• Published 22nd Mar 2012
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A Filly's Tale - Deathsia

Rainbow Dash Follows Scootaloo home one day...

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Once a crusader


It had been a week sense Scootaloo's failure to stop Twilight and the others from escaping and despite Discord no longer glaring at her in disdain every time he saw the mare she couldn't help but worry that he would punish her next time she failed.

This feeling of unease around him was starting to get on the mare's nerves as she decided one day to leave the castle for awhile only for Discord to poof in front of her. “And where do you think your going my dear?” Discord asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Your not my father Discord. The only reason I serve you is because of the bond we share. I'm not your lapdog you can order around to get your morning tea.” Scootaloo replied sourly clearly looking annoyed before flying off only for him to appear in front of her.

“You misunderstand. I only worry for your safety my dear. After all, Equestria isn't exactly safe now at days. Think of me as a father figure at the most who worries about his daughter.” Discord replied seemingly attempting to sound concerned for the Pegasus's well being.

“My parents are dead Discord. No thanks to your followers might I add. The least you can do is allow me some freedom in honor of their deaths.” Scootaloo replied flatly and flew off again but this time Discord didn't stop her instead he appeared back into the castle on his throne.

“Could you bring me a list of my followers who were involved in the death of Scootaloo's parents...” Discord replied as he clasped his lions paw and claw together looking deep in thought.


Scootaloo flew off through the skies performing many tricks mid-air and looked like she was truly enjoying herself. Scootaloo then took off at break neck speed towards the ground and moments before she hit it pulled up quickly creating a sonic boom behind her that rippled the earth behind her. “Ha! What do you know. Rainbow Crash wasn't lying when she showed me how to do that.” Scootaloo remarked with a light laugh.

“Now watch closely Scoots! This is how you do my sonic rainboom! Be honored cause I would show no other Pegasus how to do this trick!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed with a wide grin as she took up way up high as Scootaloo stood stationary in the air.

Rainbow Dash then began to take a steep dive going strait down moving at breakneck speed now. “You gotta pull up at the right moment or you can seriously injure yourself! Remember that scoots! Timing is everything!” Rainbow Dash shouted loudly so that Scootaloo could hear her as she pasted her on her way to the ground.

“Annnnnnd.....NOW!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed pulling up just before she hit the ground creating a sonic rainboom in her wake.

Scootaloo watched in shock and awe at this as the cyan blue Pegasus stopped just short of her flying stationary mid-air in front of her. “Course you'll need to be a full grown mare before you can do this trick. So you'll need to wait a bit. Just remember what I showed you okay?” Rainbow Dash said with a smile as she patted the orange filly on her head.

“Okay mom!” Scootaloo replied excitedly.

The greyish colored mare shook her head fiercely as if attempting to shake the memory out of her head. “No matter how many tricks she's shown me. She shouldn't have lied to me about everything else.” Scootaloo said in a loathing tone before she continued to fly on.

Scootaloo then saw a familiar site. It was apple acres but it looked nothing like she remembered it. In fact nothing looked as she remembered it. It seemed Ponyville had gone to hell and with the red-eyed ponies walking about the ground attacking any ponies who were not converted it sure as heck wasn't far off from her assumption either!

“Scootaloo? Is that really you?!” A voice spoke up that she recognized immediately.

“Gina?!” Scootaloo exclaimed in a shocked tone as she whirled around to see a familiar looking purple Pegasus flying up to her.

“So it really is you. I guess the rumors are true about Discord changing you.” Gina replied in a saddened tone.

“Nah, I’m still the same Scootaloo.” Scootaloo replied with a smile. She had no idea why but she was filled with joy seeing that one of her newest friends hadn't been changed into a mindless slave.

“But you're a full grown mare now. Not to mention your fur coat looks like a grayed out version of what it was. I thought he brainwashed you.” Gina replied flying stationary in front of the grayish orange mare now.

“Nah, I wouldn't let that lame creep do that to me. All he did was just help me not be such a wimp anymore.” Scootaloo replied with a cocky grin.

“What about your mom? I heard she lost her wings because she lost a race against you.” Gina replied in a concerned tone.

“Rainbow Crash is NOT my mom. She never was. A mother wouldn't lie to her filly.” Scootaloo replied in a loathing tone feeling an all too familiar rage build up inside her.

“She lied to you? About what?” Gina replied with a frown.

“Everything! She lied about not having time to spend with me, about her promise not to keep secrets anymore, and a bunch of other stuff! Don't mentioned her name around me ever again! And don't refer to her as my mom again! Got that?!” Scootaloo exclaimed with her face less than three inches from the purple Pegasus who cowered in fear of her and nodded silently at which point Scootaloo's eyes widened in shock realizing she had just bit her friend's head off without any reason to.

“Oh crud! I'm sorry Gina! Please don't be scared of me! I didn't mean to yell at you!” Scootaloo exclaimed in a panicked tone as she extended a hoof to which Gina flinched at which point she retracted it and lowered her head. “I guess he did change me a little bit. I can't help but feel so angry at her. I mean what kind of mom lies to their filly like that?” Scootaloo said in a sad tone with tears brimming her in eyes now.

Gina despite her fear attempted to console the Pegasus as she reached a shaking hoof forward and placed on her shoulder. “I'm sure she had her reasons. Besides I bet she still loves you.” Gina replied attempting to smile but only managed a half smile.

“No, she had no right!” Scootaloo exclaimed angrily snapping her head forward as tears flew from her eyes into the air still looking angry but she had a deep sadness about her expression despite this anger.

“Scootaloo...” Gina said trailing off in a saddened tone before Scootaloo darted off from her through the skies leaving the purple Pegasus wondering what could have made her hate Rainbow Dash so much.

Many hours later Scootaloo had finally be able to stop the water works and was enjoying herself again as she flew about however by now her wings were growing tired so she decided to land on the ground next to a landmark she remembered all to well. It was the clubhouse her, Sweetie Belle, and Applebloom had used.

“After I rest my wings I think i'll go back and apologize to Gina for flying off like that. She can't understand what I’m going through but that doesn't mean I should be such a lame jerk to her about it.” Scootaloo thought to herself as she walked up towards the clubhouse filled with guilt for the way she acted towards her friend.

“Wow...this place sure has seen better days.” Scootaloo remarked aloud with a light giggle as she walked up the plank and opened the door to look inside. It was then she saw it. It was the poster that she and her friends made in their attempt to find their cutie marks nearly over two years ago. Scootaloo then looked to her flank and remembered she still had yet to earn her cutie mark and gave a heavy sigh before looking back up at the poster.

“I still remember that contest we all entered. We really screwed things up.” Scootaloo said aloud thoughtfully followed by a light laugh. “Heck we destroyed the stage!” Scootaloo exclaimed laughing even more so now loudly. “What was the song again that we did? It was Sweetie Belle's lyrics...” Scootaloo said aloud as she put a hoof on her chin trying to recall the song.

“I think it went something like, We are the Cutie mark crusaders...” Scootaloo said in her best singing voice she could muster however trailed off as she heard a voice she knew.

On a quest to find out who we are, And we will never stop the journey, Not until we have our cutie marks...

“I know that voice...” Scootaloo remarked thoughtfully as she looked out the rickety window to see two familiar fillies standing just outside of the clubhouse.

“Hey Scootaloo!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed with a wide smile.
“Thar y'all are! We was wonderin where you went!” Applebloom exclaimed also sporting a wide smile.

Both filly's expression faltered however as Scootaloo stepped out of the club house, flew up, and landed next to them. “Boy am I glad to see you two! I thought you two had been changed into mindless slaves!” Scootaloo exclaimed with a wide smile however her smile faded as she noticed the worried expression on both filly's faces.

“What happened to you?” Sweetie Belle asked in a concerned tone.

“Yeah, ya look bigger and...grayish” Applebloom chimed in with a similar concerned tone.

“Oh this, heh. Well Discord kind of changed the way I look but i'm still the same Scootaloo!” The Grayish Pegasus exclaimed with a wide smile however her two friends still looked concerned despite hearing this.

“What about your mom? Isn't she worried about you?” Sweetie Belle asked curiously.

Once again the Pegasus could feel an all too familiar rage building up inside her but she managed to subdue it this time around taking a deep breath and letting it out. “Lets not talk about her okay?” Scootaloo replied finally after a few moments in the calmest tone she could muster despite her anger still clearly heard in her voice.

“But Scootaloo-Just drop it okay?!” Applebloom began to said but was cut off by Scootaloo abruptly shouting at them both making the two flinch in fear.

Scootaloo having realized she had once again let her rage towards Rainbow Dash overwhelm her judgment let out a sigh. “Sorry girls, but that's a topic I’d rather not talk about, okay?” Scootaloo said after a few moments softening her expression and tone greatly as she spoke now.

“Okay. Ah didn't know it was such a touchy subject for ya. If ah had known ah wouldn't have said anythin.” Applebloom said putting a hoof on her right shoulder.

“Yeah, after all I’m sure you two will patch things up eventually right? No pony can stay mad at their mom forever right?” Sweetie Belle chimed in placing a hoof on her left shoulder.

Despite hearing Rainbow Dash being called her mom again she couldn't bring herself to yell at the two fillies even though she wanted to as she looked into their kind expressions. “I'm not so sure about that girls...but thanks anyways.” Scootaloo replied in a sad tone with a half smile.

“Oh I know! Lets go crusadin! That'll cheer ya up!” Applebloom exclaimed with a wide smile.

“I'm a little too old to be a crusader now girls.” Scootaloo replied even though the offer was tempting.

“Nonsense! You still don't have your cutie mark right?” Sweetie Belle replied at which point Scootaloo nodded glancing at her blank flank again. “Then your still a crusader! After all that's what being a cutie mark crusader is about! You're never old enough to stop being a crusader!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed in an excited tone.

“Sides, even if ya got your cutie mark, you'll always be a crusader! Ah think Sweetie Belle would agree. After all we wouldn't be the cutie mark crusaders with ya. No matter how much ya change you'll always be a crusader!” Applebloom chimed in with a smile.

“Girls...” Scootaloo said nearly on the brink of tears now due to being filled with so much joy. “I know you mean well but-gasp-” Scootaloo began to say however gave a gasp of horror as she looked behind the two smiling fillies. Ponies who sported the red glowing eyes had begun to gather around them.

“Oh crud, they must have heard us talking.” Scootaloo thought fearfully as she looked to the horde of mindless slave ponies then back to her friends.

Sweetie Belle and Applebloom noticed their friend's sudden horrified expression and looked behind themselves and gave a startled gasp. “Horseapples! I thought we lost em!” Applebloom exclaimed fearfully.

“Applebloom! Didn't Applejack teach you not to use such language?” Scootaloo said in a scolding tone however the fact that the horde was drawing closer by the second jolted her out of her gaze at the farm pony and back to the problem at hoof. “I can't fly them both out, the zombie ponies would tackle me before I got off the ground...but I can't let them get killed or converted!” Scootaloo thought to herself in a panicked tone as Sweetie Belle an Applebloom began to wine in fear of the horde dangerously close now.

“Wh-what do we do?!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed fearfully looking up to Scootaloo now.

Scootaloo looked behind herself then to her side then in front of herself again and noticed they had not yet made it to the wooden plank that lead to the clubhouse yet. “Get in the clubhouse!” Scootaloo exclaimed at which point the three made a mad dash for the wooden plank stairs.

The zombies ponies then lunged at the two fillies however were bucked away by Scootaloo mid air allowing the two to get safely inside. “Get in here Scootaloo!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed with the open still.

“Close the door! You'll be safe in there!” Scootaloo exclaimed as she bucked another zombie pony upside the head sending it crashing to the ground only for another to take it's place.

“But-But what about you?!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed fearfully.

“I'll be fine! Close the door!” Scootaloo exclaimed at which point Sweetie Belle slammed the club door shut. Moments later however Scootaloo was tackled to the ground and immediately dog-piled by the horde much to Sweetie Belle and Applebloom's horror.



The cyan blue mare's eyes shot open as she stood up with a feeling of dread walking over to the window of Rarity's home.
“What's wrong Rainbow?” Twilight asked curiously as she stepped up next to Rainbow Dash next to the window as she looked out it with a worried expression.

“I can't explain it...but I have to go out there and find Scootaloo. She's in real danger.” Rainbow Dash said as she made her way for the door only for Twilight to appear in front of the door in a flash of magic.

“You can't! It's not time yet! If you go out there now and try to help Scootaloo then the entire plan will be ruined. Besides Discord would never let anything happen to her anyways. He needs her remember?” Twilight said trying to talk sense into the cyan blue Pegasus.

“Get out of the way Twilight.” Rainbow Dash said narrowing her eyes at the purple unicorn.

“No, I won't! Your not thinking clearly! Besides, how do you know if she's in any real danger anyways?” Twilight asked curiously.

“Call it mother's intuition. Now get out of the way Twilight, Scoots needs me.” Rainbow Dash said and attempted to move the purple unicorn however she wouldn't budge. “I said move! She needs me!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed angrily as Twilight continued to refuse to budge using magic now to hold her hooves in place.

“No! We both know you don't think clearly when it comes to Scootaloo Rainbow! So I’m not going to move until you calm down!” Twilight retorted dramatically.

It was then the other four began to walk into the room hearing the commotion. “What the hay is goin on here?” Applejack asked curiously as Rainbow continued to try and shove Twilight to the side.

“Rainbow thinks that Scootaloo in danger but she has no proof.” Twilight replied answering the farm ponies question at which point the other four knew exactly what was going on here.

“Darling, please calm yourself. How can you know if she's in any real danger?” Rarity asked curiously trying to talk sense into the cyan blue mare.

“Besides! Without your wings you'd be zombie pony food!” Pinkie Pie chimed in.

At this Rainbow Dash stopped trying to shove the purple unicorn to the side and gave a heavy sigh. “I may not have my wings anymore, but I don't care what the risks are. Scootaloo is my daughter. What would you do rarity is Sweetie Belle was in real danger?!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed looking at Rarity now.

“Well...I know that Sweetie Belle is with our parents so I’m sure they are okay.” Rarity replied much to Rainbow Dash's annoyance having avoid her question.

“That's not what I asked Rarity and you know it! Now tell me, what would you do?!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed angrily.

Rarity bit her lower lip looking to Twilight then back to Rainbow Dash before letting out a sigh. “I'd probably be doing the same thing you're doing right now. But you have no proof that Scootaloo is in any real danger. So I simply can't support such actions.” Rarity said after a few moments.
“See Rainbow? Even Rarity knows not to run off into danger on nothing more than a hunch.” Twilight said with a smile putting a hoof on her shoulder now. “Now come on, lets go sit down and have a chat about how we are going to save her.” Twilight said following up her last statement.

“I'm Sorry for this Twilight.” Rainbow Dash said in a sad tone much to the Twilight's confusion at first until the cyan blue mare abruptly slugged the purple unicorn knocking to the ground, ran past her, bucked the door open, and ran out it into the storm of chocolate rain before anypony could stop her.

“That pony's done flipped her lid. We can't just let her run off like that, she'll get herself killed!” Applejack exclaimed as Fluttershy rushed over to Twilight, helping her back to her hooves looking dazed.

“Did Rainbow just sucker punch me?” Twilight asked in a dazed tone stumbling slightly as she got to all fours hooves.

“I dare say she did.” Rarity replied giving a concerned look towards the door which was still open and swaying slightly in the wind.

“Blast it all...come on girls we got to save that crazy mare before she gets herself killed...so I can kill her myself for being such a foal!” Twilight exclaimed at which point the five followed Twilight out the door leaving Luna dumbfounded and wondering why they had all rushed out the door without so much as a word to her.


The dog-pile of zombie ponies suddenly erupted sending slave ponies flying in all directions. “It'll...take...more...than that to...take out this Pegasus!” Scootaloo exclaimed breathlessly much to Sweetie Belle and Applebloom's relief.

That relief however turned to horror as the zombie ponies attempted to dog-pile her again only for her to fly up but get hit mid-air by a zombie pony's tackle sending the Pegasus into a spiral spin to the ground landing on it with a thud. “Damn it....move!” Scootaloo exclaimed weakly as her entire body refused to move now and was hurting all over and seemed to ignore her commands to move and get back on all four hooves as the horde began to barrel down on her.

“Don't worry scoots! I'll always be there to protect you. So don't you worry about those scary looking clouds.” Rainbow Dash said as she flew our of Scootaloo's window and bucked all the clouds out so that the moon shined brightly into her room. “All better now?” The cyan blue Pegasus asked in a soft tone.

“Yeah, thanks mom!” Scootaloo exclaimed with a smile laying down in her bed with a content relieved sigh.

“How about I sing you a lullaby to help you sleep?” Rainbow Dash asked with a smile to which the orange filly nodded.

“Hush little filly don't say a word, because momma's going to get you a mocking bird. And if that mocking bird don't sing, momma's going to get you a diamond ring, and if that diamond ring turns brass, momma's going to get you a looking glass. And if that looking glass gets broke, momma's going to get you a date with a wonderbolt. And if that wonderbolt won't fly, momma's going to get you a set of wings so you can soar the skies...” Rainbow Dash continued to sing until Scootaloo eyes slowly closed and she was fast asleep.

Why this memory came to mind at a crucial moment where she was fearing for her life she had no idea. But even so much to her own shock, she found herself wishing that she would protect her. “Mommy....help me.” Scootaloo said in a scared tone as the horde was now mere inches away from her.

As if she heard daughter's call Rainbow Dash took a sudden turn as she passed Apple acres running into it as fast as she could until she gasped out in horror at what she saw. “Hang on Scoots! Mommy's coming!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she doubled her efforts running faster than she was before, jumped in the middle of the horde and bucking a zombie pony just as it reached it's hooves out to grab her.

“Get away from my daughter!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed bucking two more zombie ponies upside the heads sending them flying.

“What are you doing here for?” Scootaloo asked in a weak loathing tone despite her scared call out for her seeing her in front of her now filled her with the all too familiar rage she always felt with Rainbow Dash near.

“Do I need a reason to protect my daughter?” Rainbow dash asked with a smile however only got a glare in return as Scootaloo managed to get back to all fours hooves.

“You're not my mother!” Scootaloo exclaimed however stumbled nearly falling until Rainbow Dash ducked under her stopping the grayish orange Pegasus from hitting the ground again. “I don't need your help!” Scootaloo exclaimed angrily shoving the cyan blue Pegasus away.

“Really? Because with you laying on the ground like you were, you could have fooled me!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in an irritated tone.

“I have everything under control. Get out of here Rainbow Crash!” Scootaloo exclaimed in the same loathing tone feeling her strength slowly return to her now.

“Rainbow Dash? Is that you?!” Sweetie Belle's voice perked up looking out the window once again.

“It is her!” Applebloom chimed in looking through the window now as well.

It was at this point Rainbow Dash looked to the two than back to Scootaloo. “You were protecting them?” Rainbow Dash asked in a shocked tone.

“Of course I was! Just because I hate your guts and anyone you associated with doesn't mean I won't protect my friends!” Scootaloo exclaimed as she bucked a zombie pony away.

“Hating my guts or not. You can't take on all these mindless drones alone! So why don't shut your spoiled little discorded mouth and let me help young filly!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in a motherly yet strict tone.

Scootaloo gave a glance about herself then to Rainbow Dash then to Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle before looking back at the cyan blue mare. “Fine! But after this, I better not see your sorry flank for the rest of my life!” Scootaloo exclaimed in the same loathing tone she always used when speaking to Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash wanted to argue this some more but with the zombie ponies hording around the two she decided against it and instead began to buck heads along side of Scootaloo who seemed for a while to be winning the fight but it soon became apparent that the horde's numbers were seemingly endless.

“Oh pony's sake! This is like Déjà vu inside Pinkie Pie's soul!” Rainbow dash exclaimed in aggravation as she bucked another zombie pony's skull in knocking them out.

“Wait, what happened to Pinkie Pie?” Scootaloo asked as she bucked another zombie pony.

“Not like you'd care, but thanks to Discord's chocolate rain it turned her into one of these things and we had to go into her soul with the help of Princess Luna and save her.” Rainbow Dash replied.

“You mean Discord's chocolate rain is the cause of all this?” Scootaloo replied shocked by this set of information.

“Of course! What? you thought that he was just going to pull a bunch of pranks like last time?! I don't know what that creep has told you but this is all his doing!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she bucked another zombie pony.

“He didn't tell me anything about this...” Scootaloo said trailing off looking shocked and for the first time since she was discorded felt a since of rage not towards Rainbow Dash but towards Discord. “he's hurt so many innocent ponies...put my friends in danger...he never told me anything about this...DISCORD!” Scootaloo said in a shocked yet angry tone until she screamed her last word at the top of her lungs upon which Discord appeared.

“You called?” Discord said in a sing-song tone seemingly unfazed by the predicament Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash were in.

“Call them off....NOW!” Scootaloo replied shouting her last word as she bucked another pony.

“I have no idea what you're talking about.” Discord replied feigning ignorance.

“I know this your doing! Now call them off!” Scootaloo replied feeling her anger rise to it's breaking point. Her friends were in mortal danger and with Discord as her witness she was going to protect them. Or at least that's how she felt as she bucked another zombie pony.

“But I thought you could handle yourself?” Discord said in a jeering tone clearly getting a kick out the whole fiasco with a wide cheesy grin on his face.

“Either call them or....or....I'll jump off the nearest cliff I can find and kill myself!” Scootaloo exclaimed as she bucked another zombie pony then stared at him causing the hydrocephalus's grin to vanish immediately and rainbow Dash's expression go from fierce to panicked and worried as she gave a fearful glance over at Scootaloo.

“Scootaloo! You can't!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in panicked tone completely forgetting about the horde which was quickly surrounding her.

“That's a very dangerous bluff you're making here Scootaloo.” Discord replied narrowing his eyes at the Pegasus with a serious tone to match the seriousness in his eyes.

“Who said I was bluffing? Call them off or I jump the nearest cliff!” Scootaloo exclaimed with a dead serious expression on her face now.

A few tense moments passed and for a moment it looked as if Discord was just going to sit there and see if she was until he raised his lion's paw and snapped his fingers at which point the zombie ponies suddenly stopped advancing on the two and immediately turned about face walking in the opposite directions of where they were facing.

“Wow...he wasn't bluffing. His life is really tied to Scootaloo's. I can't think of any other reason why he would even think about doing what she said.” Rainbow Dash thought to herself in a shocked tone until an idea came to her. “Oh, did you know that Discord cheated in our race? He shoved me into the labyrinth wall in the final stretch which gave you the lead!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed with a mischievous smile at Discord.

“He what?!” Scootaloo exclaimed looking at the cyan blue Pegasus then flashed a glare at Discord. “Is this true? And don't you dare lie to me.” Scootaloo asked in a threatening tone as she narrowed her eyes at Discord.

“You foal! How dare you take such a manner with me?!” Discord roared as lightning struck behind him as he roared at Scootaloo. However the Pegasus was no longer afraid of him. She knew she had her trump card against him now.

“You can't scare me anymore Discord! I know you won't lay so much as a claw to me as long as we are bonded together!” Scootaloo exclaimed at which point Discord dashed forward and slapped the mare hard sending her to the ground with a shocked expression on her face.

“Don't you touch her!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed lunging at Discord only to get hit by his tail sending her flying into the clubhouse and through it with a loud crash leaving the cyan blue mare barely conscious.

“You misunderstand you ignorant foal! While it is true you're life is tied to mine and your death would mean my demise, nothing says I can't beat you within an inch of your pathetic life!” Discord exclaimed kicking Scootaloo as she lay on the ground sending her flying a few more feet and giving a shrill cry of pain as she flew a feet more feet and landed on the ground.

“It seems that my generosity has gone to your head! Perhaps a few months in the castle dungeons will fix that ungrateful attitude of yours!” Discord exclaimed as he lifted the Pegasus by her chest fur and held her up to his face as he spoke.

“Do what you want...you cheated and you know it. So the race was a fraud...you broke our agreement not to cheat.” Scootaloo retorted to his at which point Rainbow Dash's wings reappeared on her sides much to discord's fury at which point he chucked her against a nearby tree earning another shrill pain cry from the mare.
“You foal! Do you realize what you have done?! You just gave back that Pegasus's wings!” Discord roared as he walked up to her and lifted her up by the chest fur again.

“As much as I hate her guts...I’d rather beat her fairly then have you cheat for me to win.” Scootaloo said weakly to which Discord growled fiercely before slapping her hard with his lion's paw earning another shrill cry from the mare as tears were now flowing freely from her eyes.

“Three months in the dungeons should fix that ungrateful attitude of yours my dear and from now on you will not leave the castle or you will receive a worse beating than you have received today, am I clear?” Discord said in threatening tone however when the Pegasus didn't respond he slammed her against the tree causing her to cry out again and look at him fearfully. “AM I CLEAR?!” Discord roared in her face which caused Scootaloo's mane to flail in the wake of his voice as she flinched and nodded moments afterword.

“Good. Now let us be off to the dungeons for your punishment.” Discord replied resuming his calm manner and moments later disappeared along with her in a flash of magic.

“Scootaloo...no...” Rainbow Dash said in a weak tone before passing out.


Rainbow Dash opened her eyes weakly to see herself in a familiar room. She was back at Rarity's house. Looking about her surroundings she saw Twilight fast asleep hunched over in a chair with her head laying on the bed she was laying in.

“She hasn't left your side since Sweetie Belle and Applebloom flagged us down and brought ya back here.” Applejack said stepping into the room now.

“My body feels like it got chucked through a house.” Rainbow Dash said wincing in pain as she stretched her body then gave a startled gasp when she noticed that her wing extending out as she stretched.

“Ya just now noticed did ya? Heh, I reckon you would have known that Scootaloo broke the contract but ah guess speakin that you were plum out cold havin been chucked through the club house wall when we found y'all ya wouldn't know till now.” Applejack replied with a smile.

“How do you know she broke the contract?” Rainbow Dash asked curiously at which point and time Sweetie Belle and Applebloom ran in, jumped on her bed and hugged the cyan blue Pegasus tightly causing her to wince.

“We told them everythin that happened.” Applebloom said answering for her older sister.

“Easy fillies. This Pegasus still is sore.” Rainbow dash replied with a smile as which point the two fillies stopped hugging her and sat on her bed.

“Just like little Applebloom said. They told us what happened. Ah gotta say, you were plum outta ya mind taking on all those zombie ponies on you own with Scootaloo.” Applejack said walking up next to the bed.
“I'll say! Did you even bother to think what would happen if you were converted or worse killed?!” Twilight's voice perked up as she rose her head up rubbing her eyes now followed by a yawn.

“Sorry about the sucker punch Twilight, but if I hadn't saved her Scootaloo would probably be dead now.” Rainbow Dash replied then sighed.

“About that...I was ready to beat the horsefeathers out of ya for that little stunt until I saw that Discord had done for me. Next time think before you act you featherbrain!” Twilight exclaimed with a cheesy grin giving Rainbow a tight hug which caused the cyan blue Pegasus to wince loudly.

It was at this point the other three came in the room each wearing a smile on their face as they looked at them. “Oh thank goodness she's okay.” Fluttershy remarked with a relief sigh.

“Darling, I know this goes without saying, but you simply must stop having these near death experiences.” Rarity said followed by a light giggle.

“I'll say! When we got there we were soooo worried about you!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed showing signs that she was about to go on one of her rambles.

“Pinkie...” Rainbow Dash said calmly but with a clear sense of annoyance in her voice.

“But then we saw that you were still breathing and that made me so happy!” Pinkie pie continued seemingly ignoring her.

“Pinkie...” Rainbow Dash said her annoyance more apparent this time.

“But then we realized that you were hurt and that made me soo sad! but then we came back here and now your okay, so that makes me sooo happy and I think i'll-PINKIE PIE!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed cutting off the pink mare followed by a loud wince as she held her sides.

“Opsie...” Pinkie Pie replied followed by a sheepish giggle flattening her ears in embarrassment.

“You can't tell they all care about can you?” Luna said clear sarcastic yet humorous tone walking in now.

“Nope...not at all.” Rainbow Dash replied with a smirk catching onto this and replying in a similar sarcastic yet humorous tone of her own.

A knocking sound then suddenly came from the front door which caught everypony's attention. “Who could that be?” Twilight asked curiously as she left the room and cautiously walked up to the door.

“Careful Twi, it might be one of those varmints tryin to be sneaky and get in.” Applejack said in a cautioning tone.

“You don't think I don't know that? The protection spell I put on the house prevents any of them from getting in as long as the door remains shut.” Twilight replied in a whisper as she used her magic to open the door slowly preparing to strike any foe who may lunge at her in a moments notice.

However much to her surprise as well as Applejack's a purple Pegasus stood in front of the door clearly not brandishing the glowing red eyes. “Excuse me, but is Rainbow Dash here? I'm a friend of her daughter's.” Gina said in a polite tone.

“Well what the hay you waitin for? Get in the heck in here before those varmints see ya!” Applejack exclaimed at which point Gina dashed in and the door closed behind her.

“Thank you, I didn't want to be rude and barge in though.” Gina replied.

“In these dark times, lack of manners are commonly excused young Pegasus.” Luna said walking into the room now at which point Gina gasped and bowed.

“Princess Luna, you honor me with your presence.” Gina replied in the most polite tone she could muster.

“Please, cast away the formalities my dear. Save them for a time when ponies can walk the streets of Ponyville safely.” Luna replied at which point Gina rose and looked at her.

“But your highness. I was raised with the utmost respect for the sun and moon Princesses. I cannot ignore their teaching so easily.” Gina replied looking flabbergasted at the Moon princess's statement.

“Think of me as no different than any other pony. I am a pony in a time of distress just as you and we are on equal ground until Discord is defeated.” Luna replied trying to convince the filly it was okay to speak to her normally.

“But your highness! That would be not the way to treat one of the regal sisters!” Gina replied in the same shocked tone seemingly unable to not speak to her commonly.

“A real piece of work this one.” Applejack remarked as she rolled her eyes with a smirk and placed a hoof on the purple Pegasus's shoulder. “Ah understand y'all is tryin to be prim and proper with the moon princess and all but why don't ya just settle ya flank down and tell us your name.” Applejack said still smiling at the purple Pegasus.

“Oh dear! Forgive me! My name is Gina Wingstar. My mother works for your and your sister.” Gina replied bowing once again.

“Ah, yes. I see the resemblance now. She was a pony who was loyal to the very end. You have my deepest condolences.” Luna replied at which point Gina's head snapped up.

“What do you mean by the very end? What happened to my mother?!” Gina exclaimed in a horrified tone.

“Oh dear, you were never informed?” Luna said placing a hoof over her mouth as her expression became one of sadness.

“Informed of what?” Gina asked still looking shocked yet horrified.

“Oh you poor filly,Your mother was killed by Stormhooves and his general the day he revealed his plan to her. Or at least that's what we can assume by what we found when found her. She was a P.B.I. Agent we sent in to spy on stormhooves because we suspected him of betraying us for a long time.” Luna said lowering her head. “I'm sorry you had to find out this way...” Luna said after a few moments just before Gina fell to the ground and began sobbing loudly.

“She's all I had! I have no other relatives! I'm all alone!” Gina exclaimed between sobs.

“Oh my, the poor darling!” Rarity exclaimed having overheard this conversation from the other room.

“Looks like Scootaloo's parents weren't the only ones that Discord's followers killed.” Twilight remarked in a sad tone as the five of them continued to listen to Gina's sobs of anguish.

“They are as good as dead. I'm going kill that bastard. Now only did he beat Scoots back there but now I found out his lacky Stormhooves killed my daughter's newest friend...when I see Stormhooves again he won't live to regret seeing me.” Rainbow Dash said in a loathing tone.

“Rainbow! There are two fillies in the room! Don't talk like that around them!” Twilight exclaimed in a scolding tone with a glare are the cyan blue Pegasus.

“Ah agree with her though Twilight. Just because we are still fillies don't mean we don't know when a pony deserves to get buried six feet under because they have no heart and done some terrible things.” Applebloom said much to Twilight's shock followed by Sweetie Belle nodding in agreement.

What in celestia's name have you been teaching these fillies?!

Applejack and Rarity's ears flattened as they both gave sheepish smiles even though they were not in the same room upon hearing Twilight's near scream which echoed throughout Rarity's boutique...

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