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A Filly's Tale - Deathsia

Rainbow Dash Follows Scootaloo home one day...

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The lost element


Twilight and the other six appeared in a flash of magic thanks to Twilight's magic at the doors to Discord's castle and in the next moment it was blasted down. The six walked into the halls looking about themselves cautiously making sure to keep an eye out for any foe who might appear as they walked.

“Somethin stinks, shouldn't thar be a ton of ponies in here waitin to try and kick our flanks?” Applejack remarked in a whisper as they walked throughout the dark hallways.

“It doesn't make any sense. Where are they?” Sweetie Belle remarked curiously.

Suddenly light flashed about the room revealing them to be in a chamber that seemed to stretch for miles causing the seven to look about themselves in shock until a faint clapping could be heard causing all seven to look in the direction of the other end of the room to see Discord clapping. “Bravo! Bravo my little ponies! You've found my lair. Was it that hard to find or did you just take your time?” Discord asked with a sinister grin.

“Where's Roseheart ya buckin, horseplin mule?!” Applejack exclaimed in a furious tone.

“Where's my daughter?!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in the same tone Applejack sported.

“You'll meet in due time, see this is the first rule of game, If you win against my challenges you get to choose which one goes free.” Discord said with a malicious grin snapping his claw making Roseheart appear in on one side of him and Scootaloo on the other. “Dear sweet, Roseheart or The competitive filly, Scootaloo.” Discord said and his eyes narrowed mid-sentence as he continued to speak as he saw Twilight charging forward wings propelling her and finished his sentence just before she got to him only for a doppelganger of herself to appear before her except this version was a unicorn and not an Alicorn.

“Ah,Ah,Ah! No cheating! And this is an interesting development, when did you become an Alicorn?” Discord asked in a shocked tone once he got a clear look at Twilight.

“Enough of the games Discord! Release them both, NOW!” Twilight exclaimed looking up at him with a look of pure fury and a tone to match it as she spoke.

“You think you can intimate me just because you sprouted some wings? Ha!” Discord replied in a nonchalant manner and exclaimed his last word very loudly before he sent the Alicorn flying into a backward roll with a burst of magic to which she recovered mid-roll skidding to a halt and looking at him with the same furious expression.

“Last chance Discord...let them go.” Twilight replied in a low tone at which point Discord gave a thoughtful expression as he placed his lions paw on his chin seemingly unfazed.

“Gee...this looks familiar...where do I recall these words?” Discord asked in a mock curious tone before his eyes lit up. “Ah, now I remember! Those were the same words Celestia spoke before she defeated me the first time. Too bad I'm fifty thousand years wiser or I would not consider you a threat.” Discord said before his eyes narrowed at the Alicorn. “Kill them.” Discord said at which point five more doppelgangers appeared and charged at the six.

(play “Prepare for battle” now”)

“Ah ain't gonna lie, ah was hoppin he would say those words.” Applejack said and took a combat stance at her doppelganger charged at her.

“Heh, you think a fake can keep up with the head of the elite air fighting force? We'll see!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed with a cocky smile as she took off from the ground as did her doppelganger.

“I'm normally not so assertive...but umm...I guess I have no choice.” Fluttershy remarked in a shy manner before her expression went from shy to fierce as she took off from the ground to meet her doppelganger head on in the air.

“Fighting is simply crude, but I will make an exception in this case!” Rarity exclaimed as her began to glow brightly as her doppelganger charged at her with their horn glowing as well.

“I'd rather be throwing a party right now...” Pinkie Pie remarked with a frown and swiftly dodged a thrust of the hoof from her doppelganger at which point her expression changed to determined. “Looks like I’ll have to turn that frown upside down. Pinkie Pie style!” Pinkie pie exclaimed with a grin as she dodged another strike from her doppelganger.

“I used to think books held all the answers, but I’ve learned that some things you can't learn from a book!” Twilight exclaimed as she took off from the ground and fired a beam of magic at her doppelganger who dodged it with ease.

“What's this? A filly? Haha! Kill her.” Discord remarked with a cruel grin noticing Sweetie Belle at which point cloaked ponies appeared behind her and in front of her.

However instead of becoming scared like Discord expected a eager smile appeared on the unicorn's face causing him to raise an eyebrow in curiosity. “Oh Goody...leftovers.” Sweetie Belle remarked in a cocky yet humorous tone still sporting her wide grin and began to focus her magic and moments later a surge of magic erupted in all directions around the filly sending cloaked ponies flying in all directions. However they didn't stay down for long getting back up and charging at her.

Meanwhile Rainbow Dash and her doppelganger were clashing hooves at random bouts as the two clashed, flew away, and charged at one another to clash again. “Ha! Not bad for a fake!” Rainbow Dash remarked with grin however her doppelganger didn't respond and charged at her once again.

“Could you possibly-what I mean is-oh buck it!” Fluttershy said in a shy tone as she blocked blow after blow from her doppelganger before saying her last sentence and karate chopped her doppelganger right upside the head sending it flying into the ground with a loud crashing sound. “Oh dear me, you aren't hurt are you?” Fluttershy remarked in a concerned tone until her doppelganger got back to all four hooves and charged at her again clashing with her in a stale mate. “Guess not...” Fluttershy said in a grunting tone as her hooves continued to grind against her doppelganger's.

“You could do with makeover darling! Why your mane is simply horrid!” Rarity remarked with a grin as her and doppelganger's spells clashed creating a explosion of magic in the center of them.

“This coming from a mare with about as much fashion sense as a mule!” Her doppelganger retorted causing the unicorn to gasp in shock and narrow her eyes at her doppelganger.

“Oh....It. Is. ON!” Rarity replied in a fierce tone shooting forth another beam of magic at her doppelganger who countered with their own.

“Hey, what do you say to a pony who just got kicked in the gut?!” Pinkie Pie's doppelganger exclaimed as she walloped the pink mare in the stomach knocking the wind out of her leaving her holding her gut and gasping for breath. “What was that? I couldn't understand you because your sounding a little horse! Haha!” Pinkie Pie's doppelganger exclaimed and laughed.

“That was in terrible taste!” Pinkie Pie managed to choke out finally catching her breath before she lunged at her doppelganger.

“Ya couldn't buck the broad side of tree in the middle of applebuck season!” Applejack's doppelganger exclaimed as she gave a mighty buck sending the farm pony into a backwards roll. Applejack recovered mid roll however skidding to a halt panting now.

“Ah don't needa be able to buck the broad side of a consarned tree to buck your head off!” Applejack retorted running at her doppelganger with such speed and velocity that the doppelganger could barely keep track of her movements until she jumped in the air and bucked the doppelganger upside the head sending it flying back into the wall. “Ah wasn't head general of celestia's cotton pickin ground forces for nothin ya know.” Applejack said with a cocky grin until the doppelganger seemingly catapulted itself from the wall at the farm pony.

“Whoa nelly!” Applejack exclaimed as she was tackled sending her and the doppelganger flying right past Twilight to was lifting objects from the ground and sending them flying at her doppelganger only for the doppelganger to conjure up a shield and block each one.

“You spend too much time reading books ya egghead!” Twilight's doppelganger exclaimed as she began to focus magic into her horn and shot it up into the air which took the shape of a huge mallet which swung down on the Alicorn with a huge thud creating a huge wave of dust and debris to erupt from the impact leaving her doppelganger with a grin on her face until her expression changed from cocky to surprised as the Alicorn appeared behind her in a flash of magic and bucked her hard sending her flying and land on her face which skidded along the floor with her rump in the air until she came to a halt at which point her rump slumped down limply.

“And you don't read enough!” Twilight retorted with a cocky grin.

“What is this? These aren't the six mares I remember, since when did they obtain combat experience? And who is that seventh one? I don't recall her being apart of their little group before.” Discord thought to himself as she watched the seven fight. His attention however was soon diverted from the seven as a pair of hooves collided with his face sending him flying from where he sat and to the ground. “Who dares?!” Discord exclaimed in a furious tone to see a orange colored farm pony staring at him fiercely.

(Play “The power of love” now)

“Ah got an apple buck with you!” Applebloom exclaimed and charged at the hydrocephalus.

“Ah, the supposed mother of Roseheart.” Discord remarked as the farm pony charged at him and lunged only to get stopped mid-buck and sent flying in the opposite direction. “You really are a foal, to think you would try to take me on alone. That's a laugh!” Discord exclaimed and cackled as the farm pony landed on her side and rolled a few feet before she stood wearily back to all four hooves.

“Perhaps ah shoulda been more clear, give meh mah daughter back!” Applebloom exclaimed and charged at the hydrocephalus again.

“Really? How boring!” Discord said lifting his lion's paw up not even looking at the farm pony and conjured up a barrier just before Applebloom's hooves connected at which point the barrier glowed brightly and repelled the farm pony sending her flying back however she recovered mid-air, landed on all four hooves with a slight skid, and charged at the hydrocephalus again.

Applejack was first to notice Discord and Applebloom which nearly caused her to get bucked upside the head by her doppelganger. “Why the hay is Applebloom here for?! Ah told that hard headed filly tah stay at Rarity's!” Applejack exclaimed as she dodged another strike from her doppelganger and countered it by slugging her doppelganger a crossed the cheek sending them flying to the ground on their side before getting back up and striking at the farm pony again.

“Ah ain't leavin without mah daughter!” Applebloom exclaimed after the fifth time her hooves collided with Discord's barrier.

“This is getting very boring. Perhaps I should just kill you now and save you the trouble of wearing yourself out to death.” Discord replied not looking worried in the least bit as Applebloom charged forth, jumped and her hooves collided with his barrier once again however this time she wasn't repelled much to the hydrocephalus's shock.

Even more shocking is as he looked on something began to glow just below the farm pony's head at the base of her neck. The brighter this glowing became the more her hooves seemed to dig into the barrier. “What...is..this?!” Discord asked as his eyes widened in shock still using only his lion's paw to maintain the barrier.

“This what happens when ya trifle with a momma and her daughter!” Applebloom exclaimed at which point the glowing around her neck became even brighter if possible.

Discord gave a slight grunt at this point and changed his stance to better brace himself against the farm pony. “This isn't possible! No mere earth pony should be able to penetrate my magic!” Discord exclaimed in a shocked yet outraged tone.

“Ah'm not just any earth pony...ah'm a momma!” Applebloom exclaimed at which point the glowing around her neck flashed brightly revealing a necklace with a heart shaped gem in the middle of it at which point her hooves dug even more so into the barrier threatening to shatter it.

“Im-Impossible!” Discord exclaimed as his eyes flashed wide in shock and surprise. The hydrocephalus then lifted his right arm now using both his lion's paw and his claw hand to reenforce the barrier, but this only seemed to slow the farm pony down a little as she continued to dig into it which was now creating a friction between her hooves and the barrier causing sparks of magic to sputter about as her hooves seemed to have begun to glow with a bright pink magic.

Despite the battle going on all six were watching now catching glances over at Applebloom and Discord whenever they had the chance to unable to believe what they were seeing.

“Who is this pony? And why does she have a necklace that looks similar to that of the elements of harmony?!” Discord thought to himself dramatically as his feet were now digging through the cement to keep himself stable being pushed back a inch or so with each passing moment.

“Ah don't know what the hay is goin on here, but if it helps meh save mah daughter than ah welcome this new little trinket around mah neck!” Applebloom thought to herself dramatically as her hooves dug even more so in and began to kick rapidly into the barrier now with each kick driving the hydrocephalus even farther back.

“Give...meh...mah...daughter...BACK!” Applebloom said timing her words to each kick until she gave a mighty buck with her final word.


Discord's barrier shattered loudly causing the hydrocephalus to gasp in shock the farm pony's hooves flew at him now as if in slow motion.

“Im-possible!” Discord thought to himself as he looked at the farm pony's hooves as they neared him and time seemed to kick back into full gear as in the next moment they collided with the hydrocephalus sending him flying back and into the castle walls with a loud crashing noise.

“You're holding back!” Fluttershy's doppelganger said with a malicious grin as she thrust a hoof at the yellow Pegasus only for her to counter.

“I-I don't want to hurt you. I..umm..don't like hurting ponies at all actually...” Fluttershy replied as she blocked punch after punch from her doppelganger.

“Ha! You don't like to hurt ponies?! Don't make me laugh! I'm your opposite so I KNOW you! Deep inside your love to hurt ponies!” Fluttershy's doppelganger exclaimed as she continued to thrust her hooves at Fluttershy in the air.

Fluttershy gave a startled gasp as her hooves were knocked to the side realizing she was left wide open but could not react in time as her doppelganger's hoof came crashing into her chest sending the yellow Pegasus flying to to the ground and skidding for a few feet before she stood wearily back to her feet.

“I-I-I don't want to hurt anypony. I-I really hate fighting.” Fluttershy replied in a strained tone a she stood back up only for her doppelganger to dive down, tackle her and slam her against the castle wall earning a shrill cry of pain from the Pegasus.

(Play “Gravity” now)

“Your so weak it's pathetic! I almost can't believe we're the same pony!” Fluttershy's doppelganger exclaimed with a cruel grin as her eyes flashed wide with the cruel gaze as she slammed a hoof after hoof into Fluttershy's chest earning shrill cry after shrill cry of pain from the mare.

“I-I don't want to fight though Rainbow....I'd rather just live out the rest of my life alone...” Fluttershy remarked in a shy tone.

“Fluttershy, I know you better than that!” Rainbow Dash replied looking at Fluttershy now.

“I-I don't want to talk about it...” Fluttershy replied turning away from the cyan blue Pegasus and quickly began to pick up a bottle of apple beer next to her until Rainbow Dash swatted it out of her hoof.

“Don't beat yourself up Fluttershy! There was nothing you could have done!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed grabbing Fluttershy's hooves with her own and staring at her.

“Yes there was! I could have easily kicked all their flanks! But I sat there like a coward! I am a coward...a shy, spineless coward...” Fluttershy replied only to get slapped by the cyan blue Pegasus.

Fluttershy gave another shrill cry of pain feeling her rib cage threaten to cave in with each blow that her doppelganger hit her with. “I-I don't want to-AHH!-hurt you...” Fluttershy replied between blows even though she continued to cry out with each strike.

“Then I'll kill you, your friends, and all your precious animals! Haha! Go ahead and tell me what you hold dear, so I can destroy it!” Fluttershy's doppelganger exclaimed as she continued to thrust her hooves into the mare causing the mare's body to seemingly dig deeper into the castle wall behind creating a dent in the shape of her body.

“Fluttershy, You need to stop beating yourself up! You're stronger than that!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed looking into her friend's tear filled eyes.

“But-But I’m not...” Fluttershy replied lowering her head at which point Rainbow Dash gave a heavy sigh.

“Yes you are. I know you. Your the strongest pony I’ve ever known. That's the reason I want you to fight at my side. So you can protect what you hold dear.” Rainbow Dash replied and lifted her head so she was staring into the cyan blue Pegasus's eyes now. “Now tell me, what do you hold dear?” Rainbow Dash asked her in a soft and comforting tone.

Fluttershy then looked up at Rainbow Dash still locked in battle with her doppelganger and gave a startled gasp.

“Life,I hold life dear. I don't want to see anypony or any animal get hurt.” Fluttershy replied after a few moments instead of saying the first thing that came to mind which was to say how much she held Rainbow Dash dear to her heart.

“You through! The next pony I’m going after is your little crush!” Fluttershy's doppelganger exclaimed a she thrust a hoof at the yellow Pegasus's head as if in slow motion. It was at this exact point and time Fluttershy's eyes snapped wide with a startled gasp.

“Then let go Fluttershy, let go of your kindness, if only for a little while so you can protect what you hold dear!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed looking at her fiercely now.

She could see it...the very essence of her kindness fluttering before her as a butterfly and in the next moment it was sliced in half as if some invisible blade had cut it in half.


“I'm sorry for holding back...” Fluttershy said in a low tone as the debris cleared from where the doppelganger's hoof had struck revealing a necklace around her neck with a gem in in the shape of a butterfly in the center of it and the yellow Pegasus's hoof having successfully blocked her doppelganger's attack causing it to go crashing in the wall next to her head.

As if in the next millisecond Fluttershy's doppelganger felt a knee thrust hard into her chest knocking the wind out of her and sending her flying away only to recover mid-air and hover stationary as Fluttershy got to all four hooves her expression looking NOTHING like it had before with a fire in her eyes. “You asked what I held dear correct?” Fluttershy asked looking at the doppelganger before she took off the ground strait at it. “There isn't a thing in this world I don't hold dear!” Fluttershy exclaimed at she began to use every once of her fighting skills against the doppelganger using all four hooves now instead of just two putting her doppelganger on the defensive.

“I hold animals,ponies, and life itself dear! And I won't let anypony threaten this beautiful world filled with so many wonders....even if....even if it means I have to be somepony I hate being!” Fluttershy exclaimed as she knocked her doppelganger's hooves open causing her doppelganger to go wide eyed and gasp.

“Oh buck! I'm wide open!” Fluttershy's doppelganger thought to herself dramatically a mere second before the yellow Pegasus performed a roundhouse kick mid-air knocking the doppelganger to the ground with a loud crash with Fluttershy landing on the ground standing on her hind hooves now taking a combat stance.

Fluttershy's doppelganger stood wearily yo all four hooves and gawked at the Pegasus. “What the buck is that?” Fluttershy's doppelganger said stifling a laugh at the stance Fluttershy had taken.

Fluttershy was still standing on her hind hooves however she was bent forward with her head level looking at her doppelganger with her left front leg behind her with her hoof arched up slightly and her right front font leg was diagonally positioned downward from her with her hoof in a similar arched up fashion. Her legs were spread apart so that while she was bent over she was standing in a fashion that would allow her to brace her body to any blow.

“What a load of horseapples!” Fluttershy's doppelganger exclaimed thrusting a hoof at the yellow Pegasus only for her to move her body in a fluid motion effectively blocking her doppelganger's attack and countering it within the same single fluid motion knocking the doppelganger back into a stumble.

“You can't hurt me anymore. So could you umm...please stop trying to fight. I really don't want to hurt you.” Fluttershy replied her expression softening as she said this.

“You think just because you strike some pose that your invincible? And here I thought I was being cocky!” Fluttershy's doppelganger exclaimed with a grin, took off from the ground and dived at the yellow Pegasus. “Ha! You can't beat me from the air! There's no way you can win!” Fluttershy's doppelganger exclaimed in a cocky tone with a expression to match it.

Fluttershy looked up at her doppelganger and gave a heavy sigh. “You've already lost...” Fluttershy said her expression turning sad as she moved her body once again in a fluid motion in a cartwheel fashion until she was under her doppelganger who could only go wide-eyed and gasp in horror as she adjusted her stance still moving fluidly and gave a mighty vertical buck before resuming her previous stance and standing in her butterfly stance looking at her doppelganger who simply hit the ground and skid to a halt wheezing and gasping for air.

“H-How? I didn't even see you buck me. So how?! How did you hit me like you did without even moving out of that retarded stance of yours?!” Her doppelganger exclaimed between wheezes as Fluttershy dropped her stance and walked over to her on all four hooves.

“I did, but you couldn't see it. Like I said, I move with the grace and beauty of a butterfly. This fight is over and I don't want to hurt you anymore.” Fluttershy said in a calm tone before walking away from her doppelganger who couldn't move and looked up at Rainbow Dash who was still locked in combat.

“Not the talkative type huh?” Rainbow Dash asked with a grin as she blocked another blow from her doppelganger.

“Come on Rainbow! Show me what you got! Show me what the brilliant air combat strategist can do!” A dark armored pony exclaimed as he attacked her in the skies.

“That's it!” The cyan blue Pegasus remarked to herself as she blocked another strike from her doppelganger. “Time to figure you out!” Rainbow Dash thought to herself dramatically.

Her doppelganger then took a sudden dive and flew up behind the cyan blue colored Pegasus and bucked her squarely in the back sending her flying into the ground. “Heh, she's fast. I'll give her that.” Rainbow Dash remarked as she stood back up only to barely block a blow from her doppelganger.

“She's also strong...” Rainbow Dash remarked as she swiftly dodged another strike and countered sending her doppelganger into a backward skid only to rebound and lunge at her again. “But...” Rainbow Dash thought to herself as she watched her doppelganger thrust a hoof at her as if in slow motion and block it in the next second.

“Her fighting style isn't that of a air force Pegasus. It's crude and lacks discipline...” The cyan blue Pegasus remarked before she took hold of her doppelganger's hoof and threw her over her only to land in all four hooves. “She's agile too...” Rainbow Dash thought to herself as her doppelganger lunged at her again only for Rainbow Dash to take off from the ground and miss the mare.

“What's with you? Your not even trying to fight me anymore!” Her doppelganger exclaimed for the first time since they began to fight.

“Heh, sorry! I was just thinking. Something I don't do very often these days. I'm more the in the fray and think later kind of pony.” Rainbow Dash replied with a smirk as her doppelganger lunged at her again mid-air missing her barely.

“Thinking won't help you win!” Rainbow Dash's doppelganger exclaimed and dive bombed at her at break neck speed only for her to move out of the way just before which caused the doppelganger to gasp out as she went head first into the ground with a loud crash.

“I got it. I know how to beat this fake.” Rainbow Dash thought to herself with a smile as her doppelganger got back to all fours wearily. “This fake likes to use brute force so I’ll just use that against her!” The cyan blue mare thought to herself with a cocky grin as her doppelganger charged at her.

Just as Rainbow Dash's doppelganger neared her she swiftly dived behind her and bucked her rump hard sending the doppelganger flying strait into the ceiling with a loud crash and moments later parts of the ceiling gave way causing the doppelganger to become buried beneath the rumble as she hit the ground and debris fall onto her. “Ha! I knew no fake could take on the real thing!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed with a cocky smile.

The rubble and debris however began to shift and moments later her doppelganger erupted out of the ground and stared at her huffing and puffing. “You...can't....beat...me!” Her doppelganger said between pants and charged at her once again. It was at this point and time Rainbow Dash's neck began to glow brightly and in the next moment a necklace appeared around her neck with a gem in the shape of a lightning bolt in the center of it.

“Heh, I already have.” Rainbow Dash remarked and waited until she was nearly upon her to jump, barrel rolled mid-air, and bucked her hard slamming her doppelganger hard into the ground mid-run. “I wasn't made the general of the Wonderbolts for nothing. Though I may not act it I was given that rank for a reason. I figured out that you were using brute force so I figured i'd use that against ya.” Rainbow Dash said standing over her doppelganger gang who lay on place alert but unable to move no matter how much she tried.

“Y-You were analyzing me?!” The doppelganger exclaimed wide-eyed in shock.

“Heh, yeah. Though it's boring for me to do that much thinking most of the time. I'm a action gal. I like to act instead of think most of the time. But I gotta say it comes in handy at times like this.” Rainbow Dash replied with a smirk and walked over to Fluttershy.

“Y-Your not hurt are you?” Fluttershy asked in a concerned tone.

“Nah, but I did see those moves of yours. Nice to see the poison butterfly hasn't lost her touch.” Rainbow Dash replied with a smirk.

“Pl-Please don't call me that. That's a nickname I’d sooner forget...umm..if that's okay that is.” Fluttershy replied hiding behind her hair now in a shy stance.

“Alright, but still. Good moves there Fluttershy.” Rainbow Dash replied patting her on the shoulder.


Applejack and her doppelganger continued to exchange blows neither one giving in to the other. “Ah gotta say, ya sure don't look like ya could take meh on at first glance.” Applejack said between huffs and puffs.

“Back at ya farm pony.” Applejack's doppelganger retorted with a smirk.

“Ah gotta admit, ah do miss this kind of fightin. Ah guess a war pony never really loses that there taste for a good ol' fashioned buckdown.” Applejack remarked before clashing hooves with her doppelganger again. “But thar is one thing ah do value over fightin.” Applejack said after the two jumped away from one another.

“Don't get sentimental on meh.” Applejack's doppelganger said lunging at her again.

“Ah value mah family more than anythin in this here world and that's the consarned truth of it all.” Applejack replied at which point her neck began to glow brightly and moments later a necklace appeared brandishing an apple shaped gem at the center of it.

“Gag meh with a spoon! That's a lie! Ya love to fight! You love it more than anythin!” Applejack's doppelganger replied bucking at the farm pony only to end up on the ground with Applejack's hoof at her neck.

“Ah don't lie...and ah sure as sugar ain't gonna lose to a cotton pickin fake. Ya picked the wrong pony to be messin with today.” Applejack said taking the doppelganger's head in both hooves.

“Y-Ya wouldn't!” The doppelganger exclaimed fearfully realizing what the farm pony had planned.

“Ya know, as temptin as it is, ya is right. Ah wouldn't.” Applejack replied and in the next moment slammed her doppelganger's face hard into the ground knocking it out. “But that don't be meanin ah won't be rough with ya.” Applejack said stepping from off her doppelganger and walking over to Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

“Teh! Why didn't you do that from the beginning?” Rainbow Dash asked with a grin.

“Ah wanted to play around with it first. Ah needed to vent some consarned anger somewheres or ah might not beh usin mah head when we fight Discord. Speakin of that varmint, how the hay did Applebloom manage to knock him into the wall like that?” Applejack asked looking over at Discord who was still in the wall not moving.

“I don't know, but Applebloom's got a necklace like us.” Rainbow Dash replied earning a shocked look from the farm pony.

“Ah thought there we only six elements of harmony? How the cotton pickin hay can there beh seven?” Applejack asked looking over at Applebloom who hadn't moved an inch from where she stood.

“Don't ask me. Ask the egghead once she's done duking it out with her other half.” Rainbow Dash said pointing a hoof at Twilight who was still trading magical shots of magic with her doppelganger.

(Play “Fooling mode” now)

“Quit hopping over the place!” Pinkie Pie's doppelganger exclaimed as she attempted to tackle the pink mare only to miss again as she dodged her by hopping out of the way with a giggle. “Why you little...” Pinkie Pie's doppelganger exclaimed as her face went beat red from frustration and finally managed to tackle the pink mare to the ground. “Got ya! Wait, what are you....heh-heh...Ha-ha-ha! Stop that! Hahahaha!” Pinkie Pie's doppelganger exclaimed as the pink mare began to tickle her and jumped away from her a few moments later.

“Told ya I’d turn that smile upside down!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed with a smirk.

“Get serious!” Pinkie Pie's doppelganger exclaimed lunging at the pink mare only for her to hop to the side and tickle her once again which caused her doppelganger to burst out laughing again and growl fiercely moments after as she swiftly stopped right next to the mare, jumped to standing on a single hoof, and spun her body around effectively hitting the pink mare upside the head knocking her to the ground.

“Ready to get serious yet?” Pinkie Pie's doppelganger said as she slowly walked up to the pink mare and stood over her. In the next moment the doppelganger's face became contorted as if she was trying to stifle something then burst out into laughter as Pinkie Pie began to tickle her from her underside again. “That's enough!” Her doppelganger exclaimed furiously and slammed both font hooves into the pink mare's chest hard earning a pained cry from Pinkie Pie.

“That was very mean you meanie pants...” Pinkie Pie said in a pained tone.

“I'm a very mean pony.” Pinkie Pie's doppelganger said with a cruel grin only for Pinkie Pie to somehow manage to get from under her and perform a twirling motion on her right front hoof before landing on all four hooves and staring at her.

“I guess I can't win by making you laugh but it was a shot...” Pinkie Pie remarked with a sigh closing her eyes as her hair suddenly deflated with an balloon losing air sound.

(play “clavar la espada” now)

“Fine, lets do it your way. But I warn you, you won't like me when I'm not my cheery self.” Pinkie Pie said, got one on hoof again and began to spin towards her doppelganger only for her to jump over her at the last second jump behind her and buck her hard sending her doppelganger flying forward.

“How..is that even possible?” Pinkie Pie's doppelganger asked as she got back to all four hooves and stared at Pinkie Pie.

“Heh, ah've been askin that question since the day ah met Pinkie Pie.” Applejack said with a smirk causing Pinkie Pie's doppelganger to look over at her and glare.

“Who asked you?!” Pinkie Pie's doppelganger exclaimed angrily only for Applejack to point a hoof to her left with a grin.

“Ya might wanna be payin attention.” Applejack said with a smirk at which point Pinkie Pie's doppelganger snapped her gaze forward to see Pinkie Pie not in front of her, gave a panicked look around until Pinkie Pie somehow managed to pop from the rubble next to her and buck her before diving back into it.

“What the-?!” Pinkie Pie's doppelganger exclaimed stumbling slightly only for Pinkie Pie to seemingly pop out of nowhere and buck her again knocking her to the ground.

“Funneh thing about Pinkie Pie that was have all come to beh acceptin is her uncanny ability to break the laws of physics, course this could also beh cuz she's Selena's other half but we don't go bout debatin that.” Applejack said still smiling from ear to ear seemingly at which point Pinkie Pie's doppelganger snapped her gaze at the farm pony again.

“Did I ask you for a explanation?!” Pinkie Pie's doppelganger exclaimed angrily only for Pinkie Pie to pop out of a pile of rubble right in front of her, grab her both the front hooves, roll backward, buck her into the air, and roll back onto all four hooves facing away from where her doppelganger landed which was right next to Applejack who continued to smirk at her.

“Now what did ah tell ya bout payin attention?” Applejack said with a smirk looking down at the doppelganger.

“Oh shut up...” Pinkie Pie's doppelganger said in an annoyed yet pained tone looking up at the farm pony before Pinkie Pie grabbed her by the hind hooves, spun her in circles, and chucked the doppelganger to the wall which she hit face first with her body sprawled out in all directions until it became limp and her body slid off the wall and to the floor.

“Well that takes care of that meanie pants. Oh looky! I got my necklace on now!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed as her hair inflated suddenly returning to it's normal poofy appearance.

“Ya had it from the moment ya started breakin the laws of physics...” Applejack remarked before letting out a sigh and looked over at Rarity.

“I was what? Don't be silly! I can't do that!” Pinkie Pie replied hopping around the farm pony only for her to facehoof and sigh.

“Sometimes Pinkie, ah wonder bout ya...ah really do...” Applejack replied dismally with a small groan not wanting to get into yet another debate with Pinkie Pie and her ability to break the laws of physics.

(play “Fooling mode” now)

“My hair!” Rarity's doppelganger exclaimed as she looked at it which was now looking a sickly green color then proceeded to cast a spell at Rarity which made her fur puff out so that she looked like a walking puffball.

“My beautiful fur coat!” Rarity exclaimed in a horrified tone. “Take this you ruffian!” Rarity exclaimed casting another spell at her doppelganger which caused her hair to wrap around her and trip her sending her falling to the ground.

“Do you have any idea how long this will take to comb out?!” Rarity's doppelganger exclaimed as she used her magic to undo her hair until she was able to stand on all four hooves again.

“I say we stop ruining each others looks and get down to business.” Rarity's doppelganger said staring at Rarity now.

“Hmmph! Sounds good to me, but you'll still be be an ugly mule either way.” Rarity replied with a smirk.

“What was that?! How dare you! I have you know I have same looks as you! So by calling me ugly you called yourself ugly!” Rarity's doppelganger exclaimed in an unintentional comical way pointing at Rarity with a outraged expression as she spoke.

“Me? Ugly? Darling you clearly have no sense of fashion! And judging by your looks I know I’m right!” Rarity replied with a snooty grin.

“Says the mule who couldn't even design a proper dress for her friend's birthday.” Rarity's doppelganger retorted with a mischievous grin causing the unicorn's temple to seemly pulse as held her hoof up in front of her face as it shook involuntarily from the anger she was feeling.

“How dare you! Twilight adored that gift! And I have you know that I spent hours on it!” Rarity exclaimed now pointing a accusing hoof at her doppelganger in a similar comical fashion that her doppelganger had done earlier.

“Keep telling yourself that. I'm sure it'll work eventually.” Rarity's doppelganger replied with the same mischievous grin only yo get tackled seconds later and rarity pulling at her doppelganger's mane causing her to scream out in pain as she slammed a hoof on the floor rapidly.

“Not the hair,not the hair!” Rarity's doppelganger exclaimed in a panicked tone trying to get away and finally managed to do so moments later by bucking the unicorn off her.

“Oh for pony's sake, if we don't do somethin a might soon the only thing that's gonna be hurtin is each other's pride.” Applejack remarked with a facehoof as Rarity and her doppelganger exchanged pinning one another and pulling each others hair, tail, and pushing on each others faces at random times.

“I-I'm not sure that's a good idea...” Fluttershy said in a feeble tone causing the other three to turn and look at her.

“Why the hay not?” Applejack asked curiously.

“Rarity's not a nice pony when somepony messes with her looks.” Fluttershy replied quietly.

“What happened?” Rainbow Dash then gave a awkward gulp as Fluttershy curled up as if in a corner looking as if she was sitting in a very depressing atmosphere.

“I-I don't want to talk about it...” Fluttershy replied in a depressed tone still curled up as if in a corner with the same depressing atmosphere hovering over her.

(play “goddess's rebuke” now)


Twilight and her doppelganger's spells collided with a loud explosion and when the debris cleared her doppelganger charged strait at her....

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