evil one here. We could all be-” Applebloom began to say only to get a buck to the face which sent her flying back into a skid right in between Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.

“Any other bright ideas?” Applebloom asked in a dazed tone as her eyes swirled until she was helped up by the two.

“Hmm, I got nothin.” Scootaloo replied with a shrug gesture.

“If you two are done with your little chat, perhaps we could get back to the part where I kill you and then your pathetic friends.” Screwball remarked as she paced back and forth which caused the three to look over at her with the same glare on each of their faces.

“If there's one thing I do know, she's the one who tried to covert me into one of her slaves.” Sweetie Belle remarked in a low tone to which the others narrowed their eyes at Screwball.

“No more miss nice Cutie mark crusaders then!” Scootaloo exclaimed with a glare at which point the three charged at her.

However as the three charged forward Sweetie Belle was tripped by Screwball with a hoof to her neck which caused the two to freeze and stare. “Your elements, toss them!” Screwball exclaimed in a demanding tone.

Scootaloo and Applebloom stared on for a few moments before they reluctantly tossed them from their necks and to the ground a good distance away only for Screwball to laugh evilly. “Pity, if you had continued to charge head on despite your friends life being in danger, you could have defeated me with your elements. Now your fate, will be hers!” Screwball exclaimed as she swiftly rose her hoof up in preparation to strike down to the horror of Scootaloo and Applebloom only to suddenly be shot back by a mighty buck.

“Who dares?!” Screwball exclaimed with a glare as she looked about herself and saw her. “Hello mother...” Screwball said a few moments with a glare.

“Enough of this Screwball! Discord is gone!” Screw Loose exclaimed with a glare.

“Just because daddy kicked the bucket doesn't mean I can't carry on his fine work.” Screwball replied with a sneer as she paced around her mother.

“Celestia damn to me to Tartarus for even fooling with that draconequus! The only good that came from it was you!” Screw Loose exclaimed as she paced back and forth.

“Who cares what you think mother. Just like daddy, we are gods among insects. Only I didn't go insane and start barking like a wild dog. How did you regain your sanity anyways?” Screwball asked with a cruel sneer.

“My sanity was lost the day I thought you were dead. For two thousand years I went insane, then Discord came back. That's when something in me snapped me back to reality. If Discord was back, so were you. At least that's what I told myself to keep myself sane.” Screw Loose replied as she paced back and forth not taking her eyes off her daughter.

“Well guess what mother, I haven't been dead, I’ve just been sleeping, just like daddy did. When he came back for the third time so did I. So how about you stop being a miss goody two hooves and rule this new world with me.” Screwball replied with a sneer as she extended a hoof to her mother.

“Perhaps you really are dead. The Screwball I raised would never tolerate a world in this state.” Screw Loose replied and let out a sigh as she looked at Twilight and her friends.

Upon looking at them, the binds around them vanished much to Screwball's rage. “What do you think you are doing mother?!” Screwball exclaimed in a hostile tone.

“Fixing a mistake I made over two thousand years ago!” Screw Loose exclaimed as she began to glow brightly.

“What are you doing? Stop it!” Screwball exclaimed as she began to glow as well.

“Twilight Sparkle and friends, I am grateful to you for your efforts to save my daughter and Merrick. Believe me when I say he was not always like you saw.

“Ah know, I sensed it in him when we fought for some time...he only wanted to be loved. What are ya goin to do?” Applebloom asked as Screw Loose floated up along with Screwball whom could only flail in defiance in vainly.

“I am removing any last trace of his power in this world by removing me and my daughter from existence! Take care and thank you!” Screw Loose exclaimed and in a blinding flash of light her and Screwball vanished without a trace at which point the cotton candy clouds vanished and the world reverted back to normal within seconds.

“Did we just win?” Rainbow Dash asked in a confused tone.

“Sure as hay don't feel like it though.” Applejack replied as they looked around themselves.

“We have damage control to do. Come on, lets go see if everypony is okay.” Twilight replied at which point the others nodded and followed her.



A orange Pegasus came trotting into carousel boutique along with a orange mare with a cowboy hat on.

“So, how are you two newly weds doing?” Rarity asked with a smile.

“Ah reckon we are doin alright. Right honeh?” Applebloom said with a proud smile as she nuzzled Scootaloo affectionately who returned the gesture with her own.

“Yeah, things are going great. Roseheart's just gone in for her first year of grade school.” Scootaloo chimed in with a equally proud smile.

“That's great to hear darlings. How's that hard headed Pegasus doing?” Rarity asked with a smile.

“Mom is just as hard headed as ever. She brags that she the fastest runner her Equestria now instead of flier.

“Well as long as she is coping with her condition then I suppose it's for the best.” Rarity replied and let out a sigh.

“You should go visit Twilight. I'm sure she would like to see you again.” Scootaloo said in a suggesting tone.

“Oh I simply couldn't. She's far too busy now at days as you both know. But I must admit, without her around the rest of us have had a bit of a falling out with one another.” Rarity remarked with a sigh.

“Oh! Ah almost forgot! This is for you.” Applebloom said with a smile and placed a piece of paper on the table to which Rarity lifted with magic and read.

Twilight Sparkle cordially invites you to the fifth annal grand galloping gala in honor of Princess Celestia.

Rarity placed the piece of paper on the table and smile. “Honestly, she still hasn't taken to her role yet?” Rarity remarked with a smirk. “Now where is that sister of mine? Sweetie Belle!” Rarity called out.

“Give me a few minuets here!” Sweetie Belle called from upstairs.

“Her memory still hazy?” Scootaloo asked curiously.

“Yes, she says that she remembers being apart of the fight against Discord and Nightmare Moon, but she still says she can't recall why or how.” Rarity replied and let out yet another sigh.

“Ah guess she really did give all her memories of herself as Selena to the keeper of souls in exchange for Fluttershy's life.” Applebloom remarked looking up at the stairs as the door began to open.

“I think it's for the best though. Now she can live her own life without worrying about living in the shadow of another.” Scootaloo chimed in as Sweetie Belle slowly took steps down the stairs along side of spike who was helping her down the stairs.

“Now careful darling, I wouldn't want anything to happen to my unborn niece now.” Rarity remarked as Sweetie Belle nearly tripped only to be caught by Spike.

“Don't worry Rarity, I would never let anything happen to her.” Spike said with a cocky grin.

“Ah certainly hope not! Course ah can't speak for the package she's carryin in her belly thanks to ya!” Applebloom exclaimed with a grin to which Spike's eyes lit up at the sight of Scootaloo and Applebloom.

“Scootaloo, Applebloom, good to see you two!” Spike exclaimed with a warm smile.

“Back at ya.” Applebloom replied with a similar warm smile.

Sweetie Belle managed to make it to the bottom of the stairs and walked over to Rarity now. “You best have a good reason for calling me down here. Those stairs are a pain in the flank to walk up and down!” Sweetie Belle remarked in an annoyed tone at which point Applebloom giggled.

“Ah remember how much of a pain it was for meh so ah feel ya on that one Sweetie Belle.” Applebloom said with a knowing look and a smile.

“Sure, but at least we aren't trying to hide it from everypony like you did.” Sweetie Belle replied with a grin of here own.

“Yeah, yeah. No need to bring back those stinkin memories now.” Applebloom retorted in a sour tone but managed to keep her lighthearted expression on her face.

“Well, we have been invited to the fifth grand galloping gala by Twilight.” Rarity replied to which Sweetie Belle's eyes lit up.

“Alright! It's been forever since I last saw her. I wonder if she'll still recognize me?” Sweetie Belle remarked thoughtfully aloud.

“Oh I’m sure she will. After all her and Spike keep in contact quite often from what I understand.” Rarity replied looking at Spike.

“Yeah, but since she took on her new role she's only been able to send me a letter once a month now at days.” Spike replied with a slight frown.

“Well, we have a week or so till the gala, Scootaloo would be so kind as to round up the gang so I can design dresses for them?” Rarity asked with a smile.

“No problem there! I'll be back in ten,Seconds, Flat!” Scootaloo exclaimed and sped out the front door so fast one could have sword she left a purple and orange streak in her wake.

“Ah swear, she still acts like her momma. Bit annoyin at times really.” Applebloom remarked with a facehoofing gesture.



Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Applebloom now stood inside the castle in Canterlot watching as ponies filed in and began to mingle with one other.

“So where ya reckon the bookworm is?” Applejack asked in a whisper.

“Ten bits says the royal library.” Rainbow Dash replied in the same whisper.

“Ya got a bet.” Applejack replied with a smirk.

It soon became apparent however that Twilight was in fact greeting guests as the others made their way in. “Twilight!” Scootaloo exclaimed as she charged forward to greet the Alicorn.

“Ha, ya owe meh ten bits.” Applejack said with a smirk.

“Alright, I’ll just take it from our rainy day funds when we get back to the farm.” Rainbow Dash replied with a smirk.

“Now that just cheatin...” Applejack remarked with a smirk of her own.

Scootaloo however was halted as guard ponies stood between her and Twilight only for the Alicorn to snap them to the side. “Lay off you guys, these are my friends!” Twilight exclaimed in an annoyed tone allowing the Pegasus to tackle and hug her.

“Of course, Princess.” One of the guard ponies replied and resumed their position.

“For the last time, call me Twilight. Ugh, the whole princess title really doesn't suit me.” Twilight replied in an annoyed tone with a facehoof gesture as she spoke to the guard then looked to her friends. “So lets go to donut joes and hang out. Hows that sound?” Twilight suggested with a smile.

“Anythin you say Twi.” Applejack replied with a smile.

“B-But Princess! Who will greet the guests? It's custom for the princess to great ponies as they enter!” One of the guard ponies exclaimed in a panicked tone.

“You do it then, I'm going to spend time with my friends!” Twilight called out without looking back to which the guard pony looked at the huge line and gulped.

“Me and my big mouth...” The guard pony remarked with a groan.


“I can't believe you mares. You really haven't been talking to one another without me around?” Twilight remarked in a disapproving tone.

“It's not like we haven't tried. It's just without your organizing skills, we never seem to be able to make time to hang out like the old days.” Rainbow Dash replied defensively to which the others nodded in agreement.

“You mares are hopeless.” Twilight remarked at which point they all burst into spontaneous laughter. “Well as your Princess, I hereby decree you all to make time to spend with one another.” Twilight followed up with a smirk.

“Whoa nelly y'all, we just got a royal order from the princess.” Applejack said in a mock intimated tone with a mischievous grin.

“Now she decided to act like a princess.” Rainbow Dash chimed in with an equally mischievous grin to which everypony began to burst out laughing anew.

“Lay off you guys, I'm still adjusting to this whole Princess thing!” Twilight exclaimed defensively.

“Three years as ruler of all Equestria and you still haven't fully adjusted darling?” Rarity managed to get out and stop laughing.

“Well if somepony would have kept their mouth shut, I wouldn't be in this spot anyways and be able to be with you guys.” Twilight remarked flashing a glare at Spike who gave a sheepish smile.

“Well, if he hadn't, then who would rule Equestria? Sweetie Belle countered to which the others nodded in agreement.

“I agree with my little sister on this. You are doing a splendid job darling.” Rarity chimed in with a smile to which the others once again nodded in agreement.

“At least you guys think so. But you guys don't have to deal with the royal advisers breathing down your neck everyday.” Twilight remarked in an annoyed tone then looked over to the royal garden which could be seen outside to a statue. “I wish she was here. She would know what to do most days.” Twilight remarked thoughtfully aloud at which point Rarity placed a hoof on hers and smiled as Twilight turned to look at her.

“Darling, if Princess Celestia were here right now, I have no doubt in my mind that she would be very proud of you.” Rarity said in a reassuring tone to which Twilight gave a soft smile.

“Yeah, your doing a bang up job of keepin Equestria in order Twi.” Applejack chimed in to which the others agreed.

“I just hope Discord's curse is lifted one day from her.” Twilight replied with a sigh.

“Oh it will darling, and when it does you'll be here to greet her with open wings and hooves.” Rarity replied with a smile.

“Hey, donut joe! Another round of your special!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed with a grin at which point the eight spent the night chatting away of the times that they had and what they had planned while outside a small scroll lay on a statue of an Alicorn protected and held their by magic...

Dear Princess Celestia,

I write to you for the last time about the lessons I have learned about the magic of friendship. Today I learned that even when things look their worst and when you think that you are alone, your true friends will always be there to remind you that no matter what challenges a pony may face, they can always turn to their friends for help and they will be there for them no matter what happens. I have learned all I can about the magic of friendship and I think it is time I start to move on to learning about something new. From here on out, I will be studying the magic of love and what power it holds in those who share it with one another.

Your faithful student,

Twilight Sparkle

P.S. Thank you for everything aunt Celestia. You truly were like a second mother to me and I hope the day you read this you know that when you are free from Discord's curse I will be here to greet you with open wings and be happy to have you rule at my side just as my mother did before me.

Your loving niece,

Twilight Sparkle


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I couldn't even find the difference between this and the last chapter (i did just skim it though):eeyup:

I can't believe it. I read the first chapter in march, and i forgot about it. Then you replied to me, and i saw this. Amazing feels. :fluttercry:

569481 go the buck to hell dude

Great story..... :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy: You forgot to tag the sex as Mature...... It is pretty graphic and a bit surprising since this Teen. This is on the list of the important pony fiction that got me to loving the Crusaders and fearing/hating fanfiction Discord.... TV Discord is amusing and funny!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

...dafuq? I'm here from Secret to Mah success cause I wanted to know why Celestia took Roseheart, after reading the first 5 chapters all I get is Scootaloo being (SPOILER) fillynapped, and discord coming back. I must know WHAT HAPPENS TO ROSE!>!>!iewfhwe


The connection between stories doesn't occur till later in this story, You'll have to read on to find out.:twilightsmile:


actually it starts with a story i currently have on hiatus. "Nightmare moon returns" I need to finish that sometime...>.>

Amazing ^_^. I'm sad with what happened to Tia and Luna. But other than that it was a great story, and I like how it ties Secrets of Ma Success. Although what is this War they talked about? I like Dimmak using, Waifu Flutters.

This was a very well thought out story, and there were many unpredictable plot twists. The characters were vivid, and could be related to. However, there were several words per chapter misspelled and occasionally one or two missing. As such, I recommend a third party proof-reader. All-in-all an amazing story! I give it 7 out of 10, only due to the errors I have pointed out as they are noticeable enough to detract from the story's quality.:twilightsmile:

Add links to the prequels in the description. It m8kes them easier to find.


Oh! yeah, hehe!:rainbowdetermined2:

This story was a very well thought out and as one for reading i believe that anybody who lays there eyes on the first chapter will be drawn to it and cant stop reading even after finishing this very wonderful story now i say any body whos loves the story like i can tell many do. I cant wait till the second part comes to be complete!

I got confused a couple times...like Luna is Twilight's daughter and the father is Nightmare Moon? Apple Bloom had a foal and is the Element of Love?
And Sweetie Belle and Pinkie Pie are the same person and Sweetie is also Selene? Huh?

This is my second time throught the story and it is just as good as the first time. Keep writing AWSOME stories!!!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
BTW any updates on A Filly's Tale 2?

Umm...please forgive my ignorance. but how come there's a sequel to Nightmare Moons Returns, when it's on "Hiatus"? ............Unless of course that status is wrong and the fanfic author simply forgot to set the status on that story to "Complete", it's the same thing with the prequel. :rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh:

I'm sorry for asking, but I just want to get some understanding, before I start reading this series. :twilightsheepish:

Seconded, especially now that Nightmare Moon Returns and The Forgotten War are both cancelled.

6748938 WHAT! it's been cancelled?! Then that means this story isn't a sequel! what in the world is the author doing? Knowing that only makes me not want to read this story at all. :flutterrage::raritydespair:


what in the world is the author doing?

Making tough calls to ensure I can update the stories I have not canceled get finished at some point. I stretched myself too thin with all the stories I started and thus the result is many are sitting on hiatus and I don't like doing that to my readers.

I'm sorry if canceling the previous ones upsets you but if you require further explanation as to why they were canceled, please refer to this blog post: http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/430934/a-heads-up-story-status-updates-for-many-fics

Luna is twilight's mom, not daughter. Also there's 2
(I think) prequels. It's VERY VERY weird.

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