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C.8 Chaos and Harmony

“Oh that sounds like so much fun! All of that chaos and magic doing fun things to your life!” Discord exclaimed after Twilight told the story. “But I know you're hiding something from me and I'll get it out of you.” he continued with a playful grin. He was right of course, she left out her relationship with Luna, who returned as he started bugging her about it.

“Alright Discord...last time I saw you, you tried to take the Throne.” Luna said with Distrust.

“Oh come now Luna, the only reason I fought against you was so you would stop limiting my fun.” he replied with a grin.

“Stop Grinning...how can you be smiling at a time like this...you're surrounded by gore and slaughtered ponies.” Luna said harshly. Discord cringed at that, he had completely forgotten as Twilight told the story.

“Sorry...I do not envy the poor soul that has to clean it up, so I'll just do it. Do we want a mass grave or individual ones??” Discord said.

“...Mass grave...it would take too much room and I don't think half of them are identifiable...I'd hate to do it to their families but it's the best we can, Gray Bolt...please show him the Graveyard.” Luna said lowly.

The Captain, who was wearing dark blue and silver armor that was now seen on most of the Slain, nodded and showed the Draconequs where it was.

“We all need rooms, the others won't be waking up...have any spare rooms up in the Palace?” Twilight asked Luna.

“Of course.” she replied and they deposited the five other ponies in three different rooms and met up in Luna's room.

“I am sorry you had to go through all of that for my mistake...I should have ended that Nightmare when I freed myself.” Luna said when they were inside.

“Stop right there...you couldn't know...I need to get the others back to Ponyville and do proper burials for the three Ponies that died...I think they would want a princess there to console them as well...no, that's a lie...I want you there.” Twilight said as she nuzzled the Dark Alicorn.

“As you wish...my sparkle in the Night...but first, we both need to Bathe.” Luna said, finishing with a small smile
Nightshade was in pain, but it was beginning to Dull. She heard a beeping and tried to remember everything. She did. She would have vomited if she had eaten anything recently, but her stomach was empty. Beep...Beep...Beep. She groaned and opened her eyes, as she did she heard a gasp.

“Oh Nightshade...thank the heavens you are ok.” Nightshade heard Celestia's voice full of worry.

“Mother?” Nightshade said weakly as she saw Celestia right next to her. She had bandages stained with red going down her right foreleg and an ice pack on her head, but they didn't seem to bother her at all. Nightshade, however, had red stained bandages everywhere. “Where are we?” Night continued.

“The Palace Infirmary...we got hurt.” Celestia said. “Twilight and her new Friends managed to vanquish the Nightmare...and we gained an old friend back.” Celestia said.

“Discord is an old friend?” Nightshade asked.

“Yes he is. He, Luna and I lived in harmony with each other. Even Harmony needs a bit of Chaos to be balanced out...but he went too far and nearly hurt a lot of ponies so Luna and I sealed him in stone...the Chaos Nightmare Moon brought woke him up...he regretted what he did and he hated the sight of the courtyard just as much as we did...he helped clean it up. I don't know what he's doing now though.” Celestia explained.

“Why visiting you of course Dear Celestia.” Discord's voice responded from the stained glass window next to them. “I know you probably don't trust me fully...but I know my limits now. I never meant to hurt anypony. How was I supposed to know that village would fall underground if I turned the ground to chocolate during the day?” Discord said. Celestia couldn't help but laugh.

“There she is.” Discord said with a grin as he came out of the window and stood in the room normally.

“Who?” Nightshade asked.

“Tia. Not Princess Celestia...you used to be so much fun. You see dear Nightshade, your mother used to be as big a prankster as I. We had tons of laughs together. But then you started getting serious and making me stop the fun you used to partake in yourself.” Discord started, sitting on the corner of the bed and posing like a story teller. “I tried one big prank, turning the ground into chocolate, to try and get the old Celestia back. It was great for a day, until it melted to the point where the village on top of it fell through. Luckily melted chocolate breaks a fall pretty well...but it was almost very bad. That's when I got turned into stone” he finished.

“Oh Discord...I grew up.” Celestia said.

“You did, but that's not a good excuse. Grown ups are allowed to have fun too.” Discord retorted.

“Most grown ups don't have to nurture a growing City into a great land...but I admit, I missed the fun...I always thought I had to be pure and perfect for my subjects. Twilight and Nightshade have helped me realized that with a little bit of Chaos and a lot of Fun, it makes my job easier.” Celestia said.

“Well then Thank you Nightshade, I tried for years to get that into her head.” Discord said with a laugh.

“Hey Discord...if She's my mom now...does that mean you want to be my Daddy?” Nightshade asked out of the blue. Both Celestia and Discord froze.

“Hm...I've never thought of it but sure.” Discord said with a grin. “Goddess of Harmony with the God of Chaos? That would be so fun!” he continued, looking at Celestia with Pleading eyes. Celestia rolled her eyes with a laugh.

“Oh Discord. I admit, back then I fell for you...but I'm not sure if I still feel the same way. Perhaps we can try it...but let me know before you go out and have fun...I don't want random things I know nothing about ravaging my little ponies.” Celestia said.

“Ahah! Only if they're not on you!” he said and went back into the window, disappearing.

“What just happened?” Nightshade asked.

“I think we just restarted a thousand year old prank war. If you're near me and Discord is there, be ready for anything.” Celestia said. “I'd rather you not get caught in it.” she continued.

“Oh it sounds like fun!” Nightshade said with a grin.
Dash woke up and bolted into sitting upright, knocking the pink pony using her chest as a pillow awake.

“What is it Dashie? Somepony at the door?” Pinkie asked tiredly.

“What are you talking about Pinkie?! We were fighting Nightmare moon and she almost killed us!” Dash exclaimed.

“Oh you Silly, we beat her and a weird thing called Discord joined up with the Princesses on the good side...We got carried up here, we're in the Palace. Everypony is fine now.” Pinkie said reassuringly as she snuggled up to Dash and Kissed her.

“...ok...well...since we're up...?” Dash said with a mischievous grin.

“I was just about to say that!” Pinkie fake-pouted as she grinned as well.
“Ugh...Darling are you Alright?” Rarity asked the Orange Mare next to her.

“Ah'm fine... Ah'm just a little ticked we were so useless...” Applejack replied.

“Oh hush, we did what we could...we're lucky to be alive.” Rarity said.

“Yeah... Ah know...Ah've actually been a thinkin'...about us. Ah think we should uh...take it to the next level.” Applejack said.

“Darling...I thought you'd never ask.” Rarity said with a grin as she got on top of the Orange Earth pony.
Gray Bolt had checked on the other four Mares and was now making sure Fluttershy was alright. She entered the room and heard a squeak and a rush of material. She looked and saw Fluttershy hiding under the covers.

“Hey, Fluttershy right? It's alright. Everypony is fine. Your friends are safe and the Nightmare is Gone.” Gray said.

“But so are all of those guards...and those in Ponyville.” Fluttershy's voice said sadly from under the covers. Gray sighed and sat on the bed, earning a startled squeak from the Yellow Mare.

“They are...but they died protecting their home. They did what they could, I wish they hadn't have been killed at all, let alone so mercilessly...but it happened. There isn't anything we can do but console the families at the memorial.” Gray said.

“...I...I-I just wish we c-could have saved them.” Fluttershy said, coming out from under the blankets with tears streaking down her face. She completely broke down.

“Hey come on now...you need to rest...” Gray said, hugging the sobbing Mare. She sighed when she realized Fluttershy wasn't calming down. “Hush now, Quiet now...It's time to lay your sleepy head. Hush now, Quiet now...It's time to go to bed.” she sang. Fluttershy shakily finished the song and they started again. Gray didn't realize it, but her eyelids were heavy and the two of them managed to fall asleep together.

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YES :rainbowwild:

Hmmmm. You have a vocabulary that is well and truly impressive, and I like how you capitalized Twilight's title, e.g. "Lavender Pony". Very creative. Minor spelling and grammar mistakes, but that's standard in a majority of fics, and when you're an avid reader such as I am, you learn to excuse those to see the story.
So, excusing the obvious go-to complaints of most, I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed with your work. Also, just for to add a little to your hubris, there was a fic I read of yours, I believe, just recently called "immortal tears", an interesting read to be sure, and I think it really proves that you've got a great set of writing skills in combination with this. Anyway, great story, hope to hear some more stories... Oh, and if you're wondering why it seems I'm stalking you with how many of your stories I just finished reviewing,it's because I am. :pinkiehappy: but seriously, it's just because you have so many fics worth of mention. Beyond that, I'm probably going to stalk someone else's profile tomorrow. Hahahaha.

679882 go ahead and go through all of my stories, the older ones are a bit meh but the newer ones I am rather proud of. the remake of lavender night made the featured box for two and a half days

Amazing. Simply amazing. But is it done? Because I'd love to read more. I'm mighty impressed by this, really.

716971 eh it's on hold for now. I just finished my first remake-story and I have updates to crimson night to worry about. I'm going to be revising celestial connections and updated hearts and nightmares soon as well

716994 Interesting. I'm actually reading the saphspike sidestory of yours right now :3 I like all your stories and I can't wait for the continuation of this.

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798613 this was one of my first attempts at a longer story and my first attempt at combat with ponies. it'll get revised eventually

I like this a lot......lots of feels everywhere, I will say it got a little like pushed and jumbled and rushed with the whole nightmare moon and discord thing who cares it's still a good read...plz make more

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wait carapace of lavender.......I don't see that in your list, New story?

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the most confusing summary ever

4978165 yeah, I sucked at summaries three years ago

i really like this story hope that you will uncancelled this story and hope to read more soon:twilightsmile:

Its not terrible at all!I rather like this fic and Yhea I know it pretty old.I prefure older story's for some reason.

The older stories are the best in my opinion. There are lower expectations on them and the characters are more free to deviate from their canon personalities. It defiantly makes for a more quick and enjoyable story.

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