• Published 22nd Mar 2012
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A Filly's Tale - Deathsia

Rainbow Dash Follows Scootaloo home one day...

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Discord's Revival


“Fillies and Gentlecolts, it is my honor to say that on this very evening. We the loyal subjects of Discord's army will have our lord back!” Stormhooves exclaimed proudly which was responded to with many cheers. “Before we begin however I would like to extend a personal thank you to Twilight Sparkle without whom we would have never realized this day.” Stormhooves said with a grin which was meant with a chorus of chuckles and light laughter.

“With that out of the way. Let us begin!” Stormhooves replied at which point he walked up to Scootaloo.

“Wh-What are you going to do to me?” Scootaloo asked in a terrified voice.

“Have no fear my sweet Scootaloo. No harm will come to you in this little ritual of ours. After all without you Discord would be forever imprisoned.” Stormhooves replied then turned to look around at the crowd of ponies around them then back to Scootaloo. “It is time you know the truth about your so-called mother.” Stormhooves said as a wicked smile formed on his face.

“I won't believe a word you say! Rainbow Dash is the best mom in the world! And nothing could make me hate her!” Scootaloo exclaimed in an angry tone at which point Rainbow Dash couldn't be prouder of her daughter.

“That's it Scoots. Shown em who's boss.” Rainbow Dash said in a whisper unheard to even Fluttershy.

“Oh really? Then lets begin with this little fact. Did you know that Rainbow Dash never intended to keep you around? In fact she was all for the idea of sending you away, but it took her friend Twilight Sparkle to convince her not to.” Stormhooves said with a grin at which point Rainbow Dash's chest began to swell with guilt.

“Nice try featherbrain. She already told me that and I have forgiven her for it.” Scootaloo replied with a sour tone earning a soft giggle from Rainbow Dash once again unheard by anypony.

“Well then. How about this? Did you know that Rainbow Dash was given plenty of time off while you were staying with her, but instead of teaching you how to fly. She left it up to Hoops and Kevin while she practiced her own tricks?” Stormhooves said still holding his evil grin while Rainbow Dash let out a silent gasp.

“How did he know about that?!” Rainbow Dash asked herself as more guilt began to swell in her chest. Sure she did take the time that she got from giving Scootaloo to Hoops and Kevin to herself and did practice tricks sometimes but wasn't she entitled to some of this?

At first this looked as if it hadn't fazed the young filly but then she spoke. “Y-You're lying! Mom would never do that to me. She was working for you and you made her work all the time so she had no time for me!” Scootaloo exclaimed though she didn't sound so sure of herself and Stormhooves knew it.
“Oh really? Can you read a work schedule Scootaloo? It's very similar to one of those school schedule papers you have.” Stormhooves replied motioning for one of the dressed ponies to hand him a paper.

“These are Rainbow Dash's work schedules for my company. They are unchanged.” Stormhooves stated with a grin as a small stack of papers were set in front of Scootaloo.

More guilt began to swell in the cyan blue Pegasus’s chest as Scootaloo read over the papers. “So what? For all I know you could have changed this!” Scootaloo exclaimed but her voice was sounding even more unsure by the minuet.

“By Equestrian law I am forbidden to.” Stormhooves replied.

“Equestrian law means horsefeathers to you! Your sitting here trying to revive Discord!” Scootaloo countered with angry expression.

“Quite the contrary Scootaloo. Even though I am going to revive our lord tonight. I do have a public face in Equestria that I must uphold. For you see if I didn't I would have been already caught you see.” Stormhooves replied still grinning.

“I-I still don't believe you!” Scootaloo exclaimed but her voice showed a clear lack of confidence as she said this which made Stormhooves grin even more so if possible knowing he was finally getting to the filly.

Stormhooves presented fact after fact to Scootaloo. Soon the filly was tears still saying he was lying but even she couldn't bring herself to believe what he was saying were lies anymore... The worst part of it was every single thing he said was the truth which made Rainbow Dash feel even worse with each fact until she couldn't take anymore...


Rainbow Dash shouted at the top of her lungs causing everypony including Fluttershy to look at her as she yanked off the outfit she was wearing and stepped into the middle of the circle. “That's enough Stormhooves! Quit spouting off nonsense to her!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she felt herself seething with rage towards the black Pegasus.

“Nonsense? Why my dear Dash. Everything I have told little Scootaloo here is nothing but the truth.” Stormhooves replied with a sinister grin.

“Is what he said the truth mommy?” Scootaloo asked her eyes flooding with tears right now as she looked at the cyan Pegasus.

Scootaloo's eyes told Rainbow Dash that she didn't want to believe what he was saying that everything he said here tonight was nothing but lies. However Rainbow Dash made a promise to herself from the day she told Scootaloo it was okay to tell the world she was her mom. No more secrets. No more lies. And she wasn't about to break that promise now. However she couldn't bring herself to say it.

“Mommy? None of it's true.....is it?” Scootaloo said after a brief moment of silence the sound her of voice was now desperate. She was desperate to hear those words” None of it's true Scoots.” Those were the words she wanted to hear, but they never came.
Instead Rainbow Dash's eyes began fill with tears the guilt of all those things she had did. Having every single one of those faults thrown back at her face. But that wasn't what made her break down. What did was looking into her daughter's eyes knowing she wanted an answer that she couldn't give and it tore her up. “I'm so sorry Scoots...can you ever forgive me?” Rainbow Dash said after a few moments.

Scootaloo looked at Rainbow Dash her expression becoming horrified and hurt as she began to sob loudly. “It's all true...you never loved me. You never thought of me as your daughter.” Scootaloo said between sobs.

“No! I love you more than anything Scootaloo! You're the world to me!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed tears flooding from her eyes.

“Then tell me none of it's true! Tell me that he's told me nothing but lies!” Scootaloo exclaimed between sobs.

Unknown to either pony however Discord's statue suddenly brandished a deep crack...

“I-I want to...but I promised myself I would never lie to you again...i won't start now.” Rainbow Dash replied as tears dripped from her cheeks to the stone cold floor at her hooves.

At this Scootaloo began to sob louder than ever burying her face in her hooves as she sobbed. Rainbow Dash rushed over to the sobbing filly and attempted to hold her but was promptly shoved away much to her own horror.

“Leave me alone! You never loved me! I'm ashamed I ever called you my mother!” Scootaloo shouted in an angry yet hurt voice at the top of her lungs.

Rainbow Dash's heart dropped to the pit of her stomach upon hearing these words. “Y-You don't mean that...” Rainbow Dash replied her voice shaking as she spoke.

The crack in Discord's statue was now stretching very quickly along the surface of the entire statue as a dark aura began to seep out of it still unknown to both Pegasus.

“Yes I do! I never want to see you again!” Scootaloo shouted angrily at the top her lungs tears flooding from her eyes.

“F-Fine! I'm sorry I ever came to rescue your sorry flank!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed allowing her anger to get the better of her,however she immediately regretted it having realized what she said was the worst possible thing she could have ever said however before she could take it back a very loud cracking noise made the Blue Pegasus snap her gaze up to Discord's statue which was now looking as if it was ready to shatter to pieces on the spot.

It was then the horrifying truth hit her. This was the ritual. This was the plan all along. Stormhooves counted on her showing up and when she did he told Scootaloo everything that he knew would make the young filly turn against her. He intended from the very start to create disharmony between her and Scootaloo. The worst kind of disharmony ever possible. A mother and a daughter hating one another.

However it was too late to take anything back. Not only because she wanted to but because the statue began to fissure and exploded a short time after knocking Rainbow Dash away into the crowd of ponies who promptly held her down.

Rainbow Dash could do nothing but watch in horror as the smoke cleared and Discord was revealed in the flesh.

“That was fantastic! I do love disharmony between ponies. Especially this kind.” Discord said his voice becoming very dark and sinister as he spoke.

It was at this everypony in the room bowed except for Fluttershy who could only look on in horror. Discord then looked down to see Scootaloo quivering like a rattlesnake tail at the very sight of him.

“No need to fear me young filly. In fact I’m going to get rid of all that pain and sorrow.” Discord said feigning a sympathetic voice as he placed a single finger of his lion paw on Scootaloo's head.

“No! Scootaloo!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed at the top of her lungs struggling to break free however the pile of ponies on top of her now was more than enough to keep the Cyan blue Pegasus subdued leaving her to watch in horror as Scootaloo's color began to change from her head and trailed down until her color was a greyish shade of it's original color. What happened next however was unexpected as Scootaloo began to grow in height until she was the size of an adult mare. She then opened her eyes and stared at Rainbow Dash would a deep sense of loathing.

“No,no,no! Let me go! Let me go!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in a panicked tone as she struggled with all her might to get from the grasp of the ponies holding her down however her efforts proved fruitless.

“Scootaloo....it's me Fluttershy. Do you remember me?” Fluttershy said in her kind sweet voice as she nervously approached the mare who was now Scootaloo.

“Yeah I know who you are Kluztershy! Leave me alone or I’ll make sure you do!” Scootaloo exclaimed making the yellow Pegasus back away with a startled squeak.

“Hold her down.” Discord said in a jeering voice with a cruel smile at which point Fluttershy let out a startled cry as several ponies piled on top of her holding her down as well.

“My lord. We have waited for this day for nearly a year and finally you grace us with your presence once again.” Stormhooves said bowing.

“Really Stormhooves, must you always be so formal? It's really dull.” Discord replied in a slightly annoyed tone.

“What shall we do with these two?” Stormhooves asked looking to Rainbow Dash who was still struggling to get free and Fluttershy who could only shake in fear.

“Hmm...” Discord said placing his claw shaped hand on his chin looking deep in thought. “Well I can't necessarily discord them. That blasted unicorn will just reverse it again now won't she?” Discord said aloud as if he was thinking out loud to himself still looking as if he was deep in thought. “Oh well. Do what what you like with them. Toss them in a flaming pit of fire for all I care.” Discord said in a nonchalant tone as she walked through the crowd of ponies which made a path for him instantly as he approached with Scootaloo following him closely.

“Fluttershy! You have to do something! I know you can! Get mad!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed still struggling.

“I-I-I can't!” Fluttershy stuttered in a fearful tone.

“Fluttershy, these ponies are the ones who took Scootaloo away from me! They turned her into that mean pony you see now. If you do nothing, we could lose Scootaloo forever!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed at which point Fluttershy's eyes snapped wide in shock.

“You....big....dumb.....MEANIES!!!!!” Fluttershy's voice erupted starting out low but by the end of her sentence she had shouted the last of her word and a few moments later ponies literally went flying and not with their wings having been either bucked or kicked off by Fluttershy whom now looked VERY, VERY pissed off.

Anypony who approached her had their face knocked in or some other form of pain inflicted upon them. Rainbow Dash had seen her mad but not THIS mad. “Wow...I think she really snapped this time...” Rainbow Dash said to herself sheepishly as ponies jumped off her to try and pin Fluttershy down again only to get bucked. With her captors now distracted Rainbow Dash swiftly followed Discord and Scootaloo.

“Hey Discord!” Rainbow Dash shouted angrily as she flew at her top speed at him causing the hydrocephalus to turn around and see her flying at him. “I've got a hoof with your name on it!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed arching her hoof back ready to punch him at full speed only to get bucked out of nowhere sending her skidding to a halt on the floor.

“You're going to have to get through me if you want a shot at Discord!” Scootaloo exclaimed taking a threatening stance at the Cyan blue Pegasus.

“I don't want to fight you Scoots.” Rainbow Dash replied looking at Scootaloo as she backed away.

“I didn't say you had a choice!” Scootaloo exclaimed and charged at Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash dodged each punch at her to the best of her ability not wanting to fight her daughter meanwhile Discord had conjured up a chair along with a bucket of popcorn and was eating it while he watched the two Pegasus fight. As the fight dragged on the cyan blue Pegasus was unable to dodge several of Scootaloo's punches however never struck back.

As if to add insult to injury Discord made the bucket of popcorn disappear and replaced with a microphone which he began to commentate on the fight. “A fierce hoof punch by Scootaloo! And Rainbow Dash dodges it but only barely! This is becoming quite the fight folks! Mother versus daughter! Place your bets!” Discord exclaimed his expression becoming a combination of eagerness and evil grinning as he spoke the last sentence.

“She's not my mom! She never was!” Scootaloo exclaimed turning a glare at Discord.

“Oh my sincerest apologies Scootaloo.” Discord replied feigning an apologetic look.

Rainbow Dash felt a sharp pain in her chest upon hearing this but it wasn't the psychical kind. It was the emotional kind which hurt even worse if possible.

It was at this moment however that several ponies came flying through the door from the previous room landing on the ground looking thoroughly beaten.

“I do believe that is our cue to leave Scootaloo.” Discord said giving a nervous glance at the unconscious ponies.

“Fine.” Scootaloo replied, turned away from Rainbow Dash, and stood by Discord who disappeared along with her in a flash of magic moments later.

With no way to figure out where Discord and Scootaloo went the Cyan blue Pegasus returned to the previous room only for her jaw to drop. Ponies were either laying on the ground unconscious or fleeing in fear of Fluttershy as she stood in the center of the room.

“WHO ELSE WANTS SOME?!” Fluttershy screamed at the top of her lungs huff and puffing.

Rainbow Dash approached her only to nearly get her head clocked by a hoof. “Whoa,whoa,whoa! Fluttershy it's me! Rainbow Dash!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in a panicked tone at which point Fluttershy's expression suddenly changed from fury to shock and horror.

“Oh my! I'm oh so sorry Rainbow! I don't know what came over me!” Fluttershy exclaimed shaking now realizing that she has done all this.


“Would you calm the hay down Twilight. They are gonna be just fine, you'll see.” Applejack said as she looked at the Purple unicorn who was pacing back and forth now nervously as a storm of chocolate milk raged outside her home.

“But what if they're not Applejack? What if they...” Twilight said trailing off unable to bring herself to say the words.

“Applejack is right darling. Calm down. You'll give your mane split ends if you keep this up.” Rarity said chiming in on Applejack's statement.

“I can't help it! Two of our best friends are out there and we have no idea if they are safe or-” Twilight began to say only for the door to her home to swing open moments later revealing it to be Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash covered in Chocolate rain and looking worse for wear.

“Holy horsefeathers! Are you two are right?” Applejack asked in a worried voice as she rushed over to the two along with the other three who had been waiting nervously for their return.

“I'm fine.” Fluttershy replied with a smile however Rainbow Dash didn't speak. She just silently closed the door behind her.

“Are you okay darling?” Rarity asked looking at Rainbow Dash with a worried expression on her face.

“No...I'm not okay.” Rainbow Dash replied flatly.

“What happened? Did they hurt you?” Twilight asked rushing over to the cyan blue Pegasus.

“Yeah...but it's not my body that's hurting the most right now.” Rainbow Dash replied in the same flat tone, walked past Twilight and the others up the stairs and to Twilight's room closing the door behind her.

“Wow! Rainbow Dash looks very sad! I know! Lets throw her a party!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed with a bright smile.

“I don't think a party will fix this Pinkie Pie...” Fluttershy said in a sad tone with a frown to match it.

“What happened over there?” Twilight asked as she sat down in front of Fluttershy who sat down a few moments before.

So Fluttershy told them everything. How Discord was revived, how Scootaloo turned on Rainbow Dash and even told them some of the hurtful things she had said to cyan blue Pegasus. By the end of her story everypony was nearly on the verge of tears.

“How awful! The poor darling must be in so much pain right now!” Rarity exclaimed looking up the stairs at the closed door to the room which Rainbow Dash was in.

“You were right Fluttershy...not even the most super, awesome, spectacular cheer up party in Equestria could fix this...” Pinkie Pie said with a frown.

“I reckon this is tearing up her heart somethin fierce right now. And what's worse is there's nothin we can do about it.” Applejack said giving a thoughtful glance up to the door as well.

“There must be something. I mean we can't just let her sit up there and hope she gets better can we?” Twilight said looking to each of her friends.

“Twi, there are just some things that nothin in Equestria can heal. The only thing that can help poor Dash's heart heal right now is time. Trouble is, we ain't got much time. I reckon Discord is goin to be marchin up to Princess Celestia's castle any moment.

“I've got to warn her!” Twilight exclaimed in a panicked tone then turned to Spike who was rolling up a parchment of paper and blowing fire onto it.

“One step ahead of you Twilight.” Spike said with a smile.

“Well that's one less thing to worry about, but we need to get to Princess Celestia's castle right away!” Twilight exclaimed getting ready to charge out the door when she suddenly stopped. “Somepony needs to talk to Rainbow.” Twilight said after a few moments silence.

“I reckon I could give a shot. After all me and Rainbow are a bit closer than y'all.” Applejack said as she stood on all fours hooves,walked up to Twilight's room, and opened the door slowly.

“Rainbow...I know you're hurtin but we need tah-” Applejack began only to see Twilight's bedroom window open and the room empty. “What in tarnation? Oh horsefeathers!” Applejack exclaimed confused at first then cursed realizing that Rainbow Dash must have been listening to them and flew off to confront Discord and Scootaloo on her own.


The storm raged on as the cyan blue Pegasus braved the storm nearly falling out of the sky several times but she continued on. Something had changed in Rainbow Dash. She was no longer thinking of her friends. In fact at this particular moment should could care less about them. The only thing that mattered to her at the moment,the only thing she cared about, her world, was possibly in Celestia's castle right now and she was going to take her daughter back from Discord. Even if it meant her life.

Finally Celestia's castle was in view and a few minuets later she landed on the steps to her castle doors. Sure enough they were wide open which meant Discord was here as well as her daughter. Rainbow Dash took off from the ground at blazing speed flyign through the vast halls looking to each one to find traces of combat. The odd thing about all this is she found none. No sign of a struggle, no ponies laying unconscious, no nothing. With nothing to go on she decided she would head for the royal chambers she remembered being in last time.

It was then she saw them. Stormhooves and his army with Scootaloo and Discord at the front of them staring at Princess Celestia and Princess Luna whom were prepared to fight. “Discord! I want my daughter back!” Rainbow Dash shouted as she landed on the ground, causing everypony to turn and look at her.

“Kill that foal!” Stormhooves commanded at which point ten ponies charged at her.

“You picked the wrong day to pick a fight with this Pegasus...” Rainbow Dash said as her eyes narrowed, and took off from the ground once again. Using her great speed she was known for she flew around the great hall followed by the Pegasus however they were unable to keep up trailing farther behind her by the second. That is until she suddenly pulled a vertical dive which caused all the Pegasus behind her to go crashing through the glass windows with a loud shatter.

Scootaloo was just about to take off when Discord stopped her waving a finger in silence wearing a wide grin as he watched Rainbow Dash dispatch group after group of ponies. It wasn't until after the fifth group when Discord ordered them to stop and began to clap his hands.

“Bravo, Bravo Rainbow Dash! You certainly live up to your name as the fastest flier in all of Equestria.” Discord said in a jeering tone looking at the cyan blue Pegasus.

“Give...me...my...daughter...back!” Rainbow Dash said through gritted teeth as she landed on the ground taking slow threatening steps towards Discord.

“Oh I would of course, but there is one little tensy-wensy little problem.” Discord replied still wearing his cruel grin.

“That wasn't a request...” Rainbow Dash replied once again through gritted teeth.

“Dear little Scootaloo was the source of my revival, thus making her apart of me. As long as she's alive, there's nothing you can do to stop me.” Discord said seemingly unfazed by the cyan blue Pegasus's clear display of hostile intent.

“You're full of horsefeathers Discord. The Elements of harmony defeated you last time and they can again!” Applejack's voice exclaimed from behind her as she and the other four of Rainbow Dash's friends rushed into the hall each wearing their respective necklace that represented their element of harmony.

“Rainbow, here!” Twilight exclaimed throwing her necklace to her which she jumped up to catch and allowed it to magically latch onto her neck and landed back on the ground.

“Oh no! The elements of harmony! I'm in big trouble now!” Discord exclaimed with a mock expression of horror then changed back to a grin.

“What's so funny?!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed angrily.

“Well you see. If you turn me back into stone...” Discord said trailing off looking at Scootaloo then back to the six ponies. “Poor Scootaloo will suffer the same fate as she is now directly connected to me thanks to the pain and anguish Rainbow Dash and her share.” Discord said with a cruel grin.

This however didn't affect the any of them except for one. Rainbow Dash's face turned from anger to sudden worry as she looked over at Scootaloo who was staying in place by Discord's command.

“You expect us to believe that?! I knew you were a lying liar pants but this puts the cherry on top of the super huge, strawberry icing covered, cake!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed still looking mad.

“Oh it's quite true, but if you still think I’m full of it. Then I am ready to be defeated. Fire when ready ladies.” Discord said conjuring a bull's eye target on his chest.

“Alright! Lets put this guy in his place!” Twilight exclaimed at which point everypony took their positions except for Rainbow Dash who continued to stare at Scootaloo.

“Darling, we can't do this without you.” Rarity said looking at Rainbow Dash with a worried expression.

“I...I can't do it girls.” Rainbow Dash said after a few moments earning shocked glances from everypony while Discord's grin grew even larger if possible.

“Don't listen to a word that varmit is tellin ya Rainbow! He's lyin his tail off to try and keep up from kicking his flank from bein turned back into stone!” Applejack exclaimed trying to reassure the cyan blue Pegasus.

“But what if he isn't? Then Scootaloo would be...” Rainbow Dash trailed off looking back to Scootaloo.

“Don't believe a word that lying liar pants says Dashy!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed trying to reassure her now as well.

Rainbow Dash looked at her friends, then to discord, then to Scootaloo. She looked at her daughter for what seemed like forever until she turned her head back to her five friends.

“I just can't take that chance. I'm sorry.” Rainbow Dash said finally after a few more moments throwing her necklace at Twilight's hooves causing them to gasp.

“Some element of loyalty she turned out to be...” Stormhooves jeered with a grin.

“I still am loyal! But right now my loyalty isn't to my friends...” Rainbow Dash said turning her head to stare at Stormhooves with an angry stare then looked at Scootaloo her expression softening as she looked at her. “It's to my daughter...” Rainbow Dash said looking at Scootaloo now.

At this Scootaloo turned away from her but unknown to anypony her face wasn't one of loathing now but of confusion. “Why is she still protecting me? After all I've done to her she should hate my guts as much as I do her's...so why isn't she hating me?” Scootaloo thought to herself trying to make sense of Rainbow Dash's actions.

“Scoots, I know your still in there. If you can hear me. I still love you and nothing you will ever do could make me hate you because...” Rainbow Dash said trailing off then her expression changed from sadness to proud as she stood tall. “Because you are and always will be my daughter! And I can wait for you to come back to me because I know deep inside, you know this isn't the pony you want to be.” Rainbow Dash said still looking proud.

No sooner Scootaloo heard these words a silent gasp escaped her lips and her eyes widened in shock brimming with tears.

Discord looked at his hand which only he noticed but the tip of is index finger on his lion paw has begun to turn to stone then gave a worried glance to Scootaloo who was still facing away and them. “Heh, still telling lies are we? Have you already forgotten everything that Stormhooves told Scootaloo? You honestly think she could forgive you just like that after all you've done?” Discord said with a sinister grin.

Upon hearing this Scootaloo's expression changed from teary-eyed back to it's loathing expression as she swiftly wiped away tears, turned around, and stared at Rainbow Dash. “You thought a few sappy words could trick me? Ha! I'm onto you Rainbow Crash! You better thank your flank that Discord told me to stay here or you're featherbrained hide would be flattened right now!” Scootaloo exclaimed angrily.

Rainbow Dash then lowered her head and shortly after took off out the shattered window leaving the other five alone with Discord and his army of seventy or more ponies. “What are we going to do Twilight? Without Rainbow we can't use the Elements of harmony!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed as she stated the obvious.

“Haha! Once again harmony in Equestria is officially damned! And for good this time I’d wager....” Discord said and began to laugh manically as the five ponies could only stare on in horror as he laughed.

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