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Violet Hart: A human woman who's struggling with the loss of her daughter.

Scootaloo: An orphaned Pegasus Filly still struggling to make a life for herself without her parents.

What will happen when two worlds collide thanks to a certain God of Chaos? Two lost souls are given a potential second chance at happiness.

Credit for the Cover goes to IAmArtsDesire

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Upvote for now...
I'll see where this goes...:scootangel:

7091864 In good directions hopefully, this is my first MLP fanfic not set in Fallout: Equestria (and won't be because I'm trying to avoid a sad ending and if it was connected to it...), so yeah, good luck to me :scootangel:.

Sad start, hits right in the feels. But I hope Violet and Scootaloo can become the family they need.

Poor Scoots, what is supposed to be a day of celebration is overshadowed by grief. Hopefully next year it will be the one year anniversary of meeting her new mom.

7101695 Well, I'm glad you're liking it so far.

It was a cold and rainy day in the graveyard.

The funeral was ending, people where walking away, but one woman stood, staring at the tombstone.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry I couldn't help you..."she said softly as she read the tombstone again for the thousandth time

Determined death of TwiRaptor...a very sad beginning to a story, I have a soft heart but you got my attention, I will upvote and comment as you continue your story. Hope to see more soon

7119579 I'm working on chapter 1 now, should be up relatively soon.

Wait... what happens if both versions of Twilight meet??? Magic Super Computer???

I can't wait to see more interaction between Scootaloo and Violet Hart, but I can totally see Violet and Fluttershy getting along in the animal care field.

you've got my attention. i shall read this when you have a couple more chapters. lol if i can hold off that long.

7281384 Sorry, I've been really distracted lately.

7281431 no worries! unless you're j.k rowling or something, there's life outside writing xD

im just looking forward to it.

7281454 Ironically I've been really distracted by writing other stories.

7281460 haha! nice. good luck on them btw.

7281496 Thanks, if I can get the last chapter of Please Forgive Me done, I can focus more on my Fallout Equestria fanfics and stuff.

so far, seems fast paced, but its just the introduction so... lets keep going shall we? i like the idea, it's endearing.

finally read it though. lol i couldn't resist, it really is endearing. but the 3 points of views multiple times a chapter is... disorienting really.

7290830 nah... it's an interesting idea. but it takes away slightly. not much tho. keep it up, if it's your style who am i to say anything

7291200 Eh, I don't always do it, I'm just playing around with POV shifts for a future fanfic.

7291214 looking forward to getting a look at it. :)

This is a very good start to a story. I can't wait to read more. Would have been fun to have discords card have his name then a.k.a Q to reference John DeLancey's role in star trek.

Please write more. I can't tell when this story went up so I don't know if you continue to update it, but please work on it. It is a great story.

7291214 do more please it is very well done

7119861 More awesomeness please

7814748 I hope to someday, honestly I just haven't been motivated to work on this one like all my other stories

7814752 I just asked for a chapter just do one chapter please maybe you'll become motivated because I would love to see this story become finished because it always warms my heart and one of my favorite characters ends up with a good life when they are stuck in the story where they are orphaned plus the story you write it just fills me with all this warm fuzzy stuff that I'm probably going to call Christmas cheer please finish it it's a good story and I don't want to have to put this on the list of stories that will never end up being finished and then cry a little bit inside please find it in your heart to find some motivation because this story it's excellent It's well-written it actually makes me want to find out what's going to happen to the character and when you get emotions like this from reader you know you have a good story take it from me you are selling yourself too short this is an excellent story just try one chapter at a time you'll then get it and one day you'll become an excellent story writer and even be remembered when your time is over happy holidays and I hope you find it in yourself to finish this story because it's an excellent story and it makes me feel good inside also I think Discord is doing a really good deed by giving someone another chance when they lost their chance to be loved by someone that loves them

7814776 I'll see what I can do, in the meantime you might like my fic Please Forgive Me and it's various sequels and stuff

7814781 I just finished reading please forgive me wow I love it and now i want to see more of this story thankyou so much

It looks interessting and still easy for me to catch up with it, I hope it continues soon, I start reading it tomorrow it I got the time.

In a way I didn't liked it to be Discord again. I know of his powers, but I prefer the "nameless god" Theme that some have in their stories. At least it is not Celestia who did it this time, I like it if everyone reacts suprised.

I like it even if the meeting looks rushed.
In a way I hope it doesn't looks odd how fast she is maybe going to adopt Scootaloo.

Maybe you shoudn't have made it look like Discord was still helping and even stoping her Scooter.

Her POV was nice to have, even if not much was new, a larger part in the orphanage would have been nice.

However I already saw that Twilight has her POV too, I think those two POV are enough and we don't need to many switches between too many ponies.
Maybe it looks still good.

In my eyes discord nearly said to much already.

That Pinkie joke with knowing everything was never to funny, but what I didn't liked was Pinkie interrupting the story with mentioning the author.

Well something was a bit strange about it, somehow it even felt like they went to another place to sudden, but I like it so far, I just can't tell what it is so far.

please continue, I like this story

please continue, I like this story :pinkiehappy:

is it time for a new chapter yet?

more chapters please.
soon hopefully

8545223 Honestly, I've just been so focused on my other fics I haven't had time to think about this one...

sucks if i is tis a good and unique story

8545248 Sorry, but I'm not willing to call any story dead, just on a sort of hiatus.

might wanna make that change then

I think this was a good story so I really hope for an update, i think it'S nearly a year yet is it?

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