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C.7 Crimson Nightmares

“So Luna...tell us again why yuh can't just stay here?” Applejack said when Luna and Twilight met up with the other ponies of Ponyville.

“I am still Vulnerable to the Nightmare...if I were here alone then I would be a burden to you, I need to be by my sister's side...but she must stay in Canterlot, so in turn I must as well...I wish I could be of more help, but for now all I have is what I taught you Twilight. Nightshade will be here in ten minutes.” Luna said as she unfurled her wings.

“Now Girls, we don't know when it'll happen so be ready ok?” Twilight said. They all replied with basically the same thing: they are always ready to protect their home. Luna kissed Twilight quickly and was off towards canterlot, which gained a wolf call from Rainbow Dash, and the six waited for the new arrival.

In a few minutes a black form descended quickly and quietly.

“Man Nightshade...you always were better at that than me.” Twilight said as she hugged the Alicorn that towered slightly over her.

“I suppose I should put up my Illusion.” Nightshade said, her Germane accent still present, as she looked about the age of Twilight.

“Girls, this is Nightshade. We met at the school and..well...Technically you're my niece Nightshade!” Twilight said with a laugh. The black mare just rolled her eyes.

“Yeah yeah...let's just stick with the sister thing.” Nightshade said. She then turned to the other five. “Hello.” she continued and held a hoof out.

The introductions were very similar to Twilight's, though Pinkie was even more energetic.

“Mother told me everything she knew about this Nightmare. Luna told me of it's ruthlessness. Celestia agrees that the Nightmare may possibly have become violent...I hope everything goes Alright.” Nightshade said.

“Don' Worry, We'll make sure that everypony knows to be ready to run and hide in an instant.” Applejack said.

“And of course We'll help fight it off!” Dash exclaimed.

Days went by before anypony saw a sign, the shadows on the moon had disappeared and Twilight could feel something that was simply evil in the air. Suddenly they saw a mass of darkness cloud the sky as the moon froze. The Citizens all scrambled in their homes as fast as they could, but for some it was too late. With a crack of seemingly black lightning, the evil took physical form as Nightmare Moon.

“My Night will Reign Forever...However, those who dare sleep through it will Sleep Eternally!” Nightmare Moon exclaimed sinisterly as a Stallion she had appeared in front of her tried to run. “Die.” she simply said. After that that shadows that were steadily flowing around her shot towards the Stallion and literally ripped him apart. Fluttershy Vomited.

She killed a Mare and another Stallion before she grew bored. She Vanished with a maniacal cackle as the middle of the town was covered in what used to be Three earth ponies. Fluttershy vomited again, but she wasn't the only one. All of them but Applejack had lost their breakfast, and soon she lost hers too.

“That Evil Bitch!” Dash screamed as she tried to dash into the air.

“Calm down Dash! Chargin' Blindly at 'er aint guna do yuh no better than them!” Applejack yelled as she caught the Pegasus.

“Guys...I remember reading a book about a prophecy telling of Nightmare's return...we need the Elements of Harmony, and I know where to get them...” Twilight said as she slowly rubbed Fluttershy's back, her Retching finally subsiding.

They made their way to the forest and faced their challenges that were thrown at them. When they finally made it to the ruins of the ancient castle, Nightmare Moon appeared.

“Fools. You can't beat me with little rocks.” she said and smashed them under her hooves. She locked her gaze at the seven ponies and suddenly the room shifted. The shadows of the ruins all turned against them and flew at them with sinister intent.

Right before the spears of Shadow hit them, the room shone. Nightshade had golden armor of light and she was her full Alicorn size.

“I will face her.” Nightshade's angelic voice called. “Twilight, protect your friends.” she continued and lunged at Nightmare. Very soon the floor and walls had splats of blood, and more meals would have been lost if anypony had any left to give, as the fight raged on. Quickly, Nightshade was overwhelmed and thrown back. Panting, she winced as the many gashes along her body and gilded armor pained her.

“Remember what the Princesses said Nightshade...Night and Day work together...Along with harmony...” Twilight said, her voice becoming the stretched whisper as she was encased in shadows.

“I am much stronger than you Nightshade, it is night...my Advantage. Tend to your wounds and assist when you can.” the Whisper came again as Twilight's shadows snuffed out the ones that Nightmare Moon commanded.

“I AM THE MOON! HOW DARE YOU USE MY POWER AGAINST ME!” Nightmare moon exclaimed. She was shrouded in her own shadows and was suddenly gone.

“Gather round me...HURRY!” Nightshade yelled. The other six did and they suddenly found themselves, who weren't used to Teleporting, woozy and dizzy. “I traced her shadows...Nng....damn...she is in the Palace Gardens!” Nightshade exclaimed. The group took off and found the Nightmare standing amongst slain guards, facing off against the two Princesses.

“You are weak Luna...” Nightmare said as shadows began seeping out of her body and encased an unconscious Celestia.

“NO!” Luna screamed and smashed her own shadows against the Nightmare's. The Nightmare's shadows were pushed back, saving Celestia, but they seemed up to Luna.

“now you are mine again...” Nightmare said with a maniacal grin.

“Luna!” Twilight's voice yelled as the Nightmare found her body resembled an iron maiden of spikes. Dark crimson blood spilled form her body as she screamed in pain.

“STAY AWAY FROM MY FRIENDS!” Twilight screamed as her shadows dispelled, but were replaced with the white eyes of her pure magic. The other six, except for Nightshade, floated in the air with Twilight as their eyes began to glow too. Suddenly a giant rainbow of color and energy blasted out of the group as the shattered stones form the ruins reformed into a crown and five necklaces to match the cutie marks of the six ponies. The energy swirled around Nightmare Moon and she practically exploded.

When the energy finally died down the six ponies were floating back to the ground. When their eyes stopped glowing all but Twilight Collapsed. She ran over to Nightshade, who had passed out, and used her magic to stop the bleeding.

“I'm fine...check on Mother.” Nightshade said weakly as she awoke. Twilight looked over to the Unconscious Princess and found she was being helped to her feet by Luna.

“She's alright for now...but you're hurt. Bad.” Twilight said.

“L-let me take a look.” Fluttershy said softly, coming up behind them. Twilight moved aside and Fluttershy examined the Black Mare. “Y-you'll be fine...Um...you need to recover but the wounds are starting to hell already.” Fluttershy said.

As Celestia limped over, not putting pressure on her front right leg, there was a sinister laugh that sounded throughout the air. It wasn't evil, just sinister.

“I know that laugh...” Celestia said and looked towards the Statue of Discord. There were cracks in it and it suddenly exploded.

“I'm Back!” the Draconequs exclaimed in joy. His grin quickly evened out as he saw the courtyard, blood and gore spattered. “Wait...what's happening?” he said as he saw the slaughtered guards. He looked around and spotted the group.

“Discord...I should have known all of this chaos would wake you...” Celestia said weakly, nearly passing out again.

“...no...this isn't Chaos.” the Creature said solemnly. “Chaos is uncontrolled fun...Chaos can make happiness...No...This is definitely not chaos.” he continued as he looked at Celestia's wounds. “This is Hell.” he finished.

“What happened?” he asked. Celestia was dumbfounded, she always thought Discord was at least evil enough to try and take the throne, but here he was actually caring about everything. And his tone was very serious.

Discord sighed. “I hope you know when I have my fun I never want to hurt anypony.” he said.

“It was Nightmare Moon...she returned and fought...” Luna said.

“But that Nightmare spawned from your own distastes, It would never do something like this.” Discord said lowly, almost angrily.

“She changed after I freed myself from it...” Luna replied.

“So Discord...what will you do now?” Celestia asked, almost threateningly.

“Well obviously if you managed to push back such a monstrosity I wouldn't have a fighting chance and I can feel the barrier around this courtyard so I couldn't escape...besides...I am intrigued as to why there are two more Alicorns in this world.” Discord replied, looking at Twilight and Nightshade. “To tell the Truth, I regret what I did all those years ago. I'd rather live without unchecked chaos than be an enemy to all of Equestria.” he continued.

Celestia sighed and fell to the ground.

“You really are that weakened by your ordeal Dear Sister...Twilight, I will take Nightshade and Celestia to the infirmary...feel free to fill Discord in, I will return shortly.” Luna said tiredly. Twilight nodded and stepped aside to let Nightshade float in the midnight blue magic of Luna.

“Tell me your name.” Discord said.

“Twilight Sparkle.”

“And tell me, Dear Twilight, Why you and your friend is an Alicorn.” Discord started.