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C.3 Sparkling night, Light in the Shadow

Twilight knew she should probably be afraid, or at least intimidated, by the blue queen of the night. But she couldn't help but stare in wonder. “Luna, these are the foals that Freed you.” Celestia said. Luna looked at them from where she was sitting at her desk and smiled.

“They look to us more like Mares as old as we are Dear Sister...” Luna said weakly. “I cannot thank you enough for freeing me, however unintentional it was...” she continued as she hugged the two, gaining a blush from Twilight. “Most ponies here feared me...why not you?” she asked Twilight. Night cringed, she had flinched at the contact.

“I don't know...It could be you're not so intimidating when we're on Eye level...” Twilight replied with a smile, gaining a giggle form Luna. Twilight couldn't help but grin at the noise.

“Night Shade, I have always wanted to hear about Germaney, all of my royal duties are taken care of and we are well rested. Care to trade a few stories?” Celestia asked. Night Shade grinned and bounced along happily. “She confuses us...why she would intentionally leave thee alone with us...” Luna said. “Maybe she wants us to be friends or something?” Twilight suggested a bit hopefully. “That would be like her...Alright Twilight sparkle, we shall be friends.” Luna said with a smile.

“O-ok...” Twilight replied with a blush that was poorly hidden. “So...Tia said that the two of you art foals...how old art though exactly?” Luna asked. “um...seven...” Twilight said. Seeing the Princess look at her comically she spluttered. “B-but the Princess tells me I have a mind as old as hers!” she blurted out. “It matters not to me. You look like a fully grown Mare, now I get to see if you act like one or not.” Luna said formally. Twilight blanched at this. Luna snickered and giggled. “Oh but if you truly did act like a Mare that would be no fun at all” she said childishly.

Twilight laughed nervously. “So uh...what were you doing?” Twilight asked. “I was reading through a few history and economics books...trying to understand what has changed...” Luna said, Twilight noticed she had dropped her ancient way of speech. “Maybe I can help then...I'm not the best with politics, but history and economics are some subjects I read up on before coming here.” Twilight said. Luna smiled and pulled a second chair up to her desk. Twilight shyly took the seat and blushed every time they came into contact with each other.

'this Twilight Sparkle...she is an odd one, but she is so much fun! I am going to have to ask Tia why she keeps acting like that...' Luna thought to herself when she noticed her study buddy was asleep. She looked at her extremely large bed and picked up the sleeping Twilight, who was surprisingly light for her size, and placed her on one half of the bed and gently joined her new friend in the land of sleep.

“You really battled a horde of Dragons?!” Night Shade exclaimed, she and Celestia were exchanging stories in her chambers. “I did...I'd rather not Divulge the details to such a young mind.” Celestia said. “Will I hear it some day?” Night asked. “Of course...you look very tired.” Celestia finished with a grin. Night was about to protest, but she was stopped by a giant Yawn. “Heh...yeah...” Night replied and literally fell asleep right there. “Dear, your body and mind are still trying to adjust to each other...I wonder how Luna and Twilight are doing eh?” Celestia said to herself, pretending to talk to the sleeping Alicorn as she deposited her on the bed. “I could have sworn Twilight fancied her just a little more than one would.” she continued as she removed her adornments. “At the least they will become as good of friends as the two of you.” she finished with a grin as she went to sleep with a yawn.

Twilight woke up feeling even weirder than she had when she had woken up in Celestia's bed. She remembered where she was, who's room she was in, and then was distinctly aware of a warmth pressed against her. She was going to gasp lightly, but air only came through her nostrils. She opened her eyes and saw that her muzzle was pressed against Luna's, their lips weren't touching but it was close enough for her face to turn red as a tomato, but the oddest part was that their horns were touching. She cautiously moved her head back, but before she could Luna grumbled and opened her eyes, stretching a bit and then held Twilight closer. Twilight's mind went blank as their eyes met.

Luna had awoken extremely comfortably. She stretched, but realized she was holding something and her horn and muzzle were jammed into her Pillow. She snuggled back up to whatever she was holding and slowly opened her eyes, just to meet panicking ones. Before she let herself jump to conclusions she analyzed the situation. Luna normally had something to snuggle with when she slept as a foal and Twilight had been panicking and seemed to be trying to get out of her embrace without waking her. She quickly took her head back and her face turned the same shade of red.

“I-I-I apologize Twilight Sparkle...” she said. “O-old habits die hard.” she said with an uncertain smile. “U-um...it's o-ok...Princess...n-no harm done...” Twilight replied. Luna couldn't help but smile at her friend as she was flustered and shy. “I guess I'm still just a little foal on the inside as well...” she said. After a moment Twilight giggled. “What?” Luna asked.

“I'm sorry...you'd just be too adorable as a little Filly...” Twilight said. Luna sighed with a smile and then giggled. “What?” Twilight asked. “Your mane...” Luna replied, Twilight's mane was everywhere. Luna quickly magicked over two sets of brushes. Once they were presentable they heard a knock on the door. Luna Magicked it open and Celestia and Night Shade walked in.

“Sister...it is good to see you smiling.” Celestia said. Luna hadn't even noticed she was smiling. “I am going to announce your arrival today Luna...I want Twilight Sparkle to be seen with you and let it be known that the two of you are friends ...she is known around canterlot, being friends with her will prove to the other Ponies that you aren't Nightmare moon...though only a little bit...” Celestia continued, finishing sadly.

“Time will heal the wound Nightmare Moon has rended...” Luna said. “But what about us Princess? How do you explain two Alicorns suddenly appearing out of me and Night?” Twilight asked. “And what about School? We would be so different, we're already singled out enough by how good our magic is...but...Do you know any illusion magic to hide the wings at least?” Twilight continued. “Uh...Twilight...” Night said. Twilight looked and saw her pointing. She looked at her back and saw her wings finish retracting. She was still matured, but at least she was a Unicorn again.

“It seems by willing and letting them be hidden, they do so...will them back out.” Celestia said. Twilight nodded and concentrated and sure enough, the wings came back out. “That solves that problem...we can say the Magic made you taller and your voices deeper and it wouldn't even be a lie.” Celestia said with a smile. “For now, let us have breakfast.” she finished and led them all out.

“Ponies of Equestria! I give you your Princess of the Night! Luna!” Celestia yelled happily with a magically enhanced voice as the entire city of Canterlot, and those from nearby towns and villages, gathered to hear the announcement. Luna stepped up shyly, but gained confidence as Twilight fell into step with her.

“Ponies of Equestria...I know I did some terrible things as Nightmare moon, but that Nightmare has been stamped out and I am back as me, Princess Luna, permanently. I don't expect instant forgiveness, but I hope that any negativity between myself and anypony else may be settled peacefully...” Luna said. “I ask of you to see me as your Princess of the night and not the Nightmare...” she finished. Without even thinking, Twilight began clapping. That started a chain reaction in some of the citizens while others dispersed.

“That went better than I expected...there weren't any threats or outright fear...” Celestia said as they had dinner that day. “Indeed Sister...perhaps this will not be so bad...” Luna said. “Twilight, Night shade...Let us go have some of those lessons we've been skipping.” Celestia said. “You may come and watch if you'd like Luna.” she continued. Luna smiled and followed.

The night and the next day went by quickly and the two new Alicorns made it to the school without incident. The next day, however, they were swarmed by classmates and teachers alike.

“Whoa you got tall!” Bedrock exclaimed. “My Daddy is in the guard and he said you had wings!” Teal said. “Wow you're taller than Mr. Guard!” Fleur said. “What happened?” Alexander asked. “Um...a magic accident...it sorta made us grown ups...but we're still the same Fillies! We just look older.” Twilight said. “And Sound...” Night continued. “I detect there is something you aren't telling is.” Mr. Gray said. “Indeed...” White continued. “Oh...um...well...” Twilight started. “It's...we just don't want to be seen differently...” she continued. “Oh come on, you're Twilight and Night...you're already weird enough, what can be worse than you getting old all of a sudden?” Bedrock said. “Well...” nightshade said and they let their wings out.

Their jaws dropped. “We don't know how to use them though...” Twilight said. “If you wish to be seen as just an average Unicorn, I know an Illusion spell you could cast to make yourself look different, in this case smaller.” Mr. Scroll said. He stepped forward and his horn glowed and the two appeared like they did last time they were seen in the school. “It will be in today's Lesson...for now, to breakfast all of you.” he continued and shooed everypony off.

Luckily most of the older students slept through breakfast after big test cramming over the weekend so they were relatively nonexistent to find out what happened to Twilight and Night. They mastered the Illusion spell and were able to cast it themselves in a week's time. They were back at the Palace, practicing their magic and flying with Celestia when Luna joined them.

“Greetings Friends.” she called. They landed from their flying practice and Celestia nodded to her.

“My Sister suggested your private education would benefit if we took you and separated you for half the time and instructed you one on one. We will separate before breakfast and join again after Dinner.” Celestia said. “Twilight, Luna has requested she take you under her tutelage, while Night you are under me. Is this satisfactory?” Celestia said. They nodded. “Good, I will see you all at Dinner then.” she finished and the two groups separated.

“Not that I'm complaining, but I thought you would be showing me all kinds of magic Princess Luna.” Twilight said later when they studied again like last week. “There is nothing I can teach you that you do not already know, at least during the day. I rather enjoyed our study section, I hope you don't mind.” the Night Princess said. “I like doing this too Princess.” Twilight said. “Please call me Luna.” Luna replied. Luna looked at her and giggled and did so for a while.

“What?” Twilight asked. “It's just you are so adorable under that Illusion!” Luna exclaimed, breaking out into laughter. Twilight's face went red and she used a burst of magic. Luna yelped as the spell hit her, but she felt nothing wrong. She opened her eyes to see Twilight at eye level giggling. Confused, Luna looked herself over. The same Illusion that was on Twilight, keeping her looking like a Filly, and she realized it was a bit of payback.

“Luna you are such an Adorable Filly!” Twilight exclaimed. Suddenly they locked gazes, glares as they squinted their eyes. Both sets snapped to the pillows on the bed and they lunged. What ensued could only be described as the most epic of pillow fights in all of Equestrian History.

“Thank you for teaching me Princess Celestia...I-I know you must be busy...” Night said as she and the Princess walked towards the courtyard.

“It's my pleasure...Political life is absolutely boring, you and Twilight Sparkle have created a bit of fun I haven't had in centuries.” Celestia said with a smile. “So um...what are we going to learn?” Night asked “I am going to teach you a bit of magic that most Unicorns don't know...it's a long range Teleport...” Celestia started.

When it was time for dinner they found that Luna and Twilight were nowhere to be found. A Guard said they were last seen in the Night Wing so they went to find them. They heard the laughing and the light thumps before they even reached the door. They couldn't help but stare at the armies of pillows attacking the two Filly-fied Alicorns, but in the end they burst into laughter. Their presence now announced, they were quickly spotted and attacked with pillows as well.

Dinner thus skipped, without regret, the four were exhausted.

“Luna...I think it's time you took your moon back.” Celestia said tiredly. “I do not want it back sister...the Night sky will always be beautiful...but a thousand years of pain an suffering on the moon has broken my love for it...I don't think it would listen to my calls.” Luna replied, now back to full size. “...are you sure?” Celestia asked. The moon used to be Luna's favorite part of her night sky.

“I am Sister...I might change my mind in the future...but for now it is a memento of the Nightmare I let consume me...” the Dark Alicorn said lowly. “As you wish...I should take Night shade to her room, would you like me to take Twilight to hers?” Celestia asked, motioning towards the Lavender Filly dozing on Luna's bed under a mountain of pillows.

“I think it will be quite alright Sister. She is doing no harm, and I must admit I am a little selfish...she's my first Friend and I seem to be hogging her.” Luna replied. “Nonsense. You are both enjoying your time. Tomorrow there is an Eclipse, you can use that time to teach her some advanced magics.” Celestia said. Luna nodded and Celestia left with the Filly Nightshade on her back. Luna smiled as she levitated the pillows back into their proper place and then joined her and lifted the illusion, sleeping with Magic on you is never comfortable.

Twilight and Luna awoke in the exact same position, horns together again and everything. They did not realize this though, as they both had the same idea. 'Five more minutes close the curtains!'. They tried to use their magic to close the curtains, but instead of the curtains their magic flooded into each other. They yelped and fell backwards off of the bed as their conscious beings brushed against each other.

“W-what was that?” Twilight asked. “I...I don't know.” Luna replied. Suddenly their minds were impacted by an invisible force that felt like a migraine from hell as bits and pieces of memories and emotions flooded into their brains. They realized the brief magic connection had caused a bit of shared memories.

“W-why did that happen?” Luna said. “I don't know either...” Twilight responded. They realized they weren't even speaking. “Telepathy?” Luna said. “I think so...I...I think we formed a sort of bond...my...my mind is sifting through some of your emotions and memories...” Twilight said, speaking this time. “And I some of yours...” Luna replied.

Both of their faces got red at the same time, apparently an emotion and more of a thought than a memory appeared in their minds at the same time. The Emotion was immense affection, and the thought was hazy but it was basically them kissing.

“U-um....d-do you r-realy think about me in t-that way?” they asked each other simultaneously. Luna had no idea how to handle this. Twilight had read a few books so she just followed what she had seen work in this situation. She nervously stepped forward and nuzzled Luna's head with her own. Completely on instinct, surprising both her and Twilight, Luna kissed the Lavender Alicorn. Their faces went red, but they didn't move until they forgot how to breathe form their noses.

“Is...is our Friendship progressing too fast?” Luna asked lightly, her face still burning. “u-um...no?...I've r-read books where the relationship happens in a d-day...we're best friends and we've known each other f-for over a week...” Twilight said. “Right...” Luna said. “Um...can...can we do it again?” Luna asked shyly. Twilight kind of made herself smaller, but nodded and they kissed again.

“My little Nightshade...you are so adorable when you sleep.” Celestia said as she awoke to see nightshade sleeping at her side like she had left her last night. She kissed the black Alicorn on the top of her head and thought long and hard. “Mommy...” Nightshade mumbled in her sleep and hugged closer to Celestia. She didn't know why, but she wanted this Alicorn to call her that again.

“I have always wanted a Daughter...perhaps...perhaps I should Adopt you no?” Celestia said and looked right into Night's face. Night smiled in her sleep and Celestia made up her mind.