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A Filly's Tale - Deathsia

Rainbow Dash Follows Scootaloo home one day...

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Bonds memories and Redemption part 2



Twilight, Fluttershy,Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Selena ran as fast as their hooves could carry them with the advancing hordes before them with Applejack not far behind the pack carrying Applebloom.

“Pick up the pace!” Twilight called back to Applejack as she began to fall farther behind them as she looked behind herself.

“Ah'm movin as fast as ah can!” Applejack exclaimed back as she redoubled her efforts managing to catch up with the rest.

“Almost there!” Rarity exclaimed as they made a turn down the street only to find a horde of mindless ponies lining the entire street at which point Twilight came to a abrupt stop as did the other five nearly running into one another in a traffic jam style.

“Oh dear, this isn't looking good.” Rarity remarked fearfully.

It was at this point Applebloom began to stir groaning for a few moments until her eyes snapped open. “Roseheart?!” Applebloom exclaimed looking about herself in a panic until she saw Rarity carrying her with her magic and let out a sigh of relief until she got a decent look around herself.

“Holy horseapples covered in caramel!” Applebloom exclaimed a she hopped off Applejack's back only to fall to her knees crying out in pain.

“Whoa there little sis, ya took quite the beaten back there.” Applejack said in a concerned tone.

“What the hay is goin on here?” Applebloom asked with a wince as she weakly stood on all fours.

“As much as I hate to state the obvious, we are surrounded.” Twilight replied to this then looked at Selena. “Can you do anything?” Twilight asked in a worried tone as the horde drew near them.

“No, we are at our limit.” Selena replied looking about herself.

“Well I for one ain't going down without a fight!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed taking the pose to take off until a beam of dark magic hit the ground in front of her obliterating zombie ponies. It was at this moment everypony looked up and gasped in horror. (play Angel of darkness now)

A dark colored Alicorn flew above them charging up her magic to fire another beam of magic down but whether it was at the seven of them or not they were not sure. One thing they did know is who this Alicorn was. It was Nightmare Moon.

“Oh, this is just great! Now we got Nightmare moon to contend with as well?!” Selena remarked in an aggravated yet worried tone.

Nightmare Moon shot another beam of magic down blasting more away before landing on the ground in front of them. “So are you going to sit back like a bunch of foals or are you going to help me?” Nightmare Moon asked plainly earning shocked and confused looks.

“What's your game plan Trixie? We all know you don't have a kind bone in your body.” Twilight asked narrowing her eyes at the Alicorn.

“Perhaps I should have left you to die then you ungrateful whelps. I the great and powerful Trixie will not stand for lack of gratitude!” Trixie retorted flashing the purple unicorn a glare.

“As much as I want to agree Twilight, perhaps we should put aside our differences and save this for later.” Selena replied in an uneasy tone.

“You want me to work with her?!” Twilight exclaimed outraged by this suggestion.

“I knew I should have let you six die inside of Pinkie Pie's soul...” Trixie replied blasting a wave of zombie ponies away earning a shocked gasp from Twilight.

“I-what-HUH?!” Twilight exclaimed unable to believe what she was hearing.

“Yes Twilight, it was me who spoke to you. You would have already lost if it had not been for me.” Trixie replied.

“I refuse to believe that! And furthermore how did you get your memories back?!” Twilight asked as she began to fire her own magic at ponies catapulting them away.

“Discord, he found me in hopes of getting an ally, it proved to be a grave mistake on his part. This world will be mine one day, but for now I adopt this phrase, The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Trixie replied giving a cocky smile.

“You couldn't beat him on your own.” Twilight replied as Applejack and Rainbow Dash bucked two zombie ponies at once making their head collide as Selena channeled her magic and blasted another five.

Trixie flashed a glare and growled fiercely before she spoke. “His magic is far greater than I thought when we fought, a mistake I will not make again!” Trixie replied firing a beam of magic which cleared a path. “Now go! We will meet again Twilight Sparkle, prey it is not anytime soon. For the next time we meet, we will be enemies.” Trixie replied and disappeared in a flash of magic.


“The worst I feared coming to pass has sister! And it is your fault!” Luna exclaimed in a furious tone upon hearing this newest set of news from the seven.

“Yes, it is my fault. And I will rectify it!” Celestia retorted in the same tone as her sister.

“You wouldn't have to if you had only listened to me! You never listen to me!” Luna exclaimed feeling her anger reach it's breaking point.

“I do what I feel is best for Equestria!” Celestia retorted feeling her anger rise as well.

“And that has worked out so well so far hasn't it?! Admit it, you have no idea what to do now do you?!” Luna exclaimed only to get slapped hard by Celestia much to everypony's shock.

“Don't treat me as if I am a foal little sister!” Celestia bellowed as she stepped towards Luna who's horn was glowing now.

“This is fixin to be one of them siblin quarrels.” Applejack remarked as Applebloom held Roseheart who continued to cry loudly.

“Hold on to Roseheart for a minuet would ya big sis.” Applebloom said to which Applejack nodded, sitting down and taking the filly into her hooves and before she could ask why Applebloom was charging strait for the regal sisters.

“Don't pick fights with a pony you know you can't win-” Celestia began to say only yo get bucked upside the head and fall to the ground on her side by Applebloom much to everypony's shock.

“That's for makin me forget about mah daughter!” Applebloom exclaimed in a pissed off tone causing the sisters to forget about their argument and look at the filly.

“I told you she would never forgive you.” Luna remarked as Celestia rubbed the side of her head slowly getting back to all fours.

“Please don't beh mad at her Princess, she's just upset is all!” Applejack exclaimed in Applebloom's defense however the sun princess didn't look mad at the filly. No instead she lowered her head in same much to everypony's shock.

“I deserve far more than that.” Celestia said in a ashamed tone.

“How could you?! How could ya be so buckin cruel?! Didn't you even think to consider mah feelins?!” Applebloom exclaimed as tears began to steak down her cheeks. “Roseheart barely knows who ah am, and it's no thanks to ya horseapplin magic!” Applebloom exclaimed feeling the urge to buck the sun princess upside the head again but resisted.

“Applebloom maybe you should calm down. The princess only did what she did because she thought it was right, and even though we may be upset with her, she did it because she wanted to-NO! Ah don't buy that for one buckin second! You can believe that load of horseapples all y'all want, but ah ain't buyin it!” Applebloom exclaimed cutting Twilight off mid-sentence before she turned back to look at Celestia.

“What cotton pickin right do ya have to be messin with mah life like that?! What right do ya have to beh messin with any pony's life like that?! None! Ya have no right to be messin with mah life or any pony else for that matter!” Applebloom exclaimed at the top of her lungs turned around and walked over to Applejack who was still holding Roseheart, sat down, and gently took the filly back in her hooves cooing her softly until she quieted down as silent tears streaked down her cheeks as she held her.

Applejack looked at her sister and her niece frowning before her expression became ticked off as well. “Ya know what? Ah don't believe it either. She promised all of us she wouldn't do that again after the last cotton pickin time and look where we is at now cuz of her.” Applejack said in a calm tone but the sound of fury could be clearly heard in her voice then turned her back to the sun princess.

“As much as I hate to say it, I will have to agree with Applejack Twilight, what she has done is simply unforgivable.” Rarity said but her expression remained calm as she spoke and turned her back to Celestia as well.

A heavy sigh could be heard from Fluttershy as she took a deep breath. “I umm...agree with Applejack and Rarity.” Fluttershy said in a quiet tone and quickly turned around to face away from Celestia.

“Applebloom pretty much said everything I wanted to say and more.” Pinkie Pie said at this point turning away from the sun princess.

“What you have done is so way past not cool.” Rainbow Dash chimed in at this point turning her back as well.

Twilight could barely believe her eyes or her ears for that matter. All five of her friends have more or less turned their backs on her mentor. The unicorn wanted to believe deep down that she was right for what she has done. After all she had absolute faith in her mentor and strongly believed all her actions were in the name of making Equestria a better place to live. Not only that but she was after all her aunt as well. However these past events and current ones now fresh in her mind, Twilight found the foundation of faith she had in her mentor crumbling beneath itself as she looked to her six friends and then back to her mentor.

“Princess, I want to believe in you. You are after all not only my mentor but also my aunt, but...” Twilight said trailing off now as tears swelled in her eyes threatening to come pouring out.

“Twilight, you have no reason to have any faith in me. My actions have been in nothing but my own self interest to preserve peace in Equestria, though I may have performed these actions through good intentions in the name of making their lives better, I myself admit that your lives, your fates, are not set in stone and I had no right to be play god and run them how I saw fit.” Celestia replied in a solemn tone lowering her head in shame before raising it again.

“Furthermore, after this crises has been averted I will be stepping down as Princess of Equestria. I have no right to rule this world any longer, I see that now.” Celestia said which earned a shocked look from Gina as well as Luna.

“What's to stop her from changing our lives again even then? Ah reckon she deserves far more than bein dethroned for what she's done.” Applebloom's voice perked up at this statement.

“Applebloom! How could you say such a thing?!” Twilight exclaimed in a shocked tone.

“She's right. I will allow you all to decide my punishment, not as your princess, but as a pony who has committed unforgivable crimes against you all.” Celestia said after a few moments causing the unicorn's head to snap back at her mentor.
“Ah reckon one thousand years in the sun outta do her some good.” Applebloom said at which point Twilight's head to snap back in the direction of Applebloom looking more horrified by the moment while no other pony objected except for Gina.

“Ah...” Applejack said trailing off and taking a deep breath. “Agree with mah little sister.” Applejack said after a few moments in a solemn tone.

“I agree as well.” Pinkie Pie chimed in as well.

Twilight at this point was at her wits end. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

A feeble squeak of agreement could be heard coming from Fluttershy as well at this point.

“I concur.” Rarity said simply.

Twilight's eyes darted at the last of the group which was the cyan blue Pegasus who hadn't spoke up yet then back to everypony else. She couldn't take anymore of this, the feeling of dread inside her was nearing it's peak.

“What the buck is wrong with you ponies?! This is my aunt we are talking about!” Twilight screamed at the top of her lungs as tears flooded from her eyes.

“It may sound harsh and even cruel...but if they wish to see justice in that fashion for my crimes then I will be more than willing to take their judgment.” Celestia replied in a sad tone.

“I...I don't believe what I’m hearing!” Twilight exclaimed and ran to the room a crossed from them slamming the door behind her.

Luna looked just as horrified as Twilight had up to this point. “I...I don't know what to say...” Luna said simply.

“Then say nothing. Judgment has been passed and once this crisis is over with I will take it with stride.” Celestia said simply walking slowly up the stairs and closed the door behind her.


Celestia lay in Rarity's bed sobbing silently to herself. “What am I to do? What should I do? I have meddled in magicks I should not have touched and destroyed lives. I deserved far worse then imprisonment on the moon.” Celestia said aloud after many hours. It was then Celestia could have swore she was hallucinating but she knew better. Before her standing and smiling at her was none other than Celestia's human mother.

“I haven't seen you for eons...and you come to me now.” Celestia remarked and sighed.

“I only appear when my daughters are in a time of need. And this is one of those times.” Celestia's mother replied with a kind smile sitting beside her.

“I was about ready to mark you off as a figment of my imagination but I suppose that's not the case is it?” Celestia replied giving a weak giggle.
“No I would think not, though your form has changed since I last saw you. But I know what has happened and what is happening.” Celestia's mother replied as she placed her hand on her hoof.

“What should I do? Twilight's friends wish to send me into exile and they have every right to.” Celestia said and sighed.

“The answer is simple and is right in front of you all along.” Celestia's mother replied with a smile and began to fade now.

“You mean...but what of Luna?” Celestia asked as her mother continued to fade.

“She will understand.” Celestia's mother said just before she faded completely.

You know what you must do....

Restore the balance...my daughter.

These words echoed at which point Celestia got off Rarity's bed, gave a deep sigh, and began to focus magic into her horn.


Applebloom gave a startled gasp as did Roseheart along with Sweetie Belle as memories and their lives soon began to take shape. It was as if the memories as they flooded in had always been there....

APPLEBLOOM'S LIFE UP TILL NOW(play “A mother's prayer” and“she's a butterfly” and “in my daughter's eyes” now and repeat if desired)
“Ah reckon I should tell ya that Scootaloo was wonderin if she could stay and help Applebloom take care of Roseheart, course it wouldn't beh on a school day.” Applejack said looking at the cyan blue Pegasus now.

“Hmm, I don't know. School is just starting and I know she's got a ton of homework from her first week at flight school after the summer break. And it won't be any less in the weeks to come.” Rainbow Dash said in a thoughtful tone.

“I'll do it all and still be able help take care of Roseheart! I promise! Please mom?!” Scootaloo said sporting the cutest puppy dog eyes she could muster.

“Look out thar Rainbow, she's usin the puppydog eyes!” Applejack exclaimed in a joking manner with a soft elbow to the cyan blue Pegasus's side.

“My gosh, Could those eyes get any wider?” Rainbow Dash remarked with a smirk.

“Maaaybe!” Scootaloo replied in the cutest tone she could muster while dragging out the word as long as possible as she spoke it.

“Oh for pony's sake...” Rainbow Dash replied with giving a light laugh as she facehoofed. “Fine, but if your grades start falling, the deal is off. Understood young filly?” Rainbow Dash said after a few moments giving the young Pegasus a stern motherly look as she said this with a tone to match it.

“Yes, mom!” Scootaloo exclaimed running over to the cyan blue Pegasus and hugging her tightly.

“Bout as strong as rickety farm fence that resolve of yours is.” Applejack remarked in a jeering tone with a smirk.

“Can it, apples for brains.” Rainbow Dash retorted in in the same jeering tone sporting a smirk of her own as she stroked Scootaloo's mane gently as the orange Pegasus hugged her tightly.


“Come on sweat-pea!” Applebloom called out as Roseheart attempted to stand on all four hooves.

“Come on Roseheart! I know you can do it!” Scootaloo chimed in as the filly continued to try to stand up.

“Come on Roseheart! Ah know ya can do it!” Applebloom exclaimed cheering her daughter on.

Roseheart slowly tried to get to all four hooves at first falling to her underside once then tried again and began to walk toward Applebloom wobbling but on all four hooves now.

“That's it! Ya is doin it! Just a little more!” Applebloom exclaimed filled with so much joy right now she thought she might burst.

“Almost there!” Scootaloo exclaimed as Roseheart took another wobbly step towards Applebloom nearly in front of her now.

Roseheart took a few more wobbly steps before losing her balance and falling into Applebloom's arms who eyes were filled with tears of joy now. “Ya did, that's mah little one..” Applebloom cooed as she hugged her daughter tightly feeling so much pride and joy now as tears flooded from her eyes.


“So what you want to do today?” Sweetie Belle asked curiously.

“Don't know. Ah reckon we needa take Roseheart with us though.” Applebloom replied looking over at Roseheart who was playing with one of her toys.

“Maybe we could take her to the park again?” Scootaloo suggested with a smile.

“Ah think that's a great idea.” Applebloom replied and looked to her daughter. “What ya think sweat-pea? Wanna go to the park today?” Applebloom said expecting her to nod but instead much to Applebloom's shock and joy she opened her mouth as if to speak.

“M-M-M” Roseheart said in a stuttering voice apparently having a great deal of difficulty with this and stopped.

“Come on, say it sweet-pea!” Applebloom exclaimed as excitement began to build in her hoping to hear the word.
“M-M-M....” Roseheart stuttered once again before seemingly giving up an resumed playing with her toy much to the farm pony's disappointment.

“Maybe it just wasn't today.” Sweetie Belle replied with a comforting smile placing a hoof on Applebloom's shoulder.

“Shucks...ah was hopin she would call meh momma...” Applebloom said in a disappointed tone before she reached over and put a hoof on Roseheart's head. “Take ya time sweet-pea. Ah know y'all say it when the time is right and proper.” Applebloom said with a wide smile.

“M-M-M-Momma!” Roseheart exclaimed at which point Applebloom gasped as did Sweetie Belle.

“Her first word! She plum said her first word and it was momma!” Applebloom exclaimed at the top of her lungs hugging Roseheart now before she got up and ran to the other room.

“Roseheart called meh momma!” Applebloom exclaimed with a smile looking at Applejack now.

“Bout cotton pickin time.” Applejack replied with a smirk.


Tears swelled up in the farm pony's eyes as she looked down to her daughter who now looked at her not with the expression she gave before but one of knowing. “Momma!” Roseheart exclaimed and hugged the farm pony who still was unable to grasp what had happened but that didn't matter as she hugged her back. “Ah almost can't believe it...it's like magic...” Applebloom remarked as she hugged Roseheart tightly with tears of joy flooding from her eyes.

“What the hay is goin on?!” Applejack exclaimed sporting a similar look in her eyes as the same thing happened to her. “It's like everythin that shoulda happened feels like it has or soemthin, ah can't describe it.” Applejack said then looked at Luna and gasped.

It was at this point Twilight came running into the room and looked at her mother and also gasped. Running over to Luna who was now beginning to disappear. “What's going on mom?! Why are you disappearing?!” Twilight exclaimed as tears began to swell in her eyes as she hugged her.

“So she did the right thing after all...” Luna said with teary eyes looking up as Celestia stepped outside of the upstairs door and looked down at her horn still glowing.

“What's she doing?!” Twilight exclaimed in confusion and looked up to see Celestia. “What are you doing to her?!” Twilight exclaimed in an outraged yet scared tone.

“I am doing what I should have done years ago. I am restoring what should have been.” Celestia replied with a sad smile as tears flowed from her eyes now as she looked at Luna.

“I understand sister. This is for the best after all.” Luna replied then looked at her daughter. “Twilight, my daughter. You have become the mare I always imaged you becoming. It now your job to rule Equestria with my sister. You are the heir to the throne. Please guide Equestria to a age of peace and prosperity. And never forget...” Luna said as she began fade out of existence completely.

I love you...

Luna's voiced echoed as the unicorn's eyes swelled up in tears however unknown to her wings had began to take form on her sides though she retained her normal size. Twilight gasped out as she looked at the source of the bright light and moments later her words took physical form.

Celestia's horn grew brighter and brighter until...


Scootaloo's eyes snapped open deep within the dungeons as her memories of her, Applebloom, and Roseheart's lives came flooding into her head. “Applebloom...Roseheart...” Scootaloo remarked thoughtfully as tears swelled up in her eyes looking through the dungeon window now at the moon which hung high in the sky now.


(Play Distant worlds now)

“The rest is up to you seven now...” Celestia said with a smile as her body slowly began to return to stone.

The six looked up at Celestia now as her body slowly became prettified before their eyes once again.

“She...restored everything to what it should have been...” Twilight remarked as tears streamed down her cheeks now and while she wished she hadn't she knew why she had done it now.

“Ya mean, everythin that shoulda happened has happened?” Applejack replied looking at Twilight who was now an Alicorn.

“Yes, but she can't alter anything past Discord's revival. So the rest is up to us now girls...” Twilight replied looking at the other six now.

“Mine brain is all fuzzy like.” Pinkie Pie remarked and shook her head very quickly.

“I know, but now that the time stream has been fixed, it means Discord is vulnerable. Right Twilight?” Sweetie Belle replied to which Twilight nodded.

“Yes, we now must prepare for our final assault against Discord.” Twilight said as she other six stood behind her as they stared up at the same moonlight now.

“Then we fight together!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed with a determined expression now.

“The time is at hoof! I simply can not wait any longer.” Rarity said wearing a fierce expression of her own now.

“Y-yes, and I will do my best.” Fluttershy said with a fierce expression of determination now as well.
(Play “Distant worlds” and “Calm before the storm” now and repeat until another song cue appears)

Twilight lay in Rarity's bedroom staring at the statue that was once her mentor tears flowing from her eyes as she did so. “Why? Why do you always do this to us? Why is it always up to us to save the Equestria?” Twilight asked her voice cracking as she spoke looking at the statue as if expecting a response but none came then sighed moments later.

“I suppose it goes without saying by now, but I still can't help but ask. You have so much faith in us,but...what if I’m not strong enough this time? What if we can't beat Discord?” Twilight asked the statue as if expecting a response once again but none came.

“You've watched over us so much. Everything you've done up till now has been to protect us. But I can't help but wonder, did you know this would happen? Did you know I would become friends with them?” Twilight asked looking at the statue as if expecting a response once again but once again none came.


“Ah know Twilight suggested we all rest up before we go after Discord and all, but ah couldn't sleep right now even if ah had a tranq shoved in mah flank ah reckon.” Applejack asked as she sat in the main room of Rarity's boutique along with Applebloom and Rarity.

“I know the feeling darling, but we simply can't stay awake all night, we must be at our best.” Rarity replied as Applebloom rocked Roseheart back and forth whom was sleeping soundly in her arms at the moment stroking her mane softly until she looked up at Applejack.

“Ah wanna fight too.” Applebloom said simply.

“Nothin doin! If anythin happens to ya who will take of Roseheart? Not tah meation this is a fight for us grown mares, not a filly.” Applejack replied in a concerned tone.

“There's a sayin you once said that ah recall. If ya is old enough to go hoof knockin, than ya is old enough to raise a foal. Well the same applies here. If ah;m old enough to raise a foal, then ah'm old enough to fight for her.” Applebloom replied not backing down despite her understanding of Applejack's concern.

“Darling, I understand why you want to fight. You want to protect Roseheart and give her a safe and secure world to grow up in, am I right?” Rarity said in a soft tone to which Applebloom nodded. “Well, lets say hypothetically, that something did happen to you and Applejack. Poor Roseheart would be left alone in this world with no one to care for her.” Rarity said attempting to watch her words carefully as she spoke.
“But nothin is gonna happen to us, ah mean you all came out just fine last time right?” Applebloom replied at which point Rarity gave a heavy sigh.

“Darling, as much as it pains me to say this. Nothing ever comes out just fine. The last time we fought well...we gave it our all and well...we didn't come out of it unharmed.” Rarity said and a few moments later sighed again.

“What do ya mean? Ya is both sitting right in front of meh.” Applebloom replied clearly confused.

“She means, even though we came out with our lives intact, it affected us all in a big way sugarcube. In the last war, ah killed more ponies than ah care to remember, and when nightmare moon came back a second time, ah...” Applejack said trailing off before breaking into tears. “Ah nearly didn't make it through it with mah sanity intact. War changes a pony. And it's not always in a good way.” Applejack said standing up to all fours hooves. “Ah, need some fresh air. Rarity could do meg a favor and put that cloakin spell on meh.” Applejack asked in a soft tone her voice cracking as she spoke.

“Of course darling.” Rarity replied softly before coating the farm pony in a blanket of white magic before the farm pony walked out the front door and closed it behind her. Rarity then turned to look at Applebloom. “The last time we fought against Trixie,err, Nightmare Moon, Rainbow Dash was nearly killed. If it weren't for Twilight using every ounce of her magic to heal the Pegasus...well...she wouldn't here right now.” Rarity said in a sad tone.


“Everything is on the line...again.” Sweetie Belle said in a quiet tone looking at Pinkie Pie who lay next to her.

“I know...” Pinkie Pie replied quietly.

“We may not make it out of this alive.” Sweetie Belle said in the same quiet tone.

“I know...” Pinkie Pie replied once again in the same quiet tone.

“Funny isn't it? We both started out as the same mare, but look at us now. We both are our own pony.” Sweetie Belle said allowing a smile to wash on her face putting a hoof on Pinkie Pie's shoulder now.

“Yeah, it is funny. But you know what's even more funny?” Pinkie Pie replied smiling now as well.

“What?” Sweetie Belle replied curiously.

“I'm glad it turned out this way. Don't ask me why, but I’m happy we got split in two.” Pinkie Pie replied putting a hoof on her the unicorn's shoulder now as well.

“Me too. Life sure is fully of super big surprises huh?” Sweetie Belle replied giggling a short time after.

“What's life without a few super duper awesome surprise parties?” Pinkie Pie replied with smirk.

“Haha, Yeah and half of them you throw!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed and tackled the pink mare playfully.


“I almost can't believe we've come so far.” Rainbow Dash said and let out a sigh.

“I know, it's ever so wonderful we have though.” Fluttershy replied then looked at Rainbow Dash. “Listen umm..Rainbow...I...” Fluttershy said trailing off and looking away with a slight blush.

The cyan blue Pegasus caught onto this rather quickly and sighed. “I know Fluttershy. I've always known. And if I wasn't with Applejack, I would be with you right now.” Rainbow Dash replied putting a arm around the yellow Pegasus causing her to gasp out in surprise.

“You-You've always known? Then why didn't you say anything?” Fluttershy asked her curiosity peaked now.

“I didn't want to hurt your feelings, besides, I had my eyes on that farm pony for many years, before the war. You will always be my best friend though Fluttershy. Never forget that.” Rainbow Dash replied nuzzling the yellow Pegasus softly before walking a crossed the room past Rarity and Applebloom and to the front door and out it.

Fluttershy gave a heavy sigh. “I love you...Rainbow Dash.” Fluttershy said in a soft tone before she lay down on the floor and sighed. “I guess, it just wasn't mean to be.” Fluttershy remarked to herself thoughtfully as she looked up out the window.

(play “Born to give my love to you” now)
Applejack gave a heavy sigh as Rainbow Dash walked through the front door and closed it behind her. “Ya know, it's a plum cotton pickin bad idea to go walkin about without a cloakin spell.” Applejack remarked aloud before looking at the cyan blue Pegasus.

“I know, but it's not like they could catch me now that I have my wings back.” Rainbow Dash replied and nuzzled against the farm pony's cheek gently.

“Ah...don't know what ah'll do if anythin happens to ya. Ah mean, ya barely made it through last time.” Applejack said as fresh tears began to pour from her eyes.

“Hey, don't worry. We'll all make it through this just fine, you'll see.” Rainbow Dash replied with a smile nuzzling against the farm pony's wet cheeks.

“But what if we don't? What if-” Applejack began to say only for Rainbow Dash to lock lips with the farm pony cutting her off.

“Enough of the worrying. You'll give you mane split ends.” Rainbow Dash said after they broke the kiss with a smirk.

“Heh, y'all been hangin around Rarity too much.” Applejack replied at which point both ponies broke into spontaneous laughter.

“But darling! You simply must stop worrying!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in a mock Rarity voice making the farm pony and her laugh even harder.

“Mah sides! Ya is makin mah sides hurt ya consarned featherbrain!” Applejack exclaimed between laughs as she fell to the ground holding her sides from laughing so hard and continued to do so until Rainbow Dash knelled down over her and began to kiss her passionately.

Unknown to both ponies Twilight looked down at the two and smiled as she focused magic into her horn and put an invisible barrier over the two which not only was to protect them from being seen but to give the two lovers privacy as they began to make love right in front of Rarity's home. She then pulled her head back in and looked at Celestia's Statue sighing now as a frown formed on her face.

“I suppose I couldn't expect them to actually sleep.” Twilight remarked thoughtfully to herself and let out a sigh as she walked over to her bed and lay on it.

Scootaloo walked about the dungeon looking up at the window now as the moon stayed high in the sky. “Applebloom...” Scootaloo remarked thoughtfully then slammed both hooves over her head. “What the heck am I doing here?! I should be with her!” Scootaloo exclaimed and began to take off from thew ground only for the magical chains and bound her to tug at her throat gagging the Pegasus until she stopped trying to fly at which point she let out a sigh.

It was at the point and time Stormhooves came walking down the dungeon stairs carrying the Pegasus's daily meal and chucked it through the magically barrier causing it's contents to spill slightly as the tray slid to her. “I myself would let you starve, but our lord wishes to keep you alive a little longer.” Stormhooves said with a sneer.

“Why? It's not like we are connected anymore. He told me so this morning. Apparently Celestia had something to do with it. Our bond is broken.” Scootaloo replied and let out a sigh.

“Our lord has plans for you young Scootaloo. Though you may not be connected anymore, you are still under his control whether you want to be or not.” Stormhooves replied, turned around, and began to walk up the stairs cackling as he did so as Scootaloo looked up at the moon again. “Mommy...” She said and tears began to flow from her eyes. “I don't want to be angry at her anymore, but I can't help it...I can't help but hate her so much...” Scootaloo remarked with a sigh.

(Play “evil omen” now)
“It is nearly time! Those foals wish to come and try to end my rule! This will be their undoing!” Discord shouted into the main castle hall which was met with cheers from thousands of cloaked ponies. “Six ponies can not stand up to the might of Discord and his army!” Discord shouted once again being meet with cheers.

“How can you be so sure they will show up?” Stormhooves asked as she walked up to and stopped next to Discord's throne.

“Oh they will show up, those foals have been planning and scheming against me. They wish to rescue poor dear Scootaloo. What they do not know is that she no longer connected to me and I have dear sweet Celestia to thank for this. So they will come, but they will not use the elements of harmony because they fear for Scootaloo's life.” Discord replied with a sneer.

“But what if they decide to use them anyways my lord? What if they have discovered you are no longer connected?” Stormhooves asked.

“I am not foolish enough to think they would not and that is why I have prepared some special entertainment for them. If they choose to use the elements of harmony against me.” Discord replied snapping his lion's paw at which point six ponies appeared. These six ponies resembled Twilight, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Applejack down to the letter with the exception of the fact their fur color's where grayed out versions of themselves.

“These are the six elements of Discord. They represent those six's counterparts which show no remorse. And have been given a few special touches of my own genius.” Discord replied with a cruel grin as necklaces appeared on each of their necks and a crown appear on the twilight doppelganger.

“So let them use the elements of harmony against me. They will fail at the might of the elements of Discord!” Discord exclaimed earning another chorus of cheers.


(Play “I kissed a girl” now)

“A little lower thar Rainbow...” Applejack moaned out as the cyan blue Pegasus kissed her underside ginger slowly moving her way down to her wet treat. The farm pony arched up slightly as she felt her lovers tongue run along her mound and gave a sudden gasp as it went inside moaning out moments later.

“Heh, we've barely been at it for five minuets and your soaking wet.” Rainbow Dash remarked with a cheesy grin before dipping her tongue into the farm pony's snatch.

“What ya expect? Ya make meh so hot and bothered. Now don't be holdin back.” Applejack replied arching up now and moaning out as the cyan blue Pegasus ran her tongue along her inner walls.

Rainbow Dash slowly retracted her tongue from Applejack's cunt and crawled up so her body was looming over the farm pony and began to kiss her passionately to which the farm pony returned with equal passion as the two ran hooves along each other grinding their bodies against one another now as they continued to make out. “I love you so much Applejack. Don't you ever leave my side again.” Rainbow Dash moaned out between kisses.

“I love ya too Rainbow and I won't. Come what may, ah will always be there for ya.” Applejack replied between moans and kisses as she ran a hoof through Rainbow Dash's mane while the cyan blue Pegasus undid the braid in her hair allowing it to flow freely as she continued to kiss her lover passionately.

Both ponies body's felt as if they were on fire as the heat of their passion continued to rise and soon changed positions so that Rainbow's face was hovering over the farm pony's pussy while her dripping slit was hovering over Applejack's face. As if acting as one they both dove into each others dripping cunts moaning into one another, feeling their combined pleasure rise. This feeling they always shared when they made love like this, the feeling of being one with one another.

“Ah can't say it....ahh...enough...ah love you so much!” Applejack moaned out as another wave of pleasure rocked her body feeling her lover's tongue dip in and out of her and her mouth suckle on her clit feeling her climax rise closer and closer with each pleasurable suckle until the farm pony arched back and moaned into the cyan blue Pegasus's cunt as she came hard feeling her pussy spasm and gush onto the grass under her.

Rainbow Dash was soon to follow suit as she screamed out at the top of her lungs as she came, as her vaginal muscles clamped down on the farm pony's tongue and gushed her juices coating the farm pony's face and chest in her love tunnel's sweet nectar.


Twenty minuets later...

“Could they beh any louder? Mah ears are never gonna recover!” Applebloom exclaimed in a whisper as she clamped both hooves over her ears.

“Says the pony who I walked in with Scootaloo!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed with a cheesy grin as she walked into the room with Sweetie Belle causing the farm pony to blush beat red at which point Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Sweetie Belle and even Fluttershy burst into laughter.

This laughter however quickly disappeared as they all recalled that Scootaloo was still in clutches of Discord as Applebloom's eyes swelled up in tears until Pinkie Pie rushed over and held her. “Don't worry. We'll save her.” Pinkie Pie cooed as she rubbed the sobbing filly's mane as she cried into her shoulder.

“Ah know...but ah miss her so much...” Applebloom said between sobs.


Applejack and Rainbow Dash lay on the ground now in their afterglow. “Ah'm so scared ah'm gonna lose ya...it's so terrifyin that ah almost can't stand it.” Applejack said as she hugged her lover tightly who returned the hug.

“No one is going to die Applejack.” Rainbow replied in a comforting tone.

“If you two are done down there could you get inside?” Twilight's voice came from above the two at which point they both exchanged blushes, stood up, and went inside.

“What's wrong with Applebloom?” Rainbow Dash asked in a concerned tone as they walked in.

“The poor darling is missing Scootaloo dearly.” Rarity said and gave a sigh.

“Rarity could ya be a might kind and tell meh where to find the shower.” Applejack asked in a quiet tone to which the unicorn pointed a hoof to the back of her home.

A short shower later Applejack came out after drying her body off to see her younger sister still in full blown sobs and sighed. “I've got a hoof with Discord's name on it.” Applejack said looking at Rainbow Dash now.
“The feeling is mutual.” Rainbow Dash replied clapping her hooves in a angry manner.

“I think we all want a shot at Discord and we are going to get it.” Twilight's voice spoke up at which point everypony looked up at her as she slowly walked down the stairs. “Right now Discord is Vulnerable because of the Princess fixing the time stream. What this weakness is as of yet is unclear but his power is clearly weaker than it was before. There's a good chance he already is aware of this weakness.” Twilight said as she walked down the stairs “so everypony get some rest, because we are all going to have to be at our best.” Twilight said at which point everypony nodded, laid down, and attempted to go to sleep.


Applebloom sat up with a start feeling an overwhelming sense of dread as she gave a panicked look about herself an sighed as she looked over to see Roseheart. “For a moment ah thought-” Applebloom said in a quiet tone before she let out a horrified gasp upon realizing that there was a doll in the spot where her daughter should have been.

Roseheart's gone!

Applebloom's voice might as well have been a high pitched fog horn as she screamed this so loudly that it woke everypony up with a start.

“What?!” Applejack exclaimed looking about the room in a panic as did the other six.

“Wait...where's Gina?” Sweetie Belle asked noticing they were one short now.

(Play” The goddess's rebuke” now)
Gina flew as fast as her wings could carrier her with a glazed look in her eyes as if she had no idea what she was doing as she arrived at Discord's castle.

“Ah, there she is, right on schedule.” Discord remarked with a grin as she handed him Roseheart who was crying loudly now. “Very good. That makes one more thing I can use against them.” Discord said with a malicious grin.

“Yes, Master...” Gina replied in an emotionless and flat tone.

“Those foals had no idea that I placed a spy right under their noses...” Discord said aloud to himself. “Now then...what are those foal's planning, and do not skip out on any details.” Discord said as he put the crying foal under a sleeping spell and put her gently down on next to his throne.


Twilight's eyes flared up as rage filled her entire being. “He's been using Gina to spy on us the entire time! How could I have been so blind as to not sense his magic?!” Twilight exclaimed as she punched the wall furiously.

“Ah say screw waitin for mornin! We go now!” Applejack exclaimed looking just as furious as Twilight was while Applebloom simply hugged Roseheart's blanket she had put on her before she went to sleep nightly sobbing loudly.

“To take a helpless foal hostage...” Twilight said in a low tone feeling her rage building to it's breaking point till she could take it no longer.


Twilight's voice roared this word in such fury channeling magic into her voice in a fashion like Luna had that nearly every pony in Equestria could hear it...


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