Friendship is Magic, but so is love

by Dark0592

First published


What would happen if some events happened sooner while others never happened? and others yet that should never have happened happened anyways? Grimdark

C1. the first day p1

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“Tell me about this Foal.” Celestia said to the Instructors as a little purple unicorn foal bounced around the room. “Those are her Foster parents, her real parents are unknown. Twilight Sparkle is her name...” one of the Instructors said. “Make her my Personal Protege.” Celestia said. “o-of course princess” he replied with a light bow.

“Twilight Sparkle?” Celestia said politely to the bouncing Unicorn. She stopped and looked the Princess with wide eyes. “You are going to be my Personal Protege. You will attend my school for gifted unicorns and take special lessons from me whenever we both have the time.” the Princess said. Twilight looked too shock to speak so Celestia smiled and walked over to her parents. “She will have a room in the Dorms and all necessities covered.” she said to the Foster Parents.

“Thank much.” they said with a bow.

“No...thank you for caring for her even when she is not your own, I will do everything in my power to make sure she lives happily, and I tend to have a lot of power so you needn't worry.” Celestia said to them. The two smiled, bowed and led Twilight out with a promise to be at the school the day before it starts with her things. Celestia summoned the Principal to her study as she sat down and relaxed.

“Princess?” the Principal asked as she entered.

“Ah, Quillan Scroll. There is a student you will be receiving by the name of Twilight Sparkle...I'd hate to do it to her but make sure she has her own room, she has a powerful magic she needs to learn to control and I'd rather not have a roommate get hurt if she loses it...though Once she does learn to control it I will alert you and we can change up the living arrangements. I want this to be the best eight years of all the Foal's lives if I can.” Celestia said to the brown unicorn.

“Of course princess.” she said with a smile. “Now tell me, Who did we get as teachers for this cycle?” the Princess asked. “for the Physical education your suggestion of one of your Unicorn guards was well placed, Bright Guard is great with the summer school students. For basic magics we have a local Magic Tutor by the name of Brushin Scroll, he's my brother. For advanced Magics we actually managed to get Grandal the Grey and his twin brother, Grandal the White, for Private lessons and defensive/ offensive magic.” Quillin said.

“Why would we need to teach that last subject?” Celestia asked. Before Quillin could answer though Celestia remembered why she had asked for it. “Oh...right...we're low on Unicorn guards...Equestria has become a bit more violent hasn't it?” she asked. Quillin nodded. “The best thing we can do is hope for the best, good job on getting the Wizard Twins, how ever did you get them?” Celestia asked.

“They love teaching young Ponies, they would have worked for free if they could they told me.” Quillin said.

“Well that's not allowed.” Celestia retorted with a giggle. “Well go on now, unless you have something you want to say you may go.” Celestia said. Quillin bowed and left. Celestia sighed and relaxed as her captain walked in. “Hello Blue Steel.” she said with a weak smile.

“You look tired.” the Captain said.

“Oh just a little. Once my school starts up after summer I think I should be in a much better mood. Anything to report besides the hole in the testing room?” She asked. Steel shook his head with a chuckle. “Good. Could you do me a favor and keep an eye on the students at the school for me when they come? I want to make sure the first day settling in for them goes smoothly.” Celestia went on. “Of course.” he replied and left as well. Celestia found herself looking up at the moon that night. “Soon...sister...soon.” she said to herself as she dozed off.

“Alright Twilight...this is'll be in the school for eight years.” Twilight's foster mother said as they walked the Lavender Unicorn with her luggage in tow with their magic. “You'll do fine, you may be just a first year but you're far ahead of your class, you study so much you'll probably pass up the eighth years.” her Father said. “I'll come home on holidays when I can!” Twilight exclaimed as the bags landed and they reached the doors to the School in sight of the Palace. A Royal unicorn Guard came up behind them and startled them.

“Sorry for scaring you, you must be Twilight Sparkle.” he said. Twilight nodded. “I'm Bright Guard, or Mister Guard to you...I'm the Physical education instructor.” he said as he opened the door and followed them in. “You'll meet the other teachers soon, I need to change out of this armor. The Dorms are down that hallway just follow the sings. The Principal will be there to give you your living arrangements.” he said and walked down the hallway next to the first.

“Are you Alright now? Do you need us to carry your bags to your room?” Twilight's Foster Mother asked.

“I'm fine...” she said, ending with a grunt of effort as the bags floated in a shroud of lavender. “I need to push myself to get better!” she said with determination, gaining a chuckle from the two adults. “I'll write to you when I'm all settled in and everything.” she said. They said their farewells and Twilight made her way to the room, stopped every now and again to give her magic a reprieve. When she arrived at the room there were Unicorns of all ages lounging around. There were four floors she could tell from the flights of stairs visible and each floor had a sort of common room, aside from the massive one on the bottom floor she was in. she found the small group of Foals her age, most of them without Cutie marks, and deposited her bags with the small group of them next to the Foals.

“Hi, I'm Twilight Sparkle.” she said when she joined the group. There were five of them, three Fillies and two Colts. “Hi! I'm Fleur!” a white Filly with a yellow Mane and Tail said happily. “Night Shade...” a black filly with a black mane and tail over her eyes said shyly. “Teal Shine.” a light blue Filly with matching mane and tail said. “Bedrock.” a strong looking brown Colt said. “The name's Alexander.” the last colt, who had a Trottinghamian accent, gray mane and a light gray coat. “First years follow me please!” they all heard being called from the stairwell.

The group walked over to the stairwell to see Quillin. “My name is Miss Scroll and I am your principal, follow me and I'll assign you to your rooms.” she said and made her way to the top floor. When they arrived there was a hallway of six doors. “Two Foals to a room.” Quillin started. “Bedrock and...Alexander. You're in room one.” she said and starting naming the rooms with the occupants as she passed them. “Fleur and Teal Shine. Room two. Night Shade you have three and Twilight you have four.” she said.

“Why do the two Fillies get their own room?” Alexander asked. “Due to...special circumstances Twilight Sparkle has to have her own room for now, and having Night Shade join one of you four in your rooms would overcrowd it, she just got lucky- or unlucky depending on how you look at it.” Quillin said. “Miss scroll, what is this special circumstance?” Twilight asked. “If you must know Princess Celestia herself instructed me to give her Protege her own room until her magic can be tamed.” Quillin said and left.

“Protege?” the five others, excluding Night Shade, exclaimed. They pushed Twilight for Details and didn't believe her magic was so great at such a young age. They needed to help each other to get their bags to their rooms but were surprised when Twilight, who had nearly as many bags as them all combined, managed on her own...albeit with difficulty. When she came out she found Night Shade struggling with her bags.

“Here, let me help you.” Twilight said and took half of the load. “Thank you...” she said lightly, Twilight detected a Germane accent. Twilight looked on the bag and saw it read 'Nachtschatten'. She was about to ask Night about it but the Black Filly beat her to it.

“It is my name in my Native Language.” she said, her accent becoming a bit more noticeable. “I am From Parents left me here in Equestria and I got into this school.” she explained, lightly blowing a black bang out of her bright blue eye. Before Twilight could get a sympathetic word in Night continued talking. “I want to be your Friend Twilight Sparkle. This country confuses me sometimes and a gifted Filly is normally a good friend.” she said.

“I'd love to be your friend...but I'd probably not be a good friend...I spend most of my time studying...three of my bags are filled with nothing but books.” Twilight said with a sheepish smile.

“That is fine, I too enjoy educating myself. Our studies may perhaps overlap and we could do it together.” the Shy Unicorn said hopefully.

“Of course. How long have you been in Equestria?” Twilight said. “A Parents Taught me Equestrian language before they abandoned me...but that was it.” the Shy Unicorn replied. “Oh...I don't know who my real parents are, I lived in a Foster home with fourteen other Ponies, it was kinda hard to study but my Foster Family taught me how to tune out annoyances.” Twilight said with a giggle. Night smiled as she opened her door by levitating the key shakily to the lock and unlocking it. It was a smaller room, barely able to hold two, and it was dark. Twilight''s own room was a bit larger and had many bookshelves but was also rather dark, but as she guessed Night did as ell by her face, Twilight liked Darkness.

They all got a tour, met all the teachers and got all the rules and daily activities and things like that and were sent to bed to be asleep by Eleven. The next morning they were given schedules, some of them had different classes but most of them were in the same ones.the only class Twilight didn't have with everypony else was Advanced Magic, but she shared it with Night Shade. “Why don't you have any classes Friday and on weekends?” Night Shade asked when they compared schedules. “I don't know...” Twilight replied and asked Miss Scroll before she left.

“Those days are freed for your stays at the Palace to be instructed in private by Princess Celestia.” Quillin said. “Whoa so it's true.” Bedrock said. “Alright get to your classes, you all have Basic Magic now go!” Quillin said and shooed them.

“Greetings to you all, my name is Brushin Scroll, call me Mr. Brush.” a brown/orange Stallion unicorn said. “Are you Married to the principal?” Fleur asked. “No, she's my younger Sister.” he said with a chuckle. “Oohh!” they all exclaimed. “Now. I trust all of you know how to use your magic correct?” he asked. They all nodded. “Demonstrate, show me your Quills and write me a sentence using your magic, this won't be for a grade it just tells me what you know.” he said and sat at his desk and watched his students carefully write with their magic.

“I will tell you all now I won't have favorites, because I will treat you all as if you're the best...but by looking at these I can tell who will do best in my classes. A lot of you tried to do as much as you could as flashy as possible, Fleur you wrote in Fancy and Equestrian...a bit too much. In my class, showing off will neither help nor hurt your scores, these two were the only ones that followed my instructions exactly.” he said and held two up. Twilight and Night blinked, it was theirs.

“who can tell me what's different from theirs and these two?” Brushin asked. Alexander raised his hoof. “Alexander.” Brushin called.

“These two are simple, to the point and nothing else besides the one sentence that you asked for. All of ours were us trying to show off our Magical Prowess.” the gray Colt said. “Exactly. You will get extra points for doing what I ask of you if you need and deserve them.” Brushin explained. “Now...let's begin with expanding on your knowledge of the simple Levitation.” he started and went on with the Lesson.

“My name is Bright Guard, Mr. Guard to you students. I will be your Physical Education Instructor. My job is to make sure you stay fit, Magic can't do everything and sometimes you need to be Physically strong along with Mentally in order to do some powerful spells.” the Stallion said. “You will run laps until I tell you to stop, then you will increase your magical endurance by lifting things with your magic, then you will combine both. Monday of next week will be your exam, you will race ten laps while carrying one of these boulders.” he continued, pointing towards a pile of boulders larger than they were.

The Everyone started running as fast as they could, but what Twilight was ding could barely be called Running. Night Shade slowed down to her pace.

“Why aren't you running?” Night asked, slightly out of breath. “We're not racing yet, no need to run as fast as you can and get exhausted instantly.” Twilight replied. “We need to Pace ourselves for these sort of things...the only one I can see keeping up with this pace is Bedrock...” she continued. “That uh...that makes a lot of sense.” Night said.

When Bright took them in for Magical endurance they were all out of breath, but the others were collapsing. “While your bodies rest your mind is tested. I have weights here, start from the lightest and keep going until you can barely hold it up at eye level, and then keep it there for as long as you can.” he said. They all worked their way down the lines. Twilight was holding the one with 150 on it while Bedrock was 10 ahead of her, Teal five behind, Night holding an identical one to hers, Alexander and Fleur more than 20 behind. An hour later Twilight was the only one still holding hers up. “Alright Twilight, how much longer do you think you could last?” Bright asked the Unicorn. “Um...probably another half hour if...if I really had to...” Twilight replied. “That's enough, let your mind rest. You are all dismissed to Lunch now, see you tomorrow.” Bright called.

“That was really awesome Twilight, I didn't know your magic was so good.” Fleur said. “It was rather impressive.” Alexander admitted. “I can hold more than you, but you got me beat on endurance.” Bedrock said. “You're awesome Twilight!” Teal exclaimed. “You're really good can you do that so long?” Night asked shyly slightly hiding behind her mane.

“I study with magic...Books aren't nearly as heavy but when you're holding more than one all night it gets hard.” Twilight replied. “Can you show us?” Alexander asked. “Guys...I really don't want to be seen as something special...I'm just a normal Unicorn Filly that was just introduced to magic a bit early.” Twilight said with a sheepish smiled. “Ok then! I'm starved!” Fleur exclaimed and rushed towards the lunch area. “ eat lunch with me in my room?...I don't being in the same room as so many other ponies and uh...Miss Scroll told me we're allowed to eat in our rooms...” Night said. “Sure, I'm sorta the same way.” Twilight replied.

“You are special.” Night said after a few moments of silence while they ate in Night's room. “Huh?” Twilight said. “You are more than just a normal Unicorn...” Night started. “Your magic is better than some Second years, you're strong and you're the Princess's Protege...and you're my best friend.” she said shyly, her cheeks gaining a slightly red tint at the last part.

“that's just luck and hard work...and you're my best friend too Night.” Twilight said with a grin. Night smiled back. “So what kind of studies do you do?” Twilight asked.

“I research things about this country when I can...I like to read about the magic and everything, but sometimes the fiction intrigues me a bit more than the nonfiction.” she said. “Sometimes I miss Germaney...but my life so so much better here.” she continued. “I read about all of the wars and conflicts too...Germaney has been the 'bad guy' more often then not...most ponies see me differently when they now I'm Germane.” Night said.

“Well I don't. I find it interesting, Fleur is the only other Foreign pony in our class and she was born in Equestria, and Trottingham is in Equestria.” Twilight started. “and I can call you Nachtschatten if you want.” she continued. Night lit up at that and nodded with a smile.

“So how did you get your Cutie mark?” Night asked. Twilight told the story and smiled. “I wish my story was as impressive...” she said and showed her flank to reveal a crescent moon covered in dark blue (like Luna's Mark, but different). “I was born with it...I've always loved the night and the moon and the stars...Astronomy is the one thing I love constantly. I don't think that when I was Born, I was born to my parents though. I overheard them saying something about finding me in a makes me sad I did not know my real parents- if I am adopted- but I live with it.” the Black Filly said.

“Just found in a Field? * nod * I don't know how I was found...maybe when we're out of school we can go find out where we came from together.” Twilight said with a grin. The Bell rang, signaling that it was time for their next class so the two got up and left.

C.2 school...ugh...

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“Welcome to Advanced Magics. I am Grandal the Gray, call me Mr. Gray. I have one rule that is absolute and unbending, if you don't put forth the Effort...” he said and paused, seemingly for Dramatic effect. “THEN YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” he exclaimed with a grin. He was an older Unicorn with a big gray wizard hat that matched his coat while his mane and tail were the white-gray of old age. Twilight and Night were sort of shrinking in their seats, they were the only ones there that weren't at least third years.

“Alright.” he said and cleared his throat. “We have four new students this cycle. Please come to the front.” the Old Stallion said. Night, Twilight and two older Colts came forward. “The fact you are here tells me you excel at Basic Magics and have enough control and capacity with your magic and the quality for the finer magics to be considered 'gifted'. This is merely a term put on you to tell you put forth the extra effort to learn.” he continued. “Give me your name, your best Magical Feat, the best thing, in your opinion, that you've ever done with magic or without and how you spend your free time.” he said. The students gave him a funny look. “I'm the kind of Instructor that likes to know my students personally, carry on.” he said.

“Green Mist.” the Green Stallion said. “My Greatest magical feat was turning a boulder the same weight as me into glass.” he said and some ponies clapped. “The best thing I've ever done, I think, would probably be getting a front row place in one of the summer solstice ceremony.” he said “and I hang out with friends or study if I need it when I have the time.” he finished. “Very good, next.” Grandal the Gray said.

“Orange Mist, we're brothers. My Greatest Magical feat would probably be tossing a boulder thrice my size across the training field. My best moment would be the same as my Brother's and I have similar hobbies.” the Orange Stallion said. “Very good, next.” Grandal said again.

“ name is Night magic count if it's accidental or unintentional?” Night asked. Grandal nodded so she continued. “I uh...I lost control of my magic one time and uh...Teleported my town in Germaney over one hundred feet...” she said. “Um...the best thing I've ever done is um...making a friend like Twilight.” she said and smiled at the Unicorn next to her, who smiled back. “ my free time I study with Twilight.” she finished. “Very good, next.” Grandal said.

“My name is Twilight lost control of my magic before too during the entrance exam...I made the dragon grow to an adult...” she said. “the best moment for me might be that, but afterwards when Princess Celestia made me her Protege...and I study with Night when I have the time.” Twilight said. Everypony was staring at them. “Very good, you may be seated.” Grandal said.

“Mr. Gray? How come those two Fillies could do such amazing things at so young?” a Mare asked.

“Good Question.” Grandal said. “When you lose complete control over your magic, nothing is restricting ti and it just unleashes. This school teaches you to Channel and control that wild Magic.” he said. “Now Tell me Fillies, what happened when you lost control?” Grandal asked.

“I don't really Foster Mother told me my Eyes glowed white and I started floating and doing random magic...all I remember is blacking out and waking up with Princess Celestia calming my magic...” Twilight said. Night gave a similar story, except that the magic was expended in the Teleport.

“When you loose control of your magic it becomes unstable and builds until released in any way possible, this can be rather Dangerous. Well we've had Introductions and questions have been answered, Let's move on with the Lesson. You all know levitation, let's move on to something a bit more difficult...Teleportation.” the Gray Stallion said.

As the two walked to Combat Magics, where a few of their first year classmates would join them, Quillin came to them. “Hello Twilight, Night Shade...Night we have a revised schedule for you.” she said and magicked a schedule to her and left before they could ask a question. “ has no classes on Friday and the Weekends just like don't think...” Twilight started. “I-I don't know...we'll find out soon enough.” Night said and simply tucked the schedule away.

“My name is Grandal the White...I will teach you to defend yourself against and cast offensive Magic. Now, who knows why this branch of Magic is called Offensive Magic?” a White Stallion Identical to his brother, besides the white coat and hat, asked. “Yes?” he called when Twilight raised a Hoof.

“It's called Offensive Magic because the other magics have general uses or uses specific for hteir branch, this magic is used specifically for offensive purposes. It is sometimes considered Defensive magic as well because it is normally only used to defend yourself.” Twilight recited. “Very good!” Grandal the White exclaimed.

“Now...let us begin with a simple ball of magical energy...” he started and instructed them on how to compress the magics.

Friday came swiftly and it seemed Night spent more time in Twilight's room to sleep than in her own, due to them falling asleep during late night studies. “Well Night...I have to go to the should tag along just in case, and you won't be missing classes.” Twilight said when she packed light saddlebags. “Um...are you sure It'll be ok?” Night asked. “Of course!” Twilight exclaimed, hoping it was true. “o-ok...” Night replied and went to her room to pack a little bit.

They walked to the Palace and found the right door in and were waved through by a Pegasus guard, who continued to guide them. They were allowed in a room where the Princess was doing some paperwork, it must have been her study.

“Thank you, I am sorry Twilight and Friend, Last minute paperwork, it will take but a minute.” the Regal Alicorn said. True to her word she was done momentarily and stood up. “I am glad you decided to come Night Shade, I forgot to tell Quillin to tell you to accompany Twilight Sparkle. I will be giving you advanced Lessons and help you control your power when you use enough to enter the state you do when you loose control...follow me.” she said and the two Fillies followed without hesitation. They reached the Garden, a large courtyard big enough to house a few sleeping Dragons if necessary.

“Now...I want the two of you to simply gather up as much Magical Energy as you can and concentrate on keeping it in control, cast a spell or two if it helps. If you lose control I'll suppress your magic so it disperses.” Celestia said. The two Fillies nodded and concentrated. “Keep gathering it, this will test and expand the limit on how much you can control, if you know you are losing control stop on your own...if you can't I'll keep true to my earlier statement.” Celestia said a few minutes later.

They both lost control at the same time and were quickly suppressed by Celestia. “I could feel the Magic in you, you have amazing control...we will work more after Dinner, but for now breakfast and then simpler lessons.” Celestia said after they had caught their breath. The Breakfast was amazing and the lessons went well. Celestia had duties to attend to so they explored the gardens and palace more until Dinner, afterward they met back up for more Control Lessons.

“Princess, am I here only because of what happened before?” Night asked. “...No...but you are not ready to hear the full patient.” Celestia replied. Night nodded and they started up again.

“I am Very happy with your progress, you even managed to keep control when your eyes glow and start floating.” Celestia said happily Sunday night. “I look forward to Next week. Until then my friends.” the Regal Alicorn said and had a guard escort them out of the Palace.

“That was really nice.” Night said tiredly. “Yeah...but I'm exhausted...” Twilight retorted. Night nodded. Twilight's room was closer so they just went in there to sleep. When they woke up in the morning, they were rather embarrassed, they were practically cuddling. “Um...breakfast...late...” Twilight said with a red face. “uh...yeah.” Night replied and they quickly made their way to breakfast.

Throughout the day, Twilight and Night realized that all of their other magic was easier, and in advanced Magics they managed a full teleport without much trouble. “Hey how did you guys get so good!” Fleur asked them during Lunch on Tuesday. Their whole year was there as well.

“Well...uh...we really just practiced our control...” Night said. “but you got Private Lessons from the Princess!” Teal exclaimed. “She just helped us on our control...she did give us Lessons, but they were just on multiple Levitation.” Twilight said. “It's really just three days of practice...” she continued. “Well Practice is sometimes the best way to Learn.” Grandal the Gray said, coming up behind them.

The week went by particularly slow for Night Shade and Twilight, but they excelled at their lessons. They got praise from their teachers, but the others didn't like them because they were 'show offs'. They told Celestia about it on Friday and she frowned.

“Well...Obviously they aren't true friends, you are only doing what you came here to do...” she said. “Let us not linger on negative thoughts, let's focus on progress!” she said, lightening up. “I want to try something with you two...Last week, you started your magic small and let it build...I wasn't planning on trying this for weeks, possibly months, but you have made so much progress. I am going to reach inside of you and bring out all of your Magic, your job will be to wrest control over it. This will be done during the normal lessons as well, once we manage this we may move on to advanced magics without worry for you losing control.” she Finished.

“Ready.” the two replied as they steeled themselves. Celestia's horn glowed for a moment and nothing happened. That is, until the courtyard was filled with a flood of black and lavender light. Celestia actually shied away in fear of it, even if it was just a millisecond. “Twilight?! Night Shade?!” Celestia called, but found her voice had no volume no matter how loud she yelled. Celestia's magic couldn't contain the energy for much longer and guards had begun to swarm around her and the bubble. She couldn't help but sigh in relief and fall to her knees when she felt the power contained by her own begin to dissipate. The sight she saw in the bubble when the Light would have made her fall again if she wasn't already there.

Twilight and Night were standing next to each other, panting like they had just ran around the world three times, the glow of their eyes starting to fade. But that wasn't it, they were taller but only by a little. And their wings were Flared. “Wings?” Twilight said as she looked worriedly at Night. Her voice was a bit deeper as well.

“Huh? have wings?” Night asked, her voice similarly effected. Suddenly Exhaustion hit them like a truck and they collapsed.

“Take...take them to my Chambers...I will watch over them and rest at the same time...” Celestia said as her legs protested as she got to her Hooves. “Are you Alright you Majesty?” her captain asked. “My magic was nearly overpowered, one more second and that may have ended badly...” Celestia said. The Captain's jaw dropped, but he did what was asked of him.

It was Dark, barren...endless white and gray under her and endless black above. The Moon was quite Lonely. It was her namesake, Luna, and her creation...but she was totally and utterly Alone. She had finally wrested control over her physical and mental body from the dreaded Nightmare and stomped it out of existence. When it happened, the sun shone extra bright and gave her power, but that had been a while ago. She was just about to find a nice crater to sleep in when on the blob of land she could see on the Planet, the blob known as Equestria, there was a bright light that Illuminated the heavens. It broke the spell of confinement on her. She was casting a teleport spell before she could think different of it.

The teleportation took time, apparently a few hours because when she was on the moon it was morning in Equestria while now it was night. She appeared right in front of the door to Celestia's chambers. There was a horrified scream and she suddenly found a circle of guards around her. “Nightmare Moon!” one of them called. “what?” she said to herself. She saw her reflection on a tall mirror on the wall and nearly collapsed, she still looked like that monster.

“so nightmare...make the first move...” the Captain said threateningly. Luna simply turned around and knocked lightly. The guards stared, they expected a fight. They also stared as black seemed to evaporate off of her, revealing a blue coat. The guards tried to leap at her, but she kept them back with a harmless shield as she knocked again, a bit harder. This time movement was heard and the door opened and a call of 'Enter' was heard. Luna cautiously stepped in.

“Tia?” Luna called. “Who is it?” Celestia's tired voice called. She saw Celestia curled up on her bed with two Ponies, looking like they were just out of their teen years, curled next to her. Celestia threw off her grogginess when she saw who was standing there. Nightmare Moon. She quickly stood defensively in between Luna and the two Ponies. “ is I...” Luna said. To prove the point that she wasn't nightmare moon, she bowed to her knees as the last of the black evil left over from Nightmare moon evaporated away. “Luna?” Celestia asked. Luna nodded and she found herself glomped.

“Oh Luna...Dear Sister...I have missed you so much!” Celestia said happily, tears streaking down her face. The Guards were still watching as the barrier dissipated, but they did not charge in the room. The captain shut the door and told the others to disperse. “What happened how are you here?” Celestia asked suddenly.

“I broke free from my Nightmare long ago...but a moment ago, or rather this morning, a bright flash of light broke my binds and I immediately returned...” Luna said. “Flash of...I think it is Fate.” Celestia said. “These two are first year Unicorns at my school for Gifted Unicorns.” Celestia said, motioning towards the sleeping Ponies.

“What?...they look like Mares Are there more of us?!” Luna exclaimed.

“I am afraid not...While you were gone I did research on our Alicorn is born from immense magics...I did not know they could be created from a normal pony in the same way until tonight...I released all of their magic to test their control, but it was so much I almost lost control over it...they appeared like this and collapsed afterward...” Celestia said, her exhaustion returning to her voice.

“Two Fillies did that?...Perhaps the Magic accelerated their growth to match a young Mare...” Luna said.

“That is not all dear Sister...I thought that Twilight was perhaps an Element of Harmony...a new sixth element, the element of magic...but I think together, Twilight and Night are the element itself.” Celestia said.

“The Elements?” Luna repeated. Celestia nodded. “You sound Exhausted...I shall let you rest...” Luna continued.

“Do not worry about me...Tell any of the guards I ordered them to give you access to the Night Wing...” Celestia said and was asleep the second she retook her place on her bed next to Twilight and Night. Luna smiled and did as she was asked. The Captain asked her many questions, trying to see if he could get her to divulge any secret plans, while he guided her but she answered them all politely and without hesitance.

Twilight awoke feeling very odd, and in many different ways. She was warm on all sides, it felt like she had extra wide legs on her back and she felt Taller. The biggest thing, however, was that something warm was under her head. She opened her eyes to see that her Pillow was pure white. She then noticed the multi colored trims and looked up. Her eyes froze when she saw Celestia looking at her, Twilight's head was on her shoulder. She made a 'Shh' motion and pointed behind her to where Night was still sleeping. Twilight gasped when she saw that Night looked as big and as old as a Mare, and then realized she did too.

“What happened?” Twilight whispered. “Your extreme magic aged you and gave you a form better suited to your magical capacity, you were able to take complete control over it...and there is Somepony I would like you to meet once Night Shade awakes.” Celestia whispered back. “What about me?” Night's voice came with a yawn. “Good morning...” Celestia said.

Celestia explained everything that happened before and during their sleep and were eager, but nervous, about meeting Luna. “Come now...this Wing is a bit...naked...due to me sealing it off when it was built.” Celestia said as they walked. Celestia quietly knocked on the door and it opened with magic.

C.3 Sparkling night, Light in the Shadow

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Twilight knew she should probably be afraid, or at least intimidated, by the blue queen of the night. But she couldn't help but stare in wonder. “Luna, these are the foals that Freed you.” Celestia said. Luna looked at them from where she was sitting at her desk and smiled.

“They look to us more like Mares as old as we are Dear Sister...” Luna said weakly. “I cannot thank you enough for freeing me, however unintentional it was...” she continued as she hugged the two, gaining a blush from Twilight. “Most ponies here feared me...why not you?” she asked Twilight. Night cringed, she had flinched at the contact.

“I don't know...It could be you're not so intimidating when we're on Eye level...” Twilight replied with a smile, gaining a giggle form Luna. Twilight couldn't help but grin at the noise.

“Night Shade, I have always wanted to hear about Germaney, all of my royal duties are taken care of and we are well rested. Care to trade a few stories?” Celestia asked. Night Shade grinned and bounced along happily. “She confuses us...why she would intentionally leave thee alone with us...” Luna said. “Maybe she wants us to be friends or something?” Twilight suggested a bit hopefully. “That would be like her...Alright Twilight sparkle, we shall be friends.” Luna said with a smile.

“O-ok...” Twilight replied with a blush that was poorly hidden. “So...Tia said that the two of you art old art though exactly?” Luna asked. “” Twilight said. Seeing the Princess look at her comically she spluttered. “B-but the Princess tells me I have a mind as old as hers!” she blurted out. “It matters not to me. You look like a fully grown Mare, now I get to see if you act like one or not.” Luna said formally. Twilight blanched at this. Luna snickered and giggled. “Oh but if you truly did act like a Mare that would be no fun at all” she said childishly.

Twilight laughed nervously. “So uh...what were you doing?” Twilight asked. “I was reading through a few history and economics books...trying to understand what has changed...” Luna said, Twilight noticed she had dropped her ancient way of speech. “Maybe I can help then...I'm not the best with politics, but history and economics are some subjects I read up on before coming here.” Twilight said. Luna smiled and pulled a second chair up to her desk. Twilight shyly took the seat and blushed every time they came into contact with each other.

'this Twilight Sparkle...she is an odd one, but she is so much fun! I am going to have to ask Tia why she keeps acting like that...' Luna thought to herself when she noticed her study buddy was asleep. She looked at her extremely large bed and picked up the sleeping Twilight, who was surprisingly light for her size, and placed her on one half of the bed and gently joined her new friend in the land of sleep.

“You really battled a horde of Dragons?!” Night Shade exclaimed, she and Celestia were exchanging stories in her chambers. “I did...I'd rather not Divulge the details to such a young mind.” Celestia said. “Will I hear it some day?” Night asked. “Of look very tired.” Celestia finished with a grin. Night was about to protest, but she was stopped by a giant Yawn. “Heh...yeah...” Night replied and literally fell asleep right there. “Dear, your body and mind are still trying to adjust to each other...I wonder how Luna and Twilight are doing eh?” Celestia said to herself, pretending to talk to the sleeping Alicorn as she deposited her on the bed. “I could have sworn Twilight fancied her just a little more than one would.” she continued as she removed her adornments. “At the least they will become as good of friends as the two of you.” she finished with a grin as she went to sleep with a yawn.

Twilight woke up feeling even weirder than she had when she had woken up in Celestia's bed. She remembered where she was, who's room she was in, and then was distinctly aware of a warmth pressed against her. She was going to gasp lightly, but air only came through her nostrils. She opened her eyes and saw that her muzzle was pressed against Luna's, their lips weren't touching but it was close enough for her face to turn red as a tomato, but the oddest part was that their horns were touching. She cautiously moved her head back, but before she could Luna grumbled and opened her eyes, stretching a bit and then held Twilight closer. Twilight's mind went blank as their eyes met.

Luna had awoken extremely comfortably. She stretched, but realized she was holding something and her horn and muzzle were jammed into her Pillow. She snuggled back up to whatever she was holding and slowly opened her eyes, just to meet panicking ones. Before she let herself jump to conclusions she analyzed the situation. Luna normally had something to snuggle with when she slept as a foal and Twilight had been panicking and seemed to be trying to get out of her embrace without waking her. She quickly took her head back and her face turned the same shade of red.

“I-I-I apologize Twilight Sparkle...” she said. “O-old habits die hard.” she said with an uncertain smile. “'s o-ok...Princess...n-no harm done...” Twilight replied. Luna couldn't help but smile at her friend as she was flustered and shy. “I guess I'm still just a little foal on the inside as well...” she said. After a moment Twilight giggled. “What?” Luna asked.

“I'm'd just be too adorable as a little Filly...” Twilight said. Luna sighed with a smile and then giggled. “What?” Twilight asked. “Your mane...” Luna replied, Twilight's mane was everywhere. Luna quickly magicked over two sets of brushes. Once they were presentable they heard a knock on the door. Luna Magicked it open and Celestia and Night Shade walked in.

“ is good to see you smiling.” Celestia said. Luna hadn't even noticed she was smiling. “I am going to announce your arrival today Luna...I want Twilight Sparkle to be seen with you and let it be known that the two of you are friends ...she is known around canterlot, being friends with her will prove to the other Ponies that you aren't Nightmare moon...though only a little bit...” Celestia continued, finishing sadly.

“Time will heal the wound Nightmare Moon has rended...” Luna said. “But what about us Princess? How do you explain two Alicorns suddenly appearing out of me and Night?” Twilight asked. “And what about School? We would be so different, we're already singled out enough by how good our magic is...but...Do you know any illusion magic to hide the wings at least?” Twilight continued. “Uh...Twilight...” Night said. Twilight looked and saw her pointing. She looked at her back and saw her wings finish retracting. She was still matured, but at least she was a Unicorn again.

“It seems by willing and letting them be hidden, they do so...will them back out.” Celestia said. Twilight nodded and concentrated and sure enough, the wings came back out. “That solves that problem...we can say the Magic made you taller and your voices deeper and it wouldn't even be a lie.” Celestia said with a smile. “For now, let us have breakfast.” she finished and led them all out.

“Ponies of Equestria! I give you your Princess of the Night! Luna!” Celestia yelled happily with a magically enhanced voice as the entire city of Canterlot, and those from nearby towns and villages, gathered to hear the announcement. Luna stepped up shyly, but gained confidence as Twilight fell into step with her.

“Ponies of Equestria...I know I did some terrible things as Nightmare moon, but that Nightmare has been stamped out and I am back as me, Princess Luna, permanently. I don't expect instant forgiveness, but I hope that any negativity between myself and anypony else may be settled peacefully...” Luna said. “I ask of you to see me as your Princess of the night and not the Nightmare...” she finished. Without even thinking, Twilight began clapping. That started a chain reaction in some of the citizens while others dispersed.

“That went better than I expected...there weren't any threats or outright fear...” Celestia said as they had dinner that day. “Indeed Sister...perhaps this will not be so bad...” Luna said. “Twilight, Night shade...Let us go have some of those lessons we've been skipping.” Celestia said. “You may come and watch if you'd like Luna.” she continued. Luna smiled and followed.

The night and the next day went by quickly and the two new Alicorns made it to the school without incident. The next day, however, they were swarmed by classmates and teachers alike.

“Whoa you got tall!” Bedrock exclaimed. “My Daddy is in the guard and he said you had wings!” Teal said. “Wow you're taller than Mr. Guard!” Fleur said. “What happened?” Alexander asked. “Um...a magic sorta made us grown ups...but we're still the same Fillies! We just look older.” Twilight said. “And Sound...” Night continued. “I detect there is something you aren't telling is.” Mr. Gray said. “Indeed...” White continued. “” Twilight started. “It's...we just don't want to be seen differently...” she continued. “Oh come on, you're Twilight and're already weird enough, what can be worse than you getting old all of a sudden?” Bedrock said. “Well...” nightshade said and they let their wings out.

Their jaws dropped. “We don't know how to use them though...” Twilight said. “If you wish to be seen as just an average Unicorn, I know an Illusion spell you could cast to make yourself look different, in this case smaller.” Mr. Scroll said. He stepped forward and his horn glowed and the two appeared like they did last time they were seen in the school. “It will be in today's Lesson...for now, to breakfast all of you.” he continued and shooed everypony off.

Luckily most of the older students slept through breakfast after big test cramming over the weekend so they were relatively nonexistent to find out what happened to Twilight and Night. They mastered the Illusion spell and were able to cast it themselves in a week's time. They were back at the Palace, practicing their magic and flying with Celestia when Luna joined them.

“Greetings Friends.” she called. They landed from their flying practice and Celestia nodded to her.

“My Sister suggested your private education would benefit if we took you and separated you for half the time and instructed you one on one. We will separate before breakfast and join again after Dinner.” Celestia said. “Twilight, Luna has requested she take you under her tutelage, while Night you are under me. Is this satisfactory?” Celestia said. They nodded. “Good, I will see you all at Dinner then.” she finished and the two groups separated.

“Not that I'm complaining, but I thought you would be showing me all kinds of magic Princess Luna.” Twilight said later when they studied again like last week. “There is nothing I can teach you that you do not already know, at least during the day. I rather enjoyed our study section, I hope you don't mind.” the Night Princess said. “I like doing this too Princess.” Twilight said. “Please call me Luna.” Luna replied. Luna looked at her and giggled and did so for a while.

“What?” Twilight asked. “It's just you are so adorable under that Illusion!” Luna exclaimed, breaking out into laughter. Twilight's face went red and she used a burst of magic. Luna yelped as the spell hit her, but she felt nothing wrong. She opened her eyes to see Twilight at eye level giggling. Confused, Luna looked herself over. The same Illusion that was on Twilight, keeping her looking like a Filly, and she realized it was a bit of payback.

“Luna you are such an Adorable Filly!” Twilight exclaimed. Suddenly they locked gazes, glares as they squinted their eyes. Both sets snapped to the pillows on the bed and they lunged. What ensued could only be described as the most epic of pillow fights in all of Equestrian History.

“Thank you for teaching me Princess Celestia...I-I know you must be busy...” Night said as she and the Princess walked towards the courtyard.

“It's my pleasure...Political life is absolutely boring, you and Twilight Sparkle have created a bit of fun I haven't had in centuries.” Celestia said with a smile. “So um...what are we going to learn?” Night asked “I am going to teach you a bit of magic that most Unicorns don't's a long range Teleport...” Celestia started.

When it was time for dinner they found that Luna and Twilight were nowhere to be found. A Guard said they were last seen in the Night Wing so they went to find them. They heard the laughing and the light thumps before they even reached the door. They couldn't help but stare at the armies of pillows attacking the two Filly-fied Alicorns, but in the end they burst into laughter. Their presence now announced, they were quickly spotted and attacked with pillows as well.

Dinner thus skipped, without regret, the four were exhausted.

“Luna...I think it's time you took your moon back.” Celestia said tiredly. “I do not want it back sister...the Night sky will always be beautiful...but a thousand years of pain an suffering on the moon has broken my love for it...I don't think it would listen to my calls.” Luna replied, now back to full size. “...are you sure?” Celestia asked. The moon used to be Luna's favorite part of her night sky.

“I am Sister...I might change my mind in the future...but for now it is a memento of the Nightmare I let consume me...” the Dark Alicorn said lowly. “As you wish...I should take Night shade to her room, would you like me to take Twilight to hers?” Celestia asked, motioning towards the Lavender Filly dozing on Luna's bed under a mountain of pillows.

“I think it will be quite alright Sister. She is doing no harm, and I must admit I am a little selfish...she's my first Friend and I seem to be hogging her.” Luna replied. “Nonsense. You are both enjoying your time. Tomorrow there is an Eclipse, you can use that time to teach her some advanced magics.” Celestia said. Luna nodded and Celestia left with the Filly Nightshade on her back. Luna smiled as she levitated the pillows back into their proper place and then joined her and lifted the illusion, sleeping with Magic on you is never comfortable.

Twilight and Luna awoke in the exact same position, horns together again and everything. They did not realize this though, as they both had the same idea. 'Five more minutes close the curtains!'. They tried to use their magic to close the curtains, but instead of the curtains their magic flooded into each other. They yelped and fell backwards off of the bed as their conscious beings brushed against each other.

“W-what was that?” Twilight asked. “I...I don't know.” Luna replied. Suddenly their minds were impacted by an invisible force that felt like a migraine from hell as bits and pieces of memories and emotions flooded into their brains. They realized the brief magic connection had caused a bit of shared memories.

“W-why did that happen?” Luna said. “I don't know either...” Twilight responded. They realized they weren't even speaking. “Telepathy?” Luna said. “I think so...I...I think we formed a sort of mind is sifting through some of your emotions and memories...” Twilight said, speaking this time. “And I some of yours...” Luna replied.

Both of their faces got red at the same time, apparently an emotion and more of a thought than a memory appeared in their minds at the same time. The Emotion was immense affection, and the thought was hazy but it was basically them kissing.

“U-um....d-do you r-realy think about me in t-that way?” they asked each other simultaneously. Luna had no idea how to handle this. Twilight had read a few books so she just followed what she had seen work in this situation. She nervously stepped forward and nuzzled Luna's head with her own. Completely on instinct, surprising both her and Twilight, Luna kissed the Lavender Alicorn. Their faces went red, but they didn't move until they forgot how to breathe form their noses.

“ our Friendship progressing too fast?” Luna asked lightly, her face still burning. “'ve r-read books where the relationship happens in a d-day...we're best friends and we've known each other f-for over a week...” Twilight said. “Right...” Luna said. “Um...can...can we do it again?” Luna asked shyly. Twilight kind of made herself smaller, but nodded and they kissed again.

“My little are so adorable when you sleep.” Celestia said as she awoke to see nightshade sleeping at her side like she had left her last night. She kissed the black Alicorn on the top of her head and thought long and hard. “Mommy...” Nightshade mumbled in her sleep and hugged closer to Celestia. She didn't know why, but she wanted this Alicorn to call her that again.

“I have always wanted a Daughter...perhaps...perhaps I should Adopt you no?” Celestia said and looked right into Night's face. Night smiled in her sleep and Celestia made up her mind.

C.4 Shadows and Brilliant Light

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The next morning they all met up for breakfast.

“Tia...I...I need to talk to you...” Luna said and took her sister aside.

“Princess Celestia Adopted me!” Nightshade exclaimed softly the second they were gone. Twilight was going to say something, but now she couldn't.

“What?” “She asked me to call her mother...and she told me she's going to adopt me!” Nightshade said. “That's amazing!” Twilight exclaimed. “So what did Princess Luna need to talk to Celestia about?” Nightshade asked.

“ The Princess and I found something out...we think we want try and” Twilight replied. “...What?” Night asked. “how does that work?'re seven, and she's over a thousand years old.” Night said.

“We talked about that...” Twilight started. Luna was explaining the same thing to Celestia in the other room. “She is technically just out of Fillyhood...and the Magic aged us...and I've always been quite a few years ahead of my's awkward but...under the circumstances it's what we want to do...” Twilight explained.

“Well I think it's cool...I don't have anything against it...hey wouldn't that make us sisters?” Nightshade asked. “Hey I guess it would.” Twilight replied.

“It certainly would.” Celestia said, coming in. “Luna told me and I fully support it, I understand the circumstances. If I were to calculate your ages based on your maturity you'd both be just barely Mares and yet without your illusions you are Alicorns...just make sure you're absolutely sure about this before you do anything further.” she cautioned. They nodded and they worked on their Magic.

“So I was thinking I'd announce your adoption tomorrow.” Celestia said, tomorrow being Saturday. “I would have opted to adopt you as well Twilight Sparkle, but I believe that would have made this even more awkward than it is.” she Alicorn continued with a grin as she looked at Twilight and Luna, who were sitting across the room from them practicing.

“Indeed it would Dear Sister...Come Twilight, the Moon is Rising and I wish to teach you something.” Luna said.

“You're going to teach her some of that?” Celestia asked. Luna nodded with a smile and led the Lavender Alicorn out.

“So what do you want to teach me?” Twilight asked when they were in the courtyard.

“A very Old and Ancient magic. Not even Celestia can use it to it's fullest potential. I created this magic when I Created the moon. It is Lunar Magic. All night I store energy the night gives off for use at any time, or I can take the energy and use it directly during the Night. My sister created it's twin with the sun, Solar Magic.” Luna explained.

“B-but...Why would you teach me something like that?” Twilight asked.

“What good is good magic if it is not shared? We would have distributed knowledge of this magic, and we have in the past, but most Unicorns can't even begin to attempt it...and those who could only had the basest of control over it...the only Unicorn to ever truly succeed was Starswirl the Bearded...but that was Solar Magic. If you master this you will be the first Pony in History to master Lunar energy..” Luna continued and closed her eyes in concentration.

Slowly Luna's form appeared to change. Dark blue and black energies began to slowly seep out of her body, and seemingly out of the sky, and around her body. Her coat blackened, her eyes seeming to glow despite their new pitch black coloration. Her wings seemed to grow with the black energy and the black tendrils formed a sort of armor on her. Her mane and tail expanded and looked even more like the night sky.

Twilight knew she should have panicked, she looked like Nightmare Moon but worse, but she couldn't. She just stared in admiration at the sight. “

“I call this Shadow Form...a bit cliché but it fits.” Luna's voice came from the phantasm, but her lips didn't move and the voice came out like a stretched whisper. Before Luna spoke again, she let the black and dark blue face from her head.

“This is one of the easiest things to do with Lunar Energy...I will first teach you to concentrate the energy into this type of Lunar Magic, called Shadows, and then to create the Shadow Form.” Luna said.

“How can that be the easiest?” Twilight asked.

“You have mastered your control over your own magic. The reason I say it is one of the easiest is because instead of focusing the Lunar Energy into one spell or something of the sorts you are simply absorbing it and guiding the shadows. Now Focus. Prod the night sky with your senses and find the Energy. By this point it is limitless so take in all you can. If you begin to feel yourself bloated, cease taking in the energy and let your body adapt to it. Tonight will simply be expanding the amount of Lunar Energy you can hold. Tomorrow night you will do the same thing, but we will also work on the direct use from the Night sky.” Luna explained.

Twilight found she began to enjoy these Lessons where Luna was involved. She knew exactly how to explain things, not too complicated yet not totally simplified. Her explanations tended to be long but they were full of juicy information. Whenever Twilight couldn't quite grasp the concept of something, Luna would stop and wait for the Lavender Alicorn to grasp it herself before moving on.

Luna kept going over basic Magics with Twilight as she focused on the Lunar Energy, but she implemented Lunar magic theory and practices instead of the normal unicorn magics.

“It feels like I've taken everything! It's disappearing should I give some back?” Twilight asked, worried, after a few hours.

“Oh no, don't give it back. You could upset the harmony of the heavens. The Moon is merely running it's course around the land, I believe there is only an hour left of Night.” Luna said. “Oh, so that is why that happened.” she continued, observing Twilight.

“What?” Twilight asked. Her question was answered for her as her mane brushed across her face with a change of the wind, it was almost like a Fluid. She took a better look at it and found that it looked Exactly like Luna's, except it was the dark purple it normally was along with her Tail. There were a few streaks of lighter purple and pink through it and it appeared stars were implanted into them.

“Whoa!” Twilight exclaimed.

“It would appear as if the Lunar Solar Energy affects more than magic.” Luna said. She was about to formulate a logical explanation, but she yawned big and wide in synch with Twilight. “Perhaps we should get to bed.” she said instead with a sheepish grin.

As the two Alicorns of the Night went to bed with the moon, Celestia and Nightshade rose with the Sun.

“It appears Twilight has learned a new trick that puts her far above you my dear.” Celestia said with a yawn as she caught a flowing purple tail entering Luna's room.

“Huh?” Night said tiredly, having not seen it.

“After Breakfast I have a few duties to get out of the way, if you're alright with it I'd like you to come as well. In reward for your patience I'll teach you something extra special.” Celestia said. Nightshade nodded enthusiastically and was a good filly throughout the duties that took up half of the morning.

“Now...Luna has taught Twilight how to Harness, and later use, Lunar Energy. I will teach you it's sister, Solar Energy. The two of you can do anything if you work together.” Celestia said.

“But I thought Dark was the opposite of could they work together?” Night asked.

“Light and Dark are in perfect harmony. The sun and the Moon work together to give the glorious day and the beautiful night. Without light, there can be no shadows...yet without darkness there is not need for light. Luna and I created the magics to work together, not clash. Now...reach out to the Sun and let it's generous and plentiful energy enter your body and hold on to it, sort of like a Battery. Your Ultimate goal will be the Shining Armor.” Celestia said as a beam of light seemed to snake around her.

The light acted like smoke almost, it spread out and made the same changes to her as the Shadow Form did for Luna, except it was light instead of shadows and her mane and tail appeared to glow. Nightshade was in awe at the sight as Celestia's now angelic sounding voice came.

“This one is fun to do to intimidate foes before a fight starts or to show off to friends.” the Angelic Alicorn said and let it fall. “Now Concentrate.” she continued.

It was later in the night, around midnight, when Celestia and Nightshade decided to turn in. but before they could actually get to bed there was a knock on the door. It was the captain of her guard.

“Princess...I fear the Nightmare in your Sister may have returned...and she is corrupting Twilight Sparkle...we saw shadows under their control, and then they Kissed. What should we do?” she said. Celestia just laughed.

“Those aren't evil Shadows. Those are Lunar Shadows, they aren't nightmares. Just powerful me. And exactly why is them kissing a bad thing?” Celestia said, finishing in a slightly accusing tone.

“” the Captain said.

“I hope you stop spying on them, that Nightmare is dead now...Luna had my permission and my blessing with both the teachings and her choice of romantic companion. If you have any reason to doubt any of this ask them yourself.” Celestia explained.

“Alright...but Romantic companion?...I apologize for going against you but your sister is an omnipotent goddess, while Twilight Sparkle is a little Foal just starting school...” the Captain said.

“Your concerns are justified but unnecessary. Princess Luna is in reality younger than you are, while Twilight Sparkle is more matured than any other student in the school, aside from my Nightshade.” Celestia said, nuzzling the black Alicorn next to her.

“Alright...but if you don't protest I would like to keep at least one guard watching them when they use this Lunar Shadow...if nothing else but for safety...last time Twilight Practiced strong magics it nearly ended badly.” the Captain said.

Celestia nodded. “I understand, just try not to spy on them when they experiment with their feelings. That is for their eyes alone.” Celestia said.

“Right.” the captain replied and left.

“Why don't they trust Aunt Luna?” Nightshade asked. Celestia grinned at the title, but it turned into a simple smile.

“A bad thing happened to her...and most ponies blame the things the bad thing did on her. I'm trying my best to give her the place she deserves back...but I don't think she wants it anymore.” Celestia said.''

“Well if you don't know why don't you ask her?” Nightshade asked.

“She won't give me a coherent answer...she thinks she has to take her place as Princess again but at the same time she dreads the day it happens. Perhaps Twilight will help her find what she wants to do. But it is our bedtime now. You have officially been announced as my Daughter and I plan to treat you like it.” Celestia said, snuggling up to the black Alicorn. Nightshade grinned and accepted the affection and found sleep easily.

“We're trying to expand your limits not blow them out of the water...” Luna said in happy annoyance as she carried the Lavender Alicorn on her back. “Attempting the entire Shadow Form on your second day was a little too time warn me, you scared me to death when you passed out.” she continued.

“Sorry...I just thought I could do it...” Twilight mumbled in reply, half asleep. Luna chuckled at her and they reached the Night Wing. She deposited Twilight on the bed and stepped out of the room for a moment.

“I know you're there...” she said lightly. The Captain of her Sister's guard, the name escaped her, stepped forward. “I wish you would trust me enough to leave me Alone for the nights...” Luna started sadly. “But I understand.” she continued.

“It's not that I don't trust you, I don't trust the Nightmare that you became...I don't know for certain if it's gone or not and I don't want to risk it still being there...You'll keep your privacy, I just want to make sure Twilight is Safe from what you could become and her own powers.” the Captain said.

“Her own Powers?” Luna said, confused.

“Tonight those shadows looked like they hurt her...She is known for accidental bursts of very powerful magic...” the Captain replied.

“They did not hurt her, they merely exhausted her. If they ever hurt her, or anything for that matter, I would make sure it was never able to again.” Luna said defensively. “This magic is very Strenuous...You are a Pegasus so you don't understand...Magic can only do what your mental capacity allows. If you don't know how to tie a knot, you can't tie it with magic. Physical strength also plays into it, but it's not a one to one ratio...I can lift the moon with my magic, yet anything larger than a royal sized carriage would give me trouble physically. I could give you a magic lesson if you want.” Luna said.

“That won't be'd go in one ear and out the other.” the Captain said with a Laugh.

“What is your name?” Luna asked.

“Gray Bolt, one of my Ancestors was in the ancient Night Guard and I have her old armor in good condition. If you were to ever start it up again a good amount of the guards would transfer, if for nothing else but we need a night guard.” the Mare said. Luna smiled at the Idea.

“That actually sounds like a Wonderful idea...though I think I would like to see this armor and modify it, if I remember correctly it is extremely...outdated.” Luna said.

“Certainly, just ask and I am at your service...within reason of course.” Gray said. Luna nodded and the Captain left, Luna returned to the room to snuggle up to a Lavender Alicorn snoozing in her bed.

C.5 Ponyville, huh?

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“There is nothing left for the two of you in the school for gifted unicorns. It is solely up to you whether or not you wish to stay.” Celestia said on Sunday, before the two left back for the school.

“What would we do then?” Twilight asked.

“There is a town named Ponyville that is in Desperate need of a Librarian.” Luna said, using a sarcastic tone on the Desperate. “Though I know not what interests you.” Luna said to Nightshade.

“Well you will have time to think about it. The next two weeks you will be learning about Assistants, and some old friends will find their way back. After that the choice is yours. Leave the school or no, and stay in Canterlot or no.” Celestia said.

When they arrived back at the school on time, albeit missing breakfast, they were surprised to find a room full of baby dragons with the other kids. There were two dragons that were alone, but quickly perked up and ran towards them. The First was the Purple and Green Dragon that came out of Twilight's egg while the other was light blue and dark blue.

“Hey there.” Twilight said with a giggle.

“Ah, there you are. I will have to give you the shortened version but, these are your Dragon Assistants. They will serve you, but they are not slaves. Treat them as you would an obedient Foal.” Brushin said them. “Oh, and they will only respond to a name the one who hatched them gave them...quite tedious really.” he put in, implying they should name them.

“Spike.” Twilight said with a grin.

“Sapphire.” Nightshade said.

The two dragons grinned and started making noises that sounded like their names. They received the lessons on how they could eat anything, but preferred gemstones, and will be able to send letters to any unicorn that had established a dragon mail link. The next two weeks they learned everything about their Dragon assistants, and they even began to start speaking coherently. Pretty soon Spike became as natural to Twilight as a younger brother, and Sapphire was like a little sister to Nighshade.

“ is up for the two of you to decide.” Celestia said after the two week mark.

“We both have learned all we can from the School.” Twilight said.

“What will you do?” Luna asked.

“I want to go to this ponyville...I want to know what it's like to live in a village town. I'll be back every weekend if I can of course.” Twilight said.

“I think I'd rather live in Canterlot. I just got a mother, I don't want ot be separated.” Nightshade said. Celestia grinned at that.

“Ahw you make me guilty I'm leaving Luna...” Twilight said lowly.

“Don't Worry Twilight Sparkle. This will not change our relationship. I may even visit often if time permits.” Luna reasurred.

“Alright. I will have the Carriage prepared immediately.” Celestia said.

“Actually um...I want to fly there with the sun, I've been practicing.” Twilight said.

“Oh?...very well, Gray Bolt would you accompany her just in case?” Celestia said.

“Of course.” the Captain replied.

“Now. I know that you know much about friendship, but I want you to study it and learn as much of it as you can from other ponies that Aren't in the same situation as you like Nightshade. Spike, how are you adapting to the Magical Aging?” Celestia asked, she had used her magic to age spike to be old enough to send and receive letters.

“I'm good, I still need to sleep a lot but other than that I think it was a good idea.” the purple dragon replied. Celestia nodded and turned to Luna and said something Twilight couldn't catch. She nodded with slightly pink cheeks and stepped up to Twilight.

“Try your best to return regularly, I miss you enough when you're a short walk away...” Luna said lowly and kissed Twilight. Twilight's face lit up and she didn't trust herself to speak so she just nodded. “Fly safely, Gray Bolt if you let anything happen to her...wait...never mind, you wouldn't.” Luna continued. The Captain nodded and the two took off.

“I want to land just on the outskirts...I don't want ponies bowing to me, thinking I'm a princess...” Twilight called over the wind as her voice went up a pitch or two. Gray looked over and found that Twilight was roughly the size of a young Mare. They landed just out of range of the town of Ponyville.

“See you Captain, I'll be back in Canterlot this weekend.” Twilight said. The Captain nodded and took off. Twilight wasn't worried that her illusion faltered when she hid her wings, it had become second nature for her.

“That was the scariest thing I've ever experienced!” Spike exclaimed, he was too freaked out to let go of her mane that was back to normal.

“You get used to it. Besides, in a few years you'll be flying too.” Twilight reassured the purple dragon. She trotted towards the city, reaching it quickly. As she walked through she met a few ponies and they all greeted her. She met a weird pink pony that jumped in to the air while gasping and dashed off as fast as she could.

The rest of the walk was relatively uneventful. She met the mayor, introduced herself and was given directions to the library, which was to be her house as well. The second she opened the door she was startled so much her illusion faltered for half a second, but she regained it before the mass of confetti that was obscuring her revealed her again.

“I saw you and I didn't know you so you must be new because I knew everypony so I thought 'if she's new then she must be lonely so I'll throw her a Party!' so that's why I went super epic pinkie pie gasp and ran as fast I could to set this up and I talked to the mayor and found out you were living here so here I am with everypony else!” the Pink pony from before said so fast she could barely understand it.

“u-um...” was all Twilight could say.

“Don' worry 'bout it Sugarcube Pinkie's always like that.” a voice with a southern accent said. She looked and saw an orange pony with three apples as her cutie mark and a western hat. “Name's Applejack, Ah run the Apple farm.” she said and held a hoof out. As she shook she remembered the name, the chefs at the school and the palace both loved using the apple from Ponyville.

“and I am Rarity Darling, I run the Carrousel Boutique, if you need anything stylish I'm the mare to call on.” a very prim and perfect, rather canterlot-ish, looking unicorn said. They shook hooves and a multicolored blur appeared before her.

“I'm Rainbow Dash. The coolest Pegasus in Equestria!” the energetic Pegasus exclaimed.

“M-my name'” a shy pegasus said.

“And I'm Pinkie Pie! Or Pinkamina Diane Pie but only my daddy calls me that! I'm the #1 party pony!” the pink pony exclaimed, somehow appearing in her vision upside down. The sight slightly discombobulated the Lavender Pony, but she went with it.

“U-um nice to meet all of you...” Twilight said sheepishly, a bit intimidated by the over friendly nature.

“C'mon Sugarcube, it's alright.” Applejack said with a smile.

“Ugh...what's all the noise?” Spike called, being awoken from his nap on Twilight's back.

“omigosh is that a baby dragon?!” Fluttershy softly exclaimed.

After a while the other ponies left, leaving just the six. They talked for a bit until they too left. Pinkie was the last one, and random body parts started twitching.

“Whoa! My Pinkie sense is telling me two things!” she exclaimed. “First a Princess is going to be here soon Oh my gosh!” she exclaimed. “And second!...ooohhhhhhhhh....ther'es a really big secret and it's a doozy!” she exclaimed. “Do you have a really big secret that's a doozy?” Pinkie asked, instantly looking at Twilight with an intense stare.


“Oh ok! I guess if it's a secret you don't want to tell just yet!” Pinkie said.

“If you wait, and if that...pinkie sense, is correct and a princess is coming you might find out.” Twilight said.

“Okie Dokie Lokie!” Pinkie exclaimed and literally bounced out.

“That pony is on something...” Spike mumbled.

“Spike!” Twilight yelled.

“Sorry, sorry...she's just...really random!” he corrected.

“Well get used to it. I have a feeling we're going to be seeing them a lot.” Twilight said. Twilight's premonition was correct it seemed, the five ponies gave them a tour of the entire town the next day.

“So what's got a fancy canterlot unicorn all thuh way down here?” Applejack asked as Mr. and Mrs. cake treated the group to cupcakes on the house at Sugarcube corner.

“Well the Princess said I didn't need to stay in the school for gifted unicorns anymore and I decided a country life would be interesting.” Twilight said.

“Yuh know the Princess?” Applejack asked.

“Well...I'm her Protege.” Twilight said.

“But she just got her first Protege in years this year and she was a filly just enterin' that fancy magic school.” Applejack said.

“Oops...” Twilight said lowly, realizing she had revealed a secret. “How are you so well informed?” Twilight asked.

“I go to Canterlot every chance I get Darling, and I just love Gossip.” Rarity said with a grin.

“'m technically only seven...but Princess Celestia tells me I should be as old as I look now...but what you see is just an Illusion.” Twilight said. She looked around and made sure nopony else was watching. “I trust you guys...for some reason...promise me you won't think any differently of me...I just want to be the average Unicorn friend.” Twilight said.

“Of course not Sugarcube.” Applejack said for everypony.

“O-ok...” Twilight said. “but you might not say that once you see me.” She said, her voice gaining it's mature tone. She let her Illusion drop and everypony gasped as Twilight grew tall, Albeit not as tall as the princesses, and her wings sprouted and her mane began flowing.

“Y-you're a Princess?!” Rarity asked, going straight for the cliché.

“No! I'm just Twilight Sparkle. Some accidents with magic in the past changed me that's it. I was barely even able to fly here from Canterlot and I still trip over my own hooves sometimes...I'm just a normal Unicorn that's a victim of Circumstance.” Twilight said sadly.

“That is totally cool! That means you can totally join me when I fly!” Rainbow exclaimed.

That broke the ice and the other assured they were still friends. After a few moments and a million questions later, Twilight put the illusion back up.

“Huh that's Pinkie sense keeps saying that a Princess is coming...and this time it says she's going to be here like now!” Pinkie exclaimed after a series of twitches.

C.6 Warnings of Crimson

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“Wait what?” Twilight said, but before Pinkie could answer there was a knock on the door. Cautiously Twilight answered it. Luna was standing there. There was a collective gasp and the sounds of ponies getting out of chairs. Twilight turned around after Seeing Luna's pained face and saw that the other ponies looked terrified.

“Girls it's ok...this is Luna. Princess Luna, not Nightmare Moon. And...she's also my marefriend.” Twilight said.

“...What?!” the other five exclaimed.

“ this a bad time?” Luna asked sadly.

“No. stay. If you girls want to be my friend then you can't fear everything blindly. Get to know a Pony before judging...” Twilight said, her tone annoyed but hopefully as a random protectiveness passed over her.

“...Ah Trust yuh Twilight...Sorry fer that Princess, we heard that Nightmare Moon returned...not that Luna Returned.” Applejack said as she and the others nervously bow.

“Ugh...I would rather you fear me than bow to me...Please...I'm not even fit to wear that title, let alone flaunt it.” Luna said lowly.

“Well if we don't call you Princess then what should we call you?!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“Just Luna would be Fine.” the Dark Alicorn replied.

“Hang on wait! Twilight...did you just say Marefriend? As in you're going out?” Rainbow exclaimed. Twilight's face went a bit red as she nodded.

“That is so cool! You're dating a Princess! That makes you like a thousand percent cooler!” the excited Pegasus continued. “So have you kissed yet?!” she asked, a bit too excitedly.

“We just met you...I don't think we'd want to talk about such personal things...but yes, we have. That's all you're getting.” Twilight said.

Dash grinned. “Have you-?” she started but found a pink hoof blocking her speech.

“Dashie! Didn't you hear what she said before? She's only Seven!” Pinkie said.

“I may have only been born seven years ago...but my mind and body are at least as old as you guys. How old are all of you?” Twilight said, ending with the question.

“Ah'm twenty-two”

“Twenty-three Darling.”

“Twenty-one and a half!”

“OH! I'm Twenty-one too!”


The five gave their answers quite willingly.

“If you ask be, I'd place my literal age at around Twenty-five...though my mental age is still just a Filly.” Luna said with a grin.

“Princess Celestia said that I should be about Twenty-one.” Twilight said.

“Well that settles it! We're all the age so AJ bust out the Cider!” Pinkie exclaimed. Applejack grinned and dashed out of the building to arrive nearly seconds later with a basket full of bottles.

“This here is the finest hard apple cider anypony'll ever taste. Ever.” Applejack stated as she poured seven glasses.

“What about me?” Spike asked.

“Spike I think it's alcoholic... I would let you have some but I don't know how your system would process it.” Twilight said.

“Come on favorite snack is a Sapphire gem...I think I can handle some apple cider.” Spike retorted.

“You eat Gems?!” Rarity exclaimed.

“That's what Dragons do...though the only time we eat really pretty ones is if we grow them...” Spike said, patting his belly.

“How did you know that?” Twilight asked.

“Didn't Mister Scroll tell you?...Dragons retain some memory of past lives. Not so much as personal memories, but memories of important things. Things like what I can and can't eat, my native language and other important basic stuff like that.” the Purple dragon said, seemingly lecturing the Lavender Pony.

“...Don't lecture're only two and a half weeks old!” Twilight said, embarrassed.

“Physically yes. Mentally, maybe. But Instinct wise I'm as old as Equestria.” Spike said.

“Uh...wha's happenin'?” Applejack asked as the two went on.

“It's been going on like this ever sense he learned how to talk. It may seem like they don't get along, but there hasn't been a night where the little dragon wasn't snuggled up with us.” Luna said.

“Us?” Dash asked suggestively. Applejack facehooved and pinkie giggled.

“Twilight and I share a bed, is it not common for good friends or Ponies in romantic relationships to do so?” Luna asked.

“Sorry 'bout that Luna...Dash is just a little bit...inappropriate...” Applejack said.

Luna got what the Pegasus was getting at and her face went red.

“N-n-no w-we wouldn't do t-that so soon! W-we don't even know how!” Luna said, shying away slightly.

“Oh it's easy! You just-!” she started, but once again a pink hoof covered her mouth. This time though, she wouldn't let the interruption be without consequence.

“You start like this.” Dash's muffled voice came form behind the hoof as she began licking it, making Pinkie giggle.

“RAINBOW!” Applejack yelled and came a tail hair away from bucking the pegasus in the head right there.

Rainbow grinned, but stopped and vowed to stop it as Pinkie wiped her hoof off. Luna watched the entire thing, her face going red.

“Darling, please ignore Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie...they have no semblance of manners. Rainbow Dash may be the most loyal pony in Equestria, and Pinkie able to cheer anypony up from anything...but...they're just...inappropriate...” Rarity said in annoyance.

“U-um...they're really nice...i-it's just that l-like to mess with other ponies...” a very shy voice said. Luna looked to where the shy Pegasus was hiding behind Applejack. Luna had completely forgotten about her.

“You needn't fear me...” Luna said softly to the shy mare.

“Oh I know...I'm just r-really shy...” Fluttershy admitted.

“So Luna, why are you here?” Twilight asked, apparently finishing the banter with Spike.

“I don't have too many duties, I am going to recreate the Night Guard...but that won't be for a few days. I have much free time so Tia suggested I come and visit. But there is something I must discuss with you in private sometime tonight.” Luna said.

“Alright. Well...I think I should introduce everypony to you in full...” Twilight started.

Finally, back in the Library that was her new home, Twilight was able to relax with Luna.

“So what was that matter you needed to tell me?” Twilight asked as she levitated a cup of tea over to Luna.

“It is slightly urgent, but I don't know to what extent...Look at the moon.” Luna said. Twilight complied and saw what looked like the head of a unicorn made from shadows. “reach out to the moon, mre so than your absorbing of the Lunar Energy.” Luna continued.

Twilight did as she was told and gasped as her consciousness brushed against pure hate.

“Nightmare Moon...The nightmare inside of me has been snuffed out, but somehow the Nightmare itself still lives on the moon...she is gathering power...Nightshade will arrive tomorrow to aid you if anything happens, the energy and hate is focused here for some may get ugly, prepare for anything...the hate is pure and unrefined, when the Nightmare was in my form it was more of a distaste compared to it's current power...” Luna explained grimly.

“I wish nothing else but to stay and aid the two of you, but my sister needs me in Canterlot, if I am here our powers will be spaced and easily overcome...” Luna continued.

“ you're saying Ponyville is in danger?” Twilight asked.

“All of Equestria...if she is not stopped...I don't want to think about it.” Luna finished.

“...I'll do what I can...” Twilight said.

“That's my Twilight.” Luna said and snuggled up to her on the surprisingly large bed. “My sparkle in the night.” she continued and kissed the Unicorn-turned-Alicorn goodnight.

C.7 Crimson Nightmares

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“So Luna...tell us again why yuh can't just stay here?” Applejack said when Luna and Twilight met up with the other ponies of Ponyville.

“I am still Vulnerable to the Nightmare...if I were here alone then I would be a burden to you, I need to be by my sister's side...but she must stay in Canterlot, so in turn I must as well...I wish I could be of more help, but for now all I have is what I taught you Twilight. Nightshade will be here in ten minutes.” Luna said as she unfurled her wings.

“Now Girls, we don't know when it'll happen so be ready ok?” Twilight said. They all replied with basically the same thing: they are always ready to protect their home. Luna kissed Twilight quickly and was off towards canterlot, which gained a wolf call from Rainbow Dash, and the six waited for the new arrival.

In a few minutes a black form descended quickly and quietly.

“Man always were better at that than me.” Twilight said as she hugged the Alicorn that towered slightly over her.

“I suppose I should put up my Illusion.” Nightshade said, her Germane accent still present, as she looked about the age of Twilight.

“Girls, this is Nightshade. We met at the school and..well...Technically you're my niece Nightshade!” Twilight said with a laugh. The black mare just rolled her eyes.

“Yeah yeah...let's just stick with the sister thing.” Nightshade said. She then turned to the other five. “Hello.” she continued and held a hoof out.

The introductions were very similar to Twilight's, though Pinkie was even more energetic.

“Mother told me everything she knew about this Nightmare. Luna told me of it's ruthlessness. Celestia agrees that the Nightmare may possibly have become violent...I hope everything goes Alright.” Nightshade said.

“Don' Worry, We'll make sure that everypony knows to be ready to run and hide in an instant.” Applejack said.

“And of course We'll help fight it off!” Dash exclaimed.

Days went by before anypony saw a sign, the shadows on the moon had disappeared and Twilight could feel something that was simply evil in the air. Suddenly they saw a mass of darkness cloud the sky as the moon froze. The Citizens all scrambled in their homes as fast as they could, but for some it was too late. With a crack of seemingly black lightning, the evil took physical form as Nightmare Moon.

“My Night will Reign Forever...However, those who dare sleep through it will Sleep Eternally!” Nightmare Moon exclaimed sinisterly as a Stallion she had appeared in front of her tried to run. “Die.” she simply said. After that that shadows that were steadily flowing around her shot towards the Stallion and literally ripped him apart. Fluttershy Vomited.

She killed a Mare and another Stallion before she grew bored. She Vanished with a maniacal cackle as the middle of the town was covered in what used to be Three earth ponies. Fluttershy vomited again, but she wasn't the only one. All of them but Applejack had lost their breakfast, and soon she lost hers too.

“That Evil Bitch!” Dash screamed as she tried to dash into the air.

“Calm down Dash! Chargin' Blindly at 'er aint guna do yuh no better than them!” Applejack yelled as she caught the Pegasus.

“Guys...I remember reading a book about a prophecy telling of Nightmare's return...we need the Elements of Harmony, and I know where to get them...” Twilight said as she slowly rubbed Fluttershy's back, her Retching finally subsiding.

They made their way to the forest and faced their challenges that were thrown at them. When they finally made it to the ruins of the ancient castle, Nightmare Moon appeared.

“Fools. You can't beat me with little rocks.” she said and smashed them under her hooves. She locked her gaze at the seven ponies and suddenly the room shifted. The shadows of the ruins all turned against them and flew at them with sinister intent.

Right before the spears of Shadow hit them, the room shone. Nightshade had golden armor of light and she was her full Alicorn size.

“I will face her.” Nightshade's angelic voice called. “Twilight, protect your friends.” she continued and lunged at Nightmare. Very soon the floor and walls had splats of blood, and more meals would have been lost if anypony had any left to give, as the fight raged on. Quickly, Nightshade was overwhelmed and thrown back. Panting, she winced as the many gashes along her body and gilded armor pained her.

“Remember what the Princesses said Nightshade...Night and Day work together...Along with harmony...” Twilight said, her voice becoming the stretched whisper as she was encased in shadows.

“I am much stronger than you Nightshade, it is Advantage. Tend to your wounds and assist when you can.” the Whisper came again as Twilight's shadows snuffed out the ones that Nightmare Moon commanded.

“I AM THE MOON! HOW DARE YOU USE MY POWER AGAINST ME!” Nightmare moon exclaimed. She was shrouded in her own shadows and was suddenly gone.

“Gather round me...HURRY!” Nightshade yelled. The other six did and they suddenly found themselves, who weren't used to Teleporting, woozy and dizzy. “I traced her shadows...Nng....damn...she is in the Palace Gardens!” Nightshade exclaimed. The group took off and found the Nightmare standing amongst slain guards, facing off against the two Princesses.

“You are weak Luna...” Nightmare said as shadows began seeping out of her body and encased an unconscious Celestia.

“NO!” Luna screamed and smashed her own shadows against the Nightmare's. The Nightmare's shadows were pushed back, saving Celestia, but they seemed up to Luna.

“now you are mine again...” Nightmare said with a maniacal grin.

“Luna!” Twilight's voice yelled as the Nightmare found her body resembled an iron maiden of spikes. Dark crimson blood spilled form her body as she screamed in pain.

“STAY AWAY FROM MY FRIENDS!” Twilight screamed as her shadows dispelled, but were replaced with the white eyes of her pure magic. The other six, except for Nightshade, floated in the air with Twilight as their eyes began to glow too. Suddenly a giant rainbow of color and energy blasted out of the group as the shattered stones form the ruins reformed into a crown and five necklaces to match the cutie marks of the six ponies. The energy swirled around Nightmare Moon and she practically exploded.

When the energy finally died down the six ponies were floating back to the ground. When their eyes stopped glowing all but Twilight Collapsed. She ran over to Nightshade, who had passed out, and used her magic to stop the bleeding.

“I'm fine...check on Mother.” Nightshade said weakly as she awoke. Twilight looked over to the Unconscious Princess and found she was being helped to her feet by Luna.

“She's alright for now...but you're hurt. Bad.” Twilight said.

“L-let me take a look.” Fluttershy said softly, coming up behind them. Twilight moved aside and Fluttershy examined the Black Mare. “Y-you'll be need to recover but the wounds are starting to hell already.” Fluttershy said.

As Celestia limped over, not putting pressure on her front right leg, there was a sinister laugh that sounded throughout the air. It wasn't evil, just sinister.

“I know that laugh...” Celestia said and looked towards the Statue of Discord. There were cracks in it and it suddenly exploded.

“I'm Back!” the Draconequs exclaimed in joy. His grin quickly evened out as he saw the courtyard, blood and gore spattered. “Wait...what's happening?” he said as he saw the slaughtered guards. He looked around and spotted the group.

“Discord...I should have known all of this chaos would wake you...” Celestia said weakly, nearly passing out again.

“ isn't Chaos.” the Creature said solemnly. “Chaos is uncontrolled fun...Chaos can make happiness...No...This is definitely not chaos.” he continued as he looked at Celestia's wounds. “This is Hell.” he finished.

“What happened?” he asked. Celestia was dumbfounded, she always thought Discord was at least evil enough to try and take the throne, but here he was actually caring about everything. And his tone was very serious.

Discord sighed. “I hope you know when I have my fun I never want to hurt anypony.” he said.

“It was Nightmare Moon...she returned and fought...” Luna said.

“But that Nightmare spawned from your own distastes, It would never do something like this.” Discord said lowly, almost angrily.

“She changed after I freed myself from it...” Luna replied.

“So Discord...what will you do now?” Celestia asked, almost threateningly.

“Well obviously if you managed to push back such a monstrosity I wouldn't have a fighting chance and I can feel the barrier around this courtyard so I couldn't escape...besides...I am intrigued as to why there are two more Alicorns in this world.” Discord replied, looking at Twilight and Nightshade. “To tell the Truth, I regret what I did all those years ago. I'd rather live without unchecked chaos than be an enemy to all of Equestria.” he continued.

Celestia sighed and fell to the ground.

“You really are that weakened by your ordeal Dear Sister...Twilight, I will take Nightshade and Celestia to the infirmary...feel free to fill Discord in, I will return shortly.” Luna said tiredly. Twilight nodded and stepped aside to let Nightshade float in the midnight blue magic of Luna.

“Tell me your name.” Discord said.

“Twilight Sparkle.”

“And tell me, Dear Twilight, Why you and your friend is an Alicorn.” Discord started.

C.8 Chaos and Harmony

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“Oh that sounds like so much fun! All of that chaos and magic doing fun things to your life!” Discord exclaimed after Twilight told the story. “But I know you're hiding something from me and I'll get it out of you.” he continued with a playful grin. He was right of course, she left out her relationship with Luna, who returned as he started bugging her about it.

“Alright Discord...last time I saw you, you tried to take the Throne.” Luna said with Distrust.

“Oh come now Luna, the only reason I fought against you was so you would stop limiting my fun.” he replied with a grin.

“Stop can you be smiling at a time like're surrounded by gore and slaughtered ponies.” Luna said harshly. Discord cringed at that, he had completely forgotten as Twilight told the story.

“Sorry...I do not envy the poor soul that has to clean it up, so I'll just do it. Do we want a mass grave or individual ones??” Discord said.

“...Mass would take too much room and I don't think half of them are identifiable...I'd hate to do it to their families but it's the best we can, Gray Bolt...please show him the Graveyard.” Luna said lowly.

The Captain, who was wearing dark blue and silver armor that was now seen on most of the Slain, nodded and showed the Draconequs where it was.

“We all need rooms, the others won't be waking up...have any spare rooms up in the Palace?” Twilight asked Luna.

“Of course.” she replied and they deposited the five other ponies in three different rooms and met up in Luna's room.

“I am sorry you had to go through all of that for my mistake...I should have ended that Nightmare when I freed myself.” Luna said when they were inside.

“Stop right couldn't know...I need to get the others back to Ponyville and do proper burials for the three Ponies that died...I think they would want a princess there to console them as, that's a lie...I want you there.” Twilight said as she nuzzled the Dark Alicorn.

“As you sparkle in the Night...but first, we both need to Bathe.” Luna said, finishing with a small smile
Nightshade was in pain, but it was beginning to Dull. She heard a beeping and tried to remember everything. She did. She would have vomited if she had eaten anything recently, but her stomach was empty. Beep...Beep...Beep. She groaned and opened her eyes, as she did she heard a gasp.

“Oh Nightshade...thank the heavens you are ok.” Nightshade heard Celestia's voice full of worry.

“Mother?” Nightshade said weakly as she saw Celestia right next to her. She had bandages stained with red going down her right foreleg and an ice pack on her head, but they didn't seem to bother her at all. Nightshade, however, had red stained bandages everywhere. “Where are we?” Night continued.

“The Palace Infirmary...we got hurt.” Celestia said. “Twilight and her new Friends managed to vanquish the Nightmare...and we gained an old friend back.” Celestia said.

“Discord is an old friend?” Nightshade asked.

“Yes he is. He, Luna and I lived in harmony with each other. Even Harmony needs a bit of Chaos to be balanced out...but he went too far and nearly hurt a lot of ponies so Luna and I sealed him in stone...the Chaos Nightmare Moon brought woke him up...he regretted what he did and he hated the sight of the courtyard just as much as we did...he helped clean it up. I don't know what he's doing now though.” Celestia explained.

“Why visiting you of course Dear Celestia.” Discord's voice responded from the stained glass window next to them. “I know you probably don't trust me fully...but I know my limits now. I never meant to hurt anypony. How was I supposed to know that village would fall underground if I turned the ground to chocolate during the day?” Discord said. Celestia couldn't help but laugh.

“There she is.” Discord said with a grin as he came out of the window and stood in the room normally.

“Who?” Nightshade asked.

“Tia. Not Princess used to be so much fun. You see dear Nightshade, your mother used to be as big a prankster as I. We had tons of laughs together. But then you started getting serious and making me stop the fun you used to partake in yourself.” Discord started, sitting on the corner of the bed and posing like a story teller. “I tried one big prank, turning the ground into chocolate, to try and get the old Celestia back. It was great for a day, until it melted to the point where the village on top of it fell through. Luckily melted chocolate breaks a fall pretty well...but it was almost very bad. That's when I got turned into stone” he finished.

“Oh Discord...I grew up.” Celestia said.

“You did, but that's not a good excuse. Grown ups are allowed to have fun too.” Discord retorted.

“Most grown ups don't have to nurture a growing City into a great land...but I admit, I missed the fun...I always thought I had to be pure and perfect for my subjects. Twilight and Nightshade have helped me realized that with a little bit of Chaos and a lot of Fun, it makes my job easier.” Celestia said.

“Well then Thank you Nightshade, I tried for years to get that into her head.” Discord said with a laugh.

“Hey Discord...if She's my mom now...does that mean you want to be my Daddy?” Nightshade asked out of the blue. Both Celestia and Discord froze.

“Hm...I've never thought of it but sure.” Discord said with a grin. “Goddess of Harmony with the God of Chaos? That would be so fun!” he continued, looking at Celestia with Pleading eyes. Celestia rolled her eyes with a laugh.

“Oh Discord. I admit, back then I fell for you...but I'm not sure if I still feel the same way. Perhaps we can try it...but let me know before you go out and have fun...I don't want random things I know nothing about ravaging my little ponies.” Celestia said.

“Ahah! Only if they're not on you!” he said and went back into the window, disappearing.

“What just happened?” Nightshade asked.

“I think we just restarted a thousand year old prank war. If you're near me and Discord is there, be ready for anything.” Celestia said. “I'd rather you not get caught in it.” she continued.

“Oh it sounds like fun!” Nightshade said with a grin.
Dash woke up and bolted into sitting upright, knocking the pink pony using her chest as a pillow awake.

“What is it Dashie? Somepony at the door?” Pinkie asked tiredly.

“What are you talking about Pinkie?! We were fighting Nightmare moon and she almost killed us!” Dash exclaimed.

“Oh you Silly, we beat her and a weird thing called Discord joined up with the Princesses on the good side...We got carried up here, we're in the Palace. Everypony is fine now.” Pinkie said reassuringly as she snuggled up to Dash and Kissed her.

“...ok...well...since we're up...?” Dash said with a mischievous grin.

“I was just about to say that!” Pinkie fake-pouted as she grinned as well.
“Ugh...Darling are you Alright?” Rarity asked the Orange Mare next to her.

“Ah'm fine... Ah'm just a little ticked we were so useless...” Applejack replied.

“Oh hush, we did what we could...we're lucky to be alive.” Rarity said.

“Yeah... Ah know...Ah've actually been a thinkin'...about us. Ah think we should uh...take it to the next level.” Applejack said.

“Darling...I thought you'd never ask.” Rarity said with a grin as she got on top of the Orange Earth pony.
Gray Bolt had checked on the other four Mares and was now making sure Fluttershy was alright. She entered the room and heard a squeak and a rush of material. She looked and saw Fluttershy hiding under the covers.

“Hey, Fluttershy right? It's alright. Everypony is fine. Your friends are safe and the Nightmare is Gone.” Gray said.

“But so are all of those guards...and those in Ponyville.” Fluttershy's voice said sadly from under the covers. Gray sighed and sat on the bed, earning a startled squeak from the Yellow Mare.

“They are...but they died protecting their home. They did what they could, I wish they hadn't have been killed at all, let alone so mercilessly...but it happened. There isn't anything we can do but console the families at the memorial.” Gray said.

“...I...I-I just wish we c-could have saved them.” Fluttershy said, coming out from under the blankets with tears streaking down her face. She completely broke down.

“Hey come on need to rest...” Gray said, hugging the sobbing Mare. She sighed when she realized Fluttershy wasn't calming down. “Hush now, Quiet now...It's time to lay your sleepy head. Hush now, Quiet now...It's time to go to bed.” she sang. Fluttershy shakily finished the song and they started again. Gray didn't realize it, but her eyelids were heavy and the two of them managed to fall asleep together.